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Bradd_brhi, does crux support older macs?00:07
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romsterO_o nasty freenode attack?04:03
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hwebmike_k, you gave me a neat little page last night, with a ssh-throttle iptables thingy... Have you got it to work?05:45
hwebmike_k, ive googled around tried alot of differet approaches, noting seems to get it running for me :05:45
hwebI have the rules in iptables -L but its not doing anything :)05:46
mike_khweb: sorry, but I didn't tried it yet...05:47
mike_kthere was something like that for openbsd pf05:47
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jjpkhi deus_ex.05:50
hwebmike_k, think I have found the problem :)05:50
hwebmike_k, I was concentrating on all problems BUT the version of iptables ;)05:51
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hwebSeems that it's not working anyway :/ Thou all rules seems to be there when I check06:01
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romsterhweb, you might be interested in denyhosts ;)06:25
jjpkIt is ineffective, the bastards always find another host easily.06:26
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romsteryeah but it limitsand there is a sync option too!06:28
romsteri wouldn't say its fool proof but it works for me, to reduce ssh bruteforce attacks.06:29
deus_exjjpk: Hi.06:39
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hwebroberth, hrm, I've tried it, but it seems ppl wanna be able to login from "imnothomeandineedssh"07:38
hwebromster, that was07:39
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rehabdolli tried that iptables-thing yesterday but cant tell if it works yet07:40
rehabdollthose damn scriptkiddies are leaving me alone at the moment :(07:40
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hwebI tried to SSH into the computer and fail more than twise, didnt work for me...07:47
rehabdolli cant try it myself, since i've only applied it to my inet-iface, not the lan one07:55
rehabdolland im to lazy to change it :p07:55
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hwebBut why not SSH to another machine outside yor LAN and then back in? =)08:12
hwebThat was what I tried =)08:12
GSFhmm, I was searching for a port for libsigc++08:14
GSFand all the matches in the ports section of crux homepage08:14
GSFturn up information about the port like "Version: missing Pkgfile!!"08:15
GSFis that normal or something?08:15
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deus_exGSF: There is libsigc++ port in contrib.08:23
deus_exLooks ok to me.08:23
GSFI was doing "find . -name libsig" in /usr/ports08:28
GSFforgot the globs08:28
GSFthank deus_ex08:28
GSFbut still, isn't that stuff on the ports page weird?08:28
deus_exGSF: np.08:29
deus_exI'll have to check it out to comment.08:29
deus_exprt-get search libsigc is all it took to find it.08:30
GSFfirst time user of crux, still learning about its ports system08:32
deus_exHmm.Search works ok for core and opt repos.08:32
deus_exFor contrib too.08:33
deus_exBut libsigc I get same error as you do.08:34
deus_exGSF: man prt-get is your friend.08:35
GSFyeah, I've checked it out08:35
GSFI was just cd'ing into the ports dir and doing pkgmk -d -i08:35
GSFbut prt-get seems to be easier08:35
deus_excptn did a great job with it.08:36
deus_exYou may find yapo also interesting.08:37
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GSFhmm this is weird08:54
GSFnano on OpenBSD reads /etc/nanorc but it doesn't read /etc/nanorc on CRUX08:55
deus_exiirc, you have to pass --enable-nanorc to configure when you build nano08:58
GSFok, solved it.08:59
GSF--enable-nanorc is a default configure option08:59
GSFit was working with ~/.nanorc but not /etc/nanorc08:59
GSFI built it with --sysconfdir=/etc and it works now08:59
deus_exGSF: good.09:01
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clarehi all,09:21
deus_exHi, clare.09:23
clarehi deus_ex09:24
clarei am still trying to get sound going on Radio, especially BBC. realplayer 10.0 wants oss.09:25
clarei got the usb sound gadget working nicely with alsa, but as soon as I load the mpdule sound for oss, I get new and different devices.09:26
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clareso I tried mplayer and it complains of lack of avisynth.dll, and I have had no joy at all trying to get that.09:27
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deus_exIf you use alsa-oss, realplayer shouldn't complain.09:29
surround1rhey all, in which package is ?09:29
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claredeus_ex; please explain a bit more how to do that?09:30
deus_exsurround1r: prt-get fsearch gnome-autogen,sh09:30
surround1rhmm no results09:30
treachs ,/.09:30
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deus_exclare: alsa-oss is emulation layer for apps that are still stuck with OSS style devices.09:31
claredeus_ex; The difficulty os not so much the modules, I have heaps of those, but the devices, because I cant see how to09:33
clareget oss to work with .dev/snd which the USB gadget is using happily.09:33
deus_exclare: Which device realplayer expects?09:33
clareI think is will be /dev/sound/* , becasue when I load the module "sound" that device magically appears.09:34
clarebut the only way I have to use deivces so far is alsamixer, amixer, alsactl09:35
clares/deivces/devices/  obvious i think09:35
deus_exOK.So you have alsa-lib, alsa-oss and alsa-utils installed, right?09:37
deus_exAlong with alsa from kernel, no OSS native drivers?09:38
clareyes, I suppose by drivers you mean to match a chip. But the thing I have to load is uhci_hcd for the usb09:39
deus_exSo alsa creates both its native devices(/dev/snd), and OSS /dev/sound)?09:40
clareand as soon as I load that I get the devices /dev/snd/*, 3 of them now.09:40
deus_exCheck dmesg when you load taht.09:41
clarealsa doesn't seem to create /dev/sound, the module sound does that, I load that to try to get oss going because09:41
clarerealplayer wants oss.09:41
clarehmm, I did notice that I seem to have lost event(?) from the kernel in a essage earlier and now I look at dmnesg and it is full of09:43
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deus_exsnd-pcm-oss and snd-mixer-oss  modules should create /dev/sound09:43
deus_excheck output of lsmod09:44
claremessages saying: evbug.c Event. Dev: isa0060/serio0/input0, Type: 4, Code: 4, Value: 32  (and other numbers.09:45
clareI had better have a look waht is casuing tha. thanks,09:46
clareit wont be today, I think I am catching a cold.09:46
deus_exOh :(09:46
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claredeus_ex; it is only the module sound which is needed to get the device /dev/sound. THe problem is that the usb made the device /dev/snd09:48
deus_exThere are a bunch of devices under /dev/sound.09:49
clareI think I iwll be using mplayer for a while yet I just wish I couldd get it to play more that one or two radio stations.09:49
deus_exclare: Online radio stations?09:49
deus_exCheck streamtuner for that.09:49
claredeus_ex, yes, especially I like KKJZ, and OKOM which I can play, but WCDB (SP?) in Illinois seems to have changed and I cant get it now.09:50
deus_exStreamtuner/streamrecord work like a charm for me.09:50
deus_exEven xmms/beep can do that, I guess.09:51
claredeus_ex thanks I will try it. I did use shoutcast? for a while, but it is BBC I especially would like to get.09:51
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deus_exThat might be what you want.09:52
claredeus_ex there are several under each /dev/snd and /dev/sound09:52
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deus_exclare: dsp, audio, mixer?09:55
clareI will be back in a minute or two09:56
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claredeus_ex this is not good, because I get fewer devices today that yesterday, /dev/snd has controlC0  pcmC0D0p  timer10:00
clare/dev/sound has audio  sequencer  sequencer210:02
clare,   but I think yesterday it had dsp as well.10:02
romsterfunny enougth i was trying to get my sound working too :) will be trying again soon10:03
clareI moved to a different machine which may be part of it.  Anyway you have given me enough to do :)10:03
deus_exclare: Just take it easy :-)10:04
clareA kind thought, thanks, bye10:04
deus_exYou can manage this.10:04
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romsteri have to attack mine again after this finish compiles10:05
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romsterfinishes compiling*10:05
* romster a bit tired heh10:05
deus_exHeh :-)10:10
romsterhehe thats like telling a teenanger to not drink booze :P10:13
deus_exIt complements series of children books like Hands Are Not for Hitting, or Words Are Not For Hurting ;)10:15
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romsteri've never ever seen any such ting when i was a child.10:17
deus_exKids these days.Share, share, share.10:17
deus_exromster: This is a dawn of a new era.10:18
romsterthats why where in linux :)10:18
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* deus_ex plays Public Enemy10:20
deus_ex'Fight the power of the muthafucka'10:21
* surrounder is listening to Mystic Prophecy - Deception Of Hate10:22
deus_exsurrounder: Metal?10:22
romsteri can't bloody spell lol10:22
deus_exromster: Join the club.10:23
deus_exMe too.10:23
romsteri'll listen soon to music once i fix my sound10:23
romsterand also setting up QoS on my firewall10:23
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deus_exQoS?Giving higher priority to pr0n torrents?10:24
deus_exNow, that's what I call dedication :)10:25
romsternar lower so i can leach while i can browse web sites faster :P j/k10:25
* surrounder is listening to Machinae Supremacy - Deus Ex Machinae10:25
surrounderdang, no hilite for deus_ex10:25
deus_exromster: You played with trickle or wondershaper?10:26
romstergot a modifyed version of wondershaper and ive also got l7-filter and IMQ kernel patches10:27
romsterand it'll be more modifyed as i've already improved it a bit10:28
deus_exGot links for l7-filter and IMQ?10:28
deus_exI would liek to check it out.10:29
deus_exlike, even.10:29
romsteri think i'll port my version as its been cleaned up more.10:30
romsterbut that can wait untill i refien it some more10:30
deus_exPush changes/improvements upstream, perhaps?10:31
deus_exThese temperatues are killing me...10:33
rehabdollits cool today, only 28C in my apartment10:34
romsterA much better way to control inbound TCP traffic would be TCP window manipulation, but as of this writing there exists no (free) implementation of it for Linux (that I know of...).10:34
romsterfreazign outside this nite 5C10:34
deus_ex35C here10:35
romsterTCP window manipulation < that be way cool but i haven't found anything on it yet10:35
surrounder20,3C here10:35
deus_exromster: Would you explain a bit?10:35
deus_exsurrounder: That's here morning temp10:36
deus_ex5 a.m or so10:36
deus_exThe it gets hot.10:36
deus_exromster: In a nutshell, 'till I google it, if you please.10:38
surrounderdeus_ex: where are you from ?10:38
surrounderaah ok10:38
romsterit means that instead of droping packets for incoming rate limiting ya can alter the ACK packets to tell the sender to only send so many packets back thereby limiting incoming bandwidth without droping incoming packets10:39
deus_exromster: K, thanks.10:41
romsterxine-lib won't compile :(10:42
deus_exWhat's the error?10:44
RyoSuse mplayer :P10:44
RyoSromster: got it to working, btw :) you dont need to make tor listen for other machines too.. you need to tell privoxy :=10:45
romstermake[4]: *** [video_out_xxmc.lo] Error 110:45
* deus_ex wishes Erik Prydz brings babes from 'Call on me' video to EXIT this year10:45
romstera shitload of errors :/10:46
romsterno unless you use irc over tor on other pcs on a local lan :P10:46
RyoSdunno :P10:46
romsterRyoS, need it for kdemultimedia10:47
RyoShow make i irssi use tor anyway?10:47
* RyoS fears kde anyway..10:47
romsterlol why?10:47
RyoSits fat10:48
RyoSso how do i make irssi use a proxy? :P dont you use irssi romster?10:48
romsterset it to the ip of the computer thats got tor and use port 9050 or whatever you set in torrc10:48
RyoSi did some /set settings.. dunno if they were right10:49
romsterand set irssi to socks510:49
RyoSwhy socks5?10:49
romsterso it dosn't leak dns lookupsup it'll do dns over tor10:49
strwtorify irssi?10:49
RyoSaaah ok10:49
RyoStorify.. right, will look that up as well wait :)10:50
romsterin a way ya but using tor not that other weid torify10:50
romstertorify is just a "easy" way to set tor, privoxy etc. up10:50
romsterdon't need it on crux :)10:50
RyoSi dont have tsocks installed.. weird :s well i will let go of it.. i am too tired..10:51
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romsterhmm i'm still on?11:14
romsterodd i reboted my firewall and i didn't disconnect *blinks*11:15
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romsterah now i got booted that was laggy11:18
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RedShiftdo you have /dev/pts and /dev/shm mounted?11:48
RedShiftif so, why?11:49
romstershm is old11:50
romstertmpfs uses /tmp now11:50
RedShiftand pts?11:50
romsterand pts is for the screen :P11:50
RedShiftdo you need it?11:51
romsteredit ya /etc/fstab file11:51
RedShiftit's not like performance will drop if I remove them or something?11:51
romsterand remove shm its ment to be tmp11:51
RedShiftyeah it's default11:51
romsterpts is required its the replacment of tty11:51
RedShiftI'm just wondering11:51
RedShiftI see /dev/pts is mounted at boot11:51
RedShiftbut shm isn't11:52
romsterjsut a new name :)11:52
RedShiftjust wondering why11:52
romstertmp                    /tmp      tmpfs     defaults               0      011:52
romsterusb                    /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults               0      011:52
romsterthats all ya need at the bottom kill shm :)11:52
RedShiftok thanks for the infos11:54
hwebdont ya need pts too; devpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    defaults               0      012:35
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romsteru need /dev/pts12:44
romsteri only showed the last 2ines :/12:44
romster2 lines*12:44
hwebromster, been there done that, been killed ;)12:47
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jjpkThe only time I have used shm was when using kqemu, otherwise there has been no need for it.13:57
jjpkAt least it does not stop the computer from running properly.13:57
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* deus_ex wishes xdtv and tvtime merge14:17
deus_exWhat tv app that would be...14:17
deus_exCorrection.What kickass tv app that would be.14:18
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RyoSwhat is a good graphicsbrowser application?15:12
RyoSi was used to have xnview, but i think there could be better15:12
RyoSjust saw their website, guess i will test it out, thanks15:14
deus_exNow, if I could persuade xdtv to record sound as well, I would be a happy puppy.15:20
RyoSgwenview looks cool too, guess i will stick up with gqview now though :)15:22
deus_exGqview is more intuitive to use, imho.15:24
deus_exI haven't tried gwenview for a while, though.15:25
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kmwhiteHello all.17:59
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Hangood =)23:17

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