IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-06-26

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pitillohi, goodmorning!01:28
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tilmanwhat's the best place to report kernel framebuffer problems? lkml? or anything else?03:54
pitillotilman, may be the kernel bug tracker? (if it?s a bug, I think)03:59
tilmanooh, right03:59
rxitilman: or email the maintainer?04:00
tilmanalready did that, he ignored me04:00
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RyoScan somebody tell me which kernel modul i need to build to let my soundcard work? i have an nforce2 onboard audio chip04:45
RyoSfor some reason the nforce2 driver from nvidia doesnt build anymore since 2.6.16 :)04:46
vertahi believe my nforce two uses intel8x004:46
RyoSmh alright04:49
RyoSlet me see :)04:49
pitilloRyoS, what about lspci? it tells you the sound chipset you have... may be you can get info about wich do you need04:49
RyoSi already checked this04:49
RyoSjust told me which i knew already, nforce 2 audio blabla04:49
RyoS00:06.0 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia Corporation nForce2 AC97 Audio Controler (MCP) (rev a1)04:49
vertaheven with -vv ?04:49
RyoSnot even with -vv, let me see :)04:49
vertahyeah use intel8x0, should work04:49
sepenlspci -tv04:50
sepen$ cat /usr/src/linux- | grep -i 'nforce'04:50
sepen# CONFIG_I2C_NFORCE2 is not set04:50
sepen$ cat /usr/src/linux- | grep -i 'ac97'04:51
vertahgrep for 8x0?04:51
sepen# CONFIG_SND_INTEL8X0 is not set04:51
vertahthat one04:51
sepenthat's my config not yours, please set your options04:51
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jaegerat 02:00 today I received 29 "user X has been unsubscribed" from the CRUX mailing list software. so those of you in here who use the ML might want to check your subscriptions; if you've been unsubscribed, make sure the address you subscribed to the list can actually receive mail08:55
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rxilol..i see my mistrust in ml's is not misplaced08:58
jjpkjaeger: would the user themself receive a message saying they have been unsubscribed?08:59
jaegernot if they can't receive mail08:59
tilmani'm 99.9% sure that i can recv mail, so i'm probably safe08:59
tilmanat least i'm getting lots of asian spam ;)08:59
jaegerthe ML software's automatic bounce processing only increments the auto-bounce score by .5 or 1 a day, 5 is the limit. so you'd have to be missing mail from the server for 5 days to be unsubscribed08:59
jjpkYesterday was the last message I received from the crux ml, so I assume it is working.09:00
jjpkOther mail is also getting through.09:00
jaegerthere are still 361 people on the list, it's not just the server flipping out09:01
jaegersepen: are you here?09:03
jaegerI always find that picture slightly unnerving09:04
romsterwhat the09:05
jaegerI received another moderation mail for you from crux-contrib. you're subscribed as <-- is that correct?09:07
jaegerthe mail came from joberui@ei.upv.es09:07
sepenis the same domain09:08
jaegeryou don't see the problem, though?09:08
jaegerthe ML software wants mail from the first address, it's coming from the second09:08
sepenI usually use the old domain (eui)09:08
deus_exLast mail from Crux ML I got is  about binutils.09:08
sepenwell, I need re-subscribed09:08
jaegerif you're going to be sending from the second, that should be your subscription address09:09
sepenjaeger, but I can receive correctly09:09
jaegerI understand that, but you cannot post correctly09:09
jaegerunless you post from the same address09:09
sepenlast mail I receive is [crux-contrib] Duplicate port tea09:10
tilmanjaeger doesn't want to deal with your frigging moderation mails09:10
tilmanthat's the point i think ;)09:10
jaegerIt's not that it takes much effort to deal with moderation messages, the point is that there shouldn't BE moderation messages09:12
sepenjaeger, I changed my mail direction09:13
deus_exYou now direct it straight to /dev/null?09:14
sepenYou have successfully changed your address on the crux-contrib mailing list from to
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sepenjaeger, my bad english09:15
jaegerok, you should be able to post now, then09:15
sepenthx jaeger09:15
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romstertk won't compile :(09:44
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RedShiftwho knows stuff about SNMP?11:23
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mike_kRedShift: many people use it. not so many knows details =)11:25
RedShiftwhat exactly is a 'trap'?11:25
RedShiftis a trap something that catches SNMP requests and fulfills them?11:25
mike_ksomething like that11:26
mike_kI use snmp in more simple way11:26
mike_kagent/device is asked some values and returns them11:26
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RedShiftwell I have an IBM 8275-324 switch, and I think I have set up SNMP11:27
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RedShiftit has the ip address, and I set up a trap with community string public and ip address
RedShiftthen I try snmpwalk from a workstation11:28
RedShiftbut I get:11:28
RedShift[glenn@polaris ~]$ snmpwalk -Os -c public -L o11:28
RedShiftsnmpwalk: Timeout11:28
RedShift[glenn@polaris ~]$11:28
mike_kI think, if you've set up it as trap, than snmpwalk is not what you want11:30
mike_ksnmptrapd maybe11:31
mike_ktry forcing that switch just to act as snmp agent11:31
mike_kthat walk through it11:31
RedShiftthere's not alot of SNMP configuration you can do on it I'm affraid :(11:31
mike_kmay be just disabling the "trap" feature11:32
RedShiftI can set up communities and traps, that's all11:32
RedShiftI'll reboot it just to be sure11:32
mike_kRedShift: /j #net-snmp11:32
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RedShiftok thanks11:36
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RedShiftmike_k: fixed it11:42
RedShiftit only supports snmp v111:42
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sepen+ chmod 4755 /usr/ports/core/sendmail/work/pkg/usr/sbin/sendmail11:46
sepenchmod: cannot access `/usr/ports/core/sendmail/work/pkg/usr/sbin/sendmail': No such file or directory11:46
sepenwhat about sendmail port?11:46
sepenMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       etc/mail/helpfile11:52
sepenMISSING   -rw-------      root/root       etc/mail/statistics (EMPTY)11:52
sepenMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man1/mailq.1.gz11:52
sepenMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man1/newaliases.1.gz11:52
sepenMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man5/aliases.5.gz11:52
sepenMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man8/sendmail.8.gz11:52
sepenMISSING   -rwsr-xr-x      root/root       usr/sbin/sendmail11:52
mike_ksepen: it is enough big block to avoid direct irc posting. Please, use
rxiany italians here?11:54
jjpkrxi: acrux11:55
sepenmike_k, sorry it's true11:55
rxijjpk: ahh .. *goes on a stabbing rampage*11:55
mike_krxi: and ukraine gonna play in 2 hours. I'll wait for that.11:56
rximike_k: hehe hope you get a better ref than we did11:56
rxii guess he wasnt too bad overall11:56
mike_krxi: 1:0 ?11:56
rxipenalty that was a bit dodgy11:57
mike_knot so bad, but you should easily beat australians11:57
rximike_k: i am australian!11:57
mike_koh man11:57
rxihence the stabbing11:57
mike_kso, you've lost11:58
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j^2hey all11:58
mike_ksepen: might be missing permissions or out of space on drive?11:59
sepen$ df -h ==> 3.0G  38% /12:02
sepen==> 2.0G 25% /usr12:02
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sepenmike_k, compilation can't generate sendmail binaries12:03
sepenanother question, how can I known which ports are using posix shared memory (shm)12:05
mike_kif it's not a port (I mean there is no port called posix-sm and no such =) )... only a guess/man/doc should help12:10
deus_exsepen: Are you using fakeroot for building ports, by any chance?12:12
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deus_exGuess not...12:15
jjpkAlternative MTA softwares provide a "fake" sendmail, so it does not need to be the original sendmail12:16
sependeus_ex, no I not using12:16
deus_exActually, I've built sendmail with fakeroot just fine, iirc12:24
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* deus_ex melts slowly on 36C12:26
jjpkI don't know how warm it is outside, but it is too hot inside.12:26
deus_exGive or take a degree...12:26
jjpkAir does not move one bit in this place.12:26
deus_exjjpk: It's like that all day here.12:27
deus_exTropical weather, they call it.12:28
deus_exFcking hot.That's how I call it.12:28
deus_ex'They' beeing meteo...people(babes, actually).12:30
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romsterwhere do i set permissions for me sound, says it hasn't got permission to use it :)12:47
jjpkThat is udev territory.12:48
deus_exAdd yourself to audio group?12:48
romsterah no wonder i couldn't think where to look12:49
romsteryeah i gotta add myself to the audio group but forgot where heh12:49
deus_exman usermod, I think.12:49
sepenWhat I need for 'svn' ?? svn co crash!12:50
deus_exWhat do you mean by 'what I need'?12:50
deus_exYou can't checkout svn repo or what?12:51
sepensvn is an aplication?12:51
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deus_exfrom opt12:52
sepenI don't have it12:52
deus_exThen get it.12:52
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sepenI was looking for 'svn' not for subversion12:53
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deus_exFor cvs repo, you need cvs.12:54
deus_exFor svn repo, you need subversion.12:54
deus_exSimple :)12:54
romsterusermod -a audio but thats as much as i can figure atm12:54
deus_exromster: That should do it.12:55
deus_exTry id to see which groups you now belong to.12:55
romstersvn is subversion12:56
romsterheh bet me to it12:56
romsterprt-get depinst subversion12:57
romsterhrmm ok so i add myself to the group audio, but how do i know its my id ?12:57
romstersepen, been there done that b4 :P12:57
deus_exromster: pedja@deus:~ ]$ id12:58
deus_ex uid=100(pedja) gid=100(users) groups=5(tty),6(disk),100(users),101(audio),105(video)12:58
romstervideo too O_o13:00
deus_exNvidia needs it.13:00
romsteri haev a nvidia card13:01
deus_exprt-get readme nvidia13:02
romsterwhats the damn command i can't figure it out13:03
romstersh-3.1$ /usr/sbin/usermod --append=audio -g10013:03
romsteris not right the man page isn't alot of help on examples13:04
deus_exusermod -a audio $user, perhaps?13:05
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romsterusermod: user audio does not exist13:06
romsterhrmm think i need to use group add not useradd?13:07
romstererm groupmod13:07
romsterhrmm no bugger thats not it13:07
romsteri'm so lost here13:08
deus_exCreate audio group, then add yourself to it?13:08
deus_exgroupadd -f audio, to check if it exists already.13:10
deus_exIf not, groupadd audio, then usermod -a audio $login.13:11
romstergroupadd: unable to lock group file13:12
romsterso t hat means it dosn't exist then?13:12
deus_exid at the end to check if it worked.13:12
deus_exromster: No, it means something else is locking /etc/groups, methinks.13:15
deus_exJust groupadd audio, then check /etc/group.13:17
romsteryeah its added as a group13:18
romsterbut i can't get it to be on my groups list :/13:18
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deus_exCheck which groups you belong to, than usermod -G audio $other groups $your_login.13:19
romsterjust users atm13:20
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deus_exThen usermod -G audio video.13:20
deus_exusers is your primary group.13:21
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deus_exInitial group, if you will.13:21
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romsternone of them work but show the help screen...13:23
deus_ex'usermod -g users -G audio,video romster' doesn't work?13:24
romstersudo /usr/sbin/usermod -g audio romster13:26
romsteryet id shwos no change13:26
deus_exNot -g. -G13:26
deus_ex-g is your inital group(users), -G is suplementary groups you belong to.13:28
romstersh-3.1$ sudo /usr/sbin/usermod -g users -G audio romster13:28
romstersh-3.1$ id13:28
romsteruid=100(romster) gid=100(users) groups=100(users)13:28
romsteri have to use usermod as root?13:28
romsterwell i was with sudo so why arn't it there now?13:28
deus_exIs audio group in /etc/group?13:29
romsteryes as gid10113:29
deus_exroot@deus:/home/pedja#usermod -g users -G users,tty,disk,audio,cdrecord,video pedja13:33
deus_exroot@deus:/home/pedja#id pedja13:33
deus_exuid=100(pedja) gid=100(users) groups=100(users),5(tty),6(disk),101(audio),103(cdrecord),105(video)13:33
deus_exWorks here.13:33
deus_exBecome root(no sudo), then try.13:35
rehabdollyou need to relogin for groupchanges to take effect13:36
deus_exrehabdoll: I didn't, and groups changed.13:36
romsterah that worked13:38
romsterso it dosn't work tougth sudo how odd?13:38
romsteruid=100(romster) gid=100(users) groups=100(users),101(audio),102(video)13:38
deus_exDepends on /etc/sudoers.13:39
deus_exGreat :)13:39
deus_exsu -c would have worked, also.13:40
romsteri have sudoers set to all :/13:40
romsterfor me13:40
* romster shrugs13:40
deus_exYes, but which commands?13:41
romsterroot    ALL=(ALL) ALL13:42
romsterromster ALL=(ALL) ALL13:42
romsteryeah so it should of worked no?13:42
romsteralso why don't we have gpasswd?
deus_exWhy would we want that?13:43
romsteri was looking for it as that says ya can add without haveing to add all the groups on the lsit again, *shrugs*13:44
romsterif you look its still got refereances of gpasswd in the man pages!13:44
romsterand yet the command si not there13:45
deus_exRedHat users need that.Cruxers should know better :)13:45
romsterguess i gotta logout of xorg then back in to reset that sound useage?13:47
deus_exIf you look at Pkgfile for shadow, you'll see gpasswd removed from package.13:47
deus_exGuess Per doesn't like it :D13:48
romsteryeah i looked at that in the past13:48
romsterand wondered why13:48
deus_exNow you know.13:48
romsterrestart x and hopw i get sound13:49
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deus_exWelcome back.13:54
romsterok says permission denied for sound device /dev/dsp but my dsp is in /dev/sound/dsp13:54
romsterwonder where i alter that in udev rules?13:54
romsterdosn't look like i can change it in kde13:54
mike_kisn't there a symlink?13:54
romsterno symlink i can create one?13:54
mike_klrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  9 Jun 26 14:59 /dev/dsp -> sound/dsp13:55
mike_klrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Jun 26 14:59 /dev/dsp1 -> sound/dsp113:55
mike_kthats what I have13:55
jaegertry loading the oss modules13:55
jaegersnd-pcm-oss, I think13:55
romsterthere all loaded :)13:56
deus_exjaeger: You are right.Why I'm not surprised :) ?13:56
romsterguess i just need to add the symlink13:57
jaegerudev should create it13:57
jaegerlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      9 Jun 22 12:52 /dev/dsp -> sound/dsp13:57
jaegercrw-rw---- 1 root audio 14, 3 Jun 22 12:52 /dev/sound/dsp13:57
romsterits in /dev/sound/13:57
romsteryeah but kde is looking at /dev/dsp not /dev/sound/dsp13:58
deus_exUdev creates /dev/dsp symlink.13:58
romsternot on my system13:58
romsterbetter check rejmerge :)13:59
deus_exCheck /etc/udev/rules.d/13:59
romsternope nothing pending13:59
romster50 udev rules :)14:00
GSFromster: you added the user to the audio group?14:00
jaegerKERNEL=="dsp",       NAME="sound/%k", SYMLINK+="%k", GROUP="audio"14:00
deus_exromster: When did you load snd-{pcm,mixer}-oss modules?14:01
romsteryes i'm part of the audio group now14:01
romsterlast reboto in rc.modules14:01
deus_exYou could try to restart udevd, I guess.14:02
jaegeror run udevstart14:03
deus_exOr that.14:03
romsterKERNEL=="dsp",NAME="sound/%k", SYMLINK+="%k", GROUP="audio"14:03
romsterah now its there14:04
romsteri don't supose udevstrart is ment to be int he services array in rc.conf?14:05
romsteror jsut because i didn't start it after adding myself to that group maybe14:05
deus_exOr modules get loaded after udev creates devices.14:06
romsterhrmm kde says that /dev/dsp is permission denied14:07
romsteri'm apart of the audio group now though14:08
romsterwtf i was in that group it didn't remember it?14:10
jaegerudevd is started in /etc/rc. udevstart is simply a way to refresh the rules14:11
romsterthere should work now but its not ment to forget the groups i'm on?14:11
* romster slaps myself14:11
*** mrks_ has joined #crux14:12
romstercan't open /dev/dsp permission denied14:14
romsteroh this is anoying14:14
romsterlike need a generious to get sound working on linux...14:14
jaegercan you manipulate it directly? such as cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp ?14:18
pitillojaeger, exists by default udevstart in rc.d?14:19
romsterhalf the symlinks are group root and not group audio, no wonder14:19
jaegerpitillo: no14:19
jaegerudev is started by /etc/rc14:19
romsterpitillo, in /sbin/14:19
jaegerromster: worry about the symlink's target, not the link itself14:19
pitillojaeger, I'll take a look, thanks14:19
romsterah k the symlink is root.root the target is root.audio14:20
romsterand yet arts compalins it has no permission to access /dev/dsp14:20
jaegerwhich user runs arts? your user?14:20
jaegerdoes 'groups' report your user being a member of audio?14:21
romsteri did have audio added that that but it keeps disapearing!!!14:21
romsterwhat the hell14:21
romster# usermod -g users -G users,audio,video romster14:22
romsterthats right ?14:22
romsterit used to show?14:22
romsterah its only in that one konsole not on all of them...14:23
romsterhow do i make it global other than rebooting the box?14:23
romstermeh i'll reboot and see if it keeps14:24
*** mrks has quit IRC14:24
*** romster has quit IRC14:24
pitillowhy dont edit the /etc/group file by hand?14:25
*** koefz has quit IRC14:27
tilmanto prevent syntax errors14:27
tilmanyou can also use vigr14:27
tilmanno you can't14:27
pitillonice to know that... I changed the groups by hand ...14:28
tilmanme too... ;>14:29
pitillothen... the gpasswd isn't well. (I think)14:30
jaegerI just edit the group file by hand14:30
pitillomee too, and I haven the *gshadow (not gpasswd :)14:31
*** clb has joined #crux14:40
tilmanromster: well yes.14:40
tilmanromster: but that line means: whenever you 'modprobe this_module', also run this command...14:40
romstersoundbalster live14:41
pitillonice one... I use the rc.local to make the alsactl restore....14:41
*** clb has joined #crux14:55
romstersepen,  use the xorg nv driver14:55
jaegerdeus_ex: yes14:55
jaegersepen: haven't seen that one, myself14:55
romsterthats what i have14:55
sepenjaeger, I use gl-select nvidia14:55
GSFI experienced loads of crashes with the latest nvidia driver14:56
GSFswitched to nv driver and it works with no problems14:56
sepenI read all documentation given by the driver but I think Im a problem with 'shm'14:56
GSFno 3d accel though14:56
sepenyes GSF, but  I trying to use dri14:57
romsterhmm that was a later thing tod use the nvedia driver so ic an kick arse in games14:57
GSFsepen: why don't you use glx?14:57
sepenshm                   125M     0  125M   0% /dev/shm ---->> 0% ??????14:57
sepenGSF, $ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep glx14:58
sepen    Load           "glx"14:58
sepenIm using it14:58
deus_exWhy are you mentioning dri, then?14:58
sependirect rendering?14:59
sepen(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to obtain a shared memory identifier.15:00
sepen(II) NVIDIA(0): Using the NVIDIA 2D acceleration architecture15:00
GSFIIRC, nvidia driver doesn't support dri15:01
jaegerdo you have /dev/shm mounted?15:01
jaegermaybe not the same thing15:01
predatorfreakYour right.15:01
jaegerxorg's dri and nvidia don't go together, nvidia has its own internal15:01
predatorfreakNvidia's binary driver doesn't support DRI.15:02
sepen$ mount | grep shm15:02
sepenshm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)15:02
predatorfreakThey went their own route.15:02
sepen$ ls -la /dev/shm/15:02
sepentotal 015:02
deus_exsepen: You don't happen to have 'Load "dri" ' in xorg.conf?15:06
deus_exJust a thought.15:06
sepen$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep dri15:07
sepen<blank line>15:07
sepenIm loading "dbe"15:07
sepen "extmod"15:07
sepen "type1" "freetype"15:07
sepen "glx"15:07
sependeus_ex, mmm thx15:10
sependeus_ex, could be from kernel compilation of shm15:12
deus_exThe NVIDIA OpenGL driver and the NVIDIA X driver require shared memory to communicate; you must have CONFIG_SYSVIPC enabled in your kernel.15:13
deus_exFrom nvidia README15:13
deus_exThird hit on Google.15:14
sepen[*] Virtual memory file system support (former shm fs)15:15
*** nope^ has quit IRC15:15
sepen[*] System V IPC15:15
sepenthx deus_ex Im recompiling15:15
mike_kHan: I was playing with mail filtering thing called "mimedefang" It seems to dislike the absence of  'autosplit.ix' in p5-mailtools(not fatal, but...). Otherwice - a good piece of software.15:19
*** mrks_ has quit IRC15:20
GSFvictory is mine!15:22
GSFheh, I've compiled gaim with gnu-tls15:22
*** bd2 has quit IRC15:28
RyoSmy power supply exploded while i compiled a new kernel today Oo i went to the store where i bought it to get a new one (i still had warranty) and he gave me one at once... at home, the store had already closed, i noticed he gave me a pentium power supply, and i have amd15:32
RyoSsucks -.-15:32
GSF? lol15:33
GSFpower supplies now depend on the processor?15:33
qidlast I checked all modern ATX systems used the same power supply standards15:33
GSFthat's new15:33
RedShiftw t f15:33
RyoSnah Oo15:34
RedShiftjust because it's labelled "pentium 4" doesn't mean it won't work on your AMD system15:34
RyoSthere are different ones Oo15:34
deus_ex'AMD approved PSU. a.k.a nuclear power plant'15:34
RyoSthe power plug is to large15:34
RedShiftpentium 4 compatible means it has that extra 4 pin 12V power connector15:34
RyoScant plug it in15:34
RyoSreason enough? ^^15:34
RedShiftthat's because it's an ATX V2 supply15:34
RedShiftand they will fit15:35
RyoSits not fitting Oo15:35
RedShifttry the other side15:35
RyoSthere is no other side15:35
deus_exUse  a bigger hammer?15:35
RedShiftyeah but I mean shift it to the right or the left15:35
RyoSlol deus_ex :D15:35
RyoSyou really believe this would work?15:36
sependeus_ex, (II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA 3D Acceleration Architecture Initialized15:36
qidunless you bought an AT power supply, you should at least be able to plug it in15:36
RyoSi dont want to damage my system in any way Oo15:36
deus_exAlways helps ;)15:36
qidand the plugs are keyed so you can only install them one way15:36
deus_exsepen: You are welcome :)15:36
deus_exGlad you solved it.15:36
RyoSlol... no way.. i will try it out now once more15:36
RyoSnot possible in any way15:39
deus_exWhich power supply is it?15:42
RyoSshould work actually... i have no idea why..15:42
deus_exWho made it?15:42
RyoSbut there are 4 pins that are too much.. no place to shift it or smth15:42
RyoSsome noname supply.. i will buy a better one next week when my loan arrives...15:43
deus_exYou may want to check this before you buy:15:45
*** Guest17588 has joined #crux15:45
deus_exAMD approved PSU's.15:46
RyoSits not listed :D15:48
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:49
RyoSfunny :)15:54
GSFheh yeah15:54
*** sepen has quit IRC15:57
RyoSthe original ednet website even doesnt list this power supply Oo15:57
RyoSi am afraid i bought extrem bullshit oO15:58
RyoSnext supply is next week, enermax or something...15:58
deus_exYou think ? :)15:58
RyoSi do15:59
deus_exI've bought Chieftec while ago.15:59
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:59
RyoSthey actually produce
deus_exYes, good ones, too.16:00
RyoSoh rly? mh..16:01
RyoS400Watt Enermax Liberty16:01
RyoSi just saw this one16:01
RyoSwould fit in my budget :)16:01
RyoSlooks neat too... useful :)16:02
deus_ex360W, around 80 euro.16:03
*** koefz has joined #crux16:03
deus_exOne I've bought.16:03
RyoS400W 70euro16:03
RedShiftantec here16:04
RedShiftthey cost alot more but give alot16:04
deus_exEnermax is hard to come by here.16:04
RyoSyea :)16:05
RyoSguess i will get my hands on this one in some days as soon as my money arrives16:06
RyoSthe old one was really baaaad *puke* 350W for 30Euro :D16:06
RyoScant be good...16:06
RyoShold 7 months till it exploded today..16:06
deus_exMade in PRC.16:07
RedShiftyeah cheap powersupplies are fun16:07
RyoSlol, they come in a bag =) nice16:08
RyoSthis modular thingy is perfect :)16:08
RyoS<- smoking break16:08
RedShiftin some way your smoking break is healthy because you take a break from computing16:09
RedShiftbut in another way you ruin your smoking break healthyness by smoking...16:09
*** muerto has joined #crux16:10
deus_exAnd if you don't smoke,eat healthy, workout, and you get hit by a bus, you die.16:10
RedShiftthat's also true16:11
*** sen__ is now known as sen16:11
jjpkEverything leads to death, just depends on how and when it happens. :p16:11
GSFbut you can also not get hit by a bus16:11
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Bullcrap! I survive buses :P16:11
predatorfreakIt will take more than a mere bus to kill me :)16:12
RedShiftI'm going to play some enemy territory16:12
deus_expredatorfreak: I'm not sure even nuke can stop you :)16:12
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Freeze time.16:14
predatorfreakWalk to England.16:14
predatorfreakSeems like I just "disappeared" right before it hits ;)16:14
RyoSi am doing alot of sports too.. so :P i can take it all.. i am invincible!16:14
RyoSoff for tv16:14
deus_exLife can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.'16:22
* deus_ex needs more coffee16:24
ningo_[...]i am doing alot of sports[...] off for tv [...]16:24
jjpks/doing/watching/ :D16:24
deus_exningo_: Waching sports on tv?16:24
ningo_deus_ex: exactly :p16:25
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Well, I'm watching porn on my TV, but to each his own :P16:26
deus_exSpeaking of sports, I watched volleyball on sand, women championship, the other day.16:27
predatorfreakI prefer porn to grown men running about smashing balls and stuff.16:27
deus_exVery attractive sport :)16:27
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Hehehehehe.16:27
predatorfreakAside from that one.16:27
deus_exBrasil vs Italy16:27
ningo_[ predatorf]: I prefer porn to grown men running about smashing balls and stuff. << like in gayporn?16:28
deus_exningo_: lol16:28
predatorfreakningo_: Sports can be comparable at times.16:28
predatorfreakLike dog piles in American football.16:28
ningo_yay for dogpiles16:29
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Bunch of guys jump onto one guy.16:29
*** koefz has quit IRC16:29
predatorfreakand basically they become a giant pile of people.16:29
ningo_deus_ex: add the space yourself16:29
HanI watch this on TV:
predatorfreakBig files.16:31
ningo_I know. You told us already some time ago. :p16:31
HanI tell again, for the peoples who might not have been present at the time,.16:31
HanAnd I consider it very important.16:32
ningo_Han: also, read this:
Hanningo_, that piece has also been debunked, it's just a pile a unsubstantial claims.16:33
surrounderHan: go and see "Why We Fight" too16:33
surrounderand everyone else16:34
HanSeen it already.16:34
ningo_Han: there's a debkunked debunking? link?16:35
*** bd2 has joined #crux16:38
HanEspecially the eternal claim that they ``support respect for the dead of 9/11'' makes me sick.  Who are they to claim?16:40
ningo_Indeed, but who is anybody to claim?16:41
ningo_This is one weak argument anyway16:42
jjpkHan: same here, I am dead tired of hearing that.16:42
ningo_What's rather more problematic than the whole 9/11 scenery itself is what follows: the world (aka usa) in fear of terrorist, providing the legitimation to reduce the freedom of the individual. parallels to 02/27/33 anyone?16:44
Hanningo_, they use the argument to cover up and shut down any discussion, or investigation.16:44
ningo_Han: Yeah, it's ridiculous16:45
HanI agree with you, it really looks like the reichtag fire.16:47
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:50
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:53
*** Brzi has quit IRC16:53
*** deus_ex has quit IRC17:14
*** sen_ has joined #crux17:20
jjpkThe video is sickening. It is beginning to answer some of my doubts.17:25
jjpkDon't be surprised if I dissappear soon after this. :D17:25
HanIt's like swallowing the red pill.17:26
jjpkI looked up the information on how hot burning kerosene gets, and what the boiling temperature of steel was etc.17:28
jjpkThis is just outrageous.17:28
jjpkThe flight 93 business is one of these wtf situations. o_o17:34
*** sen has quit IRC17:34
jjpkContradiction after contradiction...17:37
*** lasso has quit IRC17:41
HanThat hole in the ground is really interesting.17:45
jjpkYeah, the hole in the wall of the pentagon was 16ft wide according to the video.17:45
jjpkA person said that the hole in the ground was approximately 15-20ft wide. Coincidence?17:46
jjpkI have a mental picture of human greed, but this is incredible. :o17:52
jjpkThose events can not have been mere coincidence, they could have not happened without careful and perverse planning.17:54
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*** jaeger has joined #crux18:12
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger18:12
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*** kingruedi has quit IRC19:02
*** sen has joined #crux19:04
qidhan, jjpk, have you guys seen V for Vendetta?19:08
rehabdolloverrated imo19:16
rehabdolloh, you didnt ask me :)19:16
*** sen_ has quit IRC19:18
*** ningo_ has quit IRC19:27
qidwell, it's related to what that movie is suggesting19:46
koefzYeah, they should have elaborated a lot more on the plot.19:46
qidI can't explain why without spoiling the movie though19:46
koefzBut they really put Tchaikovsky to good use.19:46
*** thrice` has quit IRC19:53
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:55
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC20:02
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*** thrice` has joined #crux20:25
HanSeen it, and it really inspired me.20:49
*** nipuL has joined #crux21:00
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:16
*** maro__ has joined #crux21:28
*** maro has quit IRC21:28
*** maro__ is now known as maro21:29
*** RyoS has quit IRC22:05
*** RyoS has joined #crux22:05
*** sepen has joined #crux22:20
sepenYou *must* have the openal library installed on your system to build22:24
sepen$ pkginfo -i | grep 'openal'22:24
sepenopenal svn-122:24
Hancheck the config.log22:27
sepenchecking for library containing alGenBuffers... no22:28
sepenchecking for library containing alutInit... no22:28
sepenopenal_LIBS='-lm  -ljpeg '22:30
sepen/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.0.3/../../../ undefined reference to `snd_pcm_format_size'22:32
Hangrep -r snd_pcm_format_size /usr/lib/22:35
Han/usr/include/alsa/pcm.h:ssize_t snd_pcm_format_size(snd_pcm_format_t format, size_t samples);22:36
Hanget alsalib and rebuild openal22:36
HanI adjusted the openal Pkgfile in the mean while.22:38
sepenalso rebuild alsalib?22:38
Hancan't hurt22:39
sepenonly openal?22:40
*** koefz has quit IRC22:40
* Han is not exactly happy with the way sepen tries to save time.22:42
sepenHan, sorry Sometimes I can't understand all you tell me22:42
sependue to my bad english22:43
HanYes, rebuild alsa-lib and then openal22:43
sepenthx for your patience22:43
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** thrice` has quit IRC23:39

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