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Hanalright I just updated freetype to 2.2.1 and it looks as good as 2.1.9 with patches.06:40
HanI moved the old version to freetype_old for peole who disagree with me.06:40
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morlenxusI use xinetd for listening on a port. Xinetd start a shellscript if there is a connection, then the script starts a telnet to an ip. Using 'read' in the script works, i can enter something on the keyboard and i can echo it. But when the telnet starts, i can't enter chars. I can see the output, which comes from the telnet connection, but everything i type, doesn't get to the telnet session.07:02
morlenxusHow can i change that?07:02
copworkrinetd relays connections if thats what you need07:10
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biscohu guys! :)07:29
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prologicskype- is available in my repo if anyone wants it10:16
prologicworks rather nicely so far10:16
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yiphello, how do i configure permissions on /dev files so that they will remain after reboot?10:34
tilman /etc/udev/*rules*10:35
yiphm... thanks i'll look10:35
yipyou stole the default config from gentoo?10:36
tilmanyes, iirc10:36
yipis there anywhere i can read about the history of this decision?10:37
tilmantry google10:37
yiphm... well it was your decision probably right? so you would know if you wrote anything about it...10:37
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > grep Maintainer /usr/ports/core/udev/Pkgfile10:38
tilman# Maintainer: Matt Housh, jaeger at morpheus dot net10:38
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >10:38
tilmanit was jaeger10:39
tilmanyip: search the crux mailing list archives10:39
yipok cool danke sehr10:39
tilmaniirc nobody cared whether he used gentoo's rules as a template10:39
jaegerI maintained a separate crux file for a while and got sick of keeping it up10:39
jaegerthe gentoo rules are quite detailed and usually current10:40
yipi see10:40
yipdid you look at any other distros?10:41
jaegeryes. always good to have alternatives10:42
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mike_kjaeger: I know people, who are crazy about crux's reusing gentoo's  solutions10:42
tilmansend cute baby foxes to them10:44
mike_kthey assume it as an "unforgivable attitude"10:44
mike_kfor me it is ok while it works10:44
jaegerIf someone else has a problem with it they are MORE than welcome to maintain their own port10:44
jaegerbesides, GKH is a gentoo user, I trust his ruleset10:45
mike_kcrux is decentraized enough to split core ports...10:46
mike_kforget about it10:46
prologicI must point out that reuse is a very valuable thing :)10:46
pitilloand more when you reuse well/nice things :)10:46
mike_kthat is in quetstion sometimes10:47
jjpkThat is very petty to start bickering over using something so simple as udev rules from gentoo.10:47
jjpkIt would be completely different story if emerge finds its way, then I will start to worry.10:47
tilmanalias emerge='prt-get install'10:48
prologiccrux for gentoo users :)10:48
biscocrux is better than gentoo... otherwise we don't use it... :P10:49
mike_k'one line gude to crux for gentoo users"10:49
jaegerI will not feel slighted in any way if someone maintains their own udev port just because they don't like the ruleset10:50
jaegerit's their time, not mine10:50
prologicdon't think I've even edited the ruleset here :)10:51
mike_ka fiew lines here10:51
mike_kjaeger: it was just a remark, not a point to bickering10:51
jaegeraye, and that's why I'm not annoyed or angry about it10:52
mike_kwe could easily find more points to flood =)10:52
jaegerJust saying if someone wants to use other rules they can10:52
mike_kthe thing is they want someone else to that for them10:53
mike_kand don't realise the whole picture10:53
jaegerIf they want someone else to do it for them they can simply be satisfied with what they get :)10:54
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RyoShow do i unload a modul?11:51
prologicrmmod ?11:52
RyoSmodprobe -r maybe?11:52
prologicsame thing11:52
prologicrmmod is equivilent to modprobe -r11:52
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yipguys, about gentoo's udev rules file...12:22
jjpkGet to the point.12:24
yipif i remember correctly then gentoo has some groups audio, video, and more in it's default configs12:25
yipit's udev rules file references these groups12:25
jjpkYou add the groups by hand.12:25
jjpkThe other choice is that you change the groups to let's say users or wheel.12:25
yipnot in gentoo iirc12:25
jjpkThat is gentoo, this is crux.12:25
yipright, i'm just saying that maybe it's not a good idea for the default crux system configuration to be sort of broken12:26
jjpk"broken" is a very relatively term.12:29
jjpkHowever, I do think the groups could be mentioned in the udev port's README.12:30
hackedheadthey are mentioned in the devfs_to_udev_README12:39
* jjpk needs to rtfm...12:40
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jaegeramazing amount of spam on the crux64 list13:07
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yipshit happens :(13:08
yip; operator is like haskell's IO bind function?13:19
yipoops wrong chan13:19
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rehabdollcan anyone recommend a good ftpclient with gui?14:59
rehabdollgftp lacks features..14:59
deus_exrehabdoll: Try ncftp.No gui, but an excelent ftp client.15:02
rehabdollcurlftpfs looks nice, never played around with fuse.. but does it support site commands and such?15:04
GSFhmm never used that15:08
ningo axyftp15:16
ningobut the good ftp clients come without a GUI15:16
rehabdolldoes not seem to have been updated since -0015:17
rehabdollyeah, probably15:17
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deus_extilman:ethereal is called wireshark now.
deus_exNo new release yet, just a name change.16:04
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Gwildori have crux 2.1...need new disk?18:06
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rehabdollby the way, should'nt /var/spool/cron/crontabs be added to the exclude-list in pkgadd.conf by default?18:13
rehabdolltook me a while before i realized what happened to my root-crontab :)18:14
rehabdoll.. when i rebuilt dcron18:14
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