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lutin_tristethe best way to install x is prt-get depinst x11 ?00:34
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LightShadoware they any screenshots of crux want to see how it looks before download00:55
nipuLit looks like however you want it to look01:05
lutin_tristehow do you install xftfont ?01:06
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lutin_tristei just installed x11 with prt-get depinst .. and i have no fonts.. wmaker wont load is ther something i need to do ?01:12
lutin_tristehmm the fonts are there but he (xorg) dont see them and the path is correct in xorg.conf that's weird01:23
lutin_tristeis it broken ?01:25
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LightShadowdoes it support compiz ?02:07
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PuGzhey guys. i was wondering if anyone could help me with a grep problem. i have a text file which has a list of strings i want to grep a binary file for. so i dont want to grep multiple files, i want to grep 1 file with multiple different search patterns02:33
PuGzthose patterns can be found in a text file... one per line. any ideas?02:34
PuGzanybody good with grep?02:36
pitilloPuGz, take a look to the grep?s man or try in #bash02:36
PuGzi have been reading man pages for hours trying to do this :)02:37
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Romsterhe could do it with a for loop if grep dosn't support reading from a file for input.03:33
pitilloRomster, with a little script he can do it...03:46
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pitillo(OT question about 3G) anyone in EEUU?05:28
pitilloneed some info about a internet service provider to let a user work a few weeks there. Read about singular but at webpage there isn?t info about prices. If anyone know something related to this I hope can tell me some info. Thanks. :)05:32
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lutin_tristehow can i  install xorg? i did prt-get depinst x11 .. and there is no fonts ;( <08:38
biscoxorg is a package on the iso-cd08:40
biscoyou can pkgadd it from cd08:40
lutin_tristei Cant install it from the ports system ?08:40
jaegeryou can install it either way. make sure your font paths in xorg.conf are correct and run 'fc-cache -vf'08:42
lutin_tristeok i didnt know about that command fc-cache08:44
lutin_tristeim gonna try again i guess08:46
pitillonice and usefull script(cruxer) to manage ports instead of use a webbrowser08:49
pitillofeeding the P-II ...09:24
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j^2hey all09:48
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lutin_tr1stehmm wmaker still wont start after fc-cache -fv10:46
jaegerhave you run the install?10:46
lutin_tr1steam i supposed to have a /usr/share/fonts dir ?10:48
lutin_tr1stebe he cant load any fonts..10:50
pitillonothing strange in your Xserver log?10:51
lutin_tr1stenot really...10:51
jaegerx11 doesn't need /usr/share/fonts specifically10:52
jaegercheck /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts10:52
lutin_tr1stei have that10:52
jaegerwhat errors do you see in the x log?10:54
lutin_tr1stei get 1 error.. could not init font patch element /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/CID removing from list10:56
lutin_tr1stedo i need to edit /etc/fonts/fonts.conf ?10:57
treachyou shouldn't have to do anything like that.10:57
jaegerthe defaults should be ok10:57
lutin_tr1steweird..maybe i didnt install it correctly.. i did prt-get depinst x1110:58
treachbtw, it's a red herring, CID fonts isn't needed at all. something else is wrong.10:58
tilmanmmmmh, herrings11:00
treachMidsummer speciality :p11:01
lutin_tr1stein /etc/fonts/fonts.conf font directory list there is only /usr/share/fonts and ~/.fonts11:01
pitillolutin_tr1ste, can you paste the log?11:01
pitillo(in a pastebin :)11:01
lutin_tr1steit will be hard i cant get into x hehe11:02
pitillocan you send it here?11:03
lutin_tr1stethere is only that error anyways11:04
jaegercommand-line pastebin :)11:05
lutin_tr1stehmm i can load twm11:06
lutin_tr1steim missing the "xftfonts"11:06
lutin_tr1steis it a package ?11:08
pitillonice screenshots 2560x1024 brbrbrbrbrr :)11:10
lutin_tr1steis there a way to install those xftfonts or im doomed11:13
treachof course there is.11:13
lutin_tr1stedo you know ; )11:15
lutin_tr1stei looked into the ports and no luck11:15
treachprt-get search xft would probably give some clues.11:17
treach(no guarantees, I'm not using crux atm.)11:17
lutin_tr1stedo they come with xorg ?11:23
pitillothere is a libxft port in yhafri?s repo11:23
RyoSis it wrong to make ports that only have install scripts? i see no way to make them a package for pkgadd later at all11:24
treachpitillo: please refrain from fooling him further astray..11:25
jaegerlibXft is included in the x11 package11:26
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lutin_tr1stei guess i have them then11:28
RyoScan aynone answer my question? ^^'11:29
pitillotreach, I dont understan it. sorry11:29
treachpitillo: Don't feed the guy with false leads.11:30
pitillotreach, ok, sorry11:30
treachit's not me you should appologize to. :)11:31
treachwtf.. I think I've found out what vektori has been up to lately..  :P11:32
RyoSthanks for the help Oo11:36
tilmansarcastic comments surely won't help in any way :)11:37
tilmanin your position, at least :P11:37
treachRyoS: there is no right or wrong anyway.11:37
treachif it works for you, go ahead.11:37
treachIt's not like your ports have to be formally approved by the Central Commité of Crux. :p11:38
RyoSalright... guess its ok then,11:39
RyoSjust thought maybe there is a way to wrap em up in a package for "better" use with footprint and stuff :)11:39
RyoStilman: well.. at least, linux is some kind of a community based os, especialy like crux which could need some more up to date reposoritys, and its not like that people like han can do everything by themselves11:40
RyoSso i thought i may me some kind of useful and use my free time for some good stuff for a change :)11:40
RyoSbut ok - i will think about it11:40
RyoSneed to go11:40
tilmani'm talking about:11:41
tilman(18:29) <      RyoS> can aynone answer my question? ^^'11:41
tilman[teh silence]11:41
tilman(18:36) <      RyoS> thanks for the help Oo11:41
lutin_tr1stedo you load the xftfont in  xorg.conf ?11:41
* treach points RyoS to Mt St. Molehill, 5km.11:42
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lutin_tr1stei fixed it11:53
treach*clap* *clap*11:53
lutin_tr1stei added /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf and fc-cache11:54
lutin_tr1steyou need to do that when you install from ports11:54
lutin_tr1steyou should put that in a readme or something ; )11:54
treachI'm just amazed *nobody* ever reported this problem before.... and I'm pretty sure wmaker is pretty widely used.11:56
tilmanthe path isn't in our default fonts.conf?11:57
lutin_tr1stewell it's not windowmaker.. everything that need xftfont wont run11:59
treachstrange nobody else complained before then. :/12:00
lutin_tr1stei installed the core system with the 2.2 cd and the rest with ptr-get12:02
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RedShiftwhat's up?13:36
RyoSnot much13:37
RyoSi guess13:37
RedShiftthat's good13:37
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RyoSi guess :P13:40
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tilmandeus_ex: yes, i've read about the ethereal->wireshark thing. i'll whip up a wireshark release when they make their first release under the new name...14:02
treachwhen will we get the bitmapped version? ;)14:04
treachjust imagine a 3d wireframe shark. :p14:07
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deus_extilman: K.14:12
tilmantreach: oooh :P14:16
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tilmantreach: maybe next time gerard switches jobs ;)14:16
treachmaybe. :)14:16
tilmanor gerald. the combs dude ;)14:16
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pitilloHan, in the E port, I found some mistmach footprints. In that ports that change fast, may be a good idea to remove the .footprint and create one in the port installation?15:10
Hanpitillo, I always look at footprint mismatches and then ignore them.15:29
HanMy version of pkgmk doesn't assume a mismatch is an error.15:29
pitillowell, nice to know that. Were only a opinion for users that dont ignore footprints. In ports like them was an idea :)15:31
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prologicQ: If I wanted to move an install of crux to another physical machine, what'd be the best way to create an image of the disk ?20:26
prologicas in, I can't just take the disk (not mine)20:26
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ComtuxWondering if anyone here has any experience with Makefile for CRUX 2.2?20:41
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ComtuxHello everyone21:25
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