IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-06-30

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cjgsomeone can send me a dllist of xfce4 and xine-lib please?10:47
ningoprt-get search xfce410:48
cjgi'm not on crux now10:49
cjgand i haven't adsl at home10:49
cjgyeah i know it, but there are too many packages to download10:50
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deus_excjg: There is fat tarball for xfce4, with all the sources in one file.11:06
deus_extarball, that is.11:07
cjgi know it, but i think that there are other external dependencies11:07
deus_exJust from opt repo, afaik.11:09
cjgbut, if you can and if you have prt-utils installed, there is a little utility named dllist ...11:10
deus_exJeah, I know.11:11
deus_exFor xfce4-beta?11:12
cjgyes thank you11:13
deus_exWhat's the email adress?11:13
deus_exFor xine-lib, also?11:14
deus_exJust a moment.11:14
cjgi don't know why, but (of macosx) thinks that your mail is spam11:17
deus_exOh, great :-)11:19
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deus_exI'll send it to you thru irc client, ok?11:22
cjgi've read the mail11:23
deus_exGood :)11:23 had just signed it as spam11:24
deus_exI ain't no spammer... :(11:24
* deus_ex prays that it finally rains.11:26
deus_exThis high temps are killing me :(11:26
cjgif i was religious i would pray too11:26
cjg35 degrees here11:27
cjgbut wait, i've the sources but i haven't Pkgfiles11:27
deus_exCheckout repo when you get home ?11:30
deus_ex35C here also, for a whole week.11:30
cjgno rsyncing now then archiving the unarchiving at home11:30
cjgwhere are you?11:30
deus_exHeh, yeah.11:31
deus_exI almost visited Italy few years back.11:31
deus_exCouldn't get a visa, though.11:32
deus_exWhich part of Italy are you in?11:32
cjgnear napoli (naples)11:32
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cjgitalian cruxers live in napoli11:33
deus_exAll of them :) ?11:33
cjgabout all11:33
deus_exMy sister is in Venice, 15 years almost.11:34
cjgnice venice, but napoli is better11:34
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deus_exI'll have to take your word for it, until I visit both myself.11:34
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ningoIf I'm in italy again, I'll make sure that I visit napolo11:35
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cjg11 italian cruxers registered, 1 in milan, 1 in bergamo an 9 in napoli11:36
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deus_exI'd like to visit Sardinia sometimes, I heard that they have excelent vine there.11:37
deus_exErr,,,yes, wine.11:38
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cjgthere many good wine11:38
deus_exWhite, red, black.Mhhm, wine...11:39
deus_exme likes11:39
* cjg too11:40
cjgok coming back to home, good bye12:11
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tilmantreach: what was that english dude's quote wrt germans and penalty shoot-out? :> :D :D12:41
jdolan_hm, i want to delete a matched line with sed, plus the blank line that follows it.12:42
jdolan_anyone know how to do this?12:42
jdolan_sed ' /expr/ d' will delete the line..12:42
aonObject Linking and Editing, Enterprise Edition?12:47
aonEmbedding, not Editing12:47
VVeIrDsemi finals ;P12:48
jjpkStill not over... I am tired of seeing and hearing about it.12:48
aonah yes, i hear about that stuff regularly at work12:48
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treachtilman: "Fotball is a game played for 90 minutes, and then the germans win on penalties." But somone told me that was a misquote, even though it seems essentially correct. :p13:03
tilmanheh :p13:18
deus_exWhat is people keeep talking about?13:18
copworkerpig bladder13:19
jjpkpig bladder ftw.13:31
aonfootball should die13:31
treachI doubt that will happen. People just can't resist kicking ball like objects, law of human nature. :P13:32
treachbtw, anyone who knows what the brouhaha with Bierhoff was about?13:33
tilmanno, tell me when you find out13:34
RyoSi want to know that too13:34
aonbrouhaha is a funny word :)13:35
aonoh yes, while discussing sports most ppl thought that wrc is more boring than formula :(13:35
aonthat is so wrong13:35
deus_exThis is how host for WC looks like on national tv.13:36
treachI have to admit she beats Peter Jidhe 10 out of 10 times. :D13:36
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bd2can be applied to core/readline? it's accumulated patch from
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bd2they are fixing serious problems (but not security)14:13
bd2eh.. need to register onto bugtracking.14:19
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deus_exAt last.Rain :D14:40
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bd2@seen artur_t16:11
clbbd2: artur_t was last seen in #crux 1 week, 6 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <artur_t> it's only recommended configurations for Google Earth Fusion16:11
mike_kbd2: summer made him lazy16:14
mike_kno wonder...16:14
bd2mike_k, don't you know whois administrator of
bd2is he appears on irc?16:15
mike_kcan't remember. I think, no.16:15
bd2should probably send email then16:16
jjpkDoesn't seem like the person comes here.16:16
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RyoSomfg i cant believe it17:08
RyoSthey really released another skype version17:08
RyoS1.3beta lol17:08
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RyoSyeeees :o17:22
RyoSalsa support within skype17:22
RyoSomg Oo17:22
RyoShow long have i waited for this to happen??17:22
treachIf YOU don't know, htf are we supposed to know?17:26
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