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pacaYeah, so I installed xubuntu to my laptop, and it appears to be missing the pcmcia utils config files...  I'm thinking it might be time for Crux again.  Do many people use crux on laptops?00:12
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pacathat's most likely a completely retarded question.00:57
copworkerit isnt - but if you know what laptop specific ports you need just take a look around :)01:01
pacaneed my ethernet to work!01:04
pacabed time01:04
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clbbd2: Error: "Farcaller" is not a valid command.08:57
bd2@seen Farcaller08:57
clbbd2: Farcaller was last seen in #crux 6 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours, 56 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <Farcaller> ccache is a very nice thing :D08:57
bd2nickserv gives better results ;-)08:58
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ulughbeghhey friends09:18
ulughbeghand non-friends09:19
aonhey ulughbegh09:19
ulughbeghaon, how are you?09:21
aoni'm well09:22
aondespite the amount of insect bites yesterday evening and today morning :)09:23
ulughbeghdo you need medical attention?09:25
aon(not because of that, at least :))09:27
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ulughbeghbye bye10:10
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prologichey how do you test (bash) if a veriable is set/exists ?10:58
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pacaIs there an easy way to install the gcc GNAT (Ada) stuff on Crux?11:54
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bd2paca, try adding "ada" to --enable-languages flag in /usr/ports/core/gcc/ and recompile gcc12:17
pacabd2: OK.  I haven't actually instralled Crux yet.  Been a while since I ran it, actually.  I tried putting xubuntu on this laptop and it appears to have some lack of polish.  The pcmcia config files don't get installed.  They are on the boot CD, though.  Odd.12:35
bd2there are no internalization (nls) support in crux, fyi12:49
bd2you will able to use polish symbols, read polish text, but there are only native (english, usually) user interface language12:50
aonpolish, not Polish ;)12:52
bd2lol :-)12:52
aon(i think)12:52
aontranslating something to polish is probably called polishing :)12:53
tilmanaon: same for finnish? :p12:54
tilman"i'm finishing the UI" ;)12:54
aonbut that's lacking an n which ruins the fun :(12:54
tilmannot noticable in spoken conversation though :P12:55
koefzBut then again, polish and polish are pronounced differently.12:56
koefzBut I know nothing, I'm from Barcelona.12:57
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RyoSis there a way to change the font height in gtk applications? :s13:25
RyoSthey are extremly big as far as i can tell..13:25
GSFRyoS: gtk-chtheme13:30
RyoSzsh: command not found: gtk-chtheme13:32
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GSFRyoS: prt-get install gtk-chtheme13:33
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RyoSah its an extra package ^^' alright, thanks :)13:34
GSFno problemo13:34
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rehabdollopt/ffmpeg tarball url is broken :(15:02
rehabdolland the md5sum for lame is diffrent..15:06
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pacaAnyone run Inkscape on Crux?22:06
DaViruzi started writing a port a few weeks ago, but i ended upp using skencil instead22:13
pacaNot heard of that one...22:14
DaViruzit's pretty basic, written in python and c22:14
pacaI need Text on path support22:15
DaViruzthat it can do22:15
pacaI've gotten used to Inkscape though....  Did you have trouble compiling it?22:16
pacaskencil looks kinda cool..22:17
DaViruzi don't remember22:17
pacaIs there a port?22:17
DaViruznot that i know of, i made my own22:19
DaViruzunfortunatly that machine is down due to main board failure, so i can't give it to you.. :)22:20
DaViruzoh, there is a inkscape port already22:42
DaViruztwo actually22:42
DaViruzit must have been something else i was working on then22:44
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pacaThe only thing about Crux is that I don't like compiling so much stuff on my old laptop...23:00
pacabut whatever...23:00
pacaWhat's the default WM, still WindowMaker?23:00
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pacaOh yeah...  got my installimation station going...23:21
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pacaso, this is nice...  v2.2 doesn't make me build my own kernel?23:28
pacaOK, maybe I'm wrong...23:30

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