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Falcon|jdolan: around?01:41
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Romsterpaca you can cheat and copy the one off the install cd04:03
Romsterbut its best to build ya own04:03
biscogood morning guys! :)04:04
Romsterand as for x(org) you put whatever you want on for the windowmanager04:04
Romsterhi bisco04:04
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jdolanFalcon|, am now06:52
Falcon|jdolan: on the download page, can you change to and to ? Structure changed due to reinstallation of server.06:54
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jdolanFalcon|, if i could remember my wiki account information, i would.08:40
jdolani think there're separate logins for the wiki and for flyspray, and honestly i can't keep them straight.08:40
Falcon|jdolan: okay08:59
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Romsterheh you need a password manager :)09:40
jdolani know.09:41
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pacaIs the pcmcia stufff different in crux 2.2 than 2.1?  My laptop's network card worked with 2.1 and apparently not with 2.2 using a similar kernel config and setup steps...  (basically slecting the drivers for inclusion and starting pcmcia from rc.conf)11:17
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bd2paca, what kernel are you using?11:21
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bd2look at
mike_kpaca: and
pacaI apparently need a resource database...  How is this an improvement from pcmcia-cs?11:45
mike_kthere is no way back11:54
mike_kno res db here wiер yenta11:57
pacaThis cardmgr is what is supposed to start, right?  I guess it is supposed to start create the resource database.11:58
pacaIt is started when I add pcmcia to the rc.conf options...  It doesn't appear to have done anything, though.  The card is turned on, as I can tell from the fact it has lights on, but the system doesn't see it.11:59
mike_knothing in dmesg?12:00
pacanot for ethernet.12:01
pacaI compiled the driver for the card into the kernel, though...12:01
mike_kafter inserting the card dmesg says something, but not that it is an ethernet card?12:02
mike_kpccardctl status12:02
pacait just says PCMCIA card inserted into slot 112:03
pacapcmcia: registering new device pcmcia1.012:03
pacanothing about it being a network card or anything12:04
pacaThere are also other dmesg blurbs about Detected depricated PCMCIA ioctl usage12:05
pacathis interface will soon be removed from the kernel blah blah blah.12:05
pacaplease expect breakage unless you upgrade to new tools12:05
pacaand a link to pcmcia.html on kernel.org12:06
pacapccardctl doesn't appear to be on my system...12:10
pacaHow am I going to install a port without a working ethernet card?12:11
mike_kbut it ain't gonna find a network card =)12:11
mike_kuname -a ?12:11
mike_kwhat nic it is? Something exotic?12:12
paca16bit ne2000 clone I think..  Netgear FA41112:13
pacaI keep this one around specifically because it appears to work with everything...  until now.12:13
pacaworked with crux 2.1 with no effort.12:14
pacaso, pcmciautils isn't installed with the base system?12:14
mike_kyes, i think they are on a todo list12:15
pacaso what is being used now that apparently doesn't work?12:15
mike_kpcmciautils ain't gonne help with network card itself, but may be to diag that problem...12:16
pacaOh...  So what is different in this kernel from the 2.6.11?12:17
pacaIs seems a few minor version points should not make my laptop unusable...12:18
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mike_kI have no idea, but as long as card is visible (lspci?) and nic driver is loaded... it should work12:20
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Romsterpaca did you do 'sudo /etc/rc.d/net restart' ?13:49
mike_kRomster: he has left13:59
Romsterbah i didn't notice that14:00
Romsterwhy do ppl do that, that are after help14:00
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ssimon_anyone got zsnes 1.42 compiled?14:25
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mike_kroot root  519667 Apr 30 23:10 zsnes#1.42-1.pkg.tar.gz14:27
ssimonhmm.. i just get a "g++: argument to '-L' missing" while make.14:28
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ssimonmike_k: do you know how to fix that?14:29
mike_k-L  Add directory dir to the list of directories to be searched for -l14:31
mike_k-L/usr/lib here14:33
ssimonyes, also here, but there is a empty -L parameter at the end.14:40
ssimon"*snip*-Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib -lSDL -lpthread  -lpng -lm -L"14:41
mike_kdo you have x11?14:44
mike_k-march=pentiumpro  -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/lib -lz -L/usr/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib -lSDL -lpthread  -lpng -lm -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lGL14:45
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mike_k^ at the end of "g++ -o zsnes"14:45
ssimonxorg 7.1, tilmans ports.14:48
tilmansnes9x is better anyway, iirc14:50
mike_kssimon: seems it is the reason. Is it's libs are not in /usr/X11R6/lib? Dig there then.14:52
ssimonmh, second14:54
tilman-L/some/nonexisting/directory will raise that error14:55
tilmanor what? :)14:55
tilmanjust tried with hello world14:55
mike_kwhat the hell is going on then, ssimon ?14:56
ssimon=======> Building '/usr/ports/distfiles/zsnes#1.42-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.14:57
ssimontilman: why is snes9x better? :)14:59
tilmandon't remember14:59
tilmani prolly couldn't get zsnes to work properly14:59
ssimonmike_k: thanks for the hint :)15:00
mike_kssimon: enjoy the best emu15:02
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j^2hey all16:52
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RyoSsorry.. is dmix a kernel option?17:03
deus_exRyoS: No, alsa.17:09
deus_exCheck alsa wiki for docs about it.17:10
deus_exPretty cool.17:10
RyoSah alright, thanks17:12
RyoSi may need it i guess :p17:12
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cdhi all19:53
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cdhi all again20:43
cdsome still alive ;) ?20:43
rehabdollno, all dead20:44
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cdok thx20:51
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DaViruzhas noone ever made a telnetd port, or am i missing something?22:42
qidwell, ssh has pretty much replaced telnet22:43
DaViruzi know, but i'm trying to get a remote shell to a handheld device which memory/cpu-capabilities forbids the use of ssh22:44
qidah, ok22:45
qidwait a minute... is contrib/telnet a dupe of core/netkit-telnet?22:47
DaViruzhm, the one in contrib seems to include a telnetd as well22:53
DaViruzaccording to the readme shipped with the source22:53
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qidit wasn't in the footprint...23:00
DaViruzit isn't in the source either as far as i can tell23:01
qidwell, I'd imagine there's a source tarball available somewhere23:02
DaViruzoh, the core version has a telnetd included though, it's just never installed in the pkgfile23:03
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DaViruzyay, i have telnetd now. as simple as modifying the core pkgfile. thanks for pointing me in the right direction :)23:12
DaViruzfinally - irssi on my nintendo ds :)23:18

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