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lutin_tristeis there a way to recompile all the packages with a single command03:22
RyoSmh... i tried that only once :p03:23
RyoSafter that i did let go off it because i got so many problems xD03:23
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RyoSi tried something like prt-get update -fr `pkginfo` or smth like that..03:24
RyoSi suggest you better not do it, honestly03:24
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RyoSwell, this was me though, i am not that kind of a though guy :D better wait for some more experienced user to answer your question :)03:25
lutin_tristeif i update gtk i need to update all the programs that use it ?03:26
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RyoSi think so :s03:36
RyoSnot really actually.. just you compile gtk with a new option you want that program to use03:36
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jjpkUnless gtk programs break after an update, there shouldn't be a need to update others.03:38
pitillolutin_triste, what about prt-get sysup?03:42
RyoShe wants to rebuild all, not to update older apps03:43
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pitilloany nvidia user here? wich driver (open or closed driver) are using? (some problems experience with closed one and geforce4 mx4000)04:02
RyoSi use closed.. never had problems with my geforce6600gt04:03
pitilloRyoS, I tested the closed one with a geforce mx 400 and no problem, but with geforce4, no way to setup well, the driver and loads properly, but no render acceleration. May be I?m missing something but it?s strange. (some info about config and logs here
pitilloI tried without drm and the same results (drm it?s not used by nvidia closed driver but tried to see if differs in something)04:07
RyoSthis is what it looks like for me04:12
RyoSin the config04:12
RyoSnoteable this is XFree86 running.. i dont know about syntax differences.. i guess there are non anyway04:13
pitillousing agpX1... Do you have more support or only AGPX1? the syntax is similar. I?ll take a look to UseEdidFreqs option04:14
RyoSi have more support basicly :)04:15
pitilloIn my case, the log seems to load fine the driver, and glxinfo shows the nvidia library but render=No... this is why I?m confused04:15
pitilloRyoS, and why not use it?04:15
RyoSbecause the nvidia agp gart runs fine for me04:16
RyoSnever tried 2 actually04:16
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pitilloI try to get all I can (In this case trying to run AGPx4 (the card support AGPx8 but motherboard doesn?t) )04:18
RyoSmh yea :) dunno much more about it m804:18
RyoSand i need to go, i am in need for a shower :P04:18
pitilloRyoS, thanks for the help :)04:19
RyoSno problem :)04:19
pitillobrbrbrbrr see something interesting... (the COMPOSITE extension doesn?t exists, it?s Composite...) May be the problem is there. My fault :(04:25
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pitilloHan, in fbset contrib?s port the url (what was defined in Pkgfile) has moved from$name-$version.tar.gz to
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prologicis cpio available on the crux cd ?07:17
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rehabdollthink so07:20
rehabdollits in core so..07:21
prologick good07:21
prologicI should be able to use find . -print0 | cpio --format=crc -0 -o | ssh user@host cd some_path \; cpio --verbose -i -d to mirror an entire machine to another disk succesfully then ?07:21
prologicI've only done it once before ;)07:22
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jjpkprologic: seems very possible.07:48
jjpkAnother option was dd + netcat, never tried that but I found a nice howto for that a while ago.07:49
prologicahh k07:50
prologicwell I've done it via cpio through ssh once07:50
prologicso I'll do it again :)07:50
prologicalthough I ain't doing it on this 512Kbps pipe07:50
biscohi :)07:50
prologictake too long :)07:50
jjpkI hope you are on a trusted lan, netcat did not encrypt anything.07:50
jjpkThat would take quite a while. ;)07:51
prologichence I'm doing it through ssh ;)07:52
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prologicbah this is annoying me, I can't seem to make find list everything except /dev /proc and /sys and their sub-dirs/files08:52
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Romsteryour trying to transfer alot of stuff to another pc? try dar disk archiver.09:00
prologicno thanks :)09:00
Romsterwithout compression then copy the archived file over to the other pc09:00
prologicI want to rebuild it just as easily09:00
Romsterah the whole pc09:00
Romsterdar can do a complete backup and one command to restore it09:00
pitilloonly an idea... using tar to ommit some dirs, compress, send and untar it09:01
jjpkYou could pipe that, and tar has a decent exclude command.09:02
prologic# find . -not -path "./dev*" -not -path "./proc*" -not -path "./sys*" -print0 | cpio --format=crc -0 -o | ssh -C root@data cd /data/backups/virgo \; cpio --verbose -i -d09:05
prologicI hate find :)09:05
Romsterwhat about mnt?09:10
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jjpkhi deus_ex09:19
deus_exaon: Hi.09:20
deus_exCan jdk and jre coexist on the system?09:22
deus_exNot step on each other?09:22
jjpkI don't no, never tried to have them both.09:23
deus_exJre is subset of jdk, or completely different?09:23
deus_exI guess I'll check footprints for both.09:23
hackedheaddeus_ex: installing jdk ought to get you the jre as well09:31
deus_exhackedhead: Sweet :-)09:32
deus_exI do have to decide if bulding pano-tools from source is worth the hassle, though.09:34
deus_exs/hassle/me lazy/09:34
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deus_exHmm, how hard is typing 'prt-get install j2sdk' anyway?09:38
* deus_ex tries09:38
aonpano-tools, eh09:38
deus_exI need to stop drinking rakija in the morning ;)09:39
aon"Project names that you don't want to use in Finland, mk. 2"09:39
aonmk. 1:
deus_exaon: Yes, fork of Panorama Tools, one of the deps for huggin.09:39
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Romsterdeus_ex download the jdk file it contiains the jre and install it with the port09:42
deus_exRomster: I am about to.09:44
deus_exaon: I tried finnish-english dictionary:no matches found for pimppa.09:45
Romsteryou might be interested in 'ant' too09:45
deus_exDo I really want to know what it means?09:45
deus_exRomster: ant?java build tool?09:45
Romsteri know what pimp means not pimppa09:46
Romsterno its a tool to build java programs that use xml makefiles that ant compiles09:46
Romsterant is the same as make for C09:46
Romsterexcept ant works for java09:47
deus_exRomster: K, thanks.09:47
Romsterwhat are you doing that need java anyways i've messed with java apps afair bit09:47
deus_exSo, I need j2sdk and ant to build java programs, right?09:47
Romstermost apps use ant yes09:49
deus_exRomster: I want to make a port for hugin, which is a GUI for Panorama tools, among other things.09:49
Romsterk find out what hugin uses to build build with, but i'd asume it would use ant09:50
Romsteryou need the jdk so get that downloaded and installed :)09:50
deus_exPanotools are one of the deps for hugin, and are java, but few things are disabled in09:50
deus_exbinaries, due to patent restrictions or whatever, so I want to build them from source.09:51
Romsterthat gui app looks neat09:51
Romsterah i see09:52
deus_exHugin is 'configure,make,make install' dance09:53
deus_exThank $deity09:53
Romsterah so thats in c/cpp and u need to rebuild Panorama lib09:55
deus_exRomster: Exactly.09:56
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Romstertrying to find the file so i can read the install file09:57
Romsterah there it is09:59
* deus_ex wonders could sun make d/l of sdk more complicated10:01
Romsterlibpano is in C10:02
deus_ex'JDK 5.0 Update 7'.Thats it.10:02
Romsterso wahts in java?10:02
Romsteryeah thats the file10:02
Romsteri can't see anything in java yet10:04
deus_exThat's what you are looking at?10:06
Romsteri'm on that site and libpano uses make10:06
Romsteranything else it needs other than libpano?10:06
Romster is a guide10:08
Romsterone program uses mono10:09
Romsterbut if you look on the crux site there is a port of mono10:09
deus_exNot that I know....10:10
deus_exI'm soooo stupid :(10:11
* Romster gleares at deus_ex10:11
Romsterthought something wasn't right10:11
deus_exOld PanoramaTools(from require sdk.10:11
Romsteri was looking at the new one10:12
deus_exExcuse me for a moment.10:12
* deus_ex bangs his head on the wall for 30 seconds10:12
Romsterheh its not that bad i've done stupid things too10:12
deus_exThat's better.10:13
deus_exSorry for wating your time, guys.10:13
deus_exRomster: Thanks for info and that link.10:14
Romsterthat emblend app looks cool10:18
Romsterlet me know when you got it all done so i can try it all out :P10:18
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prologicAnyone know if the "AMD SEMPRON 2800 CPU SKT 754 (64 BIT)" supports native 32bit emulation ?19:01
thrice`I think prt-get should have revdep built in.  maybe prt-get update revdep or something to rebuild stuff logically?19:04
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prologichmm on I keep getting a kernel panic: unable to mount root fs20:11
prologiceven though I have ext2/3 compiled in20:11
prologicit's root /dev/hda2 is ext320:11
thrice`_do you have IDE / Sata natively too?20:13
prologicnot sure20:13
prologicdoes a compaq intel pentium m have that ? :)20:13
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predatorfreak"However, their bad news is that an EU committee ruled on Monday that Microsoft failed to comply with a landmark antitrust decision, paving the way for fines of up to 2 million euros a day, a source familiar with the situation said."20:19
* predatorfreak laughs evily.20:19
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prologicATI Radeon R250 Lf [FireGL 9000] <-- what driver should I use ?21:03
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