IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-07-04

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RyoSdoes somebody know what i am missing?02:04
RyoSits my digital camera (Panasonic Lumix FX-8) via usb02:05
pitillois cp437 in your kernel? if you made it like a module, is loaded? do you have vfat support?02:11
RyoSi do have vfat support02:12
RyoSnot sure about cp43702:12
RyoSlet me check02:12
RyoSwhere is cp437? i cant find it02:13
pitilloRyoS, File system support -> Native language selection02:13
RyoSaaaah =) thanks :)02:14
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RyoSoh, works fine pitillo :) thanks again02:48
pitilloRyoS, no problem :)02:49
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mike_bd2: haven't noticed the fact it was on the list05:21
mike_looks important though05:21
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Hanpitillo, good report, thanks06:34
pitilloHan, Im working with your ports. There are a lot and good job done. Thanks to you :)06:38
HanI like good bug-reports :-)06:40
HanAnd I hate the `ur port is br0ken' onces.06:40
mike_Han: your port is broken!06:42
pitillowell I try to be a bit usefull... If I find some problem try to solve it, If I coudn?t find any url to get the source, then may be reported the port broken :)06:42
HanExactly, that's what makes it so good, you did some work for me.06:42
pitilloHan, that isn?t work... to make ports like yours... that is JOB :)06:43
Hanit's very easy maintaining cruxports06:46
mike_Han: actually it is p5-mailtools, the line '-name autosplit.ix -or \' makes mimidefang app sanity checks fail... I'm not shure if .ix files are completely useless, but just wanted to let you know06:47
pitillowell you need time to do it... and IMO, time to review them in newer releases to see newer compiler options for example, not only changing the version a port is maintained (n00b opinion only :)06:47
Hanmike_, I could make it keep the .ix file.06:48
mike_Han: it would be nice06:49
HanHmmm I just rebuild it and there is no .ix file :-}06:51
mike_perl is not my friend yet... no idea what this depends on07:00
mike_on one machine it is not built07:00
mike_on the other: /5.8.8/auto/Mail/Internet/autosplit.ix07:00
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mike_Han: seems it (.ix presence) depends on something else, not only on "rm"  in Pkgfile. If it is not against your rules, please do not delete it implicitly =)07:07
Hanports -u han07:09
mike_Han: thanks, I'm using contrib for now07:13
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biscohi @ all07:21
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thrice`yes Han, you do an excellent job :-)10:21
thrice`oh an Han, gtk and cairo toolkits were released10:22
thrice`thought you'd be interested10:22
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Romsterhi sepen10:57
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sepenhi Romster11:03
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Romsterhmm network trouble11:29
sepenI've a problem with 'tk' from 'opt'11:37
sepenchecking system version (for dynamic loading)... ./configure: line 5261: syntax error near unexpected token `('11:37
sepen./configure: line 5261: `  case `(ac_space=' '; set | grep ac_space) 2>&1` in'11:37
sepen=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/tk/tk#8.4.9-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.11:37
sepenany idea?11:37
mike_ksepen: same thing here11:40
pitillohere too :)11:40
deus_exSame here.11:41
pitilloHan has a newer version ported... 8.5 and compiles without errors11:41
mike_k"we know of no workaround that is simple, portable, and efficient"11:42
RyoSany chance you want that for amsn sepen?11:42
pitillobut that version compiles without problems in my machine some weeks ago11:43
deus_expitillo: Send diff to maintainer of tk.11:43
thrice`or just tell them to use Han's pkgfile11:44
pitilloRyoS, yes11:46
RyoSpitillo: tell me when you get amsn with tsl or tls or whatever working :)11:46
RyoSi dont find a workaround for this ^^' cant login with amsn..11:47
pitillothrice`, I thougth that, to make a update of tk's version11:47
pitilloRyoS, I have it working with my machine, and I was working all the day trying to compile it in my sister's computer11:47
thrice`can freetype be updated without much trouble ?11:47
RyoShaha :P its a bitch i guess (amsn that is)11:48
thrice`2.1 to 2.211:48
RyoSits cruel for me, got it working before, cant get it working now11:48
RyoSand fontconfig didnt compile fine for me, got myself the newest version now which works11:48
pitillothrice`, It compiles... I tried it, but don't like the version 2.2 (problems by now)11:48
thrice`2.1 isn't much better11:49
pitilloRyoS, the same problem with freetype 2.2 and fontcanfig11:49
pitilloRyoS, did you try the opt amsn port? or wich one?11:50
thrice`amsn isn't in opt11:50
pitillothrice`, true, contrib port, sorry11:50
RyoSi tried both11:51
RyoScontrib and hans11:51
thrice`han is the same as contrib11:51
RyoSreally? looks kinda diffrent, just skimmed the Pkgfile though11:51
pitillowell, I've ported it, but with a "bad" way that dont remove much11:51
thrice`contrib uses Han's, i think11:51
pitillothrice`, true11:51
RyoSPkgfile is different11:51
thrice`oooh, sorry, it uses prologic's port :(11:52
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pitilloRyoS, take a look if you want at this port and take a look to .footprint too11:54
RyoSlet me see12:00
pitilloRyoS, take a look to .footprint12:00
pitilloit'sat the same location instead of Pkgfile12:01
RyoSwhat shall i see?12:01
pitillowell, all twhat is installed and where it's installed12:01
RyoSi know :P12:02
RyoSwhat should i notice12:02
pitillodidn't remove nothing, this is the reason I said to take a look to it12:02
pitilloit isn't a good port or CRUX port... it's a "try" xD12:03
sepenIm porting ymessenger12:04
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RyoSi can compile it anyway12:04
RyoSi made a screen of the 'error'12:04
pitillousing that and tk 8.8 with tcl 8.5 and tsl 1.5 didn't work to mee too. amsn didn't find the tsl libraries12:05
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pitilloarf  s/tsl/tls12:05
thrice`point them out in ./configure12:05
RyoSexcuse the BIG font.. ^^'12:06
pitilloI tried to put in amsn's preferences the location of "tls".so but the same effect12:06
RyoSfor me to12:06
thrice`which window manager are you using RyoS12:06
pitilloRyoS, that's mine too12:07
RyoSsepen: what do you want to tell us with this? :)12:07
RyoSthrice`: pekwm12:07
sepenRyoS, ++info12:07
pitillosepen, taking a look... but working in amsn's port too12:08
RyoSi see ;)12:08
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pitilloit's another sepen's choice like tmsnc12:08
sepenpitillo, yeah! but I trying to port another msn client, only that12:08
thrice`why not use gaim?12:08
RyoSi want webcam support12:08
RyoSi use bitlbee for everything else12:08
RyoSjust that sometimes a webcam can be nice too12:09
sepenthrice`, $ prt-get deptree gaim | wc -l12:09
sepenthrice`, too deps12:09
* thrice` shrugs12:09
sepenymessenger also12:09
sepengaim is better, sorry thrice`12:10
sepenthrice`, now Im using tmsnc and works fine!12:10
RyoSis gaim supporting webcams now too?12:11
aonsome fork is at least iirc12:11
sepenaon, yes but others can demand you msn12:11
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aonuh, wtf?12:12
aonstill, wtf?12:12
sepeni.e: my brother12:12
pitilloaon, like my sister...12:12
aonyes yes, but what does that have to do with a fork of gaim supporting video?12:13
sepenaon, like Bill Gates12:13
tilmantear down the language barrier!12:13
aonit seems that the fork is ancient by linux users' standards :/12:14
aoni.e. last release is from last year12:14
thrice`does anyone happen to have the xfce beta repo URL?12:14
thrice`er...nevermind :)12:15
sepen!google gaim msn skin12:16
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sepenI find this theme for gaim: MSN6 Smilies v0.212:19
sepenI'll working on it12:19
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jjpktor ftw!12:22
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pitilloRyoS, did you try to compile it with --with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.4/ ?12:38
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RyoSdunno, let me check in a minute12:38
pitillodon't the ...searching...12:39
pitillolinking.... and solved one problem with tclConfig.sh12:41
RyoSdoesnt work for me...12:42
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pitilloit tries to fond the tclConfig in /usr/lib/tcl8.4, once linked solved that problem, but waiting to compile (300Mhz) xD12:43
RyoShaha :p12:43
pitillos/fond/find12:43 is in /usr/lib for me12:43
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pitilloRyoS, for me too, make a link and jump the problem12:44
RyoSworks fine btw, finding and realizing is no problem at all12:44
RyoSwhat shall i link?12:44 from /usr/lib to /usr/lib/tvl8.412:44
RyoSalright ln -s?12:45
RyoSbtw i have tcl8.5 installed12:45
pitilloummmm well give a try to 8.5 xD12:46
RyoS8.4 you mean? :P12:46
pitillowell I trying with 8.4... you can give a try with 8.5 (you have it installed)12:48
pitilloif it works I update to 8.5 (Han's repository) xD12:48
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RyoShehe yea12:49
RyoSi guess mine is from hans repo too12:49
RyoSlet me check one last time12:50
RyoSdoenst work at all12:50
pitillomine is compiling... use a pastebin to paste the error12:50
pitillowell, getting an error too -> /usr/include/tk.h:61:3: error: #error Tk 8.5 must be compiled with tcl.h from Tcl 8.5 need to touch a bit more xD12:53
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RyoSahehe :)12:54
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pitillogiving a try with tk and tcl 8.512:57
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pitilloRyoS, do you know how can see if traffic is encripted (using tls)?13:53
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ningoITALY FTW!!16:30
bd2congrats :-)16:31
ningoI'm german, btw :P16:32
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deus_exGermany lost?16:34
koefzYeah, this sucks. Now I don't even have team to cheer for anymore. =(16:37
koefzWhat am I going to do with all the beer on sunday?16:37
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rehabdolldonate it to your favourite free software project?16:39
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RyoSpitillo: no sorry.. dunno17:26
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prologicthrice`, my port for what ?18:11
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nipuLkoefz: i dont know, drink it ;P20:55
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sexy-mancuzx looks really cool23:18
sexy-manbut can one use the ports collection to UPGRADE software?23:18
sexy-manfor example mysql?23:19
predatorfreaksexy-man: What do you think it's for?23:27
predatorfreakInstalling stuff and forgetting it?23:27

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