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gotrorhey do you know that the cpio port is broken ? when i try to update it i get missing footprint on usr/man usr/man/man1/ usr/man/man1/cpio.1.gz00:50
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pitillohi, good morning, is the crux-contrib mailing list only for contributors?01:30
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HanWhat would you like to contribute?03:30
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pitilloHan, only want to know if I can read the contrib mailing list.03:40
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cdhi all03:41
pitillohi cd03:41
cdi get an damn error when trying to get "qt3"04:10
Han`I' should be capitulated. And it's `a damned error'04:12
cdhere is the error04:13
cd(+i)] [2:#crux(+nt)]04:13
cdoops sry ;)04:13
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lutin_tristeanyone know why the new cpio package is  missing the man page ?04:17
mike_kcd: are you using "prt-get depinst kd3xxx"?04:18
cdmike_k: i used prt-get depinst qt304:21
mike_kcd:  no idea.... try contacting the maintainer04:22
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mike_klutin_triste: usr/man/man1/cpio.1.gz is on the place04:24
mike_kbtw, are you guys updated?04:25
lutin_tristeyea but when i try to update cpio.1.gz is missing mike04:27
lutin_tristeit strange no?04:28
pitilloHan, then, contrib mailing list is for contributors only I can suppose...04:28
cdok thx for help04:30
cdciao all04:30
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mike_kpitillo: You should read it!04:36
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pitillomike_k, I was reading web and before mail I prefer to ask here to see if anyone can confirm that. :) I don?t know if I can contribute if I can not read the list (I asked by this reason)04:38
mike_kwhy can't you read it?04:39
mike_k(for contributors it's a mustread)04:40
pitillomike_k, that is a nice aclaration... Then I?ll read it (I understand that was reserved to contributors only) Sorry for this question if I disturb someone.04:41
mike_knot me )04:42
mike_kpitillo: I assume you've read
pitillomike_k, yes, I take conclusions from there... my english level is poor and I don?t understand what is explained there, then I ask here.04:43
mike_kirc is not always full of people ready to listen04:44
mike_khowever it is easy to reach maintainer here sometimes04:45
pitillomike_k, sure, but there is people that read (listen) here.04:45
mike_kof coarse04:45
mike_kpitillo: form Italy?04:45
pitillomike_k, I like this way to talk and if I can not contact maintainer here, I send a email to him. But I prefer to use this way, IMO is a better way to talk. (only a opinion)04:46
pitillomike_k, not, from spain. Is mike repo yours?04:46
mike_ksorry, I've only translated ContribRules into russian =)04:46
pitillomike_k, nice work with xmms... you save a bit of my time yesterday :) I?m reading bit a bit ports of some repos... (always end in contrib :)04:47
mike_kpitillo: I think, it was not mine originally...04:49
pitillomike_k, true, I read a bit yesterday and find the patch to use it with gcc... but you ported it, and that was your job :)04:49
mike_kmaybe... should I put this version in contrib? (esound souds like a garbage to me)04:52
pitillomike_k, xmms isn?t in contribs ports (it?s xmms2) I don?t know if may be a good idea to move it to contrib.04:54
mike_kthat is xmms2, but I think many people are used to xmms v104:57
pitillomike_k, Im happy with xmms :) (it?s what I need) But don?t know people opinions. Is this a good question to post in contrib mailing list?04:59
mike_kit is to small to pay attention04:59
mike_kI'll just '.sync' it soon05:00
lutin_tristeit's probable a problem with the source05:00
pitillowell, I?ll subscribe to contrib ml to see what kind of talk are there05:00
mike_klutin_triste: I do not use kde, so can not help much05:01
lutin_tristeoh well05:04
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prologicWhat's the issue ?05:24
prologickde works fine :)05:24
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mike_kprologic: cd was talking about
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zlothi guys. i got a problem starting firefox. it says: ./ line 131: 32116 Segmentation fault      "$prog" ${1+"$@"}06:53
zlotany ideas?06:53
lutin_tristetry fc-cache -fc06:53
lutin_tristetry fc-cache -fs06:54
lutin_tristenot -fc06:54
lutin_tristeactually fc-cache -fsv06:54
lutin_triste; P06:54
zlotnope. same error06:55
zloti even recompiled firefox06:55
lutin_tristeadd the dir /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf06:56
RyoSyou tried the one from hans port? (this one you dont compile yourself)06:56
lutin_tristethen do fc-cache again06:56
zlotlutin_triste: that did the trick06:58
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jdolan_what's the workaround for qt3 not finding -lGL?07:08
bd2ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/libGL.so07:11
bd2if you're using nvidia07:11
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jdolan_bd2, i think i have that :-/07:22
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pitillojaeger, the ./configure --help tells me this: WARNING: /usr/X11R6/lib/ is threaded! (using ati but don?t use qt3) I?m not sure if this can give you a clue or take you in wrong way, sorry if this is the case.07:54
pitillojaeger, sorry, that is for jdolan07:55
TRIBBweird question07:57
TRIBBim rebuilding my system after a pretty nasty crash07:58
TRIBBbut im having problems getting on the box with ssh and it pureftpd wont validate my users for login07:58
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ningo /etc/hosts.[allow|deny]07:59
TRIBBim rebuilding on crux 2.2 ... is there anyting nasty id need to know?07:59
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jaegernot sure about pureftpd, increase the logging level and watch the logs... as for ssh, ningo's suggestion is where I'd start08:04
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jaegerssimon: are you here?10:22
ssimonjaeger: no time atm, wait a few minutes please.10:24
jaegerno problem10:27
pitillocan anyone give me a clue about this problem: What I'm missing at kernel configuration?10:34
jaegertry KERNEL== instead of KERNEL=10:35
pitillojaeger, I'll see. That's the original udev rules provided by a CRUX 2.2 instalation.10:35
jaegercheck /var/lib/pkg/rejected for updated udev rules10:36
ssimonjaeger: now.10:37
jaegerssimon: I cannot duplicate the nvidia problem with xorg 7.1 at all10:37
pitillojaeger, thanks. in the rejected dir it's ok. I don't know what I touched to get that. Thanks :)10:38
ssimonjaeger: i found a big thread in the gentoo forums about this topic.10:38
jaegerpitillo: many files are put in /var/lib/pkg/rejected when you upgrade important packages, it's good to check now and then10:38
pitillowas the udev update that made it?10:39
jaegerssimon: I believe it, just can't duplicate it myself10:39
jaegerssimon: however, easy enough to downgrade your nvidia, certainly, just with a version change10:39
Hanpitillo, since I am making kernels for one computer I avoid using modules. I make a static kernel with just the drivers that I need. Works much easier10:39
ssimonjaeger: i hope nvidia will release the new driver version next time...10:39
pitillojaeger, nice to know that. I'll check that because there is some another packages that were updated10:39
jaegerssimon: if there's a large group suffering from this problem, I'm sure they'll update sometime soon10:40
pitilloHan, but loading the modules you always get the choice to unload them. Think in that posibility to see wath performace can I get making it static. Thanks for that tip too :)10:41
HanI don't think it will impact performance either way. Unless you _really_ have little memory.10:41
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tilmannp, just checking11:25
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shiningHan: I forgot one thing for mplayer, it would be easier if the directory was called mplayer instead of mplayer-svn13:09
shiningthough, it's strange that the directory name is used instead of the name in the Pkgfile13:09
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shining_jaeger: thanks for updating gl-select. It seems you forgot to update the md5sum though13:24
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jaegerok, fixed, thanks for the heads-up13:29
shiningit's me who thanks you :)13:30
jaegerthankings all around!13:31
jaegerI guess I'll forgo responding to your email since you're here13:31
shiningabout the file, it first looks in /usr/X11R6/lib/ , then in /usr/lib/ ?13:31
jaegerI'm not sure what the exact order is but there shouldn't be more than one13:32
jaegergl-select renames the in /usr/X11R6/lib so shouldn't be created there when ldconfig is run later13:32
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qidI just upgraded to crux 2.2, and the start_udev script appears to be crashing, it tries to mount something and mount gives a "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on udev, missing codepage or other error"14:13
qidand then when it tries to start creating entries in /dev it gets read-only filesystem errors, and things just grind to a halt from there14:14
qidso this box is totally DOA right now14:15
jaegerare you missing tmpfs support in the kernel?14:15
qidI don't think so, but I'll check in a moment14:16
qidit looks like I am14:17
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qidthe handbook never mentioned anything about tmpfs14:18
jaegerIf I recall correctly it's enabled by default in the kernel config14:18
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qidI turned it on and it's booting now, so that seems to have fixed the problem14:26
jaegerno problem; I'll take a look at the handbook and see about adding a note14:26
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qidif I turn on DMA with hdparm, will that persist across reboots?14:34
jaegerin most cases, no14:34
jaegerbest to set at each boot14:35
pitilloqid, you can fix it in the hdparm configuration file. I think it doesn't14:35
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pitillowich one is better to put that stuff in? system or local?15:26
jaegerin the case of a command to be run, I use rc.local15:27
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ssimonwb jaeger18:12
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