IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-07-07

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zlot_laptophi. when installing gaim, ./configure ....  works. no errors. but then i get something about libXrender.
zlot_laptopits a fresh install of crux 2.200:48
pitillozlot_laptop, do you have where? did you try to link it from where it is to /usr/lib (this is the location that is trying to find?01:09
pitillo(I dont use gaim but it seems is trying to find the lib in one location and may be it?s in another... I?ll try it andd what happens too01:11
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pitilloIt?s compiling. I haven?t the in /usr/lib (well I haven?t it in the system :? Only have libXrender.a)01:22
zlot_laptoppitillo: nope. i have a libXrender.so01:26
pitilloit compiles here...01:27
zlot_laptophmm. weird01:27
pitillodo you have your ports updated? all deps installed?01:28
zlot_laptopdid the install yesterday01:29
pitillowhat is the meaning of afaik?01:30
zlot_laptop"as far as i know"01:31
pitillosorry my english level :)01:32
zlot_laptopsorry. i've been on IRC too much01:32
zlot_laptopi just dont get this. it clears configure but fails when compiling01:35 isn't even part of X11R601:38
zlot_laptopit's in X11R701:38
pitillotrue, I?m reading it googling a bit. That the diference between my and your install. I?m using 6.901:40
zlot_laptopno. i use 6.9 as well01:41
pitilloummmm quite strange...01:44
pitillogtk 2.8.16-1 nss 3.9.2-1 gaim 1.5.001:47
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pitillozlot_laptop, are the same versions?01:47
zlot_laptopwait. ill see01:48
predatorfreakWhoever maintains NSS, it's out of date.01:51
predatorfreak3.10 has been out for awhile now.01:51
predatorfreak3.11.1 is out :)01:52
predatorfreak3.11.2 o.O01:53
pitillopredatorfreak, nice tip, but with that version In my case works. (time to send a mail to maintainer?)01:53
predatorfreakzlot_laptop: xrender should be there.01:55
predatorfreakand gaim builds here.01:56
zlot_laptoppredatorfreak: libXrender in NSS?01:58
pitillonss description Description:  Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS)02:00
pitillo I doubt it02:00
predatorfreakIt should be in /usr/X11R6/ though.02:02
predatorfreakNot /usr02:02
zlot_laptopi cant find it even if i grep in all the .footprints in my ports-tree02:03 that is02:04
predatorfreakThen I'm betting somethings fudgy with gaim.02:06
predatorfreakWHAT THE HELL.02:08
zlot_laptopweird ad02:09
predatorfreak <-- Hahahaha.02:11
zlot_laptopLOL. good one02:13
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pitillozlot_laptop, expat 1.95.8-1 freetype 2.1.10-103:36
Hanweird add indeed03:57
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morlenxusWhy is ssh udp listed in /etc/services but imho ssh uses only tcp?05:02
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pitillomorlenxus, because you can perform udp connections by ssh (I think)05:51
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Romsterwhen you do a 'prt-get sysup' does it also sort and do updates i the tree order and rebuild the affected dependancys of a lib (and ldconfig) or is that all manual still?07:02
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* Romster slaps Han for spell checking07:30
Romsteryou could answer the question Han..07:31
HanRomster, so can you.07:31
Romsteror i may have to find out the hard way.07:31
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Romsterwith holding information and gained expeareance, when one can learn from others knowledge.07:34
Romsterand expeareance07:34
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Romsteri'll look thought the sources myself to gleam the information then.07:36
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shiningRomster: I don't think it does08:21
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jjpkprt-get only updates ports that have a higher / different version.08:28
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jjpkhi tilman.08:32
tilmani'm glad i'm back08:32
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aonrather cold08:35
* aon seeks for a fur coat and hat08:35
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tilmanis that fahrenheit? ;)08:39
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aontilman: nah, kelvins08:41
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* ssimon yawns08:45
* aon drinks08:46
jjpkAfternoon coffee.08:46
tilmanaon is one step ahead of ssimon it seems08:46
aonheh :)08:46
jaegerI wonder why I'm having issues with manpages going into /usr/share now08:56
tilmani had that problem when i upgraded autoconf to 2.60 i think08:57
tilmanjaeger: does it affect every package now for you?08:58
jaegernot every one but at least a few. grub, windowmaker08:59
* tilman suspicion08:59
tilmani win08:59
tilmanjaeger: both grub and wmaker are autoreconf'd09:00
tilmanie autoconf needs patching09:00
jaegerknow what needs to be fixed, off the top of your head?09:05
tilmanthe default value for the mandir variable09:05
tilmanin autoconf/autoconf.m4f maybe09:05
tilmanor autoconf/general.m409:05
tilmani'll get to it in a few minutes though09:06
jaegerhrmm... datarootdir is prefix/share by default, mandir is datarootdir/man09:08
jaegerbest to change it to prefix/man?09:08
jaegerI'll make a patch if you want to save some time09:11
tilmansure, thanks :D09:11
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ssimonbrr, openwrt rocks so evil :)09:20
* ssimon brb, working on fglrx09:20
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pitillogood weekend to all :) (time to fight with nvidia drivers)09:33
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Hanaon, at least you have decent temperatures over there. :-)10:29
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aonHan: define decent :)10:41
shiningit's already hot, it's the max supportable10:42
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j^2hey all10:51
jjpkhi j^210:51
j^2how's it going?10:52
j^2that good eh? :P10:55
jaegernot too badly except for some retarded networking issues10:55
jjpkI'm just glad the week is over.10:56
j^2yeah i've got some dumbasses around me10:56
tilmanj^2: man, i sooooo agree10:56
j^2yeah ~6 hours out10:56
tilmanjjjpk even10:56
j^2till i can go home taht is10:56
jaeger~30min for me10:58
aon-4h for me :)10:58
j^2jaeger: ah you bastard, you and your 1/2 days11:00
Hanaon, I agree, it ain't decent for when you are living so close to the north-pole. :-(11:03
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Romstershining yeah just wondering as the fact of uping a lib port would break any programs that depend on it. when doing a sysup so the sysup isn't really a system up.11:29
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mike_kvery few programs would break because of minor version change, but in theory it is unclean11:35
mike_kbut what is the solution?11:36
Romsterit could be told to rebuild the affected ports.11:36
mike_krebuild all dependent on curl?11:36
Romsteryeah the 1st level of the tree i think11:36
Romsteri have other ideas for the ports system too, i'm gonna toy with some ideas sometime11:37
mike_kRomster: good luck. this problem never leaves my head.11:43
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Romsterhehe mike_k thanks11:51
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Romsterhrmm and a download all depfiles b4 compiling option too11:54
Romsterlike a pkgmk -do <ports list> && prt-get sysup11:55
Romsteras sometimes a port wont download and other ports are depending on it11:55
Romsterso its best to find out sooner rather than later11:56
jaegerprt-get depinst <whatever> --config-append="addcommand /bin/true" ?12:03
jaegernot tested12:03
jaegerer.. makecommand /bin/true as well12:03
jaegerif you want to ignore post-installs as well, runscriptcommand12:05
Romstertrue and false actually pipe into the command?12:05
jdolan_i noticed last night that if i start slim from rc, i can't login.  but if i login to a tty as root and start it, then logging into slim as my user works.12:05
jaegercheck the prt-get.conf manpage12:05
mike_kjaeger: any plans on the recursive rebuilds?12:06
jdolan_or perhaps i login to tty as my user and sudo start slim.12:06
jaegerrecursive rebuilts?12:06
jaegerer, rebuids12:06
mike_kjdolan_: check the shell in passwd12:06
jaegerfuck it12:06
jdolan_mike_k, good call.12:06
jdolan_make sure it matches login_cmd in slim's config?12:07
jaegerobviously I can't type for shit today12:07
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* jdolan_ gives jaeger a shoulder rub12:07
mike_kor may by just shell's existance12:07
mike_kjaeger: I mean the problem with updated libs and old apps, depending on it. It also rises during (binary) updates, say 2.1.-2.2...12:09
jaegerask cptn12:09
mike_knot a problem, but opportunity to break some stuff12:09
jaegerI just use revdep12:09
Romstermike_k, i got other ideas too, like the find fast mirror for pkgmk12:10
Romsterand maybe move download stuff to pkgdl, i'm gonna toy around with stuff later when i get bored12:11
mike_kRomster: see ml12:11
mike_ksuch questions usually stay without an answer (12:11
zlot_laptopi just tried to install pygtk and i got the same problem as when trying to install gaim.  no in a vanilla Crux 2.212:12
treach"prt-get fsearch"12:14
zlot_laptopreturn none12:15
zlot_laptopi installed everything from the CD12:15
tilmanthat's because legacy x11 doesn't use libtool12:16
zlot_laptopi just dont get it12:16
tilmanso there's no libtool archives (*.la)12:16 ships with though12:16
tilman*cough* ;)12:16
zlot_laptophow do i get this right then?12:17
tilmanlet me have a look at the error message12:17
tilmanpygtk is retarded12:17
tilmanit calls sed on /usr/lib/libXrender.la12:17
tilmanwtf :)12:17
zlot_laptopi did 2 installs yesterday. my laptop (this one) and my WS. same problem12:18
tilmanor maybe not12:18
zlot_laptop... on both12:18
zlot_laptoptilman: so did "gaim"12:18
tilmanzlot_laptop: did you ever install x11r7?12:19
Romstermike_k, i haven't looked at the ML for a few days.12:20
tilmanif you had compiled gtk against x11r7 it might explain the problem. not sure though12:20
zlot_laptophehe. tried it on my WS but the nvidia-drivers borked so...12:20
tilmanrecompile gtk then12:20
tilmanand probably pango too12:20
zlot_laptop... i reinstalled x11r6 and it worked to install both pygtk and gaim but... i feel this is some kind of bug12:21
zlot_laptopbut why does pygtk and gaim want libXrender?12:23
zlot_laptopit passes ./configure...12:23
zlot_laptopall from opt12:24
tilmani don't have time to explain libtool to you right now12:25
zlot_laptopehh. i just remembered. could it be jaeger:s Crux current that is wrong? thats the one i used. *oupps*12:25
tilmanswitching from x11r7 back to opt/x11 *will* break things12:26
tilmanif you're not careful....12:26
zlot_laptopbtw. i did a ports -u after reboot12:26
zlot_laptophehe. nice website tilman.
treachthat's not tilman. :p12:30
tilmanthat's tilman12:30
treacheven though I'm sure he wouldn't mind living in Manhattan Beach, he's not Tilman Reissfelder =P12:31
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Romsterwhy the fuck do they use javascript to write the frame set, silly site.12:35
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Romsterhrmm coffee time12:36
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Romster that was no fun my pc froze on me, damn windows i should get back to linux soon :)13:20
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GSFwhy are the locales all removed from glibc?14:05
biscobecause all the distro is built with --disable-nls14:08
treachit's cruft. You DO speak english, right?14:08
jjpkI keep my systems in english anyway, although I will set locales to show the proper local number formats etc.14:11
jjpkI find it awkward using computers in any other language than English for some reason.14:17
treachLike "lame translations"? :>14:17
* treach still shudders when thinking about the fact that someone decided that "gömmning" was a good translation for "hide"...14:18
RomsterGSF you can recompe glibc and gcc toolchain if you so prefer14:24
shininglocale -a shows a lot of locales here. or that doesnt mean anything?14:25
treachlocale != nls afaic14:26
jjpknls is purely language translation the way I see it.14:26
aon^ claims that locales are a part of nls, i think :)14:29
co|workto setup a mailer with virtual hosts mysql, imap, spamfilters which one would you recommend or are you using ?14:34
GSFtreach: I do speak english, but I also speak my native language14:43
GSFtreach: it would be nice of being able to type some native chars like tilded a, for example14:44
aonas SOD put it, "Speak English Or Die"14:44
GSFRomster: I need to recompile gcc to get locales?!14:45
Romsterwell if you change glibc you need to recompile gcc to match it, its apart of the tool chain you might get away without redoing gcc too but i wouldn't risk it14:54
Romsternot hard todo alt-165 etc.14:55
Romsterjust set the keyboard type right and that should work natively if i'm correct, adn you have a funky keyboard layout14:55
GSFalt+num is usually mapped for some functions in applications14:57
GSFwindows in irssi, tabs in firefox, arguments in bash14:57
GSFI can type those chars in a console, but I need to define LC_ALL for urxvt14:58
Romsterthen edit the Pkgfile of glibc then recompile. the tool chain14:59
jjpkGSF: LC_CTYPE="some_local" should be enough to get the additional characters.14:59
Romsterit'll take awhile todo unforantly
Romsterset the var if you dn't need to mess with the nls15:00
treachwell, I use "LANGUAGE=en_SE:en" here, which isn't crux btw.15:00
GSFI've already recompiled gcc with locale data15:01
Romsterah k15:01
GSFI've been stupid and did a 'pkgrm glibc', but I've rescued it15:01
treachiirc I've set LANG to  sv_SE on my laptop, which runs crux, and I get all our national chars [åäö] without any magic.15:01
Romsterif you look at the guid its more complex than jsut redoing glibc15:02
GSFbut I don't want a new toolchain15:02
GSFI just want the locales15:02
treach(magic -> messing with recompiles)15:02
Romsteryeah there jsut extended chars of the keyboard15:02
jjpkRomster: its just recompiling glibc, not upgrading everything in the toolchain.15:02
Romsterjjpk, hrmm k15:02
Romsterlast time i messed with the toolchain i managed to break it :P15:03
jjpktreach: LANG in my ENV is en_US and the extra finnish characters show just fine.15:03
GSFthis locale stuff is still pretty much voodoo to me15:03
treachjjpk: didn't you know that's his favourite hobby? Don't ruin it for him :p15:03
jjpksorry *g*15:03
Romsterthen fixed it again got glibc 4.0 and gcc 4.1.1 working but it was lieka days worth of compiling on a amd 450MHz15:03
treachjjpk: ok, as I said, iirc. I tend not to look too much on the settings once they are set. :P15:04
jjpktreach: yep, there is no need to check on them if everything is working as usual. :)15:04
jjpkSet them once up properly, that should be it.15:04
treachright. and then you back up your config and never look at it again. :)15:05
treachany how. "flyg din fula fluga! Då flög den fula flugan." -> away15:05
aoni thought my server crashed15:06
jjpkWhat happened? :o15:07
aonhad a typo in an if config file :)15:07
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qidcrap... the subversion port seems to specifically require db 4.3, when the current version is 4.418:37
*** thrice` has joined #crux18:37
qidand the irssi port was giving a 404 error18:38
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Hardi don't believe that great a number of person that use crux19:16
HardSomebody already correct that error that have in the eterm source in the line 300519:17
thrice`line 3005?19:18
Hardyes there is a error in the sintax19:20
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HardI was looking for19:20
HardI installed the enlightenment R1719:20
Hardand to install the eterm 0.9319:20
Hardwas not sucesful19:21
HardI have to evolu morein C and Python19:21
HardCrux is a greatfull linux to work19:22
Harda had some problems in some linux here19:22
Hardand i have decided to use crux and mount it since the begin19:23
Hardand I was configure then, I have had this error to use the eterm but the enlightenment run perfect in crux19:23
surrounderisn't e17 like totally dead ?19:23
surrounderreally haven't heard anything from them in a while19:24
Hardno way19:24
Hardthere is a project to build the E1819:24
HardI'm using the E because it have a good graphic lib to work19:25
surrounderdefinitly true, efl is nice19:25
pseydtonneI give up. It's nap time.19:25
*** pseydtonne has quit IRC19:25
surrounderbut the amound of apps for it is kindda...well....low ?19:25
HardDidn you havent see the lib embed19:26
surrounderon the mainsite it's still only elicit, engage and erss19:27
surrounderand the screenies on the elive site also show mostly gtk apps19:29
Hardyes .... I guess that they could dedicate to they project ...19:30
surroundernothing against e/efl but they just don't have enough apps available yet to be really interesting imho19:30
surrounderwhich is too bad cause efl really looks and feels amazing19:32
Hardyeah it's truth19:32
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HardI'll back in 2:00 hours19:34
surrounderlater man19:34
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Hardspeakkk surrounder22:02
Hardsomebody know a terminal with transparency ?22:14
Hardno the eterm22:14
Hardsomebody from Brazil here ?22:18
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