IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-07-08

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mike_kHan: February 4 - Bluefish 1.0.5 released05:35
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predatorfreakmike_k: But what about whitefish? :P05:38
mike_kpredatorfreak: some kind of joke, I hope...05:40
predatorfreakmike_k: Yes.05:41
predatorfreakI mean white fish, the normal, seafaring fish.05:41
mike_kI didn't get it, sorry05:41
predatorfreakOh well.05:42
predatorfreakmike_k: Well, here's a good laugh,
predatorfreakningo: Classic.05:47
predatorfreakningo: But what about Night Of The Living Dead? :P05:48
ningopredatorfreak: there are so many classics05:48
ningobtw, it's available via too:
predatorfreakningo: I know :P05:51
predatorfreakThey've also got M by Fritz Lang on there.05:51
ningoand The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari05:52
ningoand The Golem05:53
predatorfreakNo Metropolis though, since the copyright was extended.05:53
predatorfreakEvil copyright :(05:53
predatorfreakI like getting free crap :\05:55
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mike_kjdolan: hydrogen lists alsalib as its dep, while it is called alsa-lib (now). Also url is now  and s"Stable release - 0.9.3"11:25
mike_kstrange, but I also can not find a any description of prt-get.aliases usage...11:36
thrice`anyone buy a macbook by chance?11:44
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qid <-- lol11:51
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RedShiftBeer load [    \                ] 23%11:57
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RedShiftdoes anyone play enemy territory here?13:56
jaegernot any time recently13:58
RyoSnot right now, play to much other stuff now13:58
tilmani've been addicted to true combat elite for some months13:59
RyoSright =) its great14:00
RyoSbetter than cs actually imo, just that cs has a better fun faktor..14:00
rehabdolli play ET when i've got nothing better to do14:23
qidis there a kernel option or something needed for IDE DMA to work?14:30
RyoSyou can set it to default14:32
RyoSif i remember well14:33
tilmanyou do14:33
RyoSbut dunno exactly right now14:33
qidif I try to enable DMA using hdparm I get "HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted"14:39
qidcontroller is identified as "VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C PIPC Bus Master IDE (rev 06) (prog-if 8a [Master SecP PriP])" using lspci -v14:40
qidI already had the module for that chipset built, loaded it with modprobe and I still get the error14:47
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qidI could try building it into the kernel and see if that makes a difference14:48
qidstrange... stuff talking about that chipset implies it's used on newer athlon systems, but this is an old pentium 20014:48
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stwelinapparently calling up a names list kicks me from the channel.15:01
jaegerthat's a "feature"15:01
jaegersarcasm, forget it15:02
stwelini'm trying to get ircii configured correctly.15:03
stwelini joined #Debian, but i cannot send messages.15:03
ningowhy not use a safer client15:04
aonyeah, especially if you can't conf it :>15:04
ningothat's not filled with a load of bugs15:04
stwelinit doesn't matter15:04
ningoin this case, use another client15:05
stwelinthis is a temp install of debian anyway.\15:05
ningoif you want ircii feeling use bitchx15:05
ningoincluding all those nasty bugs15:06
jaegerbah, use whatever you want15:08
deus_exSomeone actually did a remake of Battlestar Galactica?Wow15:09
jaegeryeah, and it's pretty good15:10
deus_exReally?It was, no, it is one of my favorite sf shows of all times.15:11
deus_exNice cast :)15:12
deus_exjaeger: Which network?15:12
jaegerno idea15:14
jaegerhave it on dvd15:14
deus_exdvd?How many seasons does it run already?15:14
jaeger2 so far15:15
qidit's on scifi channel15:15
* thrice` just bought a macbook o.O15:19
jaegerbuy me one :)15:19
thrice`it was $1050 with a free ipod, I was convinced!15:19
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RyoSFontconfig error: Cannot load default config file15:53
RyoSwhat shall i do? :s15:53
GSFyou shouldn't have removed /etc/fonts/font.conf15:57
RyoSdidnt actually :s15:59
RyoSbut it isnt their... weird15:59
RyoSi have some beers intus sice germany just won against portugal16:01
GSFyeah. that sucked16:01
RyoSnah =)16:01
RyoSthats great16:01
RyoScan i generate font.conf somehow?16:01
GSFI'm portuguese, so I have to disagree :P16:01
RyoSnah :P16:01
GSFI have no idea, but I can send you mine if you want16:02
RyoScant hurt i hope16:02
RyoScan you paste it to some nopaste? =)16:02
GSFsure, just a sec16:04
RyoSthanks :)16:04
RyoSGSF? :)16:08
qidRyoS: what does "mh" mean?16:10
RyoSjust some kind of sighing :P16:10
GSFjust a sec, I'm pasting the text with a laptop touch mouse16:10
RyoSah.. alright ^^16:11
guaquai'm getting simple modem hangup with my pppoe now16:11
guaquacan't connect16:11
guaquaother computer is connecting just fine16:11
guaquaand when i change the credentials to something wrong it says pap authentication there must be something else16:11
RyoSsome mtu setting maybe?16:12
RyoSi dont know.. :)16:12
RyoSGSF: might you poste the link in a qry please? i will be away for some time16:16
RyoSjust to be sure i will get it16:16
RyoSthanks :)16:16 is acting up16:16
RyoSbbl then :)16:16
GSFI've pressed send, but it's taking some time16:16
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jdolanwhat's up fellas?20:51
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jaegernot much at the moment20:57
j^2hey guys20:57
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