IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-07-09

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prologicAMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2800+ <-- this be a Athlong/Duron/K7 type processor ?05:43
prologicor a K8 ?05:44
koefzIsn't Sempron just a Barton with less cache?05:47
prologica Barton ?05:47
rxikoefz: the sempron is a 939 .. barton was the old one wasnt it?05:48
prologicthis is a 64bit chip btw05:48
prologicif that makes any difference between K7/K805:48
rxiprologic: well aslong as its set to K* and 64bit is i guess it wont :)05:48
koefzrxi, seems it exists for both.05:49
koefzOr existed, in the case of socket A.05:50
rehabdollyeah, ill bet its a challenge to find a socket-a cpu today05:50
rxiahh .. socket a is 462 fyi05:50
prologicso am I using K7 or K8 :)05:51
koefzThe 64-bit variants never existed for Socket A.05:52
koefzThe first AMD64:s were Socket 754 or something.05:52
rxieither way its not going to matter much i dont think05:52
koefzThat's when they bumped it to K8.05:52
koefzI think.05:52
rxikoefz: yeah05:52
prologicta guys :)05:53
rxilol .. np05:54
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marotilman: where's the xorg updates? ;)08:57
marolazy monkey08:57
maroerr, I'm too late08:57
tilmangood timing :D08:58
maroyep :)08:58
marothumbs up though :)08:58
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GSFany of you guys tryed using pkgsrc with crux?09:00
marono problems09:01
mike_kmaro: wow09:01
maroat least for the pkgsrc utils themselves09:01
maroI didn't build any packages with them though :)09:02
GSFI've bootstrapped pkgsrc09:02
mike_know I have to agree pkgsrc is a huge thing compared to crux ports system09:02
GSFbut while trying to build something, it whines about not having lang/gcc34 installed.09:02
maromike_k: yeah, it's way too complex for my liking09:02
mike_kGSF: always wanted, but never managed to...09:02
GSFso I go on and try to compile lang/gcc34, but if fails while compiling libtool-base09:03
GSFstating: WARNING: libtool-base-1.5.22nb3 requires a working dlopen().09:03
GSFwhat may be causing that?09:03
maroGSF: ask the pkgsrc list09:03
GSFI'm asking the #pkgsrc guys, but they say glibc should offer dlopen()09:03
tilmanthey are right09:04
tilmanand it does09:04
GSFso what's wrong?09:04
tilmandunno, check the logs ;)09:05
GSFI've checked for the core/glibc build method09:05
GSFand the only thing removed are the locales09:05
mike_khardly lang/gcc34 means gcc-3/4, as netbsd seems still on 3.309:08
mike_kany incompatible headers pkgsrc is searching for....09:09
GSFmike_k: lang/gcc34 means gcc 3.4.609:09
mike_klet #pkgsrc know you are on gcc 4.x.y09:09
GSFI did09:10
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marohm, what's the best way to create a device node for a package these days?09:24
maroudev.d entry?09:24
maroor just throw it in /lib/udev/modules?09:25
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prologicIs there a really compact mta that'll just allow my to forward root's mail to a real mta ?09:49
jjpkssmtp, esmtp09:54
prologicahh nice09:55
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prologicsomeone fix the ntp port :)11:44
prologic404 :/11:44
prologicthey have a new site11:45
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rehabdollim having some issues with alsa oss emulation.. sounds are distorted, people sound like theyve inhaled helium12:54
rehabdollanyone who recognize this?12:54
tilmanbad samplerate12:54
tilmanwhat samplerate is the program using?12:54
tilmanis that samplerate supported by your alsa driver?12:55
tilmantry to resample the file to one supported by the driver (with sox, e.g.)12:55
GSFmplayer also does resampling12:55
rehabdollno idea.. its the flash-plugin12:56
rehabdollsb audigy12:56
tilmanhaha, have fun debugging that12:56
tilmanlalala :D12:56
rehabdollmm.. closed source owns12:56
rehabdollfuck it, finals!12:56
prologicyou know what I did to solve such a problem :)13:04
prologicbuy a pci sound card13:04
tilmansb audigy is isa?13:04
prologicjust my onboard via didn't work at the time13:04
prologicall I got was static :)13:04
tilmansome years ago i also bought a sb card, cause the ac97 oss driver sucked13:05
tilmanit wasn't useless, but not very nice either ;)13:05
prologicfuck'n hell13:07
prologicmy desktop is the only clock out of sync13:07
prologicI can't get it synced13:07
prologicit insists on being >30s out13:07
tilmanGO FRANCE13:10
tilmanyeah, damnit13:22
tilmanany italians around? :D13:22
RyoSthough italy kicked germany out (with luck -.-) i want them to win13:23
RyoSi dont like france much :P13:23
tilmanthis is special13:23
tilmanfra > ita tonight13:24
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zlotjdolan: after doing a "ports -u contrib" and "prt-get depinst xqf" it says xqf-png.tar.bz2 is missing. so it is. that file doesn't get downloaded.13:38
zlotat least not on my machine13:39
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rehabdollno distortions with 2.6.16 by the way..14:05
tilmanso it's a regression in 2.6.17?14:06
rehabdollthere seems to be other issues in 2.6.16 though14:12
rehabdollwhen starting enemy territory: "could not mmap /dev/dsp"14:13
rehabdollI HATE OSS14:13
ningousing linux for playing games is like moving in a cloudscraper still under construction14:15
rehabdollecho "et.x86 0 0 direct" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss14:19
rehabdollgets sound working again14:19
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zlotecho "et.x86 0 0 direct" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss16:33
zlotecho "et.x86 0 0 disable" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/oss16:33
zloti got those lines in my rc.local16:36
rehabdollyep.. sad it's needed though16:46
rehabdollapps that rely on oss should be exterminated16:46
jdolanzlot, ah, sorry, my xqf port probably does have issues.17:01
jdolanxqf's make install is broken..17:01
jdolanso that png tarball is an awful hack of mine to get xqf to run.17:01
jdolanif you manually wget that file from my box, you should be okay.17:01
jdolani'll update that port shortly.  i have some other updates to make as well, and maybe i'll even get xqf sorted out properly.17:01
zlotjdolan: no. i downloaded the file from and it worked17:02
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jdolansame shit =P17:03
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zlotehh. yes. it is17:03
zlotanyway. thanks for a great port17:03
jdolan..i'd love to just patch their, but i didn't have the time when i last updated.17:04
jdolansure :)  you play quake2 at all?17:04
zlotno. i play Enemy Territory17:05
zlotmy clan17:05
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zlotsorry for the advertising but.... ;-)17:09
jdolanhah, that's okay.  i like et a lot, except i suck..17:10
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