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mike_kjdolan: can you point me at a good q3 server how-to?07:29
jdolanmike_k, not offhand..07:32
jdolanyou could check out the default server.cfg.07:32
jdolannot sure if things are commented or not.07:32
jdolanprobably the map rotation stuff is the only part you'd require reference for.07:32
jdolani'd try to dig up some links for you but i have to shower up and get into work :)07:33
mike_kok, thanks...07:33
TRIBBeverybody sleeping ?07:36
TRIBBim having a weird mailserver problem ...07:37
mike_kall mailserver gurus are asleep07:40
TRIBBshit :(07:42
mike_k# ls -al /07:44
mike_k-rw-r--r--  1 root root  36957 Jul 10 15:00 .fonts.cache-107:44
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mike_kjaeger: any idea why there is "/.fonts.cache-1" after x11 fonts upgrade?08:15
jaegerprobably created by fc-cache08:22
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mike_kany simple way to avoid this?08:23
mike_kit appears on every boot08:23
jaegerfind out exactly where it comes from and disable that :)08:24
jaegeris it causing problems?08:24
mike_klasyness is the most problematic thing in my life08:25
mike_kI thought that was already solved08:26
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j^2hey all09:35
jjpkhey j^209:36
j^2\o/ yippy skippy, i have my router set up correctly again so i can ssh in!09:38
RyoSgreat work09:38
j^2yeah turns out the iptables my roommate set up were.."not correct"09:43
jjpkThere's that saying "if you want something done correctly, do it yourself" :p09:44
j^2like masterbation :P09:48
predatorfreakj^2: You let others masturbate for you? :P09:49
j^2it can be fun ;)09:50
predatorfreakI prefer to use my own hand.09:50
predatorfreakj^2: Never know where their hand has been ;)09:50
jdolan_what socket are the tiny P4's?09:51
jdolan_(or maybe they're all small?  i've never owned one before..)09:51
jdolan_need to know which fan to buy *g*09:51
mike_kall relatively small09:52
predatorfreakOkay so wait.09:53
predatorfreakHow did this go from talk of masturbation to Pentium 4's?09:53
jaegerjdolan: 478 I think09:54
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predatorfreakSIZE 009:56
predatorfreakAUTH PLAIN LOGIN MD5-CRAM09:56
predatorfreakRedShift: Err, Hi.09:57
jdolan_jaeger, that's what i'm leaning towards too.  it's not a prescott (no HT, right?)09:57
RedShiftErr, Hi.: command not understood09:57
jaegerI don't think prescott is the only HT-capable one but mine's a prescott so I'm not sure09:58
jdolan_i *think* the cooler on there has an 80mm bb fan.. so i could just buy a silent 80mm fan and swap them out.09:58
jdolan_i'll prolly do that :)09:58
jdolan_the bb fan hums and rattles like mad, it's so loud.09:59
predatorfreakRedShift: Failure for not SMTP.09:59
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pitillowell time to fight another time with the nvidia drivers ... :?11:30
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tilmanpoor bastard ;]11:32
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aonnv should to be enough for everybody11:33
jjpkCan't even remember the last time I used the closed source nvidia driver.11:33
tilmanwould be cool if nouveau succeeded11:34
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tilmanyou're just sad because funland doesn't have a football team ;)12:20
aonafaik we do have several football teams12:20
tilmangood good, but they are apparently to sucky to participate in the worldcup finals12:24
aonhere we saw again that (germans && punctuality) == myth12:25
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pitilloI did a fresh install to test the nvidia drivers. Is mesa3d needed? (I can see that it isn in deps) I made another isntallation that no error at logs, driver well loaded but not render with X. Install nvidia close driver first or can anyone give any clue? This is the first time I have problems with nvidia driver13:57
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pitillowell, my error was that... installed mesa3d. Working now :)14:31
tilmanyeah, you shouldn't need mesa3d when you're using nvidia's or ati's drivers14:31
tilmanexcept when you're doing GL development yourself maybe. not sure.14:32
pitillotilman, nice to know that. With radeon drivers I have mesa3d installed and works fine. With ati drivers I have it too, but not sure if they use it. (I think them uses it). Leraning bit a bit :)14:41
pitillos/leraning/learning :)14:42
tilmanof course you _need_ the mesa3d package if you're using any free drivers14:45
tilmanthey ship with mesa3d :)14:45
tilmanmesa3d provides libGL.so14:45
tilmannvidia provides libGL.so14:45
tilmanfglrx provides libGL.so14:45
tilmanso you should only pick one of those :)14:45
pitillonice :)14:49
pitillothen there were my error... trying with gl-select to use the nvidia one, it uses, but not well. (installed the provided by mesa3d too)14:50
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bd2_can anyone confirm that bug: ? I can't reproduce it.16:36
bd2_ah. I got it.16:37
bd2_hm. no, not got it.. :-(16:38
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bd2_got it :-)17:08
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Hardsomebody can help to create a sound device in the Crux ( I don't remember if I have to compile the kernel source again)21:58
HardI must use MAKEDEV?22:01
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jaegerHard: udev will create them for you if the proper support is loaded22:03
Hardthank you22:06
Hardbut only use udev +sound_device?22:06
jaegerwhat do you mean?22:07
Hardudev via82xx for example22:07
Hardudev /dev/snd22:07
Hardudev /dev/dsp22:07
jaegerwell, udev creates /dev/sound/* and /dev/dsp, etc. - it's not something you run, it's run for you at boot-time22:08
jaegerthen, when you load your sound module, the device is created automagically22:08
Hardsorry I don't no if have to there be because I don't use hotplug ... or nothing to there be22:09
HardBecause I was using that linux that mount everything to me ... but totally incompatibility with sources ... and they crash a lot22:10
HardI don't want say the name ... I was confused in what linux I will use( I test more of 10 ... ) ... When I meet the Crux Linux22:11
HardI don't installing But thank you ... Let with me now ... Because I born to be a ...22:13
HardThank you22:13
Hardso much22:13
HardSorry with my English to ... I'm from other country and I've tried to explain what I'd like to say :(22:16
HardWhat is the e-mail that I can prpopose better to Crux? (Not to the user)22:19
jaegerpost on the mailing list22:20
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