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VVeIrDmorlenxus <- his birthday today02:12
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pitillomorlenxus <- who pay beers for all!!!?? Happy birthday :)02:38
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co|workhappy beerpaying morlenxus03:44
Falcon|happy birthday morlenxus03:46
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* predatorfreak gets out a hammer and attempts to reproduce a very official-like Firefox build.05:14
predatorfreakDamn it, producing static builds eats my swap to hell :(05:17
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nipuLstupid sf cvs servers, this is getting ridiculous08:32
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deus_exjaeger: Your mono port has pkgconfig as one of the deps.Shouldn't it be08:53
jaegeryes, it probably should. however, I haven't updated that port in ages, there are many copies of it08:56
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mike_kshould it be listed at all?08:57
deus_exjaeger: I use some of your ports from gnome repo, so I stumbled upon it.08:58
deus_exmike_k: It's in core now, so probably not.08:58
jaegerthe mono ports shouldn't be in the gnome repo anymore08:59
deus_exI just did ports -u gnome, and mono is in it.09:00
deus_exHm.I must have old gnome.httpup.09:01
jaegerperhaps so09:01
deus_exThat's not it?09:02
jaegershould be current. there's no mono there, either09:02
jaeger <-- I'd recommend using that instead09:02
deus_exK, I got it.09:03
deus_exLet me try again.09:04
* deus_ex does ports -u gnome-release09:05
deus_exDone, but mono is still in
deus_exGnome port is 2.14.1-2.Is that correct?09:10
mike_kjaeger: can't we do something with gnome repo to have ability put ports in contrib, depending on gnome stuff?09:11
deus_exI'l recheck it later, when my p0rn d/l finishes.09:11
deus_exMan has got to have priorities :)09:11
jaegerdeus_ex: yes, that's correct09:12
jaegermike_k: not sure what you mean09:12
mike_kjaeger: I mean change rules09:13
jaegerto what end?09:14
deus_exmike_k: You mean if something from contrib depends on gnome port, that port should09:14
deus_exgo to contrib?09:15
mike_kbut "if there is a good port for contrib depending on gnome"09:15
jaegerwell, that's come up before. and gnome used to be in contrib09:16
jaegerit's a hell of a pain to maintain there, though09:16
deus_exWell, that really depends on maintainer of repo from which that port is pulled into contrib.09:16
jaegerbesides, contrib now is not what contrib was then09:16
jaegerthere are probably LOTS of gnome-dependent ports in contrib now09:16
deus_exGnome, xorg and other beasts should have own repos, imho.09:17
deus_exMuch cleaner.09:17
mike_kand at least sync some gnome's ports for contrib instead of randomly used there09:17
mike_kto eleminate situation having different ports in contrib and gnome09:19
deus_exIf port foo from repo depends on gnome port(s), one pushing it to contrib should also push gnome ports09:19
deus_exthat it depends on.09:19
jaegerI don't agree, personally09:20
deus_exOr just add 'you'l need gnome repo if you want this' to README.09:21
jaegerthat would be my preference. crossing repos is not a good idea, in my opinion09:22
deus_exjaeger: I see your point.Different people use different versions of gnome ports, each one09:22
jaegerthe gnome repo is its own entity specifically because it got very messy mixed into the old contrib09:22
deus_expushed its own to contrib.That's madness.09:22
jaegerdeus_ex: aye, that too09:23
deus_exI just add gnome repo after core and opt in prt-get.conf.Much saner.09:25
deus_exEasier to maintain ports depending on gnome stuff, too.09:26
deus_exMono and fakeroot don't mix, it seems.09:27
deus_exWhy mono needs to write to root's home dir?09:30
deus_exOr read from it?09:33
mike_kports -d   looks vierd sometimes09:36
deus_exMichael Jackson weird?09:38
mike_kcontrib     pyrex
mike_kcontrib     vte         0.13.0-1   0.12.0-109:40
deus_exWhy is that weird?09:41
deus_exLocal ports vs installed ports.09:42
mike_kgnome's and contrib's ports have different versions09:42
deus_exAnd that's surprising because...?09:43
mike_knot surprising09:43
mike_kbut who really cares?09:44
deus_exSending diff to maintainer of port lagging behind a version is always a option, I guess...09:46
deus_exReal Life[tm] sometimes takes over.09:47
* deus_ex needs chocolate09:48
mike_kbut gnome is usually behind version in contrib09:51
mike_kand we can't just update some gnome ports09:52
mike_kso, forget about it  (once again)09:52
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jjpkAnother round plz. :D10:05
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Weskerare you plaƱideras?10:12
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tilmanmaybe, maybe not :-)10:17
marohm, what uses libstdc++-compat?10:19
maroand nothing else... why is it in core?10:21
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marobd2: nice! :)10:25
maro(the patch)10:25
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predatorfreakmaro: Really old apps.10:28
j^2hey all10:28
predatorfreakAny binary programs built with gcc 3.X10:28
marostill, what's it doing in core?10:28
predatorfreakmaro: No clue.10:29
predatorfreakIt could probably be placed in opt.10:29
predatorfreakmaro: I'm stating could.10:30
predatorfreakI'll leave weather or not it should be placed there up to the higher ups.10:30
tilmanto god?10:30
predatorfreaktilman: No.10:31
predatorfreakI mean you folks.10:31
predatorfreakThe ops in here :P10:31
predatorfreakand people who can edit core/opt.10:31
predatorfreakThen again.10:31
predatorfreaktilman: You folks are the CRUX Gods.10:31
predatorfreakI suppose.10:31
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maroBastards With Commit Access :-)10:38
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mike_kmaro: is that a jargon11:19
predatorfreakmaro: Hey hey, he has op.11:26
predatorfreakHe can ban you ;)11:26
predatorfreakHoly shit.11:34
predatorfreakSyd Barrett died.11:34
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mike_kpredatorfreak: holy shit!11:39
mike_kjust watched documental video on Waters saying how important he was11:40
* predatorfreak salutes Syd Barrett.11:40
mike_kpredatorfreak: are there any late interviews with him?11:40
mike_kpost 90-th11:40
mike_kShine on!11:41
predatorfreakHe basically disappeared after the 1970's.11:42
mike_kI know11:42
mike_kjust hoped there was some crap to read11:42
mike_kthe worst may be if all "Can" members will die in one day (if the arn't already)11:43
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*** Hard is now known as Erfl11:55
ErflMy sound device drive desaper .... it's a via82xx ... please ... How Can I crete it?11:56
Erflit's a onboard sound11:57
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jjpkThe excesive amount of dots needs to disappear first. ;)12:09
pitillogood afternoon, I have a problem with shadow core/port (mainteiner Johannes, don't know if is cptn) There is a new package and 4.0.16 cann't be downloaded (the site and versions
mike_kpitillo: yes, He is cptn12:13
mike_keason: curl: (19) Given file does not exist12:13
pitillomike_k, thanks. I'll mail him to tell about this.12:14
mike_kso, it is a known problem and is reported automatically12:14
mike_khe wrote a script checking for such things12:14
pitillomike_k, nice... don't know that. thanks for the advice12:15
mike_ktry to find a mirror12:15
pitillomike_k, sure, I did it :)12:15
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Romsterhow do i get iptables to compile userspace modules? i've been googling and reading the manuals but no luck, iptables compiles but misses the userland stuff, and it is pointing to the right kernel source.15:00
mike_kRomster: what are you trying to compile?15:01
Romsterthe module thats in the iptables/userspace/extensions15:03
Romstermake KERNEL_DIR=/usr/src/linux-2.6.16-imq2 PREFIX=/usr15:03
Romsterseems to skip them15:03
Romstertheres no rule to make pending-patches either15:04
Romsterso i'm not sure how to get it to include them15:04
Romsterits not in patch-o-matic15:04
Romsteri've patched iptables myself15:04
Romsterthe kernel is already patched and is running fine.15:05
Romsterand i chmoded the fiels as executable too15:05
Romsterchmod +x userspace/extensions/.IMQ-test*15:05
mike_kRomster: I thought of another thing15:07
mike_kcore iptables port is missing include files15:07
mike_kcheck the flyspray15:07
mike_kbut your situation hardly have a relation15:08
mike_kto that15:08
Romsteri've basicly cpied the Pkgfile and modifyed it and removed the origional and added my modifyed one.15:08
Romsterflyspray, i've heard of that but how do i check?15:08
mike_kbtw, Romster, do you have imq patch for 2.6.17?15:08
Romsteri haven't seen a 2.6.17 patch15:09
* mike_k is about to dig in tc/htb stuff deeper15:09
mike_kRomster: do you use it in manual way/self-made scripts?15:10
Romsterresults in extra files being installed < that would be an anoyance but not a stopper?15:12
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Romsteri basicly patch the kernel make menuconfig compile install then patch iptables, make them 2 sh scrips executable then compile and install and keep finding no userspace libs.15:13
Romsteri've spent hours looking and reading.. and redoing too15:13
Romsterand i've made certain i've got all the modules in the kernel enabled and loaded too15:14
mike_kI mean, tc commands. Are there any sort of script you are using?15:14
mike_kor just a preparation15:14
Romsteri've made a port for the iptables, but the kernel i did manually.15:19
Romsteryeah i got a modifyed wondershaper script15:20
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Romsterbut i can't use it untill i sort out this imq lib module :(15:21
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j^2any wow players here?15:44
Romsteri know a friend thats onto WoW15:44
j^2same here, i'm looking for advice on it15:45
j^2pros cons etc15:45
RyoSbetter take a look onto final fantasy XI15:46
RyoSits more complex and its worth it :)15:46
RyoSyou should try it16:01
RyoSi paid 15 euro, which is around $1216:01
RyoSand you have one free month16:01
RyoStest it :)16:01
jaegerj^2: I play wow16:01
RyoSif you are a man, choose ffxi >_<16:02
RyoSi dont want to make a statement about wow :P *hides*16:03
RyoSwc3 is cool though16:03
jaegerI played ffxi and hated it16:03
RyoSits too cool for you then :( *hides*16:03
jaegerit's too something for me... dunno about cool16:04
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RyoSi need to confess its strange16:04
RyoSbut you can do so much stuff16:04
RyoSand the communtity is better...16:04
RyoSmy first time on ffxi, some guy appeard, gave me gil (money) and stuff and offerd me much more help16:05
RyoSnever got that either in wow, ro, l2, rose, ...16:05
jaegerI've seen that in ffxi, wow, l2, eq, daoc16:05
jaegerjust depends on who's around16:05
RyoStrue :P16:06
RyoSbut i never got that before.. well.. i choose ffxi16:06
RyoSmaybe also because i am a final fantasy fan :)16:06
pitillojaeger, do you play with wine or in a windows machine?16:06
RyoSbut i like the job system16:06
RyoSthe abilitys and so on..16:06
jaegereither in windows or in cedega16:06
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Romsteris cedega just as fast as native windows or faster?16:14
Romsterthis is gonna be cool for games!
jaegerit's usually slower but not too much16:19
ningoI hate it.16:22
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wubrgamerhey guys18:42
wubrgamerhello ?18:43
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lutin_tristeanyone know why the aterm port dont compile anymore19:23
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lutin_tristewhen i try to install aterm i get .. is there a way to fix it ? checking if distributed as part of AfterStep... ./configure: line 7588: syntax error near unexpected token `}'20:06
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HardCould somebody  help me .please ?.. I have a onboard sound ( via) and I don't have the device ... How a create the device beacuse ...I installed the alsa but without the device ... don't go .... and I did a teste with the xmms e mpg123 and they want the device ( If I don't incomod someone)23:29
Hard;( Yaeh I will alone again ..23:34
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