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TRIBBpeople around ??00:45
pitillo53 in total...01:05
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pitillohi, is there anyone using a gtk cdplayer? trying to find one little and easy. Any suggestion? (if there isn?t one I?ll try to port witty cd player)01:16
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sepenpitillo, now Im running xD01:37
sepenI have a little problem with my ISP trying th renew my ip01:40
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sepenJul 12 08:38:00 router dhcpcd[116]: timed out waiting for a valid DHCP server response01:41
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marowhat's the := equalivant in bash?02:33
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junkyhi, anyone there?09:25
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sepenI have ported two new fun sdl-games (xDDD) see screenshots:
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aonomg, SiFuh :O11:07
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j^2he's bacck from the dead!11:12
j^2i think i was still a virgin when he was around that was a while a go! ;)11:13
tilmanthat's... great to know11:14
j^2only for you tilman ;)11:14
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aonj^2: i don't see that as a good way of measuring time12:00
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sepenjaeger, are you?12:06
jaegeram I what?12:06
sepenIm experienced some thiny problems with enemy-territory12:06
sepen-rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/enemy-territory/pb/pbweb.x8612:06
tilmani'm also experienced :p12:06
sepenI think that file must be executable12:07
aontilman: :D12:07
j^2aon: hehe12:07
sepenwhen punkbuster tries to update itself needs execute pbweb.x8612:08
jaegerok, I'll take a look at it12:08
tilmani installed ET with the official installer and pbweb.x86 isn't executable either12:08
sepenor could be only for me x|12:08
tilmanthat's a bit funny indeed12:09
sepenI not tested more12:09
sepentilman, Im running ET since last year but now I have this error12:10
sepenIm quicked, with that error: Server Disconnected - has been kicked via punkbuster (for 1 minute) - Time Out Trying to update PB Client12:11
sepens/quicked/kicked xDDD12:11
tilmanwell, try to manually run pbweb.x8612:12
sepenI finished now12:12
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sepenanyone are using my tce:elite port?12:13
jaegerI haven't tried it, haven't played ET in a long time12:16
jaegerprologic: are you around?12:20
sepenanother question: Im trying to port 'k3d', it compiles ok, however when I tried to run the executable it return that error: /usr/bin/k3d-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: pango_x_font_map_for_display12:32
sepenany idea?12:33
tilmancan you compile gdkglext against the current version of pango?12:34
tilmanmaybe it needs an update12:34
sepenIm going to recompile pango before all12:34
sepenpango#1.10.4-1.pkg.tar.gz' is up to date12:35
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sepenit seems to be right12:35
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* sepen updating gtkglext to 1.0.612:39
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maroany of you suckers wanna try a cool game? :)13:46
maro(or rather test a port)13:46
j^2thats' a good way to get some one to test ;) :>13:46
jjpkWhat game are you talking about?13:46
maroone second, waiting for the final build to finish13:48
maroI should really start using ccache ;(13:49
mike_kshoot em all style?13:49
maroit uses the q3 engine13:49
mike_kserver for nix available?13:49
* mike_k tried to get q3 server running with no luck13:50
marobuilding? :)13:54
jjpkHave to get the source first. ;)13:57
maroah, right ;)13:57
pitillojjpk, what size is the source?13:57
pitillojjpk, thanks :)13:58
jjpknp. :)13:58
maroyou can use if you're lazy, but that's almost 100 megs as well :P13:58
maroand I'm on a lazy connection13:59
jjpkI have a lazy down connection, had to limit it further because otherwise everything will be very slow. :/13:59
marostop leeching porn :(14:00
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marolet me know when it's done :)14:01
marothinking about putting it in contrib14:02
jjpkSure, I'll let you know once it's built.14:02
marofor the lazy:
maro(s/low/high/ if you have the bandwidth)14:04
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marocome on, noone built it yet? :/14:18
tilman!give maro a whip14:19
* maro puts the whip on tilman's ass14:20
jjpktough love. :p14:20
* tilman likes it14:20
maroscary, I had just typed "he likes it" :)14:21
* tilman interrupts the connection to maro's brain14:21
tilmanany of you suckers wanna try a cool game^H^H^H^Happ?14:25
tilmangit clone git://
tilmanreport back etc ;)14:26
pitillowell, go to have dinner while it builds.... (It seems nice)14:27
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marotilman: yaml rocks :)14:37
tilmani see some mofo did14:37
marotilman: try my game!14:42
tilman...check it out14:42
marobbl :)14:42
marotilman: wouldn't that be "pull it" in git jargon? :|14:43
maroyou're sick, I'm not going to pull your thing14:44
pitillomaro, there aren't servers....14:45
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tilmannow the same guy pulled it again14:47
*** Hard is now known as Hard_Way14:47 -- is that you cptn? :D14:48
j^2most of the time15:04
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wubrgamerhey guys15:29
wubrgameranyone in here /15:29
wubrgamerello ?15:29
RyoSthey all fell asleep when i casted 'sleep all'15:31
HanThat's the typical kind of question _nobody_ wants to answer.15:31
mike_kNobody is here15:32
mike_kand he doesn't like such questions15:32
RyoSarrrrr i am mad, no, drunk15:32
wubrgameroh lovely15:32
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wubrgameri'm inst6alling vrux for the first time right now15:32
RyoSi know its a english citizien just by that "oh lovely"15:33
RyoSbritish roots15:33
RyoSi knew it15:33
guaqua"you suck anyway" ;)15:34
wubrgamerhow active of a distro is crux ?15:34
RyoSits very active15:34
guaquaactive enough15:34
RyoSif you dont look at it, it cries15:34
wubrgamerbecause it's IRC is nearly dead15:34
mike_kHan: you seems to be monitoring the channel for grammar issues and impolite talks =)15:34
guaquadaed? :D15:34
RyoSsometimes it feels like having a tamagotchi again15:34
* copwork feed me15:35
wubrgamernobody was speaking when i joined15:35
* RyoS give fat fast food cookies to copwork 15:35
wubrgamerwhat other channels were some of you guys in ?15:35
guaquaour population isn't like a zillion and the average age isn't 13 so it might take some time to get a proper reply15:35
RyoSi was in #epr0n15:35
copworki wish15:35
copworkthe power of whois15:35
wubrgamerright, that works........i'm only 15 and have been using ubuntu15:36
wubrgameri want to play with some user friendly distros that are a little less bloated15:36
guaquauser friendly sounds baad15:36
guaquareally baaaaas15:36
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copworki have a dustball that is15:37
wubrgamerwhy baad ?15:37
guaquacos mostly user friendly means "no idea what the heck it did, but i don't care"15:37
RyoShaha :P15:37
copworkalthough it doesnt communicate yet15:37
guaquabut crux is easy15:38
guaquathe installation process is as obvious as it can be15:38
guaquathe first time i tried to install crux i burst into tears cos it was so much fun to see the right things to happen :)15:38
RyoSyou actually cried?15:39
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guaquai got tears into my eyes, yes :D15:39
RyoSyou really think a personal computer would be the right thing for you?15:39
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RyoSmaybe really the tamagotchi would do the job15:39
RyoSi cried when my alien died, every 5th day :(15:39
RyoSbut i was just 6..15:40
RyoSback then...15:40
guaquanot 26?15:40
RyoSpretty sure15:40
jjpkmaro: success, tremulous built fine.15:40
guaquabtw, if someone is interested in upnp media server ushare, i have the pkgfiles for that and libupnp15:41
Hanmike_k, s/seems/seem, and mind your punctuation. :P15:42
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j^2anyone have a good suggestion on a usb controler that i works with zsnes and other/all emulators?15:47
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BjerrkHi. Have i got it right when is say that there's also a package manager with frequently updated binary packages? Cause i've been using the CRUX ports system for a long time, in Slackware, and i'm thinking of trying CRUX, but i don't think that there are sufficient amounts of ports in the ports system (even with all the repos out there)17:52
thrice`CRUX is source based, not binary17:55
Bjerrkthrice`: You read my message, so you should know that i've been using the ports tree for a while. I know that it's source based. So is gentoo, but still gentoo has some binary packages17:56
BjerrkAnd by the way, if CRUX doesn't have binary packages at all, why should i use crux instead of Slackware or Gentoo?18:06
thrice`it's your choice as to which distro you use, of course18:07
BjerrkOf course, but i'd like to hear some pros and cons of CRUX18:08
BjerrkHmm, by looking on the wikipedia-entry for CRUX i get the impression that it shares a lot of it's philosphy with Slackware.  :)18:11
thrice`in some respects, they are similar18:12
BjerrkBut i see that crux is focusing on utilization of new Linux features and recent tools and libraries.18:13
BjerrkSlackware most certainly isn't18:13
ningono? shit18:24
ssimonBjerrk: just give CRUX a try and figure out how it fits your needs :)18:29
Bjerrkssimon: I'm sure it'd fit my needs just fine, but i'd like it to be a little liess cumbersome than LFS (which i've used for some time)18:30
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nipuLBjerrk: CRUX has been described as "LFS with a package manager"20:15
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BjerrknipuL: Well, Debian is LFS with a package manager to just about the same extent as crux is. So is Gentoo20:56
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nipuLnot really, debian provides binary packages20:58
nipuLand IMHO, gentoo is so bloated the LFS aspect is lost20:59
nipuLspeaking of package managers, i just rewrote pkgmk to use modular source retrieval,unpacking and checksumming21:01
nipuLbut it's not 100% reverse compatable yet21:02
nipuLfor example http based sources are defined by http_source=""21:02
nipuLbut the plus side is things like svn_source="", rsync_source="", etc :)21:03
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nipuLbut it would simply be a matter of passing the source variable to an appropriate script21:06
nipuLto make it compatable21:07
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