IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-07-13

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marojjpk: nice :)00:41
maroso what do you think?00:41
TRIBBanybody here able to tell my why my system accounts cant login to my pureftpd server ??00:57
nipuLbecause you didnt read the documentation01:03
pitillomaro, did you play the game ported yesterday with people?01:05
pitilloummm good morning first :) (Im sleeping by now)01:05
maropitillo: yep :)01:10
maroI got completely owned though01:10
pitilloxD It?s a good idea mix that two types of games in one. (And make it free)01:12
guaquaTRIBB: read the error messages01:31
TRIBBguaqua: error is simple: autentication failed01:31
TRIBBguaqua: but i know my passwords ... and they just dont seem to work for remote login for some reason ...01:32
guaquado you have the right authentication method chosen in pureftpd config?01:33
TRIBBguaqua: yes01:33
guaquawell then i can't help you01:33
TRIBBseems pop3 has the same error on autentication ...01:35
co|workyes, indeed02:49
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pitillojdolan, ERROR: Downloading '' failed. I can see in your files, that is version 0.4.0 (may change Pkgfile or wait to the contrib port update?)06:09
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jdolanpitillo, yea i need to update that port.06:53
jdolan0.3.4 was flawed, so it's been removed intentionally.06:53
jdolansorry the port is out of date.06:53
jdolanpitillo, you can simply bump the version number and the port will build.  ignore md5 and footprint.06:55
pitillojdolan, ei! no problem. I?m taking a look to games to get some to the computer that will hasn?t internet connection. Thanks to you to port :)06:55
pitillojdolan, yeah! :)06:55
pitillo(OT jdolan I got one of your sessions... nice music and nice mixings too :) I?ll get some more bit a bit)07:02
rxilol .. jdolan affection ftw :P07:03
jdolani've not recorded in nearly a year..07:03
nipuLback off bitch, he's mine!07:07
pitillorxi, that was, that was :D07:08
rxinipuL: lol07:09
nipuLjdolan: btw, the gf has given me permission to do you aslong as she can watch07:12
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jdolanhaha, nice.  wait am i kicking or receiving?07:30
jdolanpitillo, quetoo should be updated in my repo, and in contrib shortly.07:31
jdolanupdated sharutils, libsndfile, and jack in opt, as well.07:31
jdolanwill get to yp* and netpbm later on.07:31
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* Han kicks __stack_chk_fail_local08:59
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* RyoS kicks too09:14
* prologic ties Han's and RyoS's legs up09:25
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jjpkLooks like someone else had their feet tied. :p09:54
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j^2i got nothing :P11:21
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j^2hey aon11:46
aonhey j^211:46
j^2life good?11:46
j^2warm up there yet?11:47
aonpretty much, yeah11:47
j^2good good, always nice11:47
aoncelcius :)11:47
j^290Fish here11:48
aonah, pretty much more than here :)11:49
aoncouldn't probably work at all if it was like that :)11:49
j^2hehe, yeah it's just a normal summer day in texas11:50
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ssimon <- ich geh kaputt12:29
aonget over it, ffs12:30
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nipuLdammit, i accidentally hosed my home directory last night21:44
nipuLlost 3 years worth of code21:46
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nipuLwhich i was holding there before i put into my new svn server21:46
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HardMay Somebody  help me with the X server configuration ... it's here ok but when I use the startx or xinit .( I guess that the xterm is join with the apllication ... ).. I don't What I'd did here ... But i got ... but I'd like to know how .... I don't know what I did to exec well ... ( What's the form better to do right ? )21:53
HardAbout the configuration21:53
nipuLwhat do you want to configure?21:53
Hardto use the startx or xinit welll .... I guess the xterm is join with the x server  and when I close the xterm ... The X server go down21:55
HardI already configured here with the xorgconfig21:55
nipuLso you want to change what programs start21:55
nipuLvi ~/.xinitrc21:55
nipuLwhat desktop environment do you intend to use?21:56
HardWhich one .... A test here with gnome enlighten kde openbox kahakai and oroborus and appear here the same error21:57
nipuLecho openbox > ~/.xinitrc && startx21:58
HardOk this will do right with the xinit ... but with the startx ?21:58
Hardafff mannnn .... Then I 'm curious ... what is the file that is all this configuration ...?21:58
HardMaybe this can help me too21:59
nipuLif you use startx to ...start x... you add your startup commands to ~/.xinitrc21:59
nipuLif you are using a display manager, xdm, gdm, etc generally you use ~/.xsession (and make it executable)22:00
HardThis can help me ... thank you ... bafter will try to do my sound device appear XD's desapear hahaha .... but thank you a lot this good to me today ... thank you22:02
nipuLno wukkas22:02
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HardThe Crux is good a lot .... a like of the dificults of it ... itÅ› the only linux that is teahc me to be better in the linux22:03
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HardnipuL .. thank you for your help ... I will here watch constantiny .... until the next time and bye for everyone23:16
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