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pitillobreaking it|@~.|@~# xD04:37
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jjpkhi cptn05:57
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sepencptn, hi06:19
sepencptn, are you on holidays?06:19
cptnunfortunately not, I'd rather be :-)06:23
jjpkDemanding work, or what if I may ask?06:25
cptnwell, it's mainly that the weather is really nice now06:26
cptnso it's boring to sit in an office all day...06:26
jjpkHere the weather has been very bipolar and unstable.06:26
jjpkOne minute it's sunny, the next, the heavens are pouring.06:26
cptnI think we had like 15 minutes of rain this week...06:27
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nipuLits the middle of winter here so count your blessings07:49
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prologicDoes anyone know if openssh the ssh daemon can execute some script upon attempted and/or successfull logins ?08:09
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GSFprologic: yes08:15
prologichow ?08:15
GSFman ssh08:17
GSFssh host command08:17
jaegerprologic: still running mythtv?08:17
prologicyes jaeger  I am quite well :)08:17
GSFoh, on the daemon side.08:17
prologicGSF, you misread me08:18
jaegerprologic: what capture hardware are you using?08:18
prologicie: I want to audit all ssh logins08:18
prologicsuccessfully or not08:18
GSFyes, I'm sorry, but I still think it's yes08:18
prologicjaeger, atm a Hapupauge PVR-15008:18
prologicwill soon get a dual hdtv tuner08:18
prologicGSF, I would think so too but I haven't found a way yet08:18
jaegerok. I'd like to know how you fare with the HDTV tuner; I've bought a house and I intend to set my mythtv box up again08:18
prologiclooking at replacing 3 of my servers atm08:18
GSFprologic: just a sec08:18
jaegerI have a single hdtv tuner but my old box was not powerful enough for it08:19
prologicjaeger, oh good good :)08:19
prologicyeah I'll let you know what I get and how it goes08:19
jaegerok, cool08:19
GSFprologic: If command is specified, it is executed on the remote host instead of a08:22
prologicseems a good replacement for my 3 P2's08:22
jaegerinteresting box... but ugly08:22
GSFit's not what you want08:22
* prologic finds another08:22
prologicGSF, no it isn't :)08:22
jaegerprologic: I'm thinking about buying one of those silverstone cases08:22
prologicI just want every ssh login to pass through a script08:22
GSFprologic: but it's a proof that you can act on (successfull) logins08:22
GSFprologic: successful or just atempts08:23
prologicnot interested in blocking ssh logins08:23
prologicbut auditing them :)08:23
prologicoh nice machines08:23
GSFyes, but it's just a proof of concept08:23
jaegerthey're a bit expensive but look very nice08:24
cptnjaeger: just as a side note, the imon ir receiver use some custom protocol08:24
cptnjaeger: so I couldn't train lirc to use a standard universal remote with it :-/08:24
jaegercptn: good to know... I might just continue to use the receiver that came with my pvr-350 in that case08:24
cptnI ended up buying a separate receiver08:25
cptnalthough I could train my remote to send the power on signal to the internal imon receiver, which is kinda cool :-)08:25
prologicI ended up building an irda08:26
jaegerhrmm, best price I can find is $176 USD08:26
prologicplugged into my serial port08:26
jueprologic: most files/dirs of your vmware-workstation port are world-writable08:27
prologicheh thanks I'll fix that sometime :)08:27
prologicdno't use vmware much these days08:27
prologicsend me a patch if you fix it before I do :008:27
cptnprologic: irda? what software are you using then?08:28
cptnI mean, to interface myth and such08:28
prologicwith the lirc_serial module08:28
jueprologic: don't use it myself, just looked over the foorprint08:28
cptnI mean irda and lirc were incompatible08:28
prologicerr sorry08:28
mike_kanybody tried lirc_audio?08:28
prologicI mean the thing that does the receriving08:28
prologicirda is incorrect term here I think08:28
cptnah, okay08:28
jaegerprologic: another alternative:
prologichmm not bad08:31
mike_kor just fall in love with and forget about such crap08:32
cptnmike_k: wow, the rear panel is pretty geeky...08:33
jaegerdoes it only come in that hideous color?08:34
cptnjaeger: there's also a mint edition08:34
jaegerother than that, looks pretty slick08:34
qidprologic: did you get my e-mail about the bug in mod_python?08:39
prologichaven't been able to fix it yet08:39
prologicseems to be upstream08:39
jaegerman, the udev makefile puts things in weird places08:40
qidk, I was hoping you'd have a better shot at knowing how to contact them, the only thing the website mentions is a couple of mailing lists08:41
prologicI'll prolly fix it with a patch08:44
prologicand throw it back at em :)08:44
prologicit used to work, but obviously not with the latest gcc08:44
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qidwell it's not the compiler stage that's blowing up, it's the ./configure script08:47
qidit might be expecting something that's not there, or something that's different than what it finds, or might might just be a bug08:48
* deus_ex goes out to dance in the rain 08:56
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prologicqid, I'll have it fixed soon09:06
prologicI use it so yeh :)09:06
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marowuzzar :)11:22
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maro :)11:22
jaeger alternatively11:22
jaegerstill needs a bit of work, the LFS rules aren't too cdrom-friendly11:23
marojaeger: you mean the symlinking?11:23
maroit can't be done properly since %e is removed11:23
marothe rationale is that %e didn't make sense11:24
maroand that people should use persistant names instead11:24
jaegerit can be... just have to add a helper11:24
jaegersuch as gentoo's seq script11:24
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marojaeger: hm, you changed stuff :(11:25
jaegerlike what?11:26
marothat doesn't make any sense: /bin/cp -a /lib/udev/devices/* /dev 2> /dev/null11:26
jaegerif there are no files in that dir you get a bit of error spam on boot11:26
marosince the null device node is one of the things being copied :)11:26
marothere are files, they're part of the package11:27
jaegeryeah, it's not perfect11:27
jaegerit's just a start anyway, I did say it needs some work11:27
marotrue :)11:27
marotake a look at my diff then :P11:28
maroor better yet, try it out11:28
jaegerit's odd that the makefile installs libvolume in 2 places11:31
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marohm, true11:33
jaegereven if it's only a symlink, it's odd11:33
maroI bet there is a reason :)11:33
jaegerpresumably. but I don't know what it is11:35
marome neither, better keep it, though11:35
marojaeger: hey, you have to try a game btw11:36
marojaeger: (or contrib)11:37
jaegerI've looked at the port but the game itself doesn't sound too interesting11:37
maroit's like q3, only free :)11:37
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jaegeryeah, that's exactly why I didn't find it too interesting, heh11:38
jaegerI already have q311:38
jaegerthe oddest part of it is that it LOOKS like q211:38
marocome on, the pk3 files are made by volunteers :)11:39
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maroI like the music though11:40
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