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RedShiftare there any DNS servers in core/opt?05:20
rehabdollbut no bind etc..05:21
jjpkdnsmasq is not really a dns server, it's more of a dns forwarder/cache.05:22
RedShiftyeah I need a real DNS server05:26
RedShiftbut it's ok, I'll add the contrib repository to my system05:26
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jjpkhi mike_k05:31
jjpkActually, there is maradns in opt.05:33
mike_khi jjpk05:38
mike_kis that somehow related to me?05:39
jjpkNo it was not. Someone asked about what dns servers are in core/opt.05:39
mike_kgood to know... I thought, I've messed the things up again05:49
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s_warlocki have a small question how do i split a terminal in to 2 sessions with out using irssi. is there any program that splits a windows in to 2 splits ?08:21
jjpkman screen has the answer.08:28
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rxihas to be installed for the man page to be there :P08:39
rehabdollhum, new kernels really seem to mess with ps output.. the ones that fixes the proc-race08:39
rehabdollfor non-root users anyway08:40
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juebtw, for use in a local network, dnsmasq is a "real" DNS server08:46
jueand we have maradns in opt, which is a very nice alternative for bin08:46
jjpkThere you have your confirmation. ;)08:47
juejust read the logs and want to clarify that ;-)08:48
predatorfreakAnyone mind doing a test for me?08:49
predatorfreakrehabdoll: The fix provided is really invasive.08:50
predatorfreakI stool a better fix from the Gentoo folks.08:50
predatorfreakNo problem.08:51
predatorfreakrehabdoll: Can I bother you to sync my ports tree?08:51
predatorfreakI want to make sure it works :)08:52
predatorfreakrehabdoll: No, not contrib.08:52
* predatorfreak hands httpup file.08:52
predatorfreakjw had to disable my repo because I fucked it up.08:53
predatorfreakQuite massively.08:53
mike_koh god, just compilling on a slow machine (while they are releasing .25)08:53
predatorfreakmike_k: It's a one line fix.08:54
predatorfreakThat's also quite busted :P08:54
rehabdolllooks sane so far08:54
predatorfreakrehabdoll: Good, good.08:55
rehabdollanything in particular i should be looking for?08:55
predatorfreakrehabdoll: No.08:56
predatorfreakI was just hoping it'd sync.08:56
predatorfreakTime to take a decent backup.08:56
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predatorfreakrehabdoll: For the record, if you're ever forced to restore from an old backup.08:57
predatorfreakResync your ports tree and GNU arch stuff :P08:58
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rehabdollheh, i sync via cron each day.. and i get a nice output from "ports -d" in my mailbox every morning :)08:59
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predatorfreakrehabdoll: I mean rsync-to-remote tree ;)09:01
predatorfreakBut I like the idea.09:01
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tilmanjjpk: do you know dragonforce?11:43
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jjpktilman: it doesn't sound familiar11:56
tilmangrab some11:57
tilmanand /msg me if you don't know where to get some ;D11:57
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thrice`what is dragonforce ?12:00
tilmanan insane power metal band12:00
tilmanactually good12:00
tilmannot like most of PM ;)12:00
thrice`english ?12:00
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RedShiftsome arguments for using OpenLDAP?13:15
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haary  RedShift: LDAP is c00l ;-)13:29
haarySerious: It's good for centralised user management13:30
RedShiftany tools you can recommend?13:34
RedShiftI already found
RedShiftwhich I'm very impressed with13:34
RedShiftbut I would like real application too13:34
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predatorfreakjaeger: Can I ask a contrib related favour? :P14:31
predatorfreakCan you reenable my tree in the syncing process?14:32
predatorfreakIt got killed for awhile and I fixed it.14:32
predatorfreakand I'd like it resolved fully as soon as possible.14:32
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jaegerpredatorfreak: I'll take a look and see if I can15:14
jaegerok, it's reenabled15:15
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predatorfreakWhoever maintains the current rc scripts.18:51
predatorfreakThere's a nasty little bug there.18:51
predatorfreakYou write to the disk before restoring the time.18:51
predatorfreakand with changes in .17.18:51
predatorfreakYou aren't restoring time fast enough :)18:52
predatorfreakShould be restored pre-fsck.18:52
qidI always have to hack rc on my one server so it can load an IDE driver before the fsck or it blows up when it can't mount a device that doesn't exist yet19:01
predatorfreakqid: Well, I'm getting a number of buddies reporting that fsck is screaming about superblock write times being in the future.19:05
predatorfreakqid: I call it free time travel.19:10
predatorfreakBut whatever ;)19:10
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