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drbomhello :)08:08
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ningothe bank has it09:24
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RedShiftthat's what lebowski should have said09:43
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tilmanssimon: you checked whether ati's latest fglrx driver worked with xorg 7.1 right?11:02
thrice`I'm pretty sure it doesn't11:05
thrice`only xorg 7.011:05
RyoSi am so glad i have a nvida card now..11:06
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jjpkI'm having issues installing 'dia' from contrib, the installation halts here:
tilmanyeah, that sh*t has troubled me before, too :)11:58
tilmanno idea what to do11:58
jjpkFirst it complained about pyxml missing, found a port for it, that was solved but still spits the same message. :p11:59
jjpkNow that I look at the output, I doubt it would have made any difference.11:59
jjpkGuess I truly have to find a copy of m$ visio *pukes*12:01
RedShiftwell well what have I here12:02
RedShifta copy of ms visio :o12:02
RedShiftjjpk: btw, what about kivio?12:02
jjpkI will have a lot compiling ahead of me if I install koffice. :[12:04
jjpkI will check it out though.12:04
tilmankivio schmivio12:04
jjpkTime to scrap using dia from the plansheet then. :p12:11
jjpkI can probably get what I need done from gimp, it will just take longer.12:11
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RedShiftoe yeah16:29
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qidanyone here good with the find utility? I'm working on a script and I need to get a list of every file on the whole system that isn't in one of a few directories21:44
prologicregardless of the where that dir-name is in the path21:52
prologicor how deep it is ?21:52
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nipuLfind / -name "name of file" -and -not -name "name of directory"22:17
nipuLprobably an over smplified example, but you get the idea, for more the man page22:19
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Hanfind -type f22:52
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