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pitill0quite dificult to compile some programs with gcc4.... found some problems. Reading a bit :)05:22
mike_kpitill0: any general links already gathered?05:24
mike_kI'd like to read on how to avoid the most common issues05:24
pitill0mike_k, the first problem I found was with xmms and gcc4. Now with bitchx, some bugs reported but none closed by now. Reading a bit can solve one problem with a .h omiting the external declaration, but now find one problem with /usr/include/ncurses.h and that´s important to touch it I think05:26
mike_kso, no general how-to atm?05:27
mike_kI didn't try to find yet05:28
pitill0ummm don´t now if there is a howto... I only see that external declarations are in trouble with gcc 4. (That´s the only I can see)05:34
mike_kok, I'll dig later... nedd some staff to compile under gcc405:40
pitill0mike_k if you can take a look to bitchx.... :D06:15
mike_kpitill0: no time for that, I have to work on other issue. sorry.06:16
pitill0mike_k, ok no problem... I´ll take a look to see how solve the opened bug and try to make a port.06:18
RyoSwhich ftpd is recommened? :) could need one which i can configure nicely06:28
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jdolan_RyoS, bftpd used to be in opt.06:57
jdolan_i would guess it's decent.06:57
RyoSalright :)07:05
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j^2hey yall10:12
pitilloj^2, hi10:13
* j^2 tips hat to pitillo 10:13
jjpkhey j^210:14
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j^2hey jjpk10:16
aonhey j^210:16
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j^2hey aon10:24
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ssimontilman: aye, not working atm.11:35
tilmanssimon: to ease the pain, you should implement render acceleration for r300 :)11:36
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pitillojaeger, taking a look to quake4 port.... using version 1.0.5 and can be found some updates... version 1.2.1. Downloading and seeing how works with your port.13:55
jaegerpitillo: I've got 1.2.1 downloaded but haven't got my q4 CD here to test the pak files yet14:23
pitillojaeger, nice. I made a little change and it seems to be builded well. I'll wait your port to see if some more changes are made... (But some strange messages with the new paks files)15:11
pitilloummm but I can not run it with my ati chipset and radeon drivers...15:17
jaegerI don't have any ATI hardware to test it on but I'll try it here when I have my CD handy15:19
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umanhi there, what's going on with the website ?21:10
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