IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-07-18

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pitillogood morning, can not access to, can anyone?01:33
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mike_kIs it only me failing to connect to
copworki fail tpp01:56
copworkat typing01:57
RyoSno its not only u mike_k02:25
mike_kgood to know, but sad to realize02:25
copworki also cant connect02:30
copworkthe last hop02:30
copwork26!)  2899.225 ms (H!)  2880.169 ms (H!)  2859.628 ms02:30
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pitilloummm need to learn how to make a patch to some files in source... problems with gcc4 and static variables03:35
pitilloto start compiling btichx source need to be patched 8 files... brbrbrbrr03:36
pitillothinking in append information in one patch... to solve all problems with diferents files03:38
Hancat patch* > patch.out04:13
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pitilloHan, thanks :) I thought in diff >> file04:45
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HanSure that's also possible, but the result is the same.04:48
pitilloHan, yes I was reading some patch files in contrib and other repos... They seem to be enlaced/"cat-ed" patches... :)04:50
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pitillowell, trying the shitpatch... learning bit a bit... but the solution is to understand which is being patched (seen in xmms mike?s patch)06:10
pitilloI think it isn?t suficient to comment/uncomment lines and remove static declarations... need to read more06:21
mike_kc/c++ knowledge is always wellcome =)06:23
pitillomike_k, mora than welcome... needed06:23
pitillos/mora/more :)06:23
pitilloI only remove static declarations and comment out some lines... Need to know how works the program to make a good patch. With my method I can make a patch to compile a program that sure... segfaults in some way xD06:24
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pitillocptn, hi06:35
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Hancptn, ever noticed that pkgadd forgets to install some files?06:36
cptnnot with core/pkgutils06:36
HanI recently updated glibc and pkgadd forgot to install the /usr/share/localtime dir06:36
HanI use the same pkgadd06:36
HanAnd after reupdating the package the files got installed after all06:37
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pitillomike_k, if you have a few minutes take a look to the bitchx patch. It works but I?m trying to make it segfaults.
mike_kI'll take a look, but why me? )06:56
pitillowell... you are making some patches for gcc4... may be you can get an idea taking a look to it or correct it. If you cann?t  don?t take a look :)06:58
mike_kI am not familar with (or forgot) the tricky declarations usage.06:58
mike_kpitillo: I am mostly stealing them06:58
mike_ksorry, can't help you here.06:58
pitillomike_k, ok, thanks anyway :)06:59
mike_ktry searching gentoo portage to find a solution06:59
mike_kor any modern distro with sources available06:59
cptnor the first hit on google for "bitchx gcc4"07:00
cptnwhich is
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pitillo:?.... cptn searched and get in to bitchx bugs forum but didn?t find nothing.... I?ll read it. Thanks.07:01
pitillothat?s the answer. :)07:03
pitillodon?t know why it isn?t reported to the official site....07:19
cptnprobably because the bitchx devs use irssi nowadays ;-)07:19
pitillolearning bit a bit... differed mine and that patch... seeing a lot of differences :)07:44
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pitillonot walking in a bad way with my patch :) (some casts that don?t know how to manage them... need more knowledge in c/c++ to touch the source)08:01
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ssimonrsync: failed to connect to No route to host (113)08:41
prologicoh wow08:41
prologicAnyone know why I get this error when compiling --> ?08:42
cptnprologic: some 32-bit/64-bit missmatch?08:43
prologic2.6.11.7 rather08:43
cptnis this a plain 32-bit system?08:43
prologicP3 cpoermine08:43
prologicI was tweaking the kernel config a bit, try to optimze the kernel size08:45
prologicplus I also needed tun/tap driver support neways ;)08:45
ssimonwhat's up with when does the server goes back online?08:53
jaegerno idea08:54
prologicwhy is it offline neways ?08:54
jaegerno idea :)08:57
prologicwhat hotplug driver (if any) should you use ?09:11
prologicI normally have used the Fake driver09:11
prologicthe PCI Hotplug driver09:17
prologicor is one not needed09:17
jaegerI don't have pci hotplug in my kernel config, never used it09:17
prologicthis is cool :)09:19
prologicwhy are we missing wmv support in our mplayer port ?09:37
prologicaccording to #mplayer it should be in the essential codecs09:37
jaegerit is09:37
jaegerdo you have them installed?09:37
prologic# prt-get fsearch wmvdmod09:37
prologicaren't they installed when you install mplayer ?09:37
jaegernot anymore, no, separate port09:38
prologicwhat's it called ?09:38
prologicokay ta09:38
prologicoh yay 503 ;/09:38
prologicgot an alternative url ?09:38
jaegerI hate the mplayer mirrors09:39
prologicgot one that works ?09:39
prologicI'll chuck it in my /etc/hosts09:39
prologicConnecting to||:80... connected.09:39
prologicHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 503 Service Unavailable09:39
prologic00:38:54 ERROR 503: Service Unavailable.09:39
rehabdollthe mplayer ppl seems to have removed the cvs-snapshots of ffmpeg, by the way09:55
rehabdoll404 :(09:55
prologicI reported that here a few weeks ago :)09:58
prologicport still broken ?09:58
rehabdollrsync: failed to connect to No route to host (113)09:59
prologicit's down for some unknown reason10:00
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rehabdollso its not just me then10:00
prologicand brb I have to reboot10:01
prologic*fingers crossed*10:01
j^2hey all10:10
RyoSsomeone didnt pay the bill :S10:11
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tilmandoes anyone have a port for the wxgtk python bindings?11:00
cptnat least Nick has one:11:01
pitilloI see the openal Pkgfile and svn isn't in deps and open uses it. Don't know where find it11:01
cptnsvn is subversion here11:02
tilmancptn: thanks11:02
pitillocptn, thanks.11:03
pitilloHan, may be a good idea to add it to Dependencies of openal port.11:04
tilmanwxpython needs to go into contrib11:07
HanNah, it's not really a dependency.11:12
pitilloHan, don't understand it. Do you mean download it manually?11:15
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tilmanwhy the fuck is the wxpython tarball 18 mb?11:25
RyoSbecause its hughe! like xbox11:28
j^2xbox backwards is xobx (think about it) :)11:29
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guaquaanyone here modded an xbox to a crux htpc? :)11:38
guaquabeen thinking about doing something like that11:39
guaquamythtv looks nive11:42
guaquai just need a computer for the task ;)11:45
co|workplaystation3 is a computer11:46
guaquacan i install crux on it?11:49
co|worknot yet11:51
j^2...the ps3 isnt out yet....11:53
aonwell, someone at sony could already have ported crux :)11:53
j^2i'd shake their hand it a heart beat ;)11:53
guaquai wonder what kinda dvb-t card i should buy :/11:55
aontv isn't healthy :(11:55
guaquano it's not :/11:56
aonindeed... only 34min until the simpsons \o/11:57
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rehabdollhow do you guys handle tvout? im looking for tips.. i currently start another x server with the tv as the display and then switch between monitor & tv with F-buttons..11:57
rehabdollwould be nice to have both screens active at the same time11:57
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guaquacan you sort of duplicate it?11:58
guaquamake tv the slave display?11:59
rehabdollthere are two separate desktops, two x-servers running11:59
rehabdollstartx -- :1 -bpp 24 -screen tvout12:00
rehabdoll"tvout" uses the tvout-port on my gfx-card, and sets a 800*600 res12:00
jokuleojust came in, but with for exmple an nvidia card there are advanced config options for the xorg.config like clone mode and so on...12:01
jokuleoof course with the nvidia drivers...12:01
rehabdollyeah.. i've played around with that.. but it i found it messy12:02
rehabdollperhaps there was a way to export programs to the other x-server etc? and force the two to be active at the same time12:02
jokuleosure you guys all know it allready - where is
rehabdoll140km from my house :)12:05
HanI'm at my workspot.12:05
jokuleo@rehabdoll: i read a howto about something like this, perhaps i'll find it again...12:07
clbjokuleo: Error: "rehabdoll:" is not a valid command.12:07
jokuleoperhaps you could drive the 140km and switch it on? i'll pay the fuel... ;)12:10
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jokuleosearched my bookmarks, but couldn't find it again...12:23
rehabdollthanks anyway12:26
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prologichmm setting the preemptive model to a low latency desktop actually makes things much slower12:49
prologicat least it takes longer to do any hard disk activity12:49
tmpdoes work (for you)?12:54
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_arno_Hi guys, something wrong with the DNS resolution ?12:58
Falcon|It sure looks that way.13:00
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_arno_flutiot (damn it)13:01
jokuleorehabdoll will plug it back in when arriving :)13:01
_arno_Ok, thx. Any idea of the outage duration ?13:03
jaegeras far as I'm aware no one knows yet the reason for the outage at all13:05
jokuleoI wonder why I chose this day to set up two computers, and why I did not check the server _before_ mkfs...13:07
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bd2hi all. is is online?13:30
*** ningo has joined #crux13:33's down!? :/13:37
*** jaeger changes topic to "CRUX 2.2 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | YES, is unavailable."13:39
bd2jaeger, do you know the cause of down?13:42
prologicno he doesn't13:43
bd2haha... "jaeger changed the topic of #crux to: CRUX 2.2 | ...... NO, I don't know the reason" :-)13:44
rehabdollpoor op:s13:45
rehabdollits like vacation with the kids in the car.. "ARE WE THERE YET?"13:45
rehabdollevery 10 minutes13:46
jaegerwhen I was hosting CLC I could have answered that but now that the server is a 12-hour flight away from me I can't really help13:46
bd2jaeger, I see13:46
bd2rehabdoll, haha. right :-)13:46
rehabdollgod i hate songs that just wont leave your head, ive had one in my head the entire day and its driving me crazy13:48
jokuleoDoes prt-get some sort of tracking of the installed packages beside looking in the ports dirs?13:48
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bd2jokuleo, prt-dir look in /var/lib/pkg/db13:48
bd2argh, prt-get13:49
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jokuleobd2: prt-get seems to do it's job just fine, if you keep an eye on the ports dependencys14:03
bd2jokuleo, it works fine for my [trival] task. I don't tried gnome or x11r7 stuff yet, though.14:04
bd2what kind of problems do you have?14:04
jokuleoNo problems at all, just figuring out how to let my 600MHz notebook use the compiled packages of my "normal" computer. I have a little server running at home and just today I wanted to set up kind of a "shared" ports directory for all the computers.14:11
jokuleoBut there's kind of a problem with "ports -u" ;-)14:12
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bd2yep, there is no official way of dealing with binary packages14:13
bd2take a look at pkg-get. but I didn't tried it prsonally14:13
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jokuleoI really like crux the way it is. It I wanted it the binary way I would chose arch, it's just that when all the computers use X and No1 is compiling it in half an hour I don't want to wait the 2 hours No2 is working on it.14:17
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bd2jokuleo, iirc pkg-get was made for that case14:19
jaeger <-- might help you14:19
bd2ah.. or pkgsync, I don't differ these similar names ;-)14:19
j^2is this sad? ... smb is easier for me to setup then nfs?14:20
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jokuleojaeger, i'll give it a try, but i'm nevertheless looking forward to set up kind of a shared dir on my server (which is running debian for some reasons)14:26
jaegerthe pkgsync repo can be an NFS mount, I'm sure14:27
jaegerAFK, off to fix a server14:27
jokuleoBy the way: I was searching months (yes, really) for "my" distribution, and i'm quite sure crux is it. Just a few days before I read about crux I wondered how long my girl would stay with me if I start my own distribution. So crux is not just a good system it even keeps families together :)14:37
laod_Does anyone have hal working with pmount? I think I have almost all of the pieces in place except for whatever makes hal actually invoke pmount-hal.14:45
laod_I suspect I'm missing a symlink14:47
laod_perhaps in /etc/dev.d14:52
guaquajokuleo: :)15:03
laod_ah ha! The hal port isn't installing the hotplug helper.15:10
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* ssimon waits for crux.nu15:17
j^2ssimon: topic15:19
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*** bd2 has joined #crux15:19 is down, therefore I'll install gentoo!15:20
ningoIt's murphys law again, I wanted to update my linux box today.15:20
tmptake archive.org15:20
ningoAnd what happens? is down. :/15:21
guaquayou're not the only one15:21
tmpdefine update15:21
ningotmp: ports -u15:21
tmpwell -_-15:21
ningoIt's been quite a time, since I checked out :)15:22
j^2ningo: nah, if you were truly l33t, LFS is the way to go, by the time you get it working'll be back up ;)15:22
ningoj^2: dude15:22
ningoj^2: I killed my LFS for Crux15:23
ningobecause I was sick of this 'do it yourself' nonsense. After all, you're wasting a lot of time, being l33t. :P15:23
ssimonj^2: haha15:23
tmpbeing l33t is no waste of time!1!115:23
ningozomg! I'll immediately switch to gentoo and use this insane cflags from this ridiculous bugreport15:24
ningoI'll be so l33t, I'll be dead until everything is working. :P15:25
guaquacrux is love :)15:28
ningoand peace15:30
ningoCRUX - Linux for hippies15:31
jokuleoGentoo felt like kind of tractor pulling - incredible engine, but never got the speed I expected15:43
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guaquai even ended up running out of gasoline, they broke portage once15:43
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jokuleoAnyone came across sourcemage? I followed the development a long time and it's an amazing thing, but about featurefilling and packageadding and peopleintoimportantpositionsvoting it seems that they forget to keep the system clean and usable - same with gentoo I think...15:55
hackedheadj^2: you have any word on another rc or final crux ppc 2.2 release?16:00
j^2hackedhead: hey man16:02
hackedheadhi =D  s'been a while, neh?16:02
j^2....actually nope, with the World Cup, the team hasnt connacted me at all16:02
hackedheadhahaha, i hadn't even thought of that, makes sense though16:03
*** prologic has quit IRC16:03
hackedheadha, college caught up with me there for a while16:03
*** cjames has quit IRC16:03
j^2yeah i respect that16:03
hackedheadhave you used a the alpha release at all? i'm looking to install it, but the note abut cvs put me on notice... is cvs even eq'd, or is it using rsync like crux x86?16:04
j^2still cvs16:04
j^2yeah it's really slowed down16:05
j^2i dunno what the deal is16:05
j^2i bought myself a macbookpro too16:05
hackedheadoh my, like it?16:05
j^2very much so16:05
hackedheadi finally got an airport for my g3 =]16:06
j^2php-fastcgi takes years on a 59616:06
hackedheadhaven't played with it much yet, but it does work16:06
j^2ah nice16:06
j^2compiling that is16:07
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hackedheaddo you know what the comment about cvs means on the forum? i don't get it, i'd need to get the cvs package without using "ports -u" or sth?16:08
hackedhead(i put debian on my ibook on a whim, i __really__ need to get back t source based, lmfao)16:08
j^2heh, you know to be honest, i think we were trying to make the move, but i think it died, my best suggestion is to install rsync, grab the x86 tree and edit the Pkgfiles to you needs16:10
hackedheadit being the move to rsync, or the whole project?16:10
j^2we were trying to follow the core project16:11
j^2to the move to rsync16:11
j^2but it never followed through16:11
hackedheadalllright, go home time, thanks for the news j^216:12
j^2no worries, i'm always aronud ;)16:12
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bd2crux is obviously dying. few days ago CRUX Ukrainian's community web site was down. Today redirects to Deepstyle distro (slackware based). Also, today is down. I suppose tomorrow it will redirect us to ;-))16:16
j^2the ukrainian site is down more offen then up ;)16:19
guaquawhat's good about slackware?16:21
guaquacos i don't know exactly16:22
bd2Slackware is about faith in Patrick The God. ;-) I really like slackware, but it lacks ports system. otherwise it's really minimalistic and simple, like CRUX.16:24
j^2also slackware has been aronud since the begining of time ;)16:31
bd2yep, true16:31
*** jokuleo has left #crux16:32
hackedheadare there any other "big" source-based distros? the only other one i know of is sourcemage...16:39
*** lasso has quit IRC16:40
koefzLunar Linux, Sorcerer, amongst others.16:44
koefzBoth Lunar and Source Mage are based on Sorcerer.16:45
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* bd2 reading sourcemage distro page.. it's really funny: "casting spells", grimoires... ;-)16:46
bd2the only thing it miss is dead chickens and timbrels ;-)16:47
*** Brzi has quit IRC16:51
hackedheadheh, bd2, my friend said of sourcemage "the package system is creepy, its like LARPing, only they've taken it to a whole new level"16:53
guaqualooks awful16:55
hackedheadhmm...   anyone point me in the right direction for ripping an iso from cd and making sure its still a bootable image when its done?  i'm failing miserably17:03
hackedhead(i'm trying to get an XP iso for someone, but mkisofs with -R -J pointed at the mounted dir left the iso unbootable)17:04
bd2dd if=/dev/hdX of=image.iso ? i'm not sure it's right way, but I think it should work fine17:04
hackedheadhmm.... iunno why i didn't think o' that17:05
*** thrice` has joined #crux17:05
hackedheadcan't hurt totry17:05
jaegerdd works fine17:07
jaegerif you have to use mkisofs for some reason you'll need the boot options, too17:07
hackedheadjaeger: would i use eltorito stuff for that? would that work for makign a win disc bootable?17:08
jaegeryes and yes17:08
hackedheadmmk, ty17:08
jaegerit's not quite easy, though, need the boot image and a couple options17:09
hackedheadi think i'm liking the dd route... lol17:09
hackedheadbut for my further education, things are good to know17:09
jaegermkisofs -b image.img -c -boot-load-size 4 -boot-load-seg 07C017:09
jaegerif you already have the CD, dd is much easier17:10
jaegeroh, -no-emul-boot is needed, too17:11
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hackedheadhah, what it really needs is -why-is-this-so-complex, sounds like17:12
*** acrux_ has joined #crux17:12
jaegerblame microsoft, not mkisofs17:12
hackedheadsounds good to me17:13
jaegerbut I don't find it all that complex, just have to learn it once17:13
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clarehello folks17:50
clarei saw a mention of dd for making iso from CD earlier17:51
clarejust wanted to tell you I do a lot of that, and used to get a lot of troube with  bad copies17:51
*** bisco has joined #crux17:52
clarebut now I have replaced dd with sdd from
clareSchilling has a lot a strong ideas which you might not like, but his stuff works.17:52
*** Romster has joined #crux17:54
ningohis _ideas_ ain't that strong17:57
ningohe just developes code, noone else would touch because it's so hated17:58
clarei am just fascinated by the arguments which go on when he is involved.  but have to have sympathy for him. is he very old?18:02
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*** bisco has joined #crux18:02
*** laod_ has quit IRC18:03
ningoclare: in the thirties]18:05
*** laod_ has joined #crux18:05
clareouch, I am twice that :)18:05
ningoclare: I'm lying, he's 4918:09
clarehehe, sounds more likely..18:12
clarebye, must go out and spend an hour or so shovelling horse-shit18:14
*** clare has quit IRC18:14
GSFthat'll be fun18:14
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux18:25
predatorfreakAnyone know why is dead?18:25
predatorfreakArgh, and now I must go.18:26
predatorfreakningo: Well tell whoever kicked the server to fix it :P18:27
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC18:27
ningorand(nicklist,chan): FIX IT!!18:31
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thrice`are turions decent chips?19:34
jaegeras I understand it they are the amd version of the celeron. no experience, personally, though19:36
thrice`hrm, I thought they were the 64-bit mobile chip19:36
jaegerI could be wrong19:37
jaegergo read some reviews, perhaps19:37
* thrice` shrugs19:37
thrice`that seems like a decent deal to me, but I could be wrong19:37
jaegernot bad19:37
thrice`well, not if it's a celeron-ish chip :)19:38
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