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maroanybody knows if it's intentional that fifo's are rejected when matching a NOUPGRADE pattern?00:13
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pitillotime to figth a bit with freealut....01:50
Romsteri've finally got bandwidth shaping to wirk with that IMQ module.01:51
Romsterbtw does anyone know when crux web site will be back up?01:51
pitillosomeone tested the freealut port in contrib? getting some errors when tries to compile some examples.... (don?t know if is my linker problem)02:08
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pitillono way and by now... no time.02:56
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pitilloacrux, did you try/test the freealut port? I?m having problems compiling it, found an error with the example compilation. (Don?t know if it?s my linker wich doesn?t find the .so or if the so is older, undeclared simbols found)03:45
acruxpitillo: i'll try now again04:16
pitilloacrux, thanks... I?m getting crazy :) With this test I can see if it?s my problem or general problem :)04:17
richi_authi, all, I know, that you know, that is down ;) . But could anyone tell me, why?04:18
pitillowe know that by now there is no reason... xD04:20
acruxpitillo: here compiles fine04:20
richi_autgot this machine hacked?04:20
acruxrichi_aut: we dont' know04:21
richi_autok, thanks04:21
acruxpitillo: can you paste your error04:21
acruxto me in query ?04:21
pitilloacrux, then don?t now the reason... may be some missing dependencie04:21
pitilloacrux, sure.. or if you want in a pastebin04:21
acruxit'sd the same04:22
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acruxhave you installed openal from my repos ?04:22
pitilloacrux, ummmm I?ll see...04:22
pitilloacrux, openal from contrib...04:23
acruxmaybe that the cvs openal ports it's not 100% compatible04:23
acruxpitillo: can you try with my one ?04:23
pitilloacrux, sure04:23
pitilloacrux, can you send me in private tour httpup ?04:23
zlothi. sorry if im repeating a question but, how do i update my ports-tree on a newly installed machine when is unavailable?04:26
zlotwhat has hapened?04:26
richi_autthey don't know ;)04:27
acruxyou must wait for OPs04:27
richi_autmaybe you ask someone, whether he could zip his ports direcotry and upload it to you...04:28
richi_autdon't know whether this would work...04:28
zlothehe. theres an idea04:28
zloti have it on this machine so...04:28
zlotsilly me04:28
guaquajust wait04:28
guaquait'll come online04:28
acruxpitillo: what's about ?04:30
pitillocompiled openal without problems... and now trying freealut...04:30
pitilloIm reading the pkgfiles for both ports... openal in contrib repo uses subversion... may be that is the problems. (quite strange)04:31
acruxah, this is important. i've used this hack tu play with Bridge Construction Set04:31
guaquawell it's an svn version04:32
guaquaso you need svn for the port to work04:32
pitilloacrux, nice... compiled without problems04:32
acruxpitillo: ok, i'll remove my freealut from contrib to prevent this incompatibility04:32
pitilloguaqua, then subversion is a Dep of openal? yesterday I ask this to Han but no answer... Don?t understand why it isn?t a dep04:33
pitilloacrux, or add your openal port to contrib... Need to read about this problem.04:33
acruxbye, i go away04:33
pitilloacrux, thanks for your help :)04:34
guaquapitillo: basically it's not a dep, it is just needed on buildtime04:34
pitilloguaqua, yes, It isn?t required by the package but is needed to build it. May be I?m not understanding some fact04:35
guaquayou understand it alright04:35
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pitilloguaqua, not all... then Deps in Pkgfiles shows only packages dependencies... instead of ports deps... (That?s my error)04:37
pitillo(Thougth that wget isn?t  a dep because was in core.... Sorry to be weight :)04:39
guaquadependencies are the program dependencies, what libraries it needs etx04:44
guaquait doesn't list the dependencies only needed to get the source files04:44
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pitilloguaqua, thanks for the aclaration, understand it now :)04:50
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marois crux dead? :)10:07
maroor is it just the domain? :P10:07
mike_khope, the last10:08
j^2hey all10:11
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ningoCRUX IS DYING!!110:32
rehabdollback to BASICs10:33
marorehabdoll: yeah, "is no fun without BASICS"10:34
RyoS_i bet someone just didnt pay the bills10:34
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j^2maro: /t and read ;)10:40
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drbomseems like is down11:02
j^2drbom: topic11:02
aonoh noes!?111:02
drbomwas last time i checked11:02
drbomand still is... :(11:02
tilmancan we teach on of our bots to yell at anyone who joins11:03
tilman"TOPIC CRUX DOWN OK"11:03
j^2anyone set up a httpup old repo yet?11:03
tilmanmaybe +m the channel, and only voicing them after they've got the msg11:03
j^2a snapshot of a ports tree?11:03
drbomoh sorry sorry11:03
aontilman: :)11:03
drbomi didn't see the topic at first11:03
drbomi see it now11:03
tilmandrbom: np :)11:03
aonchanserv has some notice stuff iirc11:03
aonbut nobody probably reads that :)11:03
tilmanyeah, cause everyone has chanserv, nickserv, memoserv, etcserv and lilo on ignore11:04
aonhehe :)11:04
drbomi guess too many "ports -u" a time can kill a website.... :)11:06
tilmani doubt that's what happened ;)11:06
drbomheeh :)11:06
tilmandrbom: to be technically anal: ports -u access rsyncd on, not the webserver ;)11:07
drbomyea, but that's why all the ppl enter #crux and say that the site is down :)11:07
drbomtilman: are ports and webserver different boxes?11:07
drbomso, it is a possibility :P11:07
tilmanbut it's not only the webserver that's dead11:07
drbomhmm, what is it ten?11:08
tilmani don't know11:09
drbomnp then :)11:09
drbomdoes anyone of you use X?11:10
j^2drbom: X?11:10
drbomcuz i just made CRUX on my "big" box to try and install X and shit11:11
drbomthe X windows thing11:11
j^2good god11:11
* j^2 hands tilman a bad11:11
drbomwhat? :)11:11
drbomnow, don't be cruel :)11:11
drbomok ok, no more stupid questions11:13
tilmanif you have a specific, sane question, go ahead11:14
tilmanotherwise, don't ;]11:14
drbomyessir! :)11:15
drbomlet's try this one: which one is lighter on resources? GNOME or KDE?11:16
pitilloany gnome user? wich cdrecord app comes with it (nautilus cdrecord)? anyone know if bonfire(another cdrecord gui for gnome) is ported? Im thinking in make a port without gnome11:16
pitillodrbom, you can take a look at web to see opinions about that Q. And you can try both and make a comparation....11:17
tilmancomparison ;)11:17
drbomthanks for the tip :)11:17
drbomand yea, comparison :P11:17
pitillos/comparation/comparision (taking note:)11:17
tilmandrbom: you might want to try xfce11:17
maropitillo: isn't bonfire written in mono?11:17
marothere are also gnomebaker and one more I can't remember the name of11:18
drbomtilman: hmm, i've seen a screenshot of xfce once. it looked nice11:18
RyoS_you might want to use pekwm :>11:18
marodrbom: try the 4.4 beta11:18
marobeta2 came out last week11:18
marojue has a repo with it11:18
pitillomaro, I'm not sure about that... think isn't writen with it11:19
drbomnoo, i'm afraid of betas :)11:19
marothen go ahead and use the sucky 4.3 stuff :P11:19
RyoS_the last time i tried one it ate my pc11:19
drbomehehhe :)11:19
drbomi don't want sucky versions either :P11:19
drbomwill do11:20
pitillogiving the last try to blender port, The battle is ending :) ... OT: If anyone interested in a free blender project or only want to see a nice job...11:23
j^2hey all11:27
j^2i got a repo set up with core and op11:28
j^2i updated the tree about <12ish before the crash11:28
pitillomplayer advice... **** Your system is too SLOW to play this!  **** xD11:29
j^2i got a temp repo set up with core and opt.
pitillonice to know for who had a fresh install11:31
j^2;) i'm a nice guy at heart ;)11:33
pitilloj^2, when you sleep.... xD11:33
drbomthanx j^2 :)11:45
j^2sure, anytime ;)11:45
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j^2i got a temp repo set up with core and opt.
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rehabdollhas anyone actually managed to put lilo's global notices on ignore?12:57
rehabdollthose damn messages bypass all my ignore filters :(12:58
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acruxcan someone send to me kernel-headers-2.6.14-1.tar.bz2 ?13:32
acrux( /usr/ports/core/glibc/kernel-headers-2.6.14-1.tar.bz2 )13:34
acruxtonight i've decided to release a cruxppc (G4) iso :D13:37
acruxpitillo: thanks13:38
pitilloacrux, no problem man. I can't do much more :)13:41
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j^2i got a temp repo set up with core and opt.
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j^2any php-fastcgi/lighttpd users here?16:13
j^2i cant out where the socket path should be in the lighttpd.conf file16:14
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pitilloacrux, did you try the winesetuptk port with gcc4?16:23
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acrux|ppcpitillo: mmh... there are very old tcl/tk inside... i must do another port16:39
pitilloacrux|ppc, Im fighting with the tcl inside... but no way. Tried to make a patch but quite difficult. Tomorrow I'll continue reading about and will try to replace the tcl/tk inside16:41
acrux|ppcmmh, i'll investigate too16:42
predatorfreakAnyone end up finding out why died?16:44
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pitillowell.. tomorrow more and better :) goodnight16:52
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predatorfreakjaeger: You wouldn't happen to know why the site is dead...... would you? :P20:06
* predatorfreak will keep asking the folks around here so he gets WHY it's dead and hasn't returned.20:06
jaegerno, I still don't know20:06
copworkerits polar bear season in sweden20:07
predatorfreakcopworker: Hehehe.20:08
predatorfreakcopworker: Pirate bay! :P20:08
copworkeryep, or the bad guys raided agin20:08
predatorfreakI love that EA one.20:09
predatorfreakIt's great.20:09
predatorfreakThen again.20:09
predatorfreakAll of them are great.20:09
copworkersome of them werent restored20:11
copworkeri cried bitter tears20:11
predatorfreakcopworker: Yep :(20:12
predatorfreakj^2: Danke for the temp tree.20:12
thrice`jaeger, what do you run on your 64 bit proc?20:16
thrice`does it work well?20:17
jaegerhaven't had any large problems except for what I cause myself20:19
thrice`it seems to be the 64 bit of choice, at the moment.  Or at least the most mature20:20
jaegerI really like crux64, just didn't have time to maintain all my stuff on it; since it's no longer active, I went back to gentoo. maintenance is someone else's problem :)20:22
predatorfreakjaeger: Yay, welcome to why my server is Gentoo.20:23
predatorfreakThey can maintain all those boring packages :P20:23
thrice`jaeger, ha...yeah, I agree20:23
thrice`jaeger, do you mess with the ~arch stuff at all?20:24
jaegerif mine were a server I'd probably run freebsd on it20:25
jaegeryes, I run ~amd6420:25
thrice`interesting...and no problems eh?  that's quite impressive20:25
jaegernothing big20:26
thrice`yea, I was looking forward to crux 64, and only found out today it was gone :(20:27
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bd2btw, what is the main problem with crux64 maintaining? is most packages needs patching or ...?20:44
jaegerit's that danm did it all by himself, more or less20:45
jaegerand he doesn't have time20:45
thrice`I think me means, why can't you just edit flags and use the ports tree20:45
bd2I can imagine only problems with closed source software, because it needs 32 bit environment. but isn't just using vanilla Pkgfiles sufficent for 64?20:46
jaegernot always20:47
bd2I'm sorry for my dumbness about 64 - I have none, but I have ARM stuff, and most packages (core) needs almost zero changes to be even cross-compiled.20:47
bd2probably I need just look into crux64 Pkgfiles and diff them to understand the problem20:49
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jaegersome patches are needed but the biggest issue that makes a lot of work is multilib support20:50
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bd2yep, multilib is the thing to able to run 32 bit apps, right?20:51
jaegerto build them20:52
thrice`jaeger, hehe...that's why I am thinking gentoo, so it'll do all that for me20:52
bd2to build 32 bit apps? hm-hm20:52
jaegerthe work was already done, the maintenance just takes a lot of time20:52
bd2I think it may be much easier if crux64 didn't use multilib. i.e. just pure 64 bit, without 32-bit capability layer (yes, you can't play flash movies in that case. and maybe acrobat reader, maybe quake3)20:57
jaegerwell, like I've been trying to say, that work  has already been done20:59
jaegerit's just not being maintained20:59
bd2it's really hard to maintain that way. and I'm saying that it may be much easier if sacrifice something. ;-)21:03
thrice`yeah, say in the offical ports tree, have a loop that checked for 64, and applied patches if necessary21:03
bd2"find core/ opt/  -name '*.patch' | grep 64 | wc -l" -> 9 .. no, patches is not the problem. there are few.21:05
bd2the problem with crux64 is all ports have to do --libdir=/usr/lib64 .. and special attention must be taken to glibc. (I've already downloaded and looking into danm's snapshot)21:06
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bd2I think if someone could transform Pkgfiles to svn merge-able form, then it would peice of cake to sync trees (branches)21:10
nipuLbd2, they don't have to, --libdir=/usr/lib will work21:13
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bd2nipuL, then why danm have changed all --libdir to /usr/lib64? As I understand multilib thing is when, for example /usr/lib contains all 32 bit libs, and /usr/lib64 contains 64 bits. 64 bits apps by default look in /usr/lib/64 and 32 bit apps in /usr/lib/. That is all. If we can sacrifice 32 bits apps (most of them just closed-source apps), then most problems will disapear.21:17
bd2The reason why on 64 bit platform the native libraties go to /usr/lib64 and not to /usr/lib is that closed-source apps look into /usr/lib and not in, for example to /usr/lib32.21:18
bd2some distros (debian) have made chroot-ed environment for such apps, and they have clean /usr/lib, filled with pure 64 libs21:19
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nipuL/usr/lib is linked to /usr/lib6421:24
nipuLpkgutils doesnt handle symlinks correctly so you will get some "file already exists" errors if switching between lib and lib64 in ports21:25
nipuLbut you can safely ignore them if you are sure they are just symlink errors21:26
bd2right, righ. usr/lib32/ ->, that is where 32 bits libs21:26
bd2nipuL, so, you have to always switch /usr/lib dir?21:27
bd2argh. right. --libdir=/usr/lib3221:27
bd2that is for 32 bits apps21:27
nipuL32bit ports must specify --libdir=/usr/lib3221:28
bd2so, why do you have to use, for example, firefox32? only for the flash-plugin?21:28
nipuLbut source that compiles cleanly in 64bit shouldnt need any modifications21:28
bd2nipuL, yep.21:29
nipuLi use many ports from contrib without modification21:29
bd2okay, I'm starting understand things21:29
jaegerthe flash plugin is closed-source and 32bit21:29
jaegerand they have not released a 64bit one21:29
* nipuL wonders when a) flash 9 will be release (apparent 64bit linux support), b) an opensource alternative to java applets or flash will be developed21:31
copworkerflash should be done21:31
nipuLthere are gpl counterparts to flash, but imho they are just playing catch up21:32
copworkeropensource java will come summer 200721:32
bd2throw away flash, boycott these bastards! ;-)21:33
* bd2 uses only two closed-source things: enemy territory the game and nvidia drivers. both rely on each other. If I drop et, then nvidia will no longer need. ;-)21:35
bd2nipuL, btw, so what for /usr/lib64 even exists? why danm have to switch all native ports's --libdir?21:38
nipuLbecause it's the correct way to do it21:38
bd2hm. who said?21:39
nipuLsome standards board21:41
nipuL64bit has been around much longer than amd and intel would have you believe21:41
nipuLsun have been doing it for years and years21:41
bd2sure I believe in that :-)21:41
bd2sun... didn't also microsoft said something how should /usr/lib dir be named for the 64bit archs?21:43
nipuLi doubt it21:43
bd2... CLFS do not use /usr/lib64 for the final system. but they do not use multilib also. LFS *is* authority :-)21:55
bd2but they use this patch
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