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cptnmaybe clb is a bot too07:31
tilmanmaybe clb is a clone of jaeger07:32
jaegernot a clone, just a bot07:32
jaegerwish I knew why it was off freenode... the process was still active07:32
pitillojaeger, makes it the irc log?07:40
pitillothanks, online again :)07:47
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JKnifeso how bad did arch rip off crux?12:59
aonnot much12:59
rehabdollread the gpl12:59
aonbut it's definitely based on it12:59
aonrehabdoll: good point :)12:59
JKnifebecause i used Archlinux-i586 and that died...12:59
JKnifei didnt say steal...13:00
jaegerI wouldn't even call it ripped off, myself... arch may have sprouted from crux but it's quite changed now13:00
JKnifewhat type initscripts does CRUX use?13:01
aonrather similar to BSDs13:02
jaegerI just misread the question, ignore me13:03
aonsysvinit, yes, but the scripts aren't that rc?.d-awfulness :)13:03
jaegerno, bsd-ish13:04
jaegerI just read init instead of initscripts13:04
aonthought so :)13:04
j^2hey all13:05
aonhey j^213:05
jjpkhi j^213:08
JKnifehow come yall dont compress the isos before ploading em?13:09
jaegerit's never come up, as far as I know13:12
jjpkProbably wouldn't do much because isos contain binary for the most part.13:12
aonthe download's fast enough without compression because the ISO's so small :)13:15
jaeger-rw-r--r-- 1 jaeger users 241403904 Apr  9 14:38 crux-2.2.iso13:16
jaeger-rw-r--r-- 1 jaeger users 218576336 Apr  9 14:38 crux-2.2.iso.bz213:16
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JKnifeohh well13:19
JKnifeDF-BSD d/l is ~90meg compressed and it is a 200meg iso =/13:19
jaegercompressed with what?13:20
jaegermuch of the crux CD is tar.gz packages13:20
jaegerthey don't recompress well13:20
rehabdollperhaps it contains useless info-files? :)13:20
jaeger-rw-r--r-- 1 jaeger users 214220290 Jul 27 13:20 crux-2.2.iso.7z13:20
* JKnife shrugs13:20
jaegerif it's info files (or perhaps a ports tree) those will compress a lot better13:20
JKnife... cd only comes with lilo?13:28
jaegergrub as well13:28
JKnifethe quick install just says lilo13:29
jaegerthe quick install is probably not up-to-date13:29
cptnquick install?13:29
jaegerI assume you mean Till's at
jaegermaybe not, that's a 404 it seems13:30
JKnifelink old13:30
JKnifelook on the left on the 404 new link13:30
jaegerwell, the 2.2 looks ok, it just doesn't deal with grub13:30
cptnit's probably just his notes13:31
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wotdui'm thinking about giving crux a try but i'd like to know if crux's packages are updated immediatly in case a security issue is found in one of them19:48
thrice`the ports are, yes.  it is source based19:50
wotduhmm so exactly how does the package managing work? there are releases in binary form and then you can install software with bsd-style ports ?19:51
thrice`install, and update, yes19:52
wotduso there are no binary updates?19:52
thrice`crux revolves around it's ports tree, essentially19:53
wotduhmm, this is not very nice then : /19:53
wotduit's for an old computer19:53
wotduand if i wanted that i'd just go with gentoo19:53
thrice`Han: you see the gtk update?  2.10.119:54
Hanyup, buildin'19:59
Hanwotdu, get arch-linux20:00
wotduguys, could you explain how crux really is organized? i'm not really getting it20:00
wotduhalf source/half binary?20:00
Hancheck it out20:00
thrice`Han: firefox too :)20:01
Hanupdated 12 hours ago20:01
thrice`ah...I portdb must be a little behind20:02
HanAnd if gtk is updated glib and pango also are updated.20:02
Hanports -u han && prt-get sysup20:02
thrice`stable-pango was never released, was it ?20:02
HanI think they use the even uneven release-tags trick20:02
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wotdujust great20:19
wotdu1 hour of downloading20:19
wotduand crux's cd just restarts when loading  the kernel20:19
thrice`the install CD has a kernel on it20:24
thrice`read the documentation, wotdu20:24
wotdudocumentation about? ....20:24
wotdui tried disabling acpi20:24
wotdustill happens20:25
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