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Romsterwhats the easyway to get the ia32 and ia64 of the arch? uname is no good and i found 'arch' which is redundent as uname does that now. I can remember a file i could grep in /etc/ but i forget which one.04:07
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mike_kRomster: not sure what you want, but try  cat /proc/cpuinfo04:12
Romsterhmm no hasn't got what i'm after i can get arch but i'm after the build type if its 32 or 64 bits04:13
Romstertrying to automate a port04:13
Romsteror does uname return one of the names as being ia64?04:15
Romsterbasickly i want a command to return the 32 or 64 bit arch04:15
treachshouldn't that be "basically"? :P04:16
Romsterlol *swats you*04:16
Romstermy spelling has never been a strong point04:17
treachas long as the point gets through it's ok. :) It's worse when people make mistakes that alters the entire point of what they are trying to say.. :p04:18
Romsteryeah if that happens i rephrase it.04:19
Romsterhmm where are the compiler flags stored?04:19
treach /etc/pkgmk.conf04:20
Romsteryeah just found that with grep04:20
Romsteri can't see any way at all to tell the port to compile for 32 or 64 bits...04:20
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treach"if_64-bit_libs_present==true, build 64bit, else ..." ?04:22
Romsterunless i can find it out of /proc/config.gz04:22
Romsterthats a point if its 64 bits it'll have /usr/lib64/ right?04:23
treachI don't know, I don't have a 64 bit system, but I guess so.04:24
Romsterhmm i'll leave it as fixed to 32 bit just for now, till i get more info on this from someone that sues 64 bit04:26
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mansihi, I'm helping my friend installing Crux 2.2 onto his new laptop with an external firewire cd-rom. The problem is that the Crux boot-cd isn't recognizing the firewirecd-rom directly so you must specify it at boot. What would the cd-rom be recognized as? /dev/sdX /dev/scdX? Or is it the lack of support for it in the kernel that's the problem?05:06
treachmansi: did you try google? seems promising.05:15
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pitillohi, good morning, anyone has experience with ups (usb) and CRUX 2.2 (I?m having problems with udev and newhidups system) If anyone know about can talk with me in another channel(or private) I can explain the problem if he wants. I don?t want to disturb here...05:45
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pitillowell... walking alone. I hope I can finish the port to be used with usb ups and make a nice configureation of nut (I think serial ups is easier and must work with nut port I made) Making better bit a bit05:50
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TRIBBdo we have life ?08:18
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tilmanTRIBB: i certainly dont! :)08:21
TRIBBtilman: so your dead ?08:22
TRIBBanyways ... whats the new thing with bash ???08:22
tilmannot quite, but close08:22
Hanit's obsolete?08:24
HanOh that's not new :-)08:24
jaegeralso not helpful08:24
tilmanalso not funny, so the smiley doesn't belong there08:25
jaeger@seen broadside08:36
clbjaeger: I have not seen broadside.08:36
TRIBBi dont get it08:42
TRIBBwhat did they change in the newest crux with bash?08:42
TRIBBmy old system had the users .bashrc in /home/user08:43
TRIBBbut that not the case anymore ?08:43
jaegerIf your old system had that you probably put it there... since crux doesn't supply them in /etc/skel08:44
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rehabdollnote that bash does not auto-execute .bashrc, you have to call it from .bash_profile09:41
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HanSo if your smarter you'll skipp .bashrc altogether only use .bash_profile09:57
treachno no, it's *fun* to have a zillion different files to set approximately the same things. that's why we are using RedHat, isn't it? .. oh wait..09:59
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j^2hey all10:07
aonhey j^210:07
j^2hey aon10:08
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hackedhead j^2:  just got the kernel compiled in cruxppc 2.2alpha0... any sort of SOP for getting ports/repos setup? rsync/cvs?12:19
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tilmandoes anyone of you use cogito?12:43
tilmanit sucks so much that i don't feel it should be supported in crux :D12:43
mike_k'sucks' as in beer?12:49
tilmanactually, vico has a cogito port too12:50
qiddoes anything get broken when you update apache? like mod_php or mod_python?12:52
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mike_kqid: not if it's a bugfix release like 2.2.2 ->2.2.313:37
qidok, thanks13:38
qidit's just the opt/apache port, 2.0.58->2.0.59 I think13:39
mike_ksure, mod_php should work13:39
qidok, good13:40
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tilmananyone tried gtk 2.10 yet?13:52
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tilmanudevd-event[1149]: find_free_number: %e is deprecated, will be removed and is unlikely to work correctly. Don't use it.13:59
tilmananyone looked into that yet?13:59
VVeIrDhrm.. for some reason i cant get my nic to work...13:59
VVeIrD <- that's the board ( using onboard-lan )14:00
VVeIrD( german, sorry )14:00
VVeIrDadded the phy marvel - network driver to the kernel..14:00
VVeIrDbut still no eth014:00
VVeIrDany1 can help?14:00
RomsterVVeIrD, modprobed the driver then edited /etc/rc.d/net ?14:01
VVeIrDwell.. modprobed nopt..14:01
VVeIrDill try14:02
Romsterunless you made it into the kernel?14:02
VVeIrDmade it in14:02
VVeIrD /etc/rc.d/net is edited14:03
Romsterah k then it won't need to be modprobed then14:03
VVeIrDguessed dso14:03
Romsteredit /etc/rc.d/net ?14:03
VVeIrDdid so14:03
Romsterthen start it with /etc/rc.d/net start14:03
Romsterthen ifconfig should show it14:03
VVeIrD /etc/rc.d/net start -> eth0 : no such device14:04
VVeIrDthat's the problem14:04
Romsterdon't forget to add net to the services array in /etc/rc.conf14:04
cptnwell, leave /etc/rc.d/net out for now14:04
cptnVVeIrD: ifconfig -a doesn't show it, right?14:04
cptnas long as it's not there, there's nothing we could do from userspace (i.e. /etc/*)14:05
cptnso which module did you compile in?14:05
cptnand what's the PCI ID of the NIC?14:05
VVeIrDhow should i know that?14:06
cptnrun lcpci14:06
cptnrun lcpci|grep -i ethernet14:06
cptnlspci of course14:06
VVeIrDDevice Drivers->Networl device support->PHY device support->*14:06
VVeIrDno such command as lcpci14:07
VVeIrDit's a fresh crux14:07
cptni[21:08] <cptn> lspci of course14:07
VVeIrDok ;P14:07
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cptnso if you run:14:08
cptn lspci -n |grep 00:0a.014:08
cptnwhat do you get in the third column?14:08
VVeIrDnVidia Corporation CK804 Ethernet Controller14:09
cptndid you run "lspci -n"?14:09
cptnthat should print something like "10de:0057"14:10
VVeIrDsry :P14:10
VVeIrDexactly that14:10
cptnyou can use at least the forcedeth driver then14:10
VVeIrDwhere do i find this in makeconfig?14:10
cptn -> Device Drivers14:11
cptn         -> Network device support14:11
cptn           -> Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)14:11
cptn             -> EISA, VLB, PCI and on board controllers (NET_PCI [=y])14:11
cptnyou can simply build it as a module, so you don't have to reboot14:12
VVeIrDis in14:12
cptnas a module?14:12
cptnand are you sure you're running that kernel?14:12
cptnis the nic enabled in the bios?14:13
cptnwhich kernel version?14:13
cptnokay, then I really have no idea14:14
cptnI have the same onboard nic14:14
cptnand it works with forcedeth14:14
VVeIrDjust to make sure, i rechecked @ bios.. it's really enabled..14:14
cptnwell, I'd suggest you build it as module14:16
cptnthis way, you can check dmesg after modprobe14:17
cptnand see whether there's an obvious error14:17
cptnwhat does 'dmesg|grep forcedeth' say?14:18
cptnforcedeth.c: Reverse Engineered nForce ethernet driver. Version 0.41.14:18
cptneth0: forcedeth.c: subsystem: 01462:7125 bound to 0000:00:0a.014:18
cptnsomething like this should be there14:18
VVeIrDim stupid14:18
VVeIrDforcedeth was NOT built-in14:19
VVeIrDlooked in wrong row -_-14:19
cptnno problem14:19
cptnit would have been worse otherwise :-)14:19
VVeIrDyay.. working14:20
RyoSi am sorry to ask dumb questions :P14:20
cptnno problem14:20
RyoSLoad Average: 0.1814:20
RyoSmeans exactly that..?14:20
cptnthere's a nice introducting on
VVeIrDso far.. on we go :)14:21
VVeIrDports, im coming..14:21
VVeIrDforcedeth = 100 Mbit/s or does it work on 1gb/s ?14:22
VVeIrDso.. how do i get this nic to work on 1gb/s?14:24
rehabdollis it actually a 1gb-nic?14:24
rehabdollin that case i think you are using the wrong driver14:24
VVeIrDand im pretty sure, last crux-install, ot DID work on gb14:24
VVeIrDof course it's the wrong driver.. but i built in the marvell PHY- driver..14:25
VVeIrDbut for some reason it's not being used..14:25
cptnVVeIrD: you built in support for PHY devices14:25
cptnbut not "Marvell PHY" which is just a marketing name anyway14:26
VVeIrDit's in the same category14:26
VVeIrDi built-in all stuff in that category ;P14:26
cptnit's not under 10MB, 100MBit or 1000MBit drivers14:26
VVeIrDi know14:26
VVeIrDseen it14:26
cptnalso, forcedeth supports gbit14:27
cptnalthough I can't test that myself, since I have no other gbit hardware...14:27
VVeIrDbut u said, u have the same nic..14:27
VVeIrDbut ur using forcedeth?14:28
cptnwell, how would you test it then?14:28
VVeIrDif it can go gbit, it's all fine :P14:28
cptnto where?14:28
VVeIrDcant follow..14:28
VVeIrDnow i get it ;14:28
cptnokay :-)14:28
VVeIrDu just got this one nic in your lan at gbit ;P14:28
VVeIrDwell.. then, i should test it myself :P14:29
cptnit seems gigabit support was added in 2.6.814:30
cptnso you should be safe there14:30
VVeIrD14.02 MB/s ..14:31
VVeIrDsounds like gb :)14:31
cptnnot by much though :-14:32
VVeIrDhdd is the limit here ;014:34
cptnyou could try iperf14:34
VVeIrDfresh crux.. u remember? ;)14:34
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VVeIrDfirst, updateing ports ;P14:37
VVeIrDand so on..14:37
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Romsterlmao note to self: do not ever cat /dev/mem :P14:43
Romsteranyone know what Unable to resolve proc_root_readdir ? means14:44
cptncould you be a bit more specific?14:50
Romsteri tryed to generate a footprint file with
Romsteri've made a port of it14:51
Romstermy guess is its either got a bug in that function or i'm doing something worng.14:52
cptnso that's a runtime error14:53
cptnI mean, you get that when you run that tool or whatever it is14:53
Romsteris there any difereance with /dev/kmem and /dev/mem ?14:55
Romsterhrm i think i figured that kmem is kernel mem and mem is the rest14:55
Romsterhmmz it must have a bug in it..14:56
Romsteri'll inform the dev.14:56
cptndo you have a valid
Romsteryes i tryed to point it to my map15:01
Romstersudo zeppoo -f zeppoo-fingerprint -t /boot/
Romsterand i'm currently running that kernel version15:02
Romsterso beats me.15:02
cptnI mean, does it contain that symbol?15:02
cptn(grep proc_root_readdir /boot/
Romsterc017d010 t proc_root_readdir15:03
Romsteryes it exists15:03
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tilmangtk 2.10 working :D16:32
tilmans/2.4.0/2.10.0/ in the loaders/immodules files :p16:32
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crisscrosssorry for noobing around, but this thing drives me crazy: I have a laptop and usb mouse. I want crux to load the modules uhci-hcd and usb-hid automagically when the mouse is plugged in.. is this managed by udev?17:36
hackedheadyeah.... it should do that with the "out of box" setup...17:37
hackedheadprovided you have all the needed modules installed in your kernel17:38
crisscrosshum same with agpgart? and ehci-hcd and usb_storage for external usb disk?17:39
hackedheadshould be17:39
hackedheadhave you got "automatic module loading" enabled?17:39
hackedheadchecked through dmesg as you're plugging devices in?17:42
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crisscrossmom have to reboot17:46
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rxiany of you cruxppc guys alive?19:20
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