IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-07-29

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prologicDoes anyone know how to get video input to a TV that has an RCA-type video plug ?01:26
prologicCan S-Video be plugged into it ?01:26
rxiyou would need an adapter of some sort01:27
rxiwhats the source?01:27
prologicso it will work with an S-Video to RCA adapter ?01:28
rxiyou can get an rca - svideo cable .. or just the adapter yes01:28
prologicThe source is a PC of course01:28
prologicrunning X01:28
rxiahh .. my video card (and most do) come with such cable01:28
prologicahh yes01:29
prologicI have an S-Video cable01:29
prologicthat's fine01:29
prologicbut the TV only takes RCA01:29
rxiahh .. the adapter would be much the same price as the cable01:29
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VVeIrDcould any1 dcc me xvidcore-1.1.0.tar.bz2 plz? is unreachable( at least for me )05:51
mike_kcan't you get it from any gentoo/freebsd mirror?05:53
VVeIrDwill try..05:53
VVeIrDok.. found a mirror..05:55
RyoSuse the google my friend and you will be rewarded with some nice cookies06:03
VVeIrDi did use the almighty google..06:04
VVeIrDbut all links reffered to -_-06:04
VVeIrDhmm.. which one is right?06:05
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VVeIrD12:55 < VVeIrD> ok.. found a mirror..06:38
VVeIrDbut thx deus_ex06:38
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hackedheadprologic: if you're a little bit handy, you could adapt an s-video cable to RCA video yourself.. its surprisngly simple09:25
* hackedhead pokes j^2, other ppc people, the walls.....09:26
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marohm, kan man ikke installere linux på en palm? :(15:17
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aonmaro: seems like you can15:17
maroaon: huh?15:18 kan installera linux på en palm,
maroaon: well yes, but seems pretty outdated and useless :)15:20
aonkk :)15:20
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aonaren't palms pretty outdated and useless too?15:21
maroyou're too right15:21
aonall the effort i've put int being too left is useless, then? :/15:22
aonhm, see you in 12 hours ->15:24
marosee you :)15:27
maroor well, I work weekends, so see you in 24 hours :)15:27
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jdolananyone else ever have their address inserted into the from header of spam messages?15:59
jdolanonce in a while i get angry replies from spam "sent from"
jdolanreally fucking annoying.15:59
clareI thought that happened all the time, and yes16:00
clareand I agree16:00
jdolani don't own any other domains anymore.. so i don't have confirmation that way.16:01
jdolanbut it does happen huh?  that sucks.16:01
clareI dont think you need own domains, you need to have correspinded with people who have your name in an address book in Windows16:02
jdolanoh.  good call.16:02
clareneedn't be recently either16:03
clareI have thought about pasting my problem in, but it doesn't have #crux on its list.16:06
jdolani still use it.16:11
clarehow do you tell it the channel?16:13
deus_exclare: You don't.Choose 'None' as channel,paste what you want, copy that link here.16:22
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clarethanks, not tonight. I think I have brken he sound devce on y laptop; too quiet even in windows or knoppix asamixer cant see it.16:35
jaegerjdolan: I get hundreds of those a week at, it's annoying as hell16:36
hackedheadjaeger: you got any plans to update firefox from ?16:51
jaegerhackedhead: I take it you're not using crux 2.216:51
hackedhead...  hmm... i certainly thought i was. let me look around.16:52
jaeger1.5.0.5 is in the ports tree now16:52
hackedheadhmm... yeah it would appear i somehow started using rsync w/o moving to the 2.2 tree...16:53
hackedheadthat may explain a number of things16:53
jaegerah, that would do it16:53
hackedheadhmm... i'm reading the release notes now, safe to just point my rsync's at the 2.2 tree and start building?16:55
hackedheador is it important/req'd to do a binary upgrade from CD?16:56
jaegerit might be, but hard to be sure. even if you had upgraded via the CD you might have downgraded ports from the older ports tree16:56
hackedheadhmm... so, suggested course of action is? fresh install from a 2.2 iso?16:57
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jaegerIf you can afford to do that, that is what I'd recommend16:58
hackedheadwoof....   looks like that's tomorrow's project then.16:59
hackedheadis it safe to install "on top of" a /home partition that isn't empty? install doesn't create anything in /home does it?17:02
jaegerNothing I can think of17:03
hackedheadalright, i didn't think so either17:04
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thosjaeger, around?17:22
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thosjaeger, how did you find the dependancy information, and pre/post install information when you are making the gnome ports?17:22
jaegerlittle bit of everything... ldd, documentation, configure scripts17:23
thoswhat documentation?17:23
jaegersomething I heard of once, the gnome people aren't big fans of it17:24
thosjaeger, yeah I was just dicussing this with someone else, and wondered how you had figured it all out17:24
jaegerwell, I do the best I can, it's not nearly perfect17:26
jaegerusers email stuff I've missed, too, which is helpful17:26
thosjaeger, what information would be useful to have? dependancies, pre/post install/uninstall scripts?17:27
jaegerthe dependencies are the hardest part to sort out17:28
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kuphi. i try to update from 2.1 to 2.2 by hand. it seems i made a mistake and missed to rebuild a package and something seems still to be linked against libssl 0.9.7 (for example gnome-blutooth crashes: ImportError: is there a way to find the package i have to rebuild?18:06
jaegerrevdep is useful for that18:07
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predatorfreakHehehe, completely unrelated, but I love sort.18:07
predatorfreakIt can sort my MPD playlist by alphabetical order :)18:07
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kensaihi guys18:47
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hackedheadj^2: ping22:16
j^2hackedhead: or not... :-P22:20
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hackedheadhaha, sorry, now we get to play tag... i've just got a 2.2 ppc alpha install going, need some pointeres on gettin cvs set up, if you've got any22:55
j^2what do you need help with?22:56
hackedheadi read on the forums about the lack-of-cvs issue on the cd, and sure enough, i've got no cvs and so the ppc port dirs from cvs don't build with ports -u22:57
hackedheadwhats the proper way to get cvs installed so everyhting is right?22:57
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j^2wow....umm honestly i have no real idea22:58
hackedhead(since i have no cvs and need the cvs port from the pc cvs repo... i'm a little confused)22:58
hackedheadhmm... mmk22:58
j^2i'd rip the cvs port from x8622:58
j^2then build that, then update22:58
j^2but htat's me22:58
hackedheadnullpointer menitoned in the forums explicitly that it needs the ppc port for cvs22:59
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hackedheadso i'm guessing x86 wont work...22:59
j^2hmm... i dunno then22:59
hackedheadis there a way to view the cvs repo by file22:59
j^2sorry manr22:59
hackedheadand i can copy it manually and install it with pkgmk?22:59
j^2sure try, that's what i'd try first before sending up a stink23:00
hackedheadwell, i can't yell too loud, its an alpha release after all =P23:01
hackedheadbut nullpointer got it working somehow, i guess23:01
j^2sounds like it23:03
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hackedheadhere goes nothing....23:14
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hackedheaduuuuugh cvs is silly, but i think i got it working23:52
hackedheadta for the help j^223:52

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