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rugekhmm, anyone here has opt/cogito/Pkgfile in his tree? looks like it's missing04:26
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tilmanrugek: i removed cogito, use git instead04:50
tilmanrugek: vico has a port in his repo though04:52
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kensaihi guys anyone here?05:27
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kensaiI wonder if anyone know why sane fails with this error05:28
kensaichown: cannot access `/usr/ports/work/sane/pkg/var': No such file or directory05:28
kensaichown: cannot access `/usr/ports/work/sane/pkg/var/lock': No such file or directory05:28
drbomcuz there's no such directory? :)05:29
drbomdoes it happen when you try to build a package?05:30
kensaiyep trying to compile sane05:30
drbomcheck your Pkgfile for errors05:31
drbomhave you been fiddling with pkgutils' config files?05:31
kensaiI have just changed the part in pkgmk.conf to usr distfiles,packages and work05:32
treachand why would you want to chmod something in /var/lock..? IIRC those files aren't permanent anyway..05:32
treachs chmod/chown05:32
kensaitreach: it is opt/sane I don't know I didn't made the package05:32
drbomsearch sane's Pkgfile for errors05:33
kensaichown root:root $PKG/{var,var/lock}05:33
kensai    chmod 755 $PKG/{var,var/lock}05:33
kensai    rm -r $PKG/usr/{doc,share}05:33
treachI don't know anything about that, I don't have a port-tree to look at atm :)05:33
drbomyou know what's the problem?05:34
kensaidrbom: the Pkgfile is here
drbomnope, it's here: /usr/ports/opt/sane :)05:35
drbomit's treach who hasn't go a port-tree to look at atm :)05:35
drbomi got it right here :)05:36
treachwhat about trying without the reference to /var/lock?05:36
kensaihmmm in a positivve way or a negative one drbom? :)05:36
rehabdollwow, 3 useless global notices from lilo in under 30 seconds05:36
drbomkensai: what do you mean? :)05:37
treachhe must be bored. :)05:37
drbomI meant that i have the ports-tree right here on my HDD :)05:37
kensaidrbom: I though you were looking at the file and said hmm05:37
drbomah :)05:37
drbomyup, I was05:37
drbomit's now building05:37
drbomeee, downloading sources, to be honest05:38
kensaik thx05:38
kensaicall me in 15 minutes LOL05:38
drbommake it 0,5h; it's a cel 533 :)05:38
drbomnevertheless, I'd say that there's a problem inside the PKgfile05:39
drbomremove the chown part and it should be fine05:39
drbomor add lines that would create those dirs inside the package before it's actually chowned'n'ysht05:40
drbomit's = they're05:40
drbomdamn my poor English :)05:40
treachsom du vill.05:41
drbomtreach: eee... what? :)05:41
drbombrb, gotta restart my big box05:42
drbomok, back05:44
kensaidrbom: thx05:53
kensaiso is safe to delete the chown line alone05:53
kensaiand the chmod I think05:54
drbomgot the same error05:55
drbomsec, i'll look at the log05:55
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drbomok, chcecked05:56
drbomyup, remove those lines05:57
juekensai: read the README and do a 'groupadd scanner'05:57
drbom/var/lock is both root-owned and non-writable by anyone else05:57
drbomso it's safe to remove those lines about chowning that dir05:58
juedrbom: no, it isn't05:58
kensaiwell groupadd scanner used to fix that but in the error message it told me that was the error well I'll check then05:58
drbomjue: no? why not?05:58
drbomjue: oh, you just entered05:59
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juesane creates /var/lock/sane, all set to root:scanner05:59
drbomjue: so there's a bug in opt/sane's Pkgfile i think06:00
juethe README mentioned to add a group scanner, which is needed for the udev-rules though06:03
drbomnah, it's not that06:04
drbomthere is something like this in the Pkgfile:06:04
drbomchown root:root $PKG/{var,var/lock} chmod 755 $PKG/{var,var/lock} rm -r $PKG/usr/{doc,share}06:04
drbombut there isn't a thing about creating $PKG/{var,var/lock} anywhere above06:05
drbomso there's an error because a dir that hasn't been created cannot be chowned06:05
jueyep, because sane creates /var/lock/sane if the group scanner exists06:05
kensaiok sane installed thanks jue06:05
drbomit doesn't :). the backage can't be built06:06
juekensai: np06:06
drbomkensai: what dod you do?06:06
drbomdod = did06:06
kensaidrbom: just groupadd scanner06:06
drbomjust that?06:07
kensaidrbom: the directories that failed required scanner group to be created06:07
kensaidrbom: and thanks for trying to give e an answer06:07
drbomnp :)06:07
juedrbom: 13:05 <@jue> yep, because sane creates /var/lock/sane if the group scanner exists06:08
kensaiI made you waste time compiling sane06:08
drbommy small box doesn't do anything but downloading torrents right now :)06:08
kensaihehe pirate :)06:09
drbomnaaah :)06:09
kensaiohh yeah you donwload opensource things LOL06:09
drbomyup :)06:09
drbomjue: are pkgutils and prt-get still being developed?06:12
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juesure, there are many ideas how to improve them, but it's not clear how to proceed yet06:14
drbomok :)06:14
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drbomis the idea of making it possible for a normal user to build packages still valid?06:15
tilmanof course ;)06:16
drbomgreat :)06:16
drbomcan't wait to see it done :)06:16
tilmanit's very easy to implement with current crux06:17
jueyes, but you can do it right now with fakeroot, see
drbomdamn, you're right06:18
drbomi'll be exploring more thoroughly from now on :)06:18
deus_extilman: Have you built gtk-2.10?06:21
tilmanyes, and i just fixed acroread too06:21
tilmanget_gtk_file_ver() {06:21
tilman  echo 006:21
deus_exWith glib-2.12 or 2.10?06:21
tilman  return 006:21
tilmanglib 2.12.1-106:22
deus_exK, thanks :-)06:22
tilmandeus_ex: also s/2.4.0/2.10.0/ in the gtk-loader/immodule files!06:22
tilmanditto for pango 1.12.306:23
deus_exBefore building gtk?06:23
tilmanmaybe i should just post my patches06:23
deus_exMaybe you should :)06:23
tilmanlet me make a diff for acroread too06:24
deus_exWould you push them to opt?06:25
tilmanwould have to ask jaeger first06:25
tilmanand he'd prolly want to test it himself first :D06:25
deus_exWhat could possibly go wrong :) ?06:26
jjpkFamous last words :]06:30
tilmanapply in opt/06:33
deus_exThank you.06:37
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deus_exWtf I did wrong?06:42
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tilmanhang on06:45
tilmanmy directory wasn't up to date06:45
* deus_ex hangs06:45
tilmangrab the patch again06:47
tilmanyou'll get md5sum mismatches for some maybe, ignore them06:48
deus_exOne moment, please.06:50
tilmandeus_ex: another patch at
tilmani rebuilt everything, so it should work now. hopefully07:14
tilmana nicer patch for acroread would be to evaluate the output of pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.007:15
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tilmanwarning: failed to load external entity ""08:43
tilmananyone remember how to fix that retarded crap?08:43
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deus_extilman:apropos gtk patch:
tilmanthere's only so much i can do if jaeger decides to update stuff RIGHT NOW09:05
tilmanremove .footprint and .md5sum from the patches09:06
tilmanand bump the versin numbers accordingly09:06
HanI created a port for lastfm, I bet there are a lot of people who will like it. :-)09:08
deus_extilman: I thought about doing that.I can update gtk{pixbuf-loaders,immodules) after building gtk-2.10.09:09
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drbomshit, wrong window :)09:40
tilmanbin dev pr0n09:40
drbomsry :)09:40
drbomman dev09:41
drbomi just broke a plate09:41
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jaeger@seen broadside11:18
clbjaeger: I have not seen broadside.11:18
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deus_exOK, gtk updated, nothing seems broken.Yet :)11:52
tilmanjust noticed that some icons seem to be missing11:52
tilmanin the file browser11:52
deus_exWhich file browser?11:57
tilmanfile dialog :)11:58
tilmanall i see is the generic file icon :D11:58
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deus_exI tried avidemux and sylpheed.They look a bit...flat...12:00
tilmanif you use a custom theme (engine), you'll have to recompile/reinstall it12:02
deus_exxfce-winter theme12:02
deus_exSo, I should recompile gtk-xfce-engine?12:03
deus_exDone.Now it looks like it should :)12:06
* deus_ex wonders if nvidia still has problems with latest xorg12:10
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clarehi, h about weird usb key error. it resets itself to read only14:56
clareit has deleted part and is now getting inut/output error,  what chance of fixing it by reformattng or repartitioning?14:57
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tilmanclaw: if you have a win32 box near, maybe a checkdisk (scandisk?) can help. i don't think there's fsck.vfat :)15:08
tilmanoops, clare15:08
clawnp :)15:08
tilmani've seen filesystems going from rw to ro when they needed a fsck. only with ext2/3 though15:08
j^2hey has anyone set up lighttpd/php lately?15:11
tilmani've been set up because of lighttpd lately, does that count?15:11
j^2i'm having a horrible time getting the sockets in the config15:11
tilmandamnit, i meant upset15:11
j^2bind failed for: unix:/tmp/php.socket-0 No such file or directory15:12
j^2i've touched, not had it, chmod'd it...15:12
j^2i'm so lost15:12
j^2 2006-07-30 15:31:10: (mod_fastcgi.c.923) bind failed for: unix:/tmp/php.socket-0 No such file or directory15:15
j^22006-07-30 15:31:10: (mod_fastcgi.c.1356) [ERROR]: spawning fcgi failed.15:15
j^22006-07-30 15:31:10: (server.c.834) Configuration of plugins failed. Going down.15:15
j^2that's teh exact error i got15:15
j^2any idea?15:15
jaegerIf I had to guess, I'd guess /tmp/php.socket-0 is missing15:17
j^2i tried touching it15:18
hackedheadcould it be something with kernel unix/socket support? that's the only other place i've even sen socket mentioned....15:20
j^2really? i have a pretty standard, vanilla kernal on ther15:21
hackedhead*shrug* just me poking in the dark really15:21
claretilman: thanks, glad to hear that someone else has seen that, I will try the chek/scan disk15:22
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j^2hackedhead: thanks anyway15:24
hackedheadi try =P  btw, i copied the pkgfile and cvs driver script off the webview and built it no problem15:25
hackedheadand everything's proceeding wonderfully now15:25
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hackedheadis it impossible to boot a crux cd from a usb cdrom drive?17:47
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treacha few people have tried, afaik, they all died trying.. :p17:49
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jaegerimpossible with the default crux CD and a crapshoot with the updated one17:52
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hackedheadyippe, thanks17:57
HanIt can only boot from the first internal cd18:01
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clarehi, my sound seems broken, cant seem to wake up the device,
clareI did get it going in WinXP so it is not actually dead. It was working earlier, kernel, udev 087-120:32
jaegerwhat's the lspci entry for the card?20:34
clare00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)20:35
jaegerlooks pretty similar to mine which does work well with intel8x020:36
clareyes, mine gave up suddenly, I thought I had damaged it, but becasue it works in WinXP I decided to try again.20:37
clarethinking maybe I have missed something. especially on the alsa side, becasue it took me ages to get the usb sound going on another box, it uses oss, and needs module sound not snd20:38
clarejust not sure if it is possible to jolt udev into action other than by modprobe?20:39
jaegeryou can run udevstart at any time to refresh its devices20:41
clarehmm, well, no change in /dev/snd which is where it should happen for alsa, no change in .dev.sound either. i used not to have /dev/sound20:43
clareanyway thans\20:44
jaegerjaeger@aesir ~ $ ls /dev/snd20:44
jaegercontrolC0  pcmC0D0c  pcmC0D0p  pcmC0D1c  pcmC0D2p  seq  timer20:44
clarethanks,   and yes, that is what I exepected for devices.20:44
clareexcept seq, I dont remember having that before, but of course my memory unreliable20:45
jaegerjust another bit of support, I  believe20:46
clareI had better just wait. Maybe in a few weeks I will have a better kernel r better udev and it may come good. thank20:47
clareyou jaeger.20:47
jaegerno problem20:50
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