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RyoShey, does somebody got nvsound modul working with recent kernels?04:35
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marotilman: =======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.05:01
tilmani'm gonna mirror the damn thing05:01
treach"mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest maintainer of them all?" :D05:02
treachhmm, btw, am I the only one who gets a md5sum mismatch on "tetex-texmf-3.0.tar.gz"?05:05
marotreach: I think it was unavailable yesterday05:06
marothe distfile that is05:06
treachok. :/05:06
marotilman: :D05:18
maroyou're in the xorg-server shortlog05:18
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TRIBBanybody around using postfix as mailserver?08:56
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TRIBBwhen did pam login get removed from the pureftpd package ...11:44
tilmanuse svnweb :-)11:45
TRIBBsvnweb ?11:47 -> development -> svn something11:47
tilmanchoose a file, say, Pkgfile11:47
tilmanthen click "view revision log"11:47
TRIBBrecompiled with pam included11:48
TRIBBand still only root can login11:48
TRIBBwhy the F**K cant it just work!11:49
tilmanbecause its UNIX man11:49
TRIBBbut it worked before my system got fried and i choose to update crux11:50
TRIBBit always worked ...11:50
j^2TRIBB: ..part of the enjoyment of the *inx systems is that it's a never ending puzzle ;)11:54
tilmanj^2 aka the puzzlemaster11:54
j^2i prefer the pi-shizzle ma$ter11:55
j^2but puzzlemaster'll work :P11:55
tilmanoh sorry :)11:55
tilmanshizzle mah puzzle11:55
j^2fo shizzle11:55
RyoSam i in #hiphophood here? :D11:55
VVeIrDjo maaan11:56
RyoSi knew he would appear oO11:56
j^2dddammnnn straight!11:56
RyoSfrom the darknesssssssss~~11:56
VVeIrDnah.. from da hoood11:56
RyoSo foa shoa!11:56
* j^2 gets his basketball :P11:57
j^2hoop it up!11:57
* VVeIrD gets his blaster11:57
* RyoS gets his baseball bat11:57
tilmanin da club11:57
j^2tilman: ^511:57
j^2^125! :P11:58
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TRIBBj^2: well 3 days of puzzle with mail server and shit ... im up to no more puzzles12:01
jaegereven though this is ostensibly still an english-speaking channel, I'm missing most of the content12:01
tilmanthat weird word you just used can hardly be english12:01
VVeIrD18:55 < gory> linux is obsolete12:01
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j^2jaeger: not dizown with da homies?12:02
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TRIBBis there anyway that the connection between servers and the native shadow passwords can be fubar ??13:00
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Husioguess who's back ;)13:42
Husiocrux is source based distro, am I right?13:42
jaegermostly, yes13:43
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thrice`Han, around ?21:29
HanNo I am asquare21:36
thrice`Han, :)  does zsh use even for stable, odd # for unstable?21:37
thrice`Han, just curious if the 4.3.x series is unstable releases21:43
HanBeats me21:47
HanBut 4.3.x is not nice21:47
thrice`yeah, their site is sorta bare-bones.  I just see 4.3.2 as the latest, but most people are sticking with 4.2.6- I was only curious if you knew21:51
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Hanbecause it's kinda broken22:03
thrice`I see...thanks Han :)22:22
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