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Romsterhmm my sound isn't working and apon restarting xorg i could not see any text i typed at the bash prompt yet i was able to type startx again, but still no sound i don't fancy rebooting, what should i check to see what happend to it?02:17
Romsterfound analog out on port A02:30
Romsterin xorg log02:30
Romsterso i dunno and i got the sound on, i can get the mixer to turn on line in02:30
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rxinymacro: you around?04:00
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nymacrorxi: yeah04:16
rxinymacro: im bidding on a sun blade 2000 atm and if i win it miht offload the cx370004:17
rxierr c370004:19
nymacronice :)04:46
nymacrorxi: how much do you plan on selling it for?04:46
rxinot sure .. im having some problems with it atm but id say its just me .. probably $150-ish + delivery04:47
rxiid just keep it up but ive already got 9 machines here :(04:49
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* rxi downloads crux 2.2 to give it a go06:25
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blizzis xorgcfg gone?07:06
blizzah, just grepped the channel logs.. found my answer ;-)07:09
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blizz << does anyone remember a link to that guys .Xdefaults? imho there was a page about this file somewhere08:08
blizzi.e. more pleasing terminal colors or something ;-)08:09
jaegerdownload the irssi theme and copy the colors to your xdefaults08:09
blizzthe irssi theme is using the standard colors from xdefaults08:10
blizzthat approach is only modifying xdefaults to affect all 16 standard colors08:10
blizzgot it08:33
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jaegerreverting from xorg7 to x11 is a good way to ensure a lot of linking issues09:45
copworkjust what i need09:59
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jaegersome that I can't even figure out... how annoying10:09
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sharyarijust installed crux and I seem to be having some problems with ports11:08
sharyariI had to download the ones who are there from the beginning usually (contrib, opt) to get inte to work. And now it doesn't find all the packages in a repo (can't find gdm in gnome)11:09
jaegerdoes 'ports -u' fail for some reason?11:10
sharyariBut it think an awful long time before it starts listing the packages added (don't think it's normal, can't remember if it did that before)11:11
jaegerhrmm... how long?11:11
sharyarilike 2 minutes11:12
jaegerodd. and it works properly after the 2 minutes?11:13
sharyarimaybe I should upgrade ports?11:13
jaegermight be dns11:13
jaegerdo you get the same timeout if you run 'dig' ?11:13
jaegerwhich repo times out like that? all of them?11:14
sharyaribut still, I'm not even sure the waiting part is related to the problem :P That's just annoying11:14
jaegerwell, it shouldn't be that way :)11:15
sharyariI don't know, does that everytime11:15
sharyarifirst one I guess :P11:15
jaegerwhich one's first? should list them as it tries them11:15
sharyariI'll see11:16
sharyarirunning -u now11:16
sharyariThinks it's more than 2 minutes :P11:16
sharyarisaw an error flash by now11:17
sharyaricouldn't connect, but it wasn't, clc.morpheus somthing instead. Didn't have time to read it lal11:17
jaegerah, seems like you have an older ports tree11:17 is inactive now11:17
jaegerare you running crux 2.2?11:18
sharyari:P 2.1 even :)11:18
jaegernow it makes sense :)11:18
sharyarionly CD I had :P11:18
jaegerthe ports repositories changed quite a lot with 2.211:19
jaegerand we don't maintain 2.1 because we frankly don't have the manpower11:19
sharyaribut I can get it to work? :P11:19
sharyariI need an operating system to burn 2.2 anyway :P11:20
jaegeryou could either download 2.2 and upgrade, which is the safest way, or you can upgrade to the new ports trees and update via ports (which isn't guaranteed to be safe)11:20
sharyarithink reinstalling is the easiest way11:20
jaegereasiest and safest11:21
sharyarihow come cdrecord -scanbus doesn't do what I think it's supposed to do? Doesn't give any information really11:22
jaegerdo you have an IDE/ATA burner?11:23
jaegerscanbus has been really stupid since 2.611:23
jaegertry 'cdrecord dev=ATAPI: -scanbus'11:23
sharyariaaah, ty11:24
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TRIBBwhats the trick in php-fastcgi?16:22
TRIBBi dont seem to be able to locate the module after compile ...16:22
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CaptLloydWooooo! Crux rocks16:33
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