IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-08-03

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treachhey predatorfreak, had a lookie at your ports lately?01:35
predatorfreaktreach: I know, they are out of date.01:35
predatorfreakLife's been hectic.01:35
predatorfreaktreach: Biggest ones are probably xine-lib and firefox :)01:36
treachI see. I was just wondering about xpdf wich spews out a bunch of 403's :)01:36
treachfirefox is kindo of ok, I just bumped the version number, at least it seems to have done the trick. :)01:37
predatorfreaktreach: xpdf shoudn't be dieing.....01:37
predatorfreakThen again.01:37
predatorfreakThis is probably what I get for stealing Gentoo's stuff.01:37
predatorfreaktreach: You caught me in the middle of completely reorganizing my music though :P01:38
treachorganizing? what do you have amarok for? :P01:38
predatorfreaktreach: I have MPD.01:39
predatorfreakI prefer my layout ;)01:39
predatorfreakMy old layout is becoming horrid, so I'm replacing it :P01:39
treacheach to his own. :)01:39
predatorfreaktreach: You misplaced the to :P01:40
predatorfreakIt's to each his own.01:40
treachline 6: SYNTAX ERROR01:41
* predatorfreak has a habbit of pointing out errors in statements now :(01:41
treachanyhow, you know I'm not a native speaker, but hey, it doesn't matter. I'm a bit like that myself.01:42
predatorfreaktreach: Well, think of it this way, I'm helping you improve :P01:43
treachI hate when people mix up words like "he" and "him"...01:43
treach(it's a very common mistake in swedish)01:44
predatorfreaktreach: Well, a very common mistake with the American youth is not even using half-way proper English ;)01:44
predatorfreakAt times I think people who are just learning English use it better than our youth, which is sad.01:45
treachusually people who learn a language speak it more correctly, because they know all the rules and obey them.01:46
predatorfreaktreach: Kids in America learn the language, then they kill it with a shotgun blast to the face :\01:46
treachsometimes they even get it a bit too correct, because they follow the rules where we natives break them without being aware of it. :)01:47
treach(speaking of forigners)01:47
predatorfreaktreach: Hehehe.01:47
predatorfreaktreach: Well, someday I intend to learn Swedish.01:48
predatorfreakThis way I can run around America and scream at people in Swedish :)01:48
predatorfreakThey'll just go.01:48
predatorfreak"What the fuck did he just say? o.O"01:48
treachdon't bother, the chef doesn't talk swedish anyway. :)01:48
treachbesides, a surprising number of people will understand you anyway.01:49
treachat least in part.01:49
predatorfreaktreach: Plan B, Old Norse West!01:49
predatorfreakOnly University professors will know what I'm saying then! :D01:50
treachsounds better. Or maybe you should try finnish. :D01:50
predatorfreaktreach: Linus Torvalds would know though :P01:50
treachsure. but not a lot of other people. :)01:50
treachbesides, he'd understand you even better if you spoke swedish..01:51
predatorfreaktreach: We'll see, I might just pick up Russian before Finnish :P01:52
predatorfreakI already have a friend who speaks Russian almost-natively, so I can just get him to insult me in Russian :P01:53
treachwe had a guy who tried that here a while ago, it showed mostly up as ??? all over the screen. Higly insulting. :D01:56
predatorfreaktreach: He he he.01:57
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predatorfreaktreach: Now that I'm FINALLY done reorganizing my music I can investigate these problems.04:36
predatorfreakand xpdf retrieves fine here :\04:36
treachfunny. :/04:37
predatorfreakand updating firefox/xine-lib :)04:37
* predatorfreak throws a monkey rench at gtk-engines though, since it seems to have busted Industrial for GTK 2.10 :(04:38
treachbut xpdf {.footprint,md5sum,Pkgfile,README} still gives 403 here. All the other ports works though..04:38
predatorfreaktreach: Try now.04:39
* predatorfreak just did a quick chmod.04:39
treachaye, no 403's now. :)04:39
predatorfreaktreach: Gotta love chmod :P04:40
predatorfreakHehe, I love Ogg Vorbis.04:41
predatorfreakIt's the only format that achieves transparent transcodes at 130KB/s on every try for me.04:41
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treachmeh. "libgkconhtmlcon_s.a: No space left on device"04:59
predatorfreaktreach: Get a bigger disk? :P04:59
predatorfreakor (SHOCK) remove some porn? :P05:00
treachnah, bigger tmpfs :p05:00
teKpredatorfreak: can't be.05:00
predatorfreaktreach: This is why I just use my disk.05:00
predatorfreakI don't have 3GB of RAM ;)05:00
treachneither do I, but this is actually the first compile that failed.05:00
treachthe previous build completed without problems, so I guess it has something to do with your new patches.05:01
predatorfreaktreach: Hmm, Firefox?05:01
predatorfreakNo.... not really.05:02
predatorfreakThere's nothing too invasive in them.05:02
predatorfreakJust some fix-stupidity stuff.05:02
treachwell, as I said. It built fine when I just bumped the version number.05:02
predatorfreaktreach: Remember, the space which tmpfs can use varries ;)05:03
treachyes. I'm trying now with a larger max setting for it.05:03
predatorfreakThis is why I just use a standard hard disk, I don't need to worry weather it will fit into RAM.05:04
predatorfreakI said that already.05:04
* predatorfreak bonks head.05:04
treachno, but you might get a trashed hd instead. :p05:04
predatorfreaktreach: Forgive me if I repeat myself, I'm a little tired and I've got a LONG day ahead of me.05:04
treachalso, tmpfs is an insane speedboost.05:04
predatorfreaktreach: Stuff builds fast enough for me.05:04
treachbah. Instant builds would be fast enough :)05:05
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, like my insta-cavalry in AoE3 ;)05:06
predatorfreakThat is.05:06
predatorfreakUntil I eat all my resources.05:06
predatorfreakand they rush me with cheap units.05:07
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predatorfreakand I'm like "OHSHI O.O"05:07
treachas I said before, a 768MB tempfs has always been sufficient before.05:08
predatorfreaktreach: Wait, what does Age Of Empires have to do with Firefox? o.O05:08
treachnothing, I guess.05:08
predatorfreaktreach: Might be because I started overriding CFLAGS.05:08
treachWhy are you asking me? :)05:08
predatorfreakI just replaced them with what the mozilla folks use.05:08
predatorfreakSince those flags really help.05:08
predatorfreakFeel free to revert that though :)05:09
treachexport CXXFLAGS="-Os -march=athlon-xp -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe" doesn't feel like ricing.05:09
predatorfreaktreach: I'm still amazed people use my stuff.05:09
predatorfreakexport CFLAGS="-Os -march=k8 -funit-at-a-time -fno-ident -pipe"05:10
predatorfreakI don't bust debugging :P05:10
predatorfreakand I just add -funit-at-a-time because I wonder what-the-fuck is going on when the GCC docs don't report stuff.05:10
treachI'm actually just using your firefox and gxine stuff05:10
predatorfreak(It's supposedly enabled for -O2/-O3, but, it should be enabled for -Os)05:10
predatorfreaktreach: Well enjoy them :P05:11
predatorfreakgxine was a very bitchy thing to get to build :(05:11
treachI don't care about debugging stuff. Hello world is pretty the limit for me.. :P05:12
treachyeah, that's why I use your port for it. Saves me the trouble. :D05:12
predatorfreaktreach: I've busted shit and reported it to the developers.05:13
predatorfreakI found a particullarly interesting bug in sylpheed-claws.05:13
predatorfreakIt would actually select a revoked key and try to sign stuff with it.05:13
predatorfreaktreach: The things you find by having a revoked key :P05:14
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jdolanthanks, whoever updated the java ports.06:41
jdolanbeen very busy with a new position at work.06:41
rxihey jdolan06:42
jdolanhello :)06:42
rxiget promoted?06:42
jdolanworking on General Manager.06:42
jdolan(so yes)06:42
rxiahh congrats06:43
teKcongratulations! :)06:43
jdolanit'll be a lot less coding (heh, like none) but management, and a lot more money :)06:43
teKsame as my (former) Boss did06:43
cptnjdolan: nice, congratulation06:43
* teK cannot understand.06:43
jaegerjdolan: congrats06:44
jdolanthanks cptn.  did someone actually update the java ports, btw, or was my box here just out of date?  haha.06:44
* rxi points jdolan to the episode of dilbert where he becomes a manager06:44
jdolan(i recieved your msg the other day but you'd disconnected :))06:44
cptnjdolan: I think your machine's tree was outdated :-)06:45
jdolan*sigh*  hehe lemme see if i can do that right now then.06:45
jdolanno need to bump the release, right?  just change the source array, yes?06:46
cptnI'd say so, yes06:46
jdolanhm.  should i look for mirrors or something?  i still have to accept the license through
cptndid you check my diff?06:48
jdolanthat's a good idea :)06:48
jdolani looked at it when you sent it, but my xchat has since died.06:49
cptnthere's even an "--accept-license" switch ;-)06:49
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jdolanshoot.  i don't quite have time this morning.07:03
jdolanstrange that the missing file from the freely downloadable version is 12M, yet the download size is quite close.07:04
jdolanor.. it must be the unpack diff you have there that for some reason doesn't generate that file any longer.07:05
jdolanthat's kinda strange.  oh well.07:06
cptnI read somewhere that the old installer generated that file07:07
cptnrunning "java -Xshare:dump" generates it too, I just don't know how to redirect that to a file in $PKG...07:07
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jdolanhm, yea..07:09
jdolandoes my old sed hack work with the new installer to generate that file?07:09
jdolanor does the installer just not do it anymore?07:09
cptnmmmh, the sed hack was to away printing the license, wasn't it?07:10
cptnthere's no license output anymore if you pass "--accept-license"07:10
jdolanand is that file particularly critical?07:11
jdolani.e. if somone skips the post install will they get a basically functional jdk?07:12
cptnit's not critical07:12
jdolanokay.  yea post-install seems right then :)07:12
cptnit should speedup some applications07:12
cptnalthough only if you run them with 'java -Xshare'07:12
cptnit should actually work if you do it in $PKG itself07:15
cptnit'll write to a relative path07:16
cptni.e. do '(cd java; ./bin/java -Xshare:dump)' in the very end of the Pkgfile07:17
cptn(let me try that)07:17
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cptnjdolan: yeah, that worked; shall I commit an updated port?07:21
jaegercptn: mind testing a new udev port for me?07:39
jdolancptn, please07:39
jdolangotta run :)07:40
treachhmm. where are local udev rules supposed to go?07:40
treachI seem to remember there beeinga 10-local.udev.rules or something in the past, but that's apparently gone now. :/07:43
cptnjaeger: not at all :-)07:48
jaegertreach: there's no required location. I use /etc/udev/rules.d/10-custom.rules07:50
treachoh, ok. thanks. I thought maybe the file had a required name. :)07:51
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Hancptn, shadow- has been released. 4.0.18 is no longer available07:53
cptnHan: thanks07:54
cptnI wonder why... ;-)07:54
HanBloody mosquito!07:55
HanI think because they made yet another mistake.07:55
* Han really prefers bsd auth07:55
cptnI think it has to do with this...07:55
cptnor rather
* Han scratches the mosquito bite at his knuckle.07:57
Hancptn, there is really no reason to add a \ in arrays ;-)07:58
cptnokay :-)07:59
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cptnexcept for consistency with the ports which already do it ;-)08:00
HanI'd remove them if I edit the Pkgfile08:00
cptnI'll try to do that too from now on08:01
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jaegerarg, gtk cruft09:09
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giulivohey all10:19
giulivoi wanna know if exist a tool10:19
giulivothat searches for files with unknown package owners10:19
giulivosomeone can help me?10:19
jaeger, perhaps?10:22
giulivoi can try10:23
giulivothank you :+)10:23
bd2giulivo, also you can use -Om patch to pkgutils, found in mainling lists archives. -O (orphaned files) option more advanced than prtorphan10:26
giulivoprtorphan has listed10:27
treachthat reminds me.. anyone who knows why prtorphan would spit out an error about dirs like "could not read dir /usr/ports/<repo>:port"?10:28
giulivoprivate packages that i've installed10:28
giulivonot orphane files10:28
giulivoit's ok?10:28
giulivoi think it is10:28
jaegerisn't there an option to search for orphaned files in a dir? -d10:28
giulivowhere's the usage?10:29
jaegerI just read the script10:29
treachjaeger: yeah. I guess it's just me who can't comprehend what I'm reading.. :/10:30
giulivooh yep10:30
jaegertreach: I've no idea what that error is about, I don't use prtorphan :)10:30
cptnwell, it's probably parsing prt-get.conf10:30
cptnand not used to that syntax (<dir>:<port>10:30
treachcptn: seems quite likely.10:30
giulivoroot@gosg4:~ # pkginfo -o /usr/lib/
giulivopkginfo: no owner(s) found10:31
giulivoroot@gosg4:~ #10:31
giulivoroot@gosg4:~ # ./prtorphan -d /usr/lib10:31
giulivoroot@gosg4:~ #10:31
giulivoprobably it does not search for links owner10:33
bd2open(FILES, "find $dir -type f |"), yep10:34
bd2take a look here,
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ssimonld cannot find -lX11, why? i set special LDFLAGS, checked ldconfig.. no way. has anyone an idea?11:13
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Hanfirefox- update available from my repo. This is a stability update11:32
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marojaeger: a little credit wouldn't hurt anyone12:36
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jaegerI think everyone already knew the new script was yours13:34
jaegerbut if you insist13:34
marojaeger: doesn't matter now, it's just a good habbit to mention contributions in the commit messages or changelogs :)13:37
jaegerI already sent something to the list about it and looks like there's a first bug report13:38
jaegeras for the comment about trying to get rid of the added scripts, as soon as they reimplement something useful like %e the script can go away13:38
jaegerit's only there for cdrom naming13:38
maroyeah, I know :)13:38
jaegerI've seen a few semi-proposals on the hotplug list about solutions but nothing's really good yet :(13:39
maroyeah, looking at the archives atm13:39
marospecifically the frugalware patch13:39
marokay is pretty ignorant :(13:39
marothey completely ignore that people *want* working symlinks out of the box13:40
jaegersounds like she doesn't really care13:40
maroexactly :/13:40
jaegerher prerogative, of course, but it's a pain in the ass13:40
maro"it only works in 95% of the cases, let's drop it"13:40
maro0% is obviously way better13:41
marowonder what's breaking his system13:42
jaegermy guess is devfs-style names13:42
marostill, a hard crash? :)13:42
jaegerwell, only a guess13:43
maronot that I have any better guess :)13:43
jaegerI wonder if he meant that he had to hard reset it simply because he had no keyboard or mouse control13:43
jaegerrather than a hard crash13:43
jaegerthe wording isn't clear13:44
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marojaeger: perhaps core/hotplug could be moved to opt now :)13:45
jaegeror even contrib13:45
maroI alredy have hotplug-ng there13:45
mike_kjaeger: why moving low-level/important stuff to contrib?13:49
mike_kthis way it will get less attention13:49
maroso many words, so little attention13:49
maromike_k: apparently core doesn't get much attention either, otherwise you'd notice that udev doesn't neet hotplug any more, so it's useless13:50
jaegerdoesn't require it but they can still be used together13:52
mike_kmaro: I realise, now it's not a musthave... but seems some things are moving to contrib just to be less tested13:55
marothat's why I suggest opt13:55
marosince it isn't used by a default crux install any more13:55
maro(echo > /sys/kernel/hotplug is run in the udev_start script)13:56
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* mike_k didn't dig deeper13:56
mike_kbtw, would be nice if someone will find contrib/zabbix_server a useful thing to monitor their hosts13:57
marojaeger: toyed with initramfs yet?13:58
jaegernot yet, haven't had the time14:00
jaegeris it better than initrd?14:00
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marojaeger: you attach it directly to the kernel image :)14:01
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marojaeger: btw, I have a solution on building dbus with a non-root user14:23
jaegerwhat is it?14:24
maroLD_PRELOAD="${LD_PRELOAD/}" make14:25
maroyou owe me a virtual kiss :)14:25
teKstolen from Ubuntu or smth.? :P14:25
marono, they don't build with fakeroot14:26
maro(they only install & tar with it)14:26
jaegerhrmm... why doesn't the fakeroot command do well enough?14:26
teKbut good idea! :)14:26
maroyeah, I rock14:26
marofirst I got completely happy because I finally figured it out14:26
marothen I started slapping myself for not figuring out earlier14:27
teKhrhr, as usual..14:27
marojaeger: it does some internal probings14:27
marothey fail because after all, a fakerooted environment is sort of insane14:28
maroI asked the dbus developers to do it differently about a year ago, but they denied14:28
maroand I'm not that much into dbus internals to figure out how to do it differently14:29
maronow, give me my kiss!14:29
marojaeger: btw, when you upgrade to dbus 0.9x, it's the dbus-glib package that will need the fix14:30
maro(they split it up into dbus, dbus-glib and dbus-python)14:30
jaegergood to know, thanks. not sure when I'll have time to try out .9x14:31
maroworks for me :)14:31
marobe warned though, the api changed slightly14:31
maroyou'll need to sed 2 files in hal to make it compile14:31
marosed -i s/connection_disconnect/connection_close/ tools/*.c14:31
marorhythmbox has an offender too14:32
marogood news is that 0.9x api is frozen for 1.014:33
marobad news is that they changed sonames once again :D14:33
maroI had to rebuild 6 packages or so14:33
marojaeger: did the gnome svn repo move? :/14:40
marosvn: Can't connect to host '': Connection timed out14:40
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brointhemixhi :)14:43
brointhemixis mr. tilman online?14:43
marobrointhemix: he's masturbating at the moment, please leave a message14:44
brointhemixheheheh :D14:44
*** treach has joined #crux14:44
brointhemixhe surely hould use a hands-free set, eh? :D14:44
brointhemixhould = could14:44
treach  ..yay, critical update. :P14:47
maroor optimize his feet14:48
brointhemixheheheh :D14:48
brointhemixmaro: have you tried the X port from X11r7 repo?14:50
brointhemixbut "just works" or "works after a day of haxoring"?14:51
treach"just works, if you know what you're doing"14:52
maro"sort of works after 8 months of haxoring"14:52
treachNah. It works, but some stupid old apps/libs make trouble.14:52
marobrointhemix: the only thing I had to figure out was to rebuild fontconfig since the font paths had changed14:53
maroother than that, nothing really14:53
treachunless you use some truely old stuff..14:53
brointhemixso you say it's rather safe to build? :)14:54
treachworks for me, at least. but be prepaired that there might be some bumps in the road.14:54
brointhemixI'm used to that14:55
treachlike, for instance, if you are using anything that depends on lesstif, I suggest you go for openmotif instead.14:55
brointhemixnope, i ain't got no lesstif on my box14:57
brointhemixand i'll chose opemotif i the future if i'll have to install it some day14:58
treachkeyphrase being "for instance".14:58
brointhemixnoted and understood :)14:59
treach<Zweideutig> The last time I did this was in 2001 when someone on15:14
treach                      EFnet told me that rm -rf / would fix my problem.15:14
treach[22:10]  <r0utetop> and now you've deleted everything, you obviously haven't15:14
treach                    learnt much15:14
brointhemixhehe :)15:15
brointhemixa friend of mine's done something similar some yime ago15:16
brointhemixhe wanted to delete a file bit he accidentally pressed "/" and ENTER just after it :)15:17
brointhemixand he has a habit of using -rf all the time15:17
rehabdolli've made some "rm -r"'s instead of "cp -r" :(15:17
treachmmh. bash is dangerous.15:17
brointhemixtreach: nope. only once15:17
brointhemixbut he continues to use -rf so I think it's only a matter of time.. :D15:17
treachbrointhemix: this dude had obviously done it before..15:17
brointhemixsome people...15:18
treachbrointhemix: "rm -rf blah *" made me switch to zsh.15:18
brointhemixis zsh "rm -rf *"-proof?15:19
treachwell, it asks something along the line of "are you sure, you limp noodle?"15:19
brointhemixhehe :)15:20
brointhemixgood one :)15:20
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treachwb predatorfreak. did you notice the shiny new release of firefox? :)15:52
predatorfreaktreach: Let me guesss.15:53
treachyeah. :)15:53
treachIt turned out .0.5 had a critical error. :D15:53
treach"[it] unintentionally blocked the Microsoft Media Services (MMS) protocol used by some Windows Media content" :)15:55
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ssimoncould anyone tell me why ld cannot find any x11 library? :)16:04
treachbecause you haven't told it where to find them?16:07
ssimonsure, entry still in
ssimonld -v lists all x11 libraries corretly, but -lX11 (for example) don't work16:09
ssimontreach: if you have an idea, tell me, i have no more ideas :)16:12
treachsorry, was in another terminal. No idea either.. I suppose you've tried "--library-path=searchdir" just to be specific?16:15
ssimonLDFLAGS also.16:16
treachok, I'm out of ideas then. it's a bit out of my leage anyway. :/16:17
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predatorfreaktreach: Hehehe, unintentional my ass :)16:55
treach"Blocks windows media services!? OH NOES!" ;)16:56
predatorfreaktreach: Someday they'll release a version that blocks ;)16:57
predatorfreakand then the next day they'll be like "Sorry, we had a umm..... bug, that caused it to not connect to" ;)16:58
treachisn't there a "bork" plugin for it already? :)16:58
predatorfreaktreach: They'll just integrate it though :)16:58
treachbah, no need. MS takes care of that detail themselves. :/17:00
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predatorfreakjaeger: Also, any thoughts as to why gtk no longer displays folder icons for folders in the file selecter?17:05
*** treach has quit IRC17:07
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jaegermaybe you need to rebuild your gtk engines?17:10
thrice`jaeger, udev looks a lot nicer...well done :)17:10
*** seekwill has joined #crux17:13
*** seekwill has quit IRC17:16
jaegermaro and lfs did more work than I this time17:16
jaegerbut glad you like it17:16
*** jaeger has quit IRC17:21
thrice`anyone have good dvd backup suggestions?17:31
thrice`an application to do so17:33
brointhemixin linux?17:33
thrice`must do shrinking and decryption too17:35
brointhemixno idea then :(17:36
deus_exthrice`: dvdrip?17:43
thrice`deus_ex, thanks.  I just found ldvd as well17:43
deus_exiirc, dvdshrink works nice with wine, too17:44
*** thrice` has quit IRC17:44
*** thrice` has joined #crux17:56
thrice`does anyone happen to have the xfce beta url / httpup?18:05
*** claw_ has quit IRC18:05
*** claw_ has joined #crux18:07
thrice`thansk deus_ex :)18:07
*** claw_ has quit IRC18:12
*** ajacoutot has quit IRC18:18
*** claw_ has joined #crux18:23
*** thrice` has quit IRC18:25
*** _ASK has quit IRC18:33
*** thrice` has joined #crux18:52
*** prologic_ has joined #crux19:06
jdolananyone else unable to Edit -> Preferences in the latest firefox?19:08
*** kingruedi has joined #crux19:12
thrice` or ?19:17
*** prologic has quit IRC19:21
jdolan(updating now ;))19:22
thrice`compiling, or binary?19:28
predatorfreakIs it just me, or is useradd -g busted?19:38
qidI think there's been some changes going on with that in recent ports of shadow19:39
predatorfreak........ in general -g seems busted.19:39
predatorfreakqid: Well.19:39
predatorfreakSpecifying gid OR group name BOTH fail.19:39
predatorfreakSo I think it's flat-out broke.19:39
qidare you running
thrice`what about useradd -G group1,group219:41
predatorfreakthrice`: Dirty hack around -g.19:41
predatorfreakUser's primary group shouldn't be something other than what I intend.19:41
thrice`what about usermod -g group   afterwards ?19:41
thrice`is there an error of any sort?19:42
predatorfreakIt thinks -g should be numeric...19:42
thrice`I don't think so19:43
thrice`usermod -g video predatorfreak19:43
predatorfreakthrice`: Try useradd -g users test19:43
thrice`predatorfreak: i'm on my mac atm :(19:44
predatorfreakusermod -g users predatorfreak19:44
predatorfreakusermod: invalid numeric argument 'users'19:44
brointhemixroot:/home/bro# usermod -g users bro19:47
brointhemixusermod: invalid numeric argument 'users'19:47
brointhemixsame here19:47
brointhemixroot:/home/bro# usermod -g 100 bro19:48
brointhemixusermod: unknown group 10019:48
predatorfreakbrointhemix: I know.19:48
predatorfreakI wants a numeric argument.19:48
predatorfreakSo I base it a numeric argument.19:49
predatorfreakand it thinks I'm passing it a group name.19:49
predatorfreakMaybe we should just revert to 4.0.17?19:50
predatorfreakThat worked for me.19:50
brointhemixwhat is it? binutils?19:51
brointhemixor what?19:51
qidI'm getting the same problems: /home/david # useradd -g users test | useradd: invalid numeric argument 'users'19:54
predatorfreakqid: Well that's three confirmed cases.19:54
* predatorfreak primes to revert.19:54
qidanother friend confirms it on his box19:54
brointhemixthey'll fix it in .19 :)19:55
brointhemixwhich will come hmm... tomorrow? :)19:55
brointhemixor the day after tomorrow :)19:56
brointhemixfree software world is good at that :)19:56
brointhemixok, bed time19:56
brointhemixcya guys19:56
qidif it's just the utils that are broken, I'll probably just leave it on my servers for now, I never need to manage user accounts anyways19:57
qidbut I knew there was a good reason to back up compiled packages19:58
*** MrX has joined #crux20:00
qidhmm, is it safe to remove libusb, usbutils, and hotplug if you have no hot-pluggable hardware or USB support?20:00
qidthey just showed up, not sure if they're dependencies for udev or something20:01
thrice` ports -u && prt-get depends udev | grep -i hotplug20:01
thrice`I think it was just removed as of today as a dep :)20:01
qidheh, still never installed prt-get20:02
*** MrX has quit IRC20:03
*** kingruedi has quit IRC20:04
*** MrX has joined #crux20:11
*** _ASK has joined #crux20:13
qidI notice in the latest version of fstab, the first column for sys and proc says "none", whereas older versions have "sysfs" and "proc"20:20
qidwhat difference does that make?20:20
*** thrice` has quit IRC20:52
nipuLnone what so ever21:02
*** claw_ has quit IRC21:04
*** jaeger has joined #crux21:05
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger21:05
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*** schniggie has quit IRC22:45
*** Romster has joined #crux22:58
HanJust added port for `inkscape,' build and enjoy it. :-)22:58
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux23:00
predatorfreakjaeger: Something went HORRIDLY wrong with udev.23:01
predatorfreak(At least I think it was udev)23:01
predatorfreakSystem get's past initial boot.23:01
predatorfreakThen it goes to fire up login.23:01
predatorfreakand BOOM.23:01
predatorfreakNot a hard freeze.23:01
predatorfreakBut login never fires up.23:02
jaegerc1-6 respawn errors after a bit?23:02
predatorfreakand restoring udev to an older version fixed it.23:02
predatorfreakjaeger: How long do you normally have to wait for that? o.O23:02
jaegerhrmm, 30 seconds? 60 seconds? don't remember23:02
predatorfreakWell, assuming that happens.23:03
Romsterhrmm thas wy i was wondering i should hold back on the udev update23:03
predatorfreakWhat needs to be done to fix it?23:03
jaegercheck /etc/inittab and see if it wants tty1-6 or vc/1-623:03
thrice`I haven't rebooted mine yet23:03
jaegerchange to tty1-623:03
predatorfreakjaeger: Old one works with vc :(23:03
Romstershouldn't it be tty now?23:04
Romsteras i thought23:04
jaegerand there was a warning that would go away in the readme :)23:04
predatorfreakjaeger: Oh well.23:04
predatorfreakNew shadow version is fucked.23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
predatorfreakTry doing useradd -g users test23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
thrice`hrm, I have no new udev rules in /var/lib/pkg/rejected23:05
predatorfreakIt should fail.23:05
thrice`or nothing new since 08723:05
jaegerdifferent filenames23:05
predatorfreak(Well technically it shouldn't, but it does)23:05
predatorfreakjaeger: Anyway, what's with the udev overhaul?23:06
jaegerinvalid numeric argument... interesting23:07
predatorfreakjaeger: Yeah.23:08
predatorfreakTry entering a group number ;)23:08
thrice`jaeger: is that correct?  I built and updated from 087 to 096, and had no new rules file or anything23:08
Romsterbah i just updated to the new shadow version23:08
predatorfreakjaeger: Well.23:09
predatorfreakWish me luck :P23:09
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC23:09
jaegerthrice`: have a look at the files it installs23:09
jaegerthrice`: chances are none of them are called 50-udev.rules23:09
jaegerconflicts only happen if the files have the same names23:09
thrice`jaeger: ah, good call :)  I'm rebooting mine now as well23:09
jaegerso has the right devices in it23:10
jaegerwhy do you have the wrong inittab entries? :)23:10
Romsterhrmm don't supose they forgot to rejmerge?23:11
thrice`mine works :)23:11
thrice`I suppose I can remove hotplug now too eh?23:11
Romsteris the latist udev stable?23:11
Romsterhotplug is now obsolete?23:11
jaegerneither is required anymore but they can still be useful under some circumstances23:14
Romsterhmm i've never used them, i'll update udev if it breaks i'll just go back to the old version.23:14
Romsterrebooting time23:17
*** Romster has quit IRC23:17
*** Romster has joined #crux23:21
Romsterok all seems fine here23:21
jaegergood deal23:23
Romsteri've lost my sound awile ago and have no error messages, sound mixer works, but not any sounds. any ideas?23:23
jaegerPCM channel muted?23:25
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux23:27
predatorfreakjaeger: Argh, from now on no nutty vc shit.23:28
Romsteromg it was too but not the master so thats what my brother did to it...23:30
Romsteri looked at wave but not pcm.. whats pcm pulse code modulation or is it another name?23:30
jaegersounds right23:31
Romsterphew music again :) later everyone be back about this time tomorrow23:35
predatorfreakRomster: I've had that for awhile, hehehe.23:41

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