IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-08-04

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cptnpredatorfreak: a patched shadow will hit core soon01:47
cptnthanks for the report01:47
copworki am thinking of building an epia silent htpc on crux02:01
copworkwanted to try myhtv on that02:01
copwork*mythtv - any opinions or suggestions or warnings on hardware ?02:02
cptnthe port or the app?02:03
cptnepia's are probably a bit weak, depending on what you want to do02:03
cptnbut I think the mythtv docs have more info on that02:03
copworkdid you work on epias before ?02:04
copworkbasically i just want to use tv out for now for streaming and a tv shell02:05
cptnI haven't run myth on epias if that's what you want to know02:05
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pwnnyanserv help for02:05
pwnny* -                   more information.02:06
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copworkmhm, okay02:07
predatorfreakcptn: Yay! :D02:16
predatorfreakI'm being helpful :P02:16
cptndanm, and I forgot to add the patch02:16
cptnerr. s/danm/damn/02:17
predatorfreakcptn: Yeah, I noticed :P02:17
predatorfreakcptn: That's for sorting all this out.02:18
predatorfreak-that's +thank's02:18
cptnit's there now, it'll just take a 2-3 more minutes to hit the rsync repo02:18
predatorfreakcptn: Also, the problem affects usermod as well.02:18
predatorfreak(and maybe other things)02:18
cptn * Had to move this over from useradd.c since we have groups named02:19
cptn(comment from usermod)02:19
predatorfreak <-- Is it just me or do they enjoy naming stuff after alcoholic beverages?02:21
predatorfreakcptn: Sorry to bust your night :P02:26
cptnheh, it's 9:30 am here02:26
cptnso that's the perfect time to fix broken shadow releases02:26
predatorfreakcptn: Well, it's 3:26AM for me :)02:26
predatorfreakI only sleep when required.02:27
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predatorfreak:O Opera 9.01.02:38
cptnnew shadow committed02:44
predatorfreakcptn: Yay, it works! Good work.02:50
cptnthanks :-)02:52
* predatorfreak grabs the cookie jar and gives it to cptn.02:54
* predatorfreak steals ten cookies.02:54
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bd2cptn, btw, can you please apply the 002, 003 and 004 patches to readline -> ? This should fix annoying wrapping bug.02:55
bd2much thanks02:57
cptndo you know whether they refer to it as 5.1.4 then?02:59
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bd2don't know for sure, but I think they will not03:04
cptnreadline 5.1-3 contains all four patches now03:11
bd2thanks again03:13
cptnthanks for reporting03:13
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brointhemixis it only me or are shadow utils still nit working?06:38
brointhemixi installed the recent update from ports but to no effect06:39
cptnwhat's the problem?06:39
brointhemixroot:/home/bro# usermod -g users bro06:40
brointhemixusermod: invalid numeric argument 'users'06:40
brointhemixroot:/home/bro# usermod -g 100 bro06:40
brointhemixusermod: unknown group 10006:40
cptnthen you most likely have
brointhemixas you can see, usermod doesn't recognise neither group name or groum number06:41
cptnnot -306:41
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cptn# prt-get current shadow06:41
brointhemixmight be06:41
cptn# useradd -g users bro06:41
cptn]# usermod -g 100 bro06:41
cptnboth work here06:41
brointhemixi got this one06:42
cptnthere have been two updates since that06:42
brointhemixwhere's -3 ?06:42
cptnin /usr/ports/core/shadow06:42
brointhemixcan't find it in core06:42
cptnmaybe rerun ports -u?06:43
brointhemixeven port db shows this: Version:
brointhemixRelease: 106:43
brointhemixjust done it06:43
cptnthe port db is updated once per day06:44
jjpkThe pkgfile for shadow says for version, and -3 for release.06:44
brointhemixyup yup, i know06:44
jjpkTherefore it is fine, I just updated my own ports tree.06:44
cptnalso, I'd expect to see a really soon :-)06:45
brointhemix"jppk: The pkgfile for shadow says for version, and -3 for release." - mine doesn't06:46
brointhemixit's still :/06:46
treach /o\06:46
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cptnbrointhemix: are you using the standard rsync ports?06:47
brointhemixno,ei use httpups06:47
brointhemixei = i06:47
brointhemixok, will switch to rsyncs06:48
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cptnwe should probably sync core and opt httpup more often than once a day06:50
brointhemixok, now it works :)06:50
brointhemixthanks cptn06:51
cptnno problem :-)06:51
cptnglad it works06:51
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cptn(mail to crux@)07:53
cptnat least core and opt httpup's are updated hourly :-)07:54
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j^2hey all12:27
brointhemixhi :)12:28
j^2busy channel today eh?12:32
brointhemixthere were more people chatting at about 1000h GMT+212:36
brointhemixhave I been dropped?12:36
j^2eh? heh12:37
brointhemixnope, I haven't12:37
brointhemixit seemed like my connection went down for a while12:37
seekwill1000h GMT+2?12:52
brointhemix10am (24h clock), GMT+2 timezone :)12:53
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seekwillhaha :)13:00
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treach@seen vektori13:52
clbtreach: vektori was last seen in #crux 8 weeks, 5 days, 17 hours, 59 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: * vektori strikes one newbie out.13:52
jjpkSomeone is MIA big time.13:54
treachlooks like the newbie struck back.13:54
jjpkWith a vengeance. :p13:55
jjpkThe n00b did have the last laugh this time :D13:56
jjpkOh well, you can't win every time.13:58
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treachI bet his gf is the mastermind behind this absence. :>13:59
jjpkCould be.14:04
jjpk"damnit Jukka, stop wasting your time online! ok :(" :D14:05
treach"Why do you think that machine is much more interesting than me?"14:05
jjpkSometimes you have to make difficult choices in life.14:06
jjpkThat was one of them apparently. :>14:06
cptnHe's also quite busy in his day job:14:06
jjpkHaha :D14:06
jjpkThat would explain it otherwise.14:07
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treachhm, anyone successfully running slim+""?17:29
jaegernot I17:29
treachmind trying it?17:29
cptnsome used to run it with 7.017:29
treachjaeger: (iirc you are a fellow .org user, I wouldn't have asked otherwise.)17:30
cptnI think all that was needed was to change the 'default_xserver' option in slim.conf17:30
treachoh, I'll try that, I just didn't get any error message at all..17:30
treachok, brb..17:32
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treachyes, indeed, that did the trick.17:33
jaegerok, I'll forgo trying it unless you still want me to17:33
treachno need for that now. :)17:33
treachI should have thought of that from the beginning.. it's getting late.17:34
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