IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-08-05

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predatorfreakanyone mind telling me if resolves and loads?00:53
trielit does01:07
predatorfreaktriel: Odd, I have one report of it not.01:08
predatorfreakHis ISP must be fucky.01:08
predatorfreakHe's had a lot of problems with it lately.01:08
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Romsterwhat was that command to add a user to more than 1 group again i've forgotten :/ i should up saved the command last time i used it03:23
teKusermod -g primary -G bla,blubb user or vim /etc/group03:25
teKman usermod might be also helpful03:25
Romsteryeah i had read it but its kind of criptic to me03:26
Romsteri've always worked best with examples and man pages seem to miss that part03:26
guaquai just edit the text files straight03:27
Romsteri have thought of that one :/03:27
Romsterbut thought it was risky too if i made a mistake03:28
Romsterhrmm looks like editing the group file is easier than them commands.03:31
cptnthere's also the 'vigr' command03:31
marois there a big performance penalty for using sub-shells over functions?03:31
Romstervigr oh now thats interesting03:35
cptnand vipw is there as well :-)03:35
Romsterone of these days i need to look at every program file in bin,sbin03:35
Romsterwhy so many todo the same thing?03:36
cptnwell, vipw is for PassWd03:36
Romstervipw and vigr will edit the files /etc/passwd and /etc/group, < man page03:36
Romsterbut yeah why them with useradd,mod,del etc.03:36
cptnwell, useradd does a lot more03:36
Romsterits like duplicated but done a diferent way03:37
cptnyou can't create a home directory in /etc/passwd...03:37
cptnvipw allows you to do lots of stupid things03:37
Romsterhmm true there03:37
cptninvalid user names, group names etc.03:37
Romsterso that needs to be used with care.03:37
Romsteri like living dangeriously :)03:38
cptnbut if you just want to add another user to the video group, vigr is probably faster :-)03:38
maroRomster: crux has a crontab by default which verifies them weekly03:38
Romsteri prefer power over stupidity03:38
maroso if you screw up, cron will let you know03:38
cptnby deleting a random file you accessed recently ;-)03:39
marobesides, vipw isn't really useful for batching03:39
guaquai have my own script for adding users that tells me the commands i need again03:39
guaquaie. i give it the name of the user and all sorts of data and it gives me the commands to use accordingly03:40
Romsteryeah  I got the users and jsut adding to video and audio :)03:40
cptnwell, as maro says as soon as there are multiple users, is probably faster to do it using usermod03:41
Romster<cptn> by deleting a random file you accessed recently ;-) < that reminds me of a port i'm gonna make03:41
Romsterthat keeps track of changes of configure files03:41
Romsterlike restore points03:42
Romsterso if i fubar soem config that badly i can go back03:42
guaquanot a bad idea03:43
guaquai was thinking of just backing it up daily and keeping the last few backups03:43
Romsterbah stupid shadow, must update it first03:44
Romsterthis basicly does that and shows a diff of it too03:45
Romstersimple insurance :)03:45
Romsterwhere is prologic anyways?03:45
Romsteri haven't seen him for awhile i got alot of changes and there not checked out yet but there in prologics crux svn repos.03:46
Romsteryay that now works03:48
Romsteri'll add that to my ever growing list of useful linux commands03:49
Romsteri should remember to add them to them groups when i do useradd from now on.03:50
teKsee /etc/default/useradd03:50
Romsterah neat03:51
Romsteri have alot to learn03:51
Romster< ex winblows user03:51
teKwell - read the man page: man useradd | less -p "^FILES"03:52
Romsteri so love my linux desktop more and more ;)03:52
teKwe all are, i suppose03:52
teKor WERE03:52
Romsterlol i was about to correct that :)03:52
* treach ponders the value of grammatical advice from Romster.. ;)03:54
Romsteri know i'm bad at spelling too, but i do know some words jsut not all, i think its more lazyness than anything else03:58
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treachI guess the word is rather "carelessness" than "lazyness". Anyhow, the point carries across most of the anyhow, so I guess it isn't any big deal.04:02
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Romsterhrmm lazyness isn't really a good term when you compare it to carelessness04:04
jjpkThe terms go hand in hand imho.04:06
teKit simply doesn't matter..04:07
treachnot quite, "were" rather than "we're" would, at least imo, rather be a sign of carelessness than lazyness.04:07
Romsterbut since its just irc and not a letter who cares :)04:07
Romsterok coffee time and more port making.04:08
aonmm, coffee04:09
treachmm, early lunch. :)04:09
jjpkToday is a tea morning.04:10
aonevery morning is a coffee morning (unless they're orange juice or water mornings)04:11
jjpkWeekday mornings rarely are a coffee or tea morning for me.04:11
jjpkToo lazy and out of time to make coffee. :D04:12
Romsterlol or beer mornings after a nite of drinking :P04:12
Romsterjjpk, sounds like you need a timer on the coffee maker :)04:12
aonheh, usually those are "anything cold" mornings for me :)04:12
aonyou can't put the coffee in the evening before, it tastes like crap :)04:12
Romsterwhat about the normal instant coffee then jsut have a kettle boiled from a timer every morning then you just pour it.04:14
Romstercan't get much faster than that04:14
Romsteror start designing a robot arm :P04:14
teKcoffee >_<04:14
Romsterwhich reminds me iw ant to make a robot arm that'll move cds to the burner then to a new pile :)04:15
aoninstant coffee is rather bad too :)04:15
jjpkI don't like the taste of ready made coffee.04:15
aonbetter make an automated coffee maker04:15
aonthat extracts the coffee from a vacuum and pours in water :)04:15
Romsterthat could work :)04:15
aonyou're rather screwed when that fails and catches on fire, though.04:16
Romsterlol, you make it fail safe04:16
Romsteralways design things with safety in mind04:17
Romsterdoes anyone have the disapearing bookmarks problem with the sidebar extension on firefox? this is rather bugging me04:22
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brointhemixdo you happen to know if there is any single command that would do "su <user> + run_an_app"?07:08
brointhemixyea? will it do the trick?07:09
rximan sudo07:09
brointhemixi need something like Windows' "runas"07:09
brointhemixdon't have that installed07:09
brointhemixi'll chceck online docs07:10
brointhemixthanks for the tip :)07:10
brointhemixyup, looks like it would do07:11
brointhemixthanks rxi07:11
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cptnbrointhemix: su - <user> -c <command>07:27
rxicptn: btw on the next release of the crux iso dont spose you wanna change the image name to crux instead of CRUX :)07:29
cptnimage name?07:30
cptnbrointhemix: only works if you're root though, so if that's not what you want sudo's better07:30
cptnrxi: ah, I see07:31
brointhemixactually, i want to use it only as root :)07:31
brointhemixlemme check07:31
rxicptn: hehe yeah slightly annoying for those who cant touch type :)07:31
brointhemixdamn, works! :)07:32
cptnI've never ever used the image name before...07:32
rxiwell the label07:32
brointhemixthanks cptn :)07:32
cptnrxi: yeah, I see that it's set in the Makefile, but as I said, I've never used it07:32
rxithis is the first time ive used 2.2 and i cant recall back to 2.1 and 2.007:33
cptnbut where do you use the label?07:33
cptnI guess it's been like this forever, since 'CRUX' is the official spelling07:34
rxiCRUX root=blah07:34
rxiyeah i figured that07:34
cptnI mean something different then07:34
cptn"Specifies the volume ID (volume name or  label)  to  be  written into  the master block"07:35
cptnthat's the -V option to mkisofs07:36
cptnand it's obviously CRUX :-)07:36
cptnchanging the label in syslinux is probably okay07:36
rxiyeah thats what i thought .. im just trying to get this thing working and typing CRUX is starting to shit me :)07:37
cptnI have to admit that it never really bothered me07:43
cptnunlike special characters, the shift key is usually at the same location, no matter which keyboard layout one uses...07:44
rxii guess its not really high on the priority list :P07:45
cptnalthough with the next release, most setups should just work07:52
marowill it be initrd based?07:53
cptnI think so07:53
maroor are you doing it properly with initramfs? :P07:53
rximost setups?07:54
cptnmaro: the only one who has spent on this so far is jaeger, and we'll probably just merge his updated ISO changes07:54
maroI see07:54
cptnrxi: well, currently if the cdrom isn't the secondary IDE master, the boot just panics07:55
cptnmaro: although I'd expect it's a minor change to switch to initramfs07:55
qidyeah, I always found it rather stupid that it can boot off a CD just fine and then dies when it can't find the device it's already booting off of07:56
cptnqid: welcome to the world of userspace device naming :-)07:56
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jdolan/opt/share really is the best place for porn.08:14
jdolannobody knows to look in /opt..08:15
predatorfreakjdolan: ........ Good idea.08:26
* predatorfreak implements.08:26
rxijdolan: lol .. i used to use /home/peter/.cddb :P08:28
predatorfreakI use /home/predatorfreak/images :(08:30
rxilol images? you know they make movies now? :P08:30
predatorfreakrxi: Those go in ~/images/movies :P08:31
predatorfreakrxi: Plus, I don't know about you, but I don't like it when girls start moaning in the middle of my porn ;)08:31
predatorfreakNow in the real deal it's different.08:32
predatorfreakBut my porn I prefer them to stfu.08:32
rxiyeah trannies dont moan real well either :(08:32
predatorfreakrxi: .............. ACKWARD.08:32
predatorfreakrxi: Trannies being injected into a discussion of porn.08:33
predatorfreakJust...... ackward.08:33
predatorfreakrxi: But hey, whatever floats your boat :P08:34
rxioh awkward .. not really .. should have been in #crux-ot :)08:34
predatorfreakrxi: I prefer my women without penises, so, trannies in my porn would be VERY awkward.08:35
rxipredatorfreak: prude08:35
predatorfreakrxi: Trannie :P08:35
jdolanpredatorfreak, headphones..08:35
jdolanlet them moan and scream all they way.08:35
predatorfreakjdolan: Ear plugs :P08:36
rxijdolan: well a trannie is more like a sqeek :P08:36
jjpkThere is something easier, the mute button.08:36
jdolan(personally i like their little squeals)08:36
predatorfreakjjpk: I wish :(08:36
jdolanaight, i'm off to work.08:36
predatorfreakI should head to bed.08:37
predatorfreakBeen up quite a while now.08:37
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marodoes anyone know why you need root privileges to chroot?08:52
Hanbecause it can be abused08:54
jjpkIt's easier restricting something to only one person than trying to control several08:56
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brointhemixhmm, just a quick question11:22
brointhemixCRUX will never get an ArchLinux-like kernel, right?11:23
jjpkWhatever that means, but I doubt so.11:23
brointhemixno stupid packaged and initrd'ed dumbass kernel, right?11:23
brointhemixyou ever tried installing ArchLinux?11:24
jjpkNope, it's always been self-compiled, or just copying the kernel off the crux disk.11:24
brointhemixcuz i recently tried Arch on my big box11:24
guaquano idea what "archlinux-like" kernel means :)11:24
brointhemixand, God, it sucks11:24
jjpkOn one hand it is nice to have a working kernel from the start, but it's not nice if you can not easily decide when to update. ;)11:25
brointhemixguaqua: imagine a situation:11:25
brointhemixyou're installing your new CRUX and you see something like kernel-
brointhemixand it's the only option of installing a kernel11:26
brointhemixthat's an ArchLinux-like kernel11:26
guaquadownloading sources and installing doesn't work?11:26
brointhemixjjpk: noooo, that's goddamn bad11:26
brointhemixit was CRUX that taught me how to build proper kernels11:27
guaquaredhat 7.0 taught me to never trust a binary-based distro ;)11:27
brointhemixguaqua: glibc and some other packages are linked to kernel headers that come with the kernel11:27
guaquagentoo taught me how to compile a kernel11:27
guaquaand crux makes me happy :D11:28
brointhemixguaqua: i hear you man!11:28
* brointhemix buys guaqua a beer11:28
guaquahrr, a poor student thanks11:28
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brointhemixgentoo taught me how to bust my box compiling things the whole day and still have the system not configured :)11:29
brointhemixrelax, i'm a poor student as well :)11:29
guaquagentoo was all fine and dandy until one fine day they broke portage11:29
guaquaand no fix helped11:29
brointhemixthey should replace portage with pkgitils+prt-get11:30
guaquaportage would be nice if there was a more stable branch to it11:30
brointhemixhow many people are tere involved in gentoo?11:30
* treach wonders what happened to lukas crux-bsd.11:31
brointhemixquite a few, huh?11:31
brointhemixther's a saying: too many cooks spoils the broth :P11:31
brointhemixtreach: was that a project?11:31
brointhemixanyways, is CRUX so much different from BSD after all? :)11:32
treachiirc, it fell on it's nose because the pkgutils wasn't portable enough.11:32
brointhemixports + packages stuff, simple, etc.11:32
treach(at least in part)11:32
guaquacrux is still very much a linux11:33
brointhemixis that a con?11:33
brointhemixi don't think so11:33
guaquanot in my books since i know linux the best11:33
brointhemixBSD is sooo much machine-oriented11:33
guaquabsd is old-fashioned11:33
guaquaold filesystems etc11:33
brointhemixi prefer linux's human-oriented approach11:33
guaquadon't know what's the actual difference11:34
treachguaqua: it's all about opinions, obviously, but in mine, you can't come much closer to bsd without actually using it than you do with crux.11:34
guaquain filesys and all11:34
brointhemixand there's no "make menuconfig" in BSD kernel's makefile :P11:34
guaquatreach: haven't used any other bsd-like linux distros so i can't really say11:35
brointhemixyou did - gentoo :)11:35
guaquabut after going from crux to netbsd and back i have to say i like crux a lot better :/11:35
guaquawell gentoo...11:35
guaquabut it's another case11:35
brointhemixgentoo is even listed on as Gentoo/BSD project11:35
rxitreach: i think he got bored/over it :)11:37
brointhemixdo you consider changeing CRUX's logo from time to time?11:37
brointhemixto make it look, hmm, more unique11:38
brointhemixlike gentoo's "g" for example11:38
treachwhat does this look like, some damned marketing departement?11:38
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brointhemixor freeBSD's red ball with horns :)11:38
brointhemixwell, no :)11:38
brointhemixi've just come up with an idea11:39
treachOur slogan is pretty much, "This is Crux, now piss off!" if you haven't noticed. :p11:39
treachthe only distro whos users actually advice people *not* to use it, at least from what I've seen. :)11:40
brointhemixok, but what if somebody came up with a nice logo for CRUX, what would you say?11:40
brointhemixhmm... i wonder why? it makes you learn, it gives you total control... why not to use it?11:41
guaqualogos don't work with k.i.s.s. ;)11:41
guaqua(why not)11:42
brointhemixoh c'mon :)11:42
treachbrointhemix: because it's hard unless you already know the basics.11:42
* treach waits for the "basics" jokes..11:42
guaqualife's hard11:43
brointhemixtrach: i don't agree. i knew shit when i gnawed on CRUX.11:43
brointhemixand it was CRUX that made me learn the ways of linux11:43
brointhemix(heh, what choice did i have? :P)11:43
treachas for logos, IMO it's more trouble than it's worth. It brings a whole bunch of onerous legalese BS that nobody has the time nor inclination to deal with.11:43
guaquai don't know if i could have started using crux without the prior experience with gentoo11:43
brointhemixtreach, sorry for mistyping your nic11:43
treachnp, you're not the first.. :)11:44
guaquagentoo had very good manuals and a large, helpful userbase11:44
guaquaafter that crux was just all those things in gentoo made simple11:44
brointhemixsurely, but still it is not proper to misspell names11:44
treachit's not like it's what stands in my passport..11:45
brointhemixi once printed gentoo's installation manual11:45
brointhemix20 or so pages11:45
guaquai have crux one-pager printed out11:45
brointhemixagainst 20-something pages of CRUX's full manual :)11:45
brointhemixtreach: ;)11:45
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brointhemixdo you know of any free sites that provide free revDNS?11:49
brointhemixnow that's a nice sentence that i've built :)11:49
*** mrks has quit IRC11:50 at least something11:51
guaquaor soemthing related11:51
*** mrks_ is now known as mrks11:51
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rxiwelcome back vektori11:52
brointhemixguaqua: doesn;t seem t owork11:52
vektoriHey. :)11:52
jjpkOnly the dns admin can change the dns reverse, so I suggest you talk to them.11:52
brointhemixhi :)11:52
jjpkwelcome back vektori.11:52
guaquadoesn't work, yeah11:53
brointhemixjjpk: no no, i mean a free service like that would provide reverse DNS for free :)11:53
guaquayou can't do reverse dns without your isp's help or getting ipv6-tunnel from somewhere11:53
brointhemixguaqua: well, there's something like "domain ofor sale"11:53
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger11:53
brointhemixbut i don't want to buy any :)11:53
guaquabrointhemix: that service doesn't seem to be there anymore11:54
jjpkYou won't find anyone who will do this for free.11:54
brointhemixwhy not? i've an external IP11:54
jjpkEspecially not when there are shortages of ipv4.11:54
guaquathis one maybe:
jjpkYou still need to get your isp to make your ip point to a no-ip domain.11:55
jjpkA simple A record is not enough. ;)11:55
brointhemixnaah, i don't have to talk to my ISP to do that :)11:56
brointhemixat least not if i only want my IP point to something.somewhere.com11:57 pointing to your IP is easy. your IP reverse-resolving to requires your ISP's help11:57
jaegerunless you run your own DNS server(s)11:57
treachah, vektori wb. I was beginning to fear your gf had taken you off-line. ;)11:58
vektoriHehe. No worries, I got rid of her. :)11:58
treachThat's the spirit. :)11:59
brointhemixjaeger: hmm, maybe you're right after all11:59
thrice`he usually is11:59
jjpkA and PTR records must match for it to resolve, otherwise it will just point to an ip, nothing more.12:00
jaegerin many cases, the A record is all people want12:00
jaegerwhich is part of why dyndns-type services are so popular12:00
brointhemixi've already have an A, now i want an rev :)12:01
brointhemixdamn :/12:01
jjpkYou also need a static ip.12:01
brointhemixi won't do it without $$$ :/12:01
jaegeror an ISP who's willing to make quick changes or set low TTLs12:01
brointhemixmy address rarely changes12:01
jaegermy ISP won't do either one, heh12:01
rximy isp gives out free static ips *hugs*12:02
brointhemixi got my A record from no-IP.org12:02
jjpkNever tried my ISP, since first you would have to pay an extra monthly fee for a static ip address.12:02
jaegerthere's no compromise with my ISP12:03
jaegeryou can either have 1 dynamic IP or a business account with 5 static IPs12:03
jaegerand of course the business account is not cheap12:03
jjpkI don't really care, as long as I am connected i'm happy. :p12:03
jaegeraye, same here12:04
jaegerif I really need something to stay in one place I move it to morpheus.net12:04
jjpkSame scenario here as well, I have a shell account elsewhere.12:04
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guaquaeasier that way12:06
jjpkMakes more sense since being a poor students gets you nowhere. :p12:06
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brointhemixwould you, the CRUX core team,  accept a logo for our distro if a nice one showed up?12:08
jjpkWhat's wrong with the current logo? o_o12:08
vektoriAt least it could be considered, I think.12:09
rxijjpk: its not unique! :P12:09
brointhemixi'm not saying something's wrong, i'm just probing for an option :)12:09
mike_kjjpk: AFAIK current logo is too cruxish =)12:09
brointhemixvektori: thanks :)12:09
vektoriLet's make a CRUX logo comprised entirely of bells and whistles. That'll satisfy everyone.12:10
jjpkI can already picture the media frenzy.12:10
brointhemixoh c'mon, i'm the only one with such ideas here, so there's no media frenzy risk ;)12:11
treachif you're not into marketing, what's the point with a logo, really?12:12
jaegermaybe we need more marketing... and spin-off products12:12
treachIt's like having an oar, without even having any intention of building a boat - ever.12:12
jaegerCRUX (tm) Malt Liquor - DAYUMMM!12:12
brointhemixtreach: i like when things look... nice12:13
treach"jaeger-meister - crux edition". :)12:13
brointhemixtreach: don't complain, i'll share merchandise profits with you :)12:13
rxijaeger: hehe will have to get jdolan to mix an ost :)12:13
jaegerrxi: good call12:13
treachoh, riches, wonderful riches..12:13
brointhemixeheh :D12:14
* treach makes his best prince john imitation.12:14
treachoh, and imagine the CLC figure-set. A must have!12:17
jaegeras long as they have kung-fu grip!12:17
jjpkCRUX CO/LTD/INC must be nearing. ;)12:17
vektoriI want the Captain Cptn figure.12:17
jjpkIt will sell like hot pancakes.12:18
brointhemixhehe :)12:18
brointhemixwe'd also need posters...12:19
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treachah, yes. I think that's why they brought jdolan in. I think I saw him posing in some leather-outfit on some picture somewhere..12:20
vektoriI think I've missed something crucial in the past few months...12:20
brointhemixeheheh :D12:21
jjpkvektori: I doubt so, this started today.12:21
brointhemixthanx to me :)12:21
treachyeah, sorry for flipping out. I'll go back to my normal menacing self. :)12:21
brointhemixbut don't ban me, ok?12:21
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clarejaeger: remember my alsa device problem? I got new udev and kernel sooner than I expected; summary is
jaegerclare: seems pretty odd12:43
clareOh, why? I thought it was normal  :)12:48
jaegerjust seems odd that the behavior is so varied, to me12:50
clareAh well, as long as it keeps working I'm happy, will try again suspend-resume; that should be more fun.12:51
clarebesides the new udev was a huge change.12:52
clarethe oddity was that the new udev said you dont need hotplug any more, but in fact the udev 087 didn't need it in fact was spoiled by it.12:54
jaegerI didn't have any problems using it with 087 but it's not required13:00
clareOh.. shows I  was not careful enough updating to 087; just did it as part of keeping up-to-date and didnt notice that I lost my sound  then.13:03
brointhemixso you say it is safe to remove hotplug?13:04
jaegershould be, yes13:04
clare(because I had just got sound going on my new usb to stereo thing on a desktop machine13:04
thrice`did you copy the new rules file over?13:04
brointhemixjaeger: ok, thanks13:05
clareyes, i pkgremoved the old udev and pkgadded the new.13:05
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claregoodnight all13:45
*** clare has quit IRC13:45
*** jrebelo is now known as spocker13:51
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*** thrice` has joined #crux13:54
jaegerhermit lives14:00
*** morlenxus has quit IRC14:23
*** morlenxus has joined #crux14:24
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spockerjaeger: i have been alive all along but just not doing much15:00
spockernow i am a dirty sinner though15:00
spockerrunning gentoo for the first time15:00
spockertheir channel is for wankers though15:00
* treach gets the sharpened poles15:00
spockeryeah it's awful I know15:00
spockerI'm the first one to get on a gentoo witch hunt.15:00
spockerBut a bunch of guys at work run it and I decided to check it out.15:01
spockerI am quite liking it because I was finding myself too lazy to maintain my crux system properly.15:01
spockerthis has a bit more automation and more reliable package dependency satisfactions15:01
spockeri just want shit to work now15:01
treachheh, crux is as reliable as you are. :)15:02
spockercrux is very reliable, but the ports are a different story15:02
spockerby that i mean specific versioning of deps and stuff15:02
jaegerhey, was on the phone. good to see ya15:03
jaegerI do spend a lot of time maintaining my crux installs but I enjoy it enough that it doesn't bother me15:03
spockerjaeger: yeah, I appreciate it when that's what I want15:03
jaegerupdating my second box today, though, which is dual-booting gentoo ~amd64 and freebsd amd6415:03
treachIf I feel lazy I just install ubuntu, and get it over with.15:04
spockeri use it at work sadly15:04
spockerthe apt system is brutal15:04
spockeri have found the portage stuff to be far more reliable15:04
treachI suppose that depends on what you are using it for.15:04
jaegerI run ubuntu at work in a couple places, too, it's not bad15:04
spockertrying to change my version of vim on my hoary box at work was fucking absurd15:04
jaegerI don't really have any trouble with apt or portage, though15:04
thrice`nor prt-get15:05
spockerthe problems with apt only come when you have to run versions that aren't available for your build15:05
treachrule #1. If using a binary dist, don't wander outside the repos.15:05
jaegerI just build those myself15:05
spockerjaeger: yeah and that's why i don't like that system15:05
treach(unless you are prepaired to take pains.)15:05
spockerthere are enough instances where I have to do it myself i say fuck it15:05
thrice`slackware was the only binary distro I have liked, myself15:05
spockerthrice`: likewise15:05
spockerit was my first distro i used for a long stint (after starting out with redhat like many)15:06
spockerbut i found slackware's package system to be really lacklustre and that's when I switched to crux15:06
thrice`the reason I like it is the extremely stable development branch15:06
treachwhee. Why tell my story when someone else is doing it so well already? :p15:06
jaegerI like a little bit of everything15:06
thrice`treach: :)15:07
jaegeranyway, gotta reboot this box to windows for now, be back when my second machine is up again15:08
treachbut actually iirc my first linux dist was some ancient caldera.15:08
*** jaeger has quit IRC15:08
treachno, not really..15:08
*** mike_k has joined #crux15:08
treachfirst some really anicent slack that wasn't usable by a long shot, kernel 1.3.x something.. then caldera.15:08
thrice`slack 9.0 was the first time I touched linux15:09
treachshould we change diapers on you as well? ;)15:09
thrice`definitely :)15:09
*** hackedhead has quit IRC15:12
spockerI started I think with slack 715:14
thrice`since then gentoo, ubuntu and crux15:15
*** hackedhe1d has quit IRC15:15
thrice`and os x :)15:15
spockerI used ubuntu for a couple days and the packaging system pissed me off enough to quick fast.15:16
spockerYeah I have a macbook pro15:16
spockerosx is sweet15:16
spockerI use fink in osx to be able to emulate apt-get on osx15:16
spockerI have mutt, irssi and such15:16
thrice`macirssi works well enough for me15:17
mike_kanyone getting 'udev unknown key: MODALIAS'? Googling gave no direct answer15:21
mike_kthat seems to be pcmcia rules related15:35
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:43
RyoSwhich modul is that?16:00
RyoSi mean exactly, i know some host controler in the usb section16:00
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*** koefz has quit IRC18:45
nipuLre: crux-bsd, i'm still working on it. but the work ive been doing on the package manager has pretty much turned into a fork19:14
treachaw. nice.. like doing some minor repairs on an old house.19:14
treachdo I detect a proud new homeowner? :P19:15
nipuLmade a few changes, like replacing all the commented metadata into actual variables19:15
vektoritreach: I hope you don't live near Flogsta:
nipuLsource collection has been moularised19:16
nipuLas well as extraction19:16
treachvektori: no, trollhättan.19:16
vektoriHeh, yeah.19:16
treachone would almost be lead to belive that tree was about to get married though..19:17
treach(obiously minus the larvas though.)19:17
vektori"You may now kiss the larvae."19:17
treach"Uh, no thanks"19:18
nipuLmmm, i wasnt hungry before...19:19
treachwham-bam-belobam! is no more, apparently.19:19
RyoSdoes somebody know a good webcam stream application?19:20
RyoSso one can view it from the browser19:21
thrice`hrm...someone object to bumping xchat's version up?19:21
treachwhat? can't keep away from the streaming pr0n?19:21
nipuLtreach: nope, i killed it19:21
*** claw_ has quit IRC19:25
RyoStreach: not exactly pr0n :P19:26
treachbtw vektori, we missed you during your absence. cptn said you'd been busy lately. He linked us a picture of you at work though.
RyoSjust my logitech wont work behind nat for some msn users19:26
treach"MSN", "Webcam"? gah..19:27
vektoritreach: Haha, yeah, that's me getting prepared for some mast repairs.19:27
*** claw_ has joined #crux19:27
RyoStreach: cant help it ;)19:28
treachThere is always a choice. ;)19:28
RyoSlike? ;)19:29
treachnothing in particular. Are you going to date your chat-partners? =)19:30
RyoSnot really :D19:31
* treach doesn't get all this *need* to personalize every contact.19:31
RyoSi am happy together with my girlfriend19:31
vektoriWhich reminds me of my plans to set up a mast repair webcam.19:32
treachput it on the brain-jar. :)19:33
treachanyhow, time to date the pillow. -> afk19:35
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux19:47
*** prologic has joined #crux20:39
prologicHey guys, I can't seem to find an ATI driver for my video card that'll work with x11 6.9.020:40
prologicand the kernel20:40
prologicfresh 2.2 install20:40
vektoriSuch is life in the world of ATI.20:41
prologicheh I'll admit nvidie card are easier to get going :)20:42
prologicbut that doesn't help me solve this :P20:42
prologicI either get "unknown symbols" errors (with some older drivers)20:42
prologicor version mismatches with X complinaing about loading the driver20:42
rxii guess the latest dont work20:43
*** jaeger has joined #crux20:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger20:43
prologicwell not with x11 6.9.020:43
rxiahh :(20:44
rximight have to upgrade to 7.0?20:46
prologicthere is no 7.0 yet is there ?20:46
rxix11 r7?20:47
jaegerI thought there was already a 7.1 :)20:47
prologicnot in any of the tress I have here :)20:48
prologicsurely there is still an ati driver around that works with 6.920:48
jaegertry the x11r7 repo20:49
prologicwhat's it's status ? does everything work well ?20:50
jaegerit seems to work rather well in my experience, though nvidia 1.0-8762 and it have some font rendering issues on occasion20:51
prologicwhat's the rsync url of this repo ?20:52
prologicit says "rsync" as the type, but offers a httpup file :)20:52
jaegerlook on the front page20:52
jaegerthe two urls are listed there20:52
prologicoh missed that :)20:53
prologiccrabby console fonts are too small!20:53
prologicgot it20:55
*** Invert314 has joined #crux20:55
prologicand must this be listed before opt/contrib in prt-get.conf ?20:55
thrice`i couldn't get xorg 7 to work on crux20:56
jaegerprobably safest that way20:56
prologicand remove x11 and related deps first ?20:56
thrice`I couldn't get X to start with xorg errors either =\20:58
jaegerthere's a wiki entry on about installing it20:58
jaegerthrice`: I've installed it on a couple machines without any trouble besides the nvidia font thiings20:58
prologicta jaeger20:58
* prologic goes reading :)20:59
prologiccatcha guys later this evening, I'm racing today! hehe20:59
rxiprologic: hehe thats gotta be interesting20:59
thrice`jaeger: odd.  I had an ATI card, simply installed with prt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg, installed binary ati drivres, and21:00
thrice`x woudlnt' go21:00
prologicrxi: I raced yesterday too, ran a crap 400m but a really good 200m21:01
prologic25.79 :)21:01
rxiprologic: oh its not in a car/bike?21:01
prologictrack :)21:01
prologicbeen training the last few momths21:01
rxiahh ... cool .. sounds like too much effort tho :P21:02
prologicgoing to the world nationals soon, be in switzerland in a few weeks :)21:02
Invert314do gamers use crux?21:02
rxiprologic: sweet!21:02
jaegerInvert314: I do :)21:03
Invert314jaeger, gfx card?21:04
jaegernvidia in all my stuff... 7900gt, 6800gt, 6600gt21:04
prologicI would if I had a decent graphics card :)21:04
*** prologic has quit IRC21:05
thrice`jaeger: out of curiosity, did you install anything other than the xorg deps?21:05
jaegerthrice`: not that I recall21:06
Invert314how long does it take to boot your crux box?21:06
jaegergoing out tonight, if you need something leave it in a /query :)21:06
jaegerno idea, never timed it21:06
thrice`jaeger: you guys have decent parties around there?21:08
Invert314fedora takes 2minutes+21:08
thrice`near campus, anyways21:08
jaegerguess I'm not going out as soon as I thought, car won't start21:10
jaegerthrice`: probably, I don't really know21:10
rxihehe german reliablity? :P21:10
jaegerrxi: guess so21:10
Invert314is crux really that much harder to administrate compared to slackware?21:11
jaegerNot particularly21:11
Invert314ok good, because some door nob said that crux is for advanced admins21:12
jaegercrux will not hold your hand, definitely21:12
jaegerbut there's plenty of information out there on the net for any problem that might occur21:12
*** _ASK has quit IRC21:13
Invert314yeah the documntaiton looks good to me21:14
Invert314unfortunately i've settled down here with slackware21:14
Invert314maybe in the future i'll try crux once slackware stops working21:14
Invert314(i always mess up my distros at some point)21:14
qidInvert314: are you using a laptop?21:15
Invert314nah, an older DELL desktop21:15
qidwas wondering why you asked about boot times21:15
qidyou just boot linux and leave it until you need to do a kernel upgrade21:16
Invert314oh yeah, that's just a prefereance of mine21:16
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:24
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*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
Romsterhmm this is odd arts dosn't work on my user account but i've made a new user account and it works fine, i wonder what config file i need to check in my home dir?23:16
LithiumGSAre you in the required groups?23:22
*** LithiumGS has quit IRC23:35
Romsteri've got that added already23:45
Romstersorry was busy23:46
Romsterworked on the newly created user but not my account so i'm not sure what could be diferent23:46
Romsterack hes not on and i'm talking to myself...23:47
maroRomster: have you done a relogin after your account was added to the groups?23:59

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