IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-08-06

Romsteri've even rebooted my pc and its no change00:06
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Romstermy guess is a config in my home dir but i dunno what one to look at00:06
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mike_kwhat was the solution to bring back missing images after glib/gtk update? this was discussed here02:25
mike_koh, it was prt-get update -uf gtk-engines02:38
* Romster shrugs02:39
Romsterany squid freaks here? i get a Invalid Request and i've got port 80 redirected to 3128, trying to setup a transparant proxy02:39
Romsterupdate footprint?02:39
Romsteryou might want to use -fr for force rebuild first.02:39
RomsterThe requested URL could not be retrieved, hrmm i use a seperate dns server02:40
mike_kRomster: I've deleted the pkg by hand02:40
Romstermaybe i got a config error02:40
Romsterah k is no need when you can fo a -fr02:41
Romsterdamn it i'm stuck on squid..02:43
Romsterok got squid sorted i had to add http_port 3128 transparent03:33
Romsterall the docs ont he ent are stale except the on on the squid site03:33
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prologicWith xorg7 installed okay. Xorg -configure, edit, then startx ?04:07
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prologicjust installing the ati driver from xorg-xf86-video-ati atm04:08
prologicwhere does xorg.conf live now ?04:09
treachI still have mine in the same place.04:10
treachhad to create the dirs though.04:10
Romsterhere /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:10
Romsterodd it was there after i installed04:11
treachsure it wasn't a leftover from a back-up?04:11
Romsteror might of been because i had X6.9 on before04:11
prologicit's stored in /usr/lib/X11/ by default04:12
Romstercopy it over if need be04:14
Romsteri forgot how i didi it but throw it in /etc/X11/04:14
Romstercapital X04:14
Romstertheres a config app too04:14
Romsteryou can su eot generate one04:14
Romsteruse to*04:14
Romsteryikes my bad typing04:14
Romsterprologic, get on shortcircuit :)04:14
prologicno :)04:15
prologicstill fixing desktop04:15
Romsteri got mine running nicely :)04:16
prologicgood for you :)04:16
prologicI'm flat out here04:16
Romsterand you really need todo a crux update i got loads in svn04:16
prologic15hrs a week training, 15hrs a week working04:16
prologicand 10hrs a week at uni04:16
prologicI've had no time to fix my damn desktop :/04:16
prologicstupid hard disk04:16
prologicoh fine fine I'll do that now04:16
Romsteri've been wondering where you've been04:17
Romsterno rush but i thought it was a cron job04:17
prologicdon't even have subversion installed :/04:17
prologicno it isn't04:17
prologicbut I need to set that up04:17
Romsteryou crash the hdd?04:17
prologicremind me later04:17
prologicman the hard disk cacked itself04:18
prologicit's fine though after a cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda :)04:18
Romsteryou did have a backup?04:18
prologicof most things yes04:18
Romsterhah you zeroed it04:18
prologicI"m gonna buy a couple of 4GB flash disks and install and run my desktop off em :)04:18
Romsterso it was basicly jsut file coruption and not phisical crash04:19
prologicyeah pretty much04:19
prologicbut the drive was spitting out errors04:19
Romsterodd i thought ext3 was preaty imune to all sorts of problems04:19
prologicno file system is :)04:20
Romsteri got like 10% space on a 200GB hdd :/04:20
Romstermust get my other 200GB hdd off ntfs and into ext304:21
treachhmm, I need a good dictionary file to feed into a cracker. Any suggestions where to find one? (Trying to recover an old zip-file some genious put a password on..)04:22
prologick I'm outta here04:23
prologicgoing out for dinner, laterz04:23
Romsterk prologic  make sure you update crux repo please04:23
Romstertreach,  hrmm lest see what i can find.04:23
Romsteri did have a zip cracker but it was winblows stuff04:24
treachthanks, I'd hate if I had to set up a windows box just for this..04:25
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guaquaRomster: why ext3?04:30
guaquawhy not a real one, like xfs for instance? ;)04:31
Romsterjourneling file system and it dosn't corupt if the power goes out int he middle o f a operation04:31
treachdon't use xfs unless you have an ups.04:32
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guaquaand this is again from experience or someone's bad experience from bad hardware?04:33
treachit's from knowledge of what xfs is designed for..04:33
Romstertreach, looks interesting04:33
treachguaqua: and belive me, it wasn't desiged to run on crappy pc hardware.04:34
treachRomster: Yeah. But I was looking for a good dictionary file.04:34
guaquaafaik ext3 wasn't also designed, it's a trade-off for compatibility and doesn't offer anything too special04:35
Romstermy expeareance of reading everyones bad fortune04:35
Romsterand i'd rater ahve a more stable system than to lose all my stuff despite it being backed up on 31dvd's!04:35
Romsterthat alone took me 3 flaming days to backup04:35
Romsteryeah and  this is only a 1.4GHz pc04:35
Romsterbruteforce that trys every combination?04:35
treachsure, but if I find a good dictionary it'd be a looot quicker..04:36
guaquai had one once...04:38
guaqualet me take a look04:38
guaquai must have gotten rid of it04:40
guaquai got it from there04:42
treachpaid downloads, the links to the samples doesn't work.04:44
treachthanks. I think mozilla fooled me on that one.04:50
guaquathe page is badly formatted04:52
guaquahard to see what's important04:52
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treachnah, I saw the link, but firefox just complained about it. However using the same url with ncftp worked.. not sure what happended.05:01
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brointhemixany idea why i ca'nt build mesa3d from x11r7 port?05:05
brointhemixglxcmds.c:2670: error: 'X_GLXvop_BindTexImageEXT' undeclared (first use in this05:05
brointhemixglxcmds.c:2670: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once05:05
brointhemixglxcmds.c:2670: error: for each function it appears in.)05:05
brointhemixglxcmds.c: In function 'glXReleaseTexImageEXT':05:05
brointhemixglxcmds.c:2711: error: 'X_GLXvop_ReleaseTexImageEXT' undeclared (first use in this function)05:05
brointhemixi get such error05:05
treachmissing dep?05:06
brointhemixnah, don't think so05:07
Romsterbrointhemix, anything over 4 lines pastebin it05:07
treachhow about making sure..?05:07
brointhemixi built everything with depends --instal-scripts05:07
brointhemixeee, depinst05:07
Romsterprt-get depends mesa3d05:07
Romstersee if everything is [i]05:08
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brointhe1ixsorry, i got dropped :?05:13
brointhe1ixgoddamn ISP05:13
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treachbrointhemix: you were told to make absolutely sure you've got all deps.05:15
brointhemixok, will check that out05:15
brointhemixi checked the pghbuild logs, it seemed to miss one or two something.h files05:16
treachalso, for the record, I hope -for your own good - that you didn't use "--instal-scripts".05:16
brointhemixbut the readme on / handbook says i should use --instll-scripts05:17
treachno, it doesn't... :>05:17
brointhemix"To install the minimum ports you'll need to be able to successfully startx, run prt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg and go have a few cups of coffee.05:19
treachanyhow, if we leave the mucking around with *"--install-scripts"* aside, if you are missing h-files, do a fsearch for them and see where they belong.05:19
brointhemixoh really? :)05:19
brointhemixok, will do that05:19
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treachhi there05:19
jjpkhi cptn.05:20
mike_kcptn: correct me if I am wrong: if we run 'prt-get update'/'prt-get sysup' without  '--nodeps' it should check for dependencies of an already installed packeges...05:25
mike_kI mean wine started to depend on fontforge from some point and prt-get skips that check05:26
cptnit will update already dependencies before05:28
cptnbut not inject new ones05:28
cptnthe rational behind this is that if people omit dependencies (e.g. kdelibs without openldap), sysup shouldn't force them back in05:29
mike_kI see, thanks.05:30
mike_kan option would be nice to resolve such caveats05:30
cptnI'm pretty sure there's actually a todo list item already :-)05:30
* mike_k checks05:30
cptn- allow dependency injection for sysup, with previews05:31
mike_kI was watchig Main/ToDo )05:32
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cptnheh, okay05:34
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mike_kcptn: great mail, JW. Hope, you'll find response.06:17
Romstercptn, i've been thinking, about ports, needs liek sqlite3 database instead of that slow flatfile cache.06:20
Romsteralso a way to select certain or to recomend a persons port when there is dupes06:21
cptnyay, Romster's here to enlighten us06:21
cptnas for the duplicates, just read the prt-get manual06:21
cptnit's all there06:21
Romsteri read though the todo list06:21
Romsteri have a port and all the dependancys are like all over other repos and some ar eout of date etc, like do i combine them in the repo i use but thats bad as its duplicating code or use some sort of bash script to gather all the ports i require.06:23
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cptnthen contact the maintainer06:24
cptnhow hard is it to work together?06:24
jjpkLooks like it is very. :D06:24
Romsterit isn't but thats what i'll be doing soon06:24
RyoSin times of email and other cool comunication ways, i'd say its very difficult :P06:24
Romsterbut not all have access to put the port in contrib either if i intend to add it to contrib.06:25
* Romster slaps RyoS :P06:25
RyoShey Romster :)06:25
cptnRyoS: unfortunately, the transport doesn't solve social inabilities06:25
Romsterhi dude06:25
Romstercptn, how rude.06:26
jjpkRude, maybe, but he has a strong arguement.06:26
cptnRomster: well, it was more of a general remark, just like RyoS06:26
jjpkNot to mention cultural differences, they all shine through..06:26
Romstercptn, yeah i know06:26
Romsterwell i'll inform them as i'm going todo but not got around to it yet then see if i have any furthor problems afterwards06:27
Romsterthe major one i see is havign to have all there httpup files jsut to get all the ports i require and all the ones i don't need in there repo too06:28
cptnit's about consistency06:28
jjpkThat's always a difficulty when there is no central authority on the ports.06:28
Romsteri looked at ilenia aswell06:28
jjpkAt least in contrib.06:28
cptnif you'd get single ports, you'll end up having all mixed up ports06:29
cptnthat's why we're trying to make people work together06:29
jjpkIndeed, and my hat's off to the challenge.06:29
cptnstill all the time, we get requests like yours to change the tools to avoid that06:29
cptn"change the tools so we don't have to coordinate with others"06:30
jjpkWelcome to the world of contradictions.06:30
Romsterhrmm i see your point06:30
jjpkThen again, since I assume most of us have been using crux for several years now, fixing problems ourself is not completely out of the picture.06:31
jjpkIt does become quite a hack at times though, that I agree with.06:31
Romsterthe idea being to have like repo:port, repo:port on the depends line maybe. but then again we shouldn't need duplicates, another idea was to use the best repo:port and having a local diff file to alter it to how i'd need it and also send that diff off to the port maintainer to consider including it.06:31
cptnthe local diff file was already in pkgutils before06:32
RomsterI'm just trying to figure out the best solution to a anoying problem i have.06:32
cptnit's funny how history repeats itself :-)06:32
jjpkWhat comes around, goes around. ;)06:32
Romsterah i must not of been using crux then06:32
cptnRomster: don't get me wrong, I submitted that patch back in the days06:33
jjpkI would be willing to participate in at least the ports.06:33
Romsteri can't rememebr how long i've used crux for prologic showd me it when i was using core linux06:33
cptnI just learned that it was easier to contact jue and have him enable imap in the mutt port, which was eventually easier than keeping the local diff up to date06:33
cptnand Per kicked the patch out in the next release anyway :-)06:34
Romsterah so my idea has been done and removed lol06:34
Romsterjust lovely06:34
cptnone way to look at it06:34
cptnso what exactly is the problem?06:35
RyoSdifferent flavors, what about looking at freebsd and look how they solve that?06:35
Romsteri tend to copy the ports and use my own locally. but i should inform them to update it. but if they don't reply or update the port i'm forced to make my own.06:35
RyoScd /usr/ports/www/firefox; make install06:35
RyoSsome screen appears to ask for what to add, verbose logging and stuff06:36
cptnRyoS: you haven't been around for the flavour discussion I guess06:36
Romsterwe'll see how i go contacting who i need to contact.06:36
RyoSso what was the end point cptn?06:36
cptnRyoS: if you want gentoo, use gentoo06:36
RyoSomg :D06:36
jjpkThat is sounding at bit too much like USE flags.06:37
RyoSits really not that easy to talk with you guys somehow :P06:37
cptnRyoS: ?06:37
Romsterwell i got an idea the local ports i've made i'll make a diff to theres and submit to them for alteration.06:37
RyoSi never used gentoo :s06:37
RyoSi cant tell if its a good distro or not, so cant tell06:37
jjpkRyoS: what did you expect? CRUX people are KISS philosophy martyrs :]06:37
cptnRyoS: okay, well, gentoo offers a lot of flexibility06:37
cptnRyoS: i.e. many flavours for every "port"06:38
cptnwhich makes their build files rather hard to read, and change06:38
cptnalthough you hardly ever have to change it06:38
cptnCRUX on the other hand keeps very simple Pkgfiles06:38
cptnwhich makes it very easy to change if you have to06:38
cptnintroducing flavours in any way would make them harder06:38
treachjjpk: martyrs are those who try editing ebuilds..06:39
Romsteri like the easy but the distrubing ports that depends on other ports problem can be a pain.06:39
jjpktreach: I don't think so. I think they are mad. :>06:39
cptnRomster: just put them all in one httpup06:39
treachwell, I can't see how one excludes the other..06:39
cptnRyoS: that's a plain design decision06:40
Romsterthats what i've been doing but that compounds the duplicate ports problem06:40
RyoSi get it06:40
Romsterand the port building says to not make duplicates06:40
Romstereitherway i'm screwed i have to disobay one rule.06:41
Romsteroh and one rule i have been following that not many have is the pre and post scripts msut be able to be ran multiple of times.06:41
cptnRomster: did you tell those people who didn't follow it?06:42
cptnor are you just telling us that you're better than many?06:42
Romsteranyways i'll stick to the same repo for the stuff i need if its not in core,opt,contrib for the time being06:42
Romsterno i've not informed, and no i'm not better than anyone else i'm jsut trying to follow the rules :)06:42
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Romsterok i'll fire off some emails about updating some out of date ports i use and telling the ones i see that aren't folloing the pre/post install scripts multiple run policy.06:44
cptnnice, thanks06:44
Romsterin nice words too :) i'm jsut trying to be helpful :)06:45
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cptnjjpk: do you have an httpup06:46
tilmanyay for gtk 2.10 in opt \o/06:48
jjpkcptn: just a random collection of ports, I could clean it up, but for now they are duplicates with my own changes or something like that.06:52
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cptnyour comment before sounded like you'd wanted to join contrib :-)06:52
cptn("I would be willing to participate in at least the ports")06:53
cptnso I figured I'd ask06:53
jjpkOh. I was referring to your e-mail in crux-devel.06:53
cptnah, okay06:53
jjpkSo if your proposal materializes, I am willing to give back to crux.06:54
Romsteroh while we ar eon contrib is there any dos and don'ts on what to add and what not to add? i've been on the only add fully tested ports and only if you think others will benifet, or be interested in them, and add all libs that i use incase someone else will need it.06:54
jjpkUnless I have misunderstood contrib completely, that sums it up quite well.06:55
cptnRomster: yeah, sounds fine06:55
Romsterits liek making your own rules up as you go along :/06:56
cptnof course it's hard to know which ports others want in advance06:56
Romstertrue its an assumption and if there is nothing that does a certain thing then its a fair bet no one is currently needing that item until later on.06:57
cptnRomster: which rule did you make up?06:57
Romstermy own of only adding tested ports to contrib and adding all libs that i needed that wasn't aviable at the time.06:58
Romsterjust more of a guideline i go by06:58
RyoSRomster: look at the query window ^^06:58
cptnI guess prologic didn't really introduce you to contrib06:58
Romstercorrect me if i'm wrong anywhere06:58
cptn"select only ports which you have tested, and are interesting to others too"06:58
Romstere did to a degree then i just took off on my own assumptions.06:59
cptnas well as:06:59
cptn"Provide all dependencies: deps must be present in base, opt or contrib."06:59
Romsteryeah i figured that part out myself06:59
Romsteri'll read that page now06:59
cptnin general, we require users to read this page before they apply07:00
Romsteryeah hehe i was naughty, i should of been directed to that page before07:05
Romsterbut i'm basicly doing that now. but that just confirms, most of my guidelines07:05
cptnwell, it's not your fault :-)07:05
Romsteri'm wating for pro to update the crux repo i got stuff in svn..07:06
Romsterbut that'll have to wait till he fixes hes pc..07:06
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tilmanprologic: did you ever read pycairo-1.2.0's README? especially the bit about the cairo.gtk module and pygtk 2.807:28
tilmanprologic: hint: remove from pycairo's footprint07:28
Romsterhmm i can update that tilman but it wont be out till prologic does the update script on the box07:29
tilmanit's not critical to fix it asap of course07:29
Romsterk it'll be out with the other stuff thats altered in pros repo ont he next update.07:31
Romsterbe nice when he adds it to the cron jobs again07:31
tilmanrugek: can you update mutt-ng to a more recent snapshot? the current one 404s; upstream only offers more recent archives07:33
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morlenxustilman: I have written an etk gui for enthrall (, and i want to patch enthrall for using a specifies temp path for the jpeg files and also a specified path for the avi. I also want to add a path option for the pointer image. Is it ok for you when i send you a patch when i'm done or do you have any special plans with enthrall?07:55
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Romsterwhat causes this error?08:10
Romster*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x080916e0 ***08:10
Romstera pogram that uses a old glibc?08:10
tilmana bad program08:10
Romsterthats a bugger its a cam driver...08:11
Romsteri got a logitech cam08:11
Romsterwas trying to compile
Romsterguess i'll look for another one or try there bleeding edge version..08:12
jdolananyone recommend a p2p client?08:19
jdolani dont feel like installing gtk1 just for lopster.08:19
Romsterah try out apollon08:20
Romsterthat uses giftd but needs kdelib for apollon gui unless you try one of the others out08:21
tilmanif you're gonna use gift, i'd recommend giftcurs over apollon08:21
* Romster looks at giftcurs08:21
Romstertilman, pycario be updated in next prologics update.08:22
Romsterncurses version :/08:22
Romsteri like gui's better for a desktop pc.08:23
* predatorfreak hugs rtorrent.08:24
jdolantilman, noted, installing, thanks.08:24
predatorfreakRomster: Nothing beats torrents, if you ask me :P08:24
predatorfreakPiratebay's legal threats are good fun.08:25
*** _ASK has joined #crux08:26
rehabdolllinuxdc++ works08:26
Romsterhas ktorrent too :)08:27
rehabdolli use rtorrent for all my torrent needs08:28
*** lasso has joined #crux08:31
Hanrtorrent++ :-)08:40
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tilmanpredatorfreak: traceroute ;D09:00
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC09:04
*** koefz has quit IRC09:05
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux09:07
jjpkrtorrent ftw!09:10
treachktorrent for kde-users. :)09:11
vektoriĀµTorrent for me. :P09:11
jjpkMuch better than using several instances of bittorrent-curses.09:11
tilmanvektori: hui, wb dude :)09:11
vektoriHey tilman, thanks. :)09:11
predatorfreakHehehe, XFS impresses me.09:13
predatorfreakForced reboot and my porn is perfect :)09:13
vektoriShh, be quiet or the industry will catch on.09:14
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o sip09:14
tilmanXFS sucks infinitely if you don't have a UPS :/09:14
predatorfreaktilman: Not here, amazingly enough.09:14
jjpkThe damage has already been done, this place does have a "public" log.09:15
tilmanpredatorfreak: then it's only a matter of time until you'll suffer from that problem. switch now.09:15
predatorfreaktilman: Plus, no filesystem is REALLY safe from sudden death.09:15
predatorfreakNo matter WHAT you do.09:15
vektoriSudden death as in the hard drive getting hit with a hammer?09:16
predatorfreakvektori: No, as in sudden power outage.09:16
predatorfreakNothing is really very "effective" in that situation.09:17
vektoriIf the drive has reliable cache flushing, sure it can be safe09:17
jjpkXFS is just more likely to end up.09:17
tilmanthe chance that xfs fills opened files with NUL bytes on power failure is (close to?) 100%09:17
tilmanmaybe only with files that are opened for writing, i don't know09:17
predatorfreaktilman: Sources?09:17
tilmanpredatorfreak: not from the top of my huge moron head. google ;)09:17
predatorfreakFor the most part, I believe that was fixed awhile ago.09:18
predatorfreake.g. shit being fucked up merely for being open.09:18
tilmanafaik it's a fundamental design problem09:18
jjpkI forget where I read this from, but XFS was designed for high reliability on powerful and redundant servers.09:18
predatorfreaktilman: You mean delayed allocation?09:18
tilman"uh-uh, XFS is designed for teh huge mainframe boxes which have UPS. gfy."09:18
jjpkThere you have it.09:18
tilmanpredatorfreak: mmh. don't know.09:18
predatorfreaktilman: Delayed allocation will wait to write shit until it can put it in the right spots :)09:19
predatorfreaktilman: Plus, considering the fact I just did a forced reboot.09:20
predatorfreakand saw no corruption.09:20
predatorfreakI'd have to say it handled it fine.09:20
vektoriUFS + soft updates = <309:20
jjpkThere goes the devil's advocate :D09:21
predatorfreaktilman: Then again, I plan to replace xfs with ext3 merely so I can mount my bloody music partition in winshit.09:21
predatorfreaktilman: I need to transfer my home directory to my server first though.09:22
predatorfreakThen I can just do scp -r porn .09:23
jjpkYou could get away easier by having a fileserver + decent soundcard with it.09:23
jjpkNo need to worry about mounting partitions or interrupting your music.09:23
predatorfreakjjpk: Broke.09:23
predatorfreakCan't afford another box.09:23
jjpkI know the feeling. Everything is fine and dandy unless something breaks. :p09:24
cnukesun will shine bright if linux gets zfs support...09:25
predatorfreakcnuke: Maybe by the time I'm 50 ;)09:25
predatorfreakBy then it should have been rewritten, stablised, tested, reviewed, chewed up, accepted mainstream, kicked, tortured and FINALLY be usable on Linux.09:26
jjpkNot going to happen anytime soon. Well, at least not unless there is a push for it to happen.09:26
cnukepredatorfreak: it is one of the best, imho it is the best fs, around there09:26
jjpkReiser4 is an example of that, its going but lacks the "official" encouragement.09:26
predatorfreakjjpk: The odd thing is.09:27
predatorfreakThe thing which most people bitch about with XFS (Delayed Allocation, bitching for good or bad) is also a primary feature of Reiser4.09:27
jjpkI have a hunch that people don't really care about these things.09:27
predatorfreakjjpk: Nah.09:28
jjpkReiser4 was "marketed" as the superfast fs.09:28
predatorfreakMost reiser4 users are just like "LOLZ IT RUNZ FAST!"09:28
jjpkIt caught on in gentoo world among the ricers.09:28
predatorfreakThen they loose all their porn ;)09:28
jjpkI also have the assumption that the devs behind reiser4 have serious attitude problems.09:29
jjpkI can not recall what the problem was, but they refused to fix it until someone pays them to do so. :D09:29
predatorfreakjjpk: You mean their numerous coding style problems?09:29
predatorfreakHans Reiser is a legendary hot-head.09:29
jjpkI can imagine.09:30
jjpkImagine that, according to wikipedia there is an attempt to bring zfs to linux and to dragonflybsd.09:31
jjpkAlthough though FUSE.09:31
jjpkLaws, regulations and licenses, oh the endless joy of wrangling.09:31
rximmm zfs09:31
predatorfreakjjpk: DragonFlyBSD might be more "accepting" (or maybe not).09:32
predatorfreakBut I doubt it will hit Linux unless it's GPL'd.09:32
treachbtw, iirc irix boxes have some serious psu's that have enough capacitators or somthing like that, to enable the system to do some sort of "emergency shutdown" even if the power goes.09:33
predatorfreaktreach: and from what09:35
predatorfreakI hear*09:36
predatorfreakXFS got a lot of improvements in 2.6 that really helped improve it's fallover capability.09:36
treachsure. It's your funeral anyway. :)09:37
predatorfreaktreach: I'll just keep porn backed up on my server ;)09:37
predatorfreakor get a cheap UPS.09:38
vektoriWhat's with this porn obsession?09:38
rxivektori: he's probably only 1309:39
vektoriEither that or a serious monomaniac.09:39
predatorfreakvektori: Hehehe, I'm just joking around.09:40
rxisurree :)09:40
predatorfreakvektori: Well, on the porn-on-XFS part ;P09:40
treachrefreshing to see so much applied scepticism. :)09:41
treachah, you mean it's backed up off site on optical media? ;)09:41
*** thrice` has joined #crux09:41
tilmanoptical media doesn't last long enough/not reliable enough09:42
tilmani'm sure he uses tapes09:42
Romsterpredatorfreak, *raises an eyebrow at XFS*09:42
predatorfreakTime to play some games and generally have some fun.09:44
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC09:48
*** mike_k has quit IRC10:09
*** jaeger has joined #crux10:20
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brointhemixumm.. i've updated udev and i lost networking. i mean all the modules and stuff loads as it should but i can't ping a thing. can that be udev releated?10:50
*** cptn has joined #crux10:51
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn10:51
*** _ASK has quit IRC11:03
Romsterbrointhemix, what version was udev before you updated?11:24
Romsterand you did run rejmerge?11:25
cptnnetwork devices have no /dev entry...11:25
Romsteryeah and that too11:26
Romstercheckout ifconfig11:26
Romsterhrmm this distrbuted kernel patch looks daunting to build.11:27
Romsterthink i'll try it later when i have a clear mind11:28
*** Brzi has quit IRC11:33
*** lasso_ has joined #crux11:36
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux11:36
*** mrks_ has joined #crux11:40
*** lasso has quit IRC11:41
brointhemixRomster: i had 08<something>, the default of CRUX 2.211:48
brointhemixand no, I didn't run rejmerge11:48
brointhemixok, i'll check everything11:48
Romsterhrmm then it should of been ok.11:51
Romsteri've not had a udev problem yet, other than permissions from groups.11:52
brointhemixi'm not sure if that one came from udev, i just happened when i rebooted after i updated udev11:53
brointhemixwill check that out11:53
brointhemixit shouldn't be much of a problem11:53
*** mrks has quit IRC11:54
brointhemixstill, i had no problems at all when i updated udev on my small box11:54
brointhemixof course the small box is 100% up to date and the big box is pure 2.2 + x11r7 + new udev11:55
brointhemixso maybe you're right about ifconfig11:55
marobrointhemix: what kernel?11:56
rugektilman: mutt-ng is dead, but if the port is still interesting i will keep it up11:56
marobrointhemix: you need 2.6.17 I think11:56
tilmanrugek: what's your source wrt the project's death?11:56
marofor network driver autoloading to work properly11:56
tilmanlooked at the "dev blog" this morning but didn't see anything11:57
tilmanrugek: i noticed rocco rutte is comitting stuff to mutt now though :D11:57
brointhemixmaro: i have the newest uden on my small box which has 16.27 as well and it works just fine11:57
brointhemixit's IRCing, downloading and gatewaying fine :)_11:57
marohm, you also said that the modules were loaded, so it probably isn't related11:58
*** thrice` has quit IRC11:58
rugektilman: great! ... would be nice to get a statement from the mutt-ng folks11:58
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC11:59
brointhemixmaro: now when i think of it..... i realise that you may be right :D11:59
brointhemixmaro: i'll see to it11:59
brointhemixmaro: thanks12:00
marobrointhemix: let me know if it works :)12:01
brointhemixi'll boot to crux in a few moments to try to hax it12:01
Romstertry out ketchup12:01
Romstereasy to maintian the kernel version patching for ya. between diferent versions12:02
Romsterketchup 2.6.17 will give you that version if you run that int he kernel source.12:02
brointhemixso you say it'll patch up any kernel source tree i have to the latess i want?12:04
*** kingruedi has quit IRC12:04
Romsterif you run ketchup 2.6 it will12:04
* vektori hugs ketchup.12:05
Romsterlateist is
Romster:) i like it12:05
* treach sends vektori to the laundry.12:05
brointhemixwow, nice :)12:05
* Romster smirks12:06
brointhemixmaro: ok, rebooting12:06
Romsterhow can ya recompile the kernel that fast O_o12:07
brointhemixno no12:08
brointhemixi wasn't recompiling at all12:08
brointhemixand mtw: it magically works again :)12:08
brointhemixit probably was ISP problem again that coupled with my networking unavailability12:09
brointhemixi'm such a panicker :)12:09
brointhemixlol, is there in English such a word? :)12:09
brointhemixpanicker, ehhehe :)12:09
brointhemixtell me, does the new udev probe for modules all by itself?12:10
Romsterpanic-er not sure12:11
brointhemixi can see that the USB and SBLive! modules have loaded although I didn't tell the system to load them anywhere12:11
brointhemixRomster: i'll fetch the dictionary :)12:11
Romsternot what i'm aware of you lsit them in /etc/rc.conf12:11
*** jue has quit IRC12:12
brointhemixnah, they aren't in rc.conf :)12:12
Romsteri know some conponents can be autoloaded if called for form the kernel12:13
brointhemixhmm.. naybe that's the case12:13
Romstermaybe thats it12:13
treachcon-ponents. only available in .au.12:14
guaquahow is module autoloading done in crux?12:14
Romsterbut i had to modprobe the soudn myself on my system12:14
guaquaor module loading for that matter12:14
guaquanever had to do that :/12:14
brointhemixRomster: the dictionary says nothing about "panicker" ;)12:14
Romsteri think the actualy program does the modprobe for itself?12:14
Romsterdrop the k12:15
brointhemixnah, that doesn't look proper12:16
brointhemixso probably i've ivented a new word12:16
Romsterhrmm no such word in the dictionary oh well :)12:17
morlenxustilman: <- This is the enthrall patch, which adds a tempdir and pointer path argument.12:17
* treach looks at good old "alarmist", and discards it as unmondern.12:17
morlenxustilman: Please tell me if everything is ok with it.12:17
brointhemixi didn't know that word :)12:18
tilmanmorlenxus: please make separate patches for both features. i'd prefer one that doesn't introduce the new ecore_file dependency.12:18
brointhemixthree years of studying and i still know shit... :D12:18
Romsternow ya do12:18
tilmanwhy did you remove the FIXME? it's still valid12:19
Romsterwell you know one more word now.12:19
brointhemixRomster: true, true :)12:19
morlenxustilman: Well i think the output filename is currently not needed to be specifiable anymore, as you can define an empty dir which will only contain the enthrall jpegs.12:20
morlenxusBut your choise. ;)12:20
tilmantmpdir should also default to pwd imo.12:20
tilmandon't hardcode /tmp at least12:21
morlenxusIf you start it from home your home would be spamed with images.12:21
morlenxusMaybe we should query this, as it hasn't much to do with crux? ;)12:22
Romsterif no directory is speficyed it should output a warning that it'll output to current directory?12:24
Romsterand give a y/N answer.12:25
Romsterunless ya use a period to define current directory,a dn apon no output to a directory given then output help then exit?12:26
* vektori hires Romster.12:26
Romsterlol neat12:27
Romsteri ogt sick of dos apps that did the same thing with no warning. and now in bash it be the same.12:28
Romsterman i need to either relearn how to type or maybe i need a better keyboard, desk, chair so i can sit better at the desk12:29
*** vektori has quit IRC12:30
treachmmh, lieing over the monitor and typing upside down can't be good.12:30
*** thrice` has joined #crux12:34
*** _ASK has joined #crux12:40
guaquawas there some major update with udev?12:46
guaquacos i didn't exactly research before i updated :)12:47
maroguaqua: yes12:48
guaquashould i have modified some configs? :>12:48
marohow the fuck am I supposed to know, you still haven't said what your problem is12:50
guaquawell, no problem, sorry12:51
marocheck the /crux-2.2/ports/core/udev/start_udev diff12:52
treachfirst time I've seen anyone sorry for not having any problem. Lucky dude. :)12:52
guaquathe thing is, i don't want to see if there are problems by restarting that computer12:53
maroyou kan use kexec :P12:55
*** kingruedi has joined #crux13:01
*** _ASK has quit IRC13:05
*** Brzi has joined #crux13:05
tilmanjaeger: btw, did you try to figure out why there's missing icons in gtk's file browser now? now being after the gtk 2.10 upgrade13:13
thrice`in which browser?13:14
*** claw_ has quit IRC13:21
*** claw_ has joined #crux13:21
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*** prologic has quit IRC21:10
*** prologic has joined #crux21:20
prologicHey guys, I've successfully installed xorg and xorg-xf86-video-ati and ran Xorg -configure, when I run startx, it tries to start but quickly bails out. See:
thrice`compile the radeon module into your kernel perhaps ?21:21
prologichmm ok21:22
prologicwhere from ?21:22
prologicin the kernel source tree ?21:22
thrice`the kernel :)21:22
prologicgood o :)21:22
prologicthanks lemme try that (been a while since I've installed this desktop)21:22
prologicremind me to get an nvidia card next time!21:22
*** prologic has quit IRC21:44
*** _ASK has joined #crux21:51
*** RyoS_ has joined #crux22:02
*** RyoS has quit IRC22:02
*** _ASK has quit IRC22:13
*** prologic has joined #crux22:14
prologichrmm, got radeon module loaded, yet startx still fails.
prologicI can hwoever get X itself to run, but not very usefull :)22:15
prologicwhat fonts should I be installing ?22:40
*** prologic has quit IRC22:54
*** thrice` has quit IRC23:04
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
HanWraaa I fixed the firefox/flash/no-sound problem =)23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** paper has joined #crux23:05
paperHey umm, I built modular xorg only package that wont build is the input-keyboard one23:06
paperI am  all in cli23:06
paperso I can't really get on anything to see23:06
paperif there has been a fix23:06
maroa fix for what problem?23:07
paperit's whining i believe about kbd23:07
Hanpaper, nice description23:07
maroyes, very useful indeed23:07
paperi can't see most of it as i said cli and i'm not that great moving in cli23:08
Hannohup pkgmk23:08
Hanwait a while and lo and behold, you got all output in a file23:08
paperwow longest error i've ever seen lol23:10
paperDon't even know where to start :/23:11
paperi would require gpm correct?23:13
Hanupload it to your homepage23:14
paperLet me know if that works first time i've used command line ftp lol23:18
paperso anybody have ideas?23:21
Hankbd.c:24:19: error: X11/X.h: No such file or directory23:23
HanThat's the first error23:23
HanAll other errors are a result of that first error.23:23
paperI see, but what shall i do now?23:24
HanWhich file provides it?23:24
paperX ??23:25
HanTime to do something yourself.23:25
paperlol, what's s/file/package supposed to mean?23:25
paperdo i need to reinstall non modular xorg for it to work :/23:26
paperi'm so lost lol23:26
paperahhh! i believe the tarball is messed up23:27
paperoh wait nvm23:27
paperkbd issue or input-keyboard issue :/23:29
paperand i see no X11/X.h in the source directory of input-keyboard23:29
paperok so i rebuild xproto?23:33
paperbaby steps :)23:33
paperok nvm maybe that wont help :/23:34
paperok whatever i give up :/23:37
paperI'm just not smart23:37
*** Romster has quit IRC23:39
*** rxi has quit IRC23:41
paperI don't think i have an X.h anywhere23:42
*** rxi has joined #crux23:44
paperAHHHHHHHHHHHH going crazy :(23:45
paperAnother thing that doesn't make sense i followed the guide and everything correctly it works for many people and then borks on me :/23:46
paperdoesnt really make sense23:46
paperBut i probably did something wrong23:47
papernot sure :/23:47
paperi still don't even get the error23:47
*** _ASK has joined #crux23:51
paperOk well i've done everything I can which is basically nothing cause i'm dumb.23:56
paperI'll be in here for a bit23:56
paperIf nobody can help me then that's cool23:56
paperIf somebody can that's also cool23:57

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