IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-08-07

paperOk well i'm out, thanks Han for trying at least. later00:02
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marotilman: there?04:56
marotilman: once you get fed up with lftp, try out :)04:56
giulivosomeone knows meebo?04:58
giulivoit's really incredible...04:58
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prologichrmm I keep getting font errors with xorg05:38
prologicbt::Font: couldn't load Xft0 'BitStream Vera Sans-9'05:38
rxichecked the fontpath in xorg.conf?05:39
cptnmmmh, doesn't blackbox use fontconfig for truetype fonts?05:39
prologicperhaps I don't have it installed ?05:40
prologicno it's installed05:40
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cptnfc-list |grep -i bitstream05:40
cptnis it listed there?05:40
prologicfc-list shows nothing05:41
prologicnot a single line of output05:41
cptnmaybe re-run 'fc-cache'?05:42
prologicI have, but makes no difference05:42
cptnand the fonts are in locations specified in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf ?05:42
prologicnot sure05:42
prologicseems to be searching /usr/sahre/fonts/05:43
prologicwhich of course doesn't exist05:43
prologicln -s /usr/lib/X11/fonts /usr/share/ ?05:43
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prologicnow I have fonts :)05:44
prologicor at least fontconfig knows about them05:44
cptn        <dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir>05:44
cptn        <dir>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts</dir>05:44
cptnthis is from my fonts.conf...05:44
prologicahh k05:45
prologicmaybe I should modify it05:45
cptnand I have no diff nor reject05:45
prologicit's p[rolly searching the old X11R6 dir05:45
cptnah, yeah05:45
prologiclemme do that instead of symlinking it05:45
prologicwee blackbox works now05:47
cptnthere are a couple of fonts being installed to /usr/share/fonts05:48
prologicwindowmaker still doesn't though05:48
cptnincluding terminus :-)05:48
prologicoh, I have nothing in there atm05:48
prologicthe dir doesn't even exist05:48
cptnmaybe windowmaker is just intimidated by the sheer beauty of blackbox?05:49
prologicor maybe I'm starting it wrong05:49
prologicexec blackbox <- works05:50
prologicbut no other way :)05:50
prologicsame with windowmaker too, it works now05:50
prologicnow here's something weird, the ctrl+alt+plus/minus doesn't work05:51
prologicany particular reason for this ? the option DontZoom is off by default05:51
cptnusing the radeon driver?05:52
prologicreally weird05:52
cptnour very own tilman had that problem too05:53
prologicI mean X isn't even responding to those keys05:53
prologicahh could you paraphrase for me ?05:53
prologicI can't exactly copy/paste yet :)05:53
cptnwell, he confirmed the issue05:53
cptnsomeone else reported05:53
cptnand asked whether someone could reproduce with a non-radeon setup05:54
cptnno answers though :-/05:54
prologicso no fix too I take it ?05:54
prologicI'm gonna have to try and setup a permanent virtual res then05:54
cptnno, maybe he'll know something more though05:55
prologicbah I forget how to setup a virtual res now :)05:56
prologicwith Virtual of course :)05:57
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tilmancptn, prologic_: of course there were answers :)06:20
tilmanhang on06:20
tilmancptn, prologic_: fdo bug 709706:21
tilmaniirc i attached a diff to that bug06:21
cptnnice :-)06:22
cptnI don't own a radeon myself thouhg, but I'm sure prologic_ will appreciate it :-)06:23
tilmanprologic_: workaround: use xrandr to switch resolutions06:23
tilmancptn: it's not specific to the driver06:23
cptnokay, then I don't really switch resolutions that often ;-)06:24
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maro :D07:18
brointhemixOsama if from NL? :)07:22
Hanosama lives in my town!07:24
brointhemixthe safest town on Earth heh? :)07:25
brointhemixOsama won't blow up his neighbours :P07:25
brointhemixor would he? ;)07:25
HanOsama never blew up anything.07:26
brointhemixwell, yea, but it is he who makes all the big decisions07:26
HanYou should really watch that video. :-)07:26
brointhemixit's goddamn big07:27
predatorfreakHan: I agree with Maddox on countering that ;)07:27
brointhemixi'll watch it wen i'll be back home07:28
brointhemixcya for now07:28
predatorfreakPlus he has one image that sums it all up.07:28
* predatorfreak finds it.07:28
HanIt's not a secret. It's very easy to give it no attention in the media at all.07:29
predatorfreakHan: Conspiracy nut.07:30
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Hanad hominem remarks won't make you more convincing dude07:31
predatorfreakHan: Wtf?07:32
predatorfreakI just said "Conspiracy nut."07:32
predatorfreakBut, food is more important than argueing over bullshit.07:33
Hansure, bye07:33
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marotilman: uhm, have you seen the size of the git package after they've started to make the commands built-in?07:55
maroit's almost 15 MB here, because it's all hardlinks07:55
marols -l /usr/bin/git* will show you the sinners07:55
HanDoesn't matter, hardlinks don't use more space.07:56
HanActually they use less space then symlinks07:56
marodidn't know07:57
maropkgsize needs fixing :P07:58
Han/usr/bin/pkgsize[14]: syntax error: '(' unexpected08:01
Hanyes =)08:01
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maroHan: that's on your system, not a normal crux system :P08:18
maro(although I personally consider /bin/sh -> /bin/ash -> /bin/dash)08:19
Romstermrhh messing with makefies is always fun :/08:32
Romsteri'm getting the whole path in .footprint instead of just after the work/pkg/ bit08:34
Romsterno configure script and the default makefile was a pain so i've added the few vars that the config file would add normally. but i've oviously done something wrong here08:35
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nipuL who said unit testing was complicated :)08:52
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Romsterfinalyl i got it sorted out10:15
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maroare anyone working on making "make bootstrap" work with fakeroot?11:17
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Romstermaro, dunno11:56
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rehabdollanybody here with some free time to help a retarded crux-desktop newbie getting his keyboard to work properly in X?12:25
rehabdolli seem to have problems creating a few chars, pipe for example12:25
tilmanthough meta questions give me the shivers ;)12:25
tilmanrehabdoll: check whether XKB is enabled. xorg.log12:25
tilmanmake sure the deadkeys setting is propery enabled/disabled. you might want to disable it.12:26
rehabdoll(WW) Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap12:26
tilmandead keys are for frenchies and other weird people who love accents everywhere, i think ;)12:26
tilmangood, that's it12:26
tilmanor opt/x11?12:26
tilmanDriver "kbd" ?12:28
tilmanXkbRules/Model/Layout correct?12:28
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rehabdoll"XkbRules" "xorg"12:29
rehabdollåäö etc works, and everything is where its supposed to be12:29
rehabdollive used the same xorg.conf on a previous slackware system with no issues12:29
tilmanmaybe your fs has gone tits up and /etc/X11/xkb/* is busted12:31
rehabdollim not using xdm, could there be issues with perms perhaps?12:33
rehabdollill try running as root and see what happens12:33
tilmanls -l /usr/X11R6/bin/Xorg12:33
rehabdollworks as root..12:34
tilmanXorg should be setuid root!12:34
rehabdollalthough -rws--x--x 1 root root 1862100 2006-08-06 20:42 /usr/X11R6/bin/Xorg12:34
tilman(openbsd people are whining about it all day iirc)12:35
tilmanrehabdoll: eh.12:35
marotilman: X will run without root privs on OpenBSD 4.0 :P12:35
marowith the wsfb driver only, though12:35
tilmangood for them.12:35
maro(which I imagine sucks)12:36
tilmangood for all 5 people who run x on openbsd, even.12:36
rehabdollbut the perms on Xorg are correct, no?12:37
tilmanit's not readable12:38
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marotilman: does it need to be?12:38
tilmanprobably not.12:39
tilmanfootprint says it's okay12:39
marorehabdoll: err, perhaps you should re-gen your xorg.conf12:40
marojust copying one from another distro and expect it to work is stupid12:40
rehabdollill give that a go12:42
maroX -configure (IIRC)12:43
marowill give you a fairly bad but usable config, ready for vi :)12:44
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rehabdolldidnt help13:08
rehabdollive set up xdm now, and ||| etc works fine13:08
rehabdollbut those swedish chars stopped working in xterm and rxvt13:08
rehabdollworks in firefox though13:08
jjpkYou probably need to select a proper LC_CTYPE environmental variable.13:09
tilmanit works in firefox because gtk2 uses utf8 everywhere13:10
jjpkexport LC_CTYPE=sv_SE, see if that works13:10
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deus_exWould anyone try to d/l from here: ?14:07
deus_exPublic Enemy tracks.14:07
deus_exAfter 200-300 kb downloaded, FF closes d/l manager.'done'.yeah, right :(14:10
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Romsteranyone know of a port checker to remove redudent dependencys from ports, i got dependency hell here and trying todo it manually is like hell14:31
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tilmanthat's not the version i use though.14:32
tilmanmaybe han broke it :)14:32
Romsterhmm seems to work14:36
RomsterI'll see how i go14:36
Romstermust of been hell doing xorg ports :)14:37
paperDon't know if anybody can help me today or not, i was trying to install xorg yesterday and on the package xorg-xf86-input-keyboard it would bork. later found out that it was something with X11/X.h or something then i reinstalled X11 which fixed that, but i had another error after I think it wants randr.h now :/ here's the error
tilmanyou reinstalled opt/x11?14:39
paperI had it installed, i came back after it waas done compiling xorg, but i didnt realize not all packages built but i thought they did, so i removed it14:40
tilmanthat's the most silly thing you could do14:40
paperso i reinstalled it cause i got lost yesterday and had no clue what to do and that did remove one error14:40
paperand i didn't use that -f to overwrite stuff if that helps :/ lol14:41
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tilmanuninstall x1114:42
tilmaninstall xorg-randrproto14:42
paperit's installed14:42
Romstermake sure "prtdir /usr/ports/x11r7" repo is above everything else  in /etc/prt-get.confin pkgmk14:43
paperyep it is14:43
Romsterthat was my bigist mistake when i tryed the first time14:43
Romsteri thoguht it parsed from bottom up lolz14:43
papershould i try re-compiling randr?14:45
Romsterwhat i did was remove all xorg ports and X11 then did prt-get depinst xorg --install-scripts14:46
Romsteri should of ignored the footprint too but i didn't have any problems on that14:47
paperI guess i'll try that14:47
paperthanks Romster14:47
Romsterworked after that, i did have to install few other xorg ports but it'll let you know what its missing when you try to start xorg.14:49
Romsterphew i think that solved the dependency hell i was havving.14:49
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Romstertilman, another thing i've been looking for was a way to list all dependencys from make, but i haven't figured out how to yet.14:50
paperhmm i'm thinking prt-get -fr install xorg will re-build then install everything14:50
paperor not :/14:51
Romster-fr is to force rebuild14:51
Romsterbut no use depinst14:52
paperwell how do i remove all of them first?14:52
paperi run depinst14:52
paperbut it says up to date14:52
paperon all of them14:52
paperdo i have to remove them one by one?14:52
Romsteri used a find then prt-get remove {} but i forgot how exactly how i did it.14:53
Romstersee if i can figure what i used again14:54
Romsteri think this will work but test it first14:56
Romsterprt-get remove `prt-get listinst | grep xorg-*`14:56
Romsteri checked it with echo14:57
Romsterecho `prt-get listinst | grep xorg-*`14:57
Romsterand seems to be ok14:57
papernot working :/14:58
Romsterhmp, must be some way of piping it into prt-get remove.14:59
paperyes tilman i followed that guide completely14:59
paperand it still borked14:59
paperthat's when i started messing around on my own14:59
tilmanno, you installed opt/x11 again, halfway through o_O15:00
Romsterbecause you had X11 installed at the time?15:00
paperI had x11 installed15:00
paperit said it would be fine15:00
paperthe guide said it should work15:00
Romsteropt/X11 should never be on with xorg15:00
tilmanit says it causes confusion, errors, terror and global illness15:00
tilmanthink about it for a minute15:00
Romsterthat i found out15:00
paperit says to remove it after you start compiling it15:00
paperi mean after it finishes15:01
tilmanwhy the fsck would you want to have both x11 6.8.something and x11 7.1?15:01
cptnchoice? ;-)15:01
tilmanapart from that15:01
cptn"linux is about choice"15:01
paperit seriously says you must be able to startx15:01
paperthen run the install command lol15:01
tilmando it all again, without opt/x1115:02
tilmanand when anything doesn't compile15:02
Romsterxorg has its own startx...15:02
tilmandon't touch anything. capture the error. paste it somewhere.15:02
paperok but how do i start it from beginning?15:02
Romsterfideling breaks things :P15:02
paperthat's what we're trying go figure it out15:02
tilmanhang on.15:03
tilmanbetter script in 2 secs15:03
tilmanyou'll need ruby to run it15:03
Romsterlol that one is odd looking surely there is a bash one :)15:04
cptn prt-get remove --test `prt-get listinst ^xorg` should work too though15:04
cptnerr, wait15:04
cptn prt-get remove --test `prt-get listinst|grep ^xorg`15:04
paperLOL, so confused on what to use now15:04
paperi'll go with cptn15:04
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cptnremove the --test if it looks okay15:04
tilmanpaper: yes15:04
Romsteri rememebr having a diferent one that had prt-get remove {} \; in it15:05
morlenxusBtw. has the missing icon problem in firefox been already tracked down?15:05
tilmani'll keep mine around for a good example of how not to do it ;)15:05
cptnmorlenxus: isn't it just a engine/theme issue?15:05
Romstermorlenxus, i had to add the entry manaully but the icon was in its useal place15:05
tilmanstrace'ing gvim might reveal it15:07
paperthere i ran that command removed the binaries and going to run the install command15:07
morlenxusRomster: What kind of entry?15:07
Romsterprt-get remove --test `prt-get listinst xorg*`15:07
Romsteri jsut edited the menu and added it then assocated the firefox.xpm icon to it15:08
tilmanwe're talking about missing icons in the gtk2 file dialog15:08
tilmanwith gtk 2.1015:08
tilmanit's not specific to firefox15:08
Romsteroh that15:08
Romstermorlenxus, said firefox *glears at him*15:08
Romsterdunno about that problem.15:10
cptnthis seems related15:15
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cptnincluding a patch15:15
tilmanRomster: can you test that patch? :)15:18
cptnI'm rebuilding gtk right now...15:19
Romsteryeah if ya take the $ off the ned it loads the page15:19
cptnyay, the patch doesn't apply15:20
Romsterheh and the bug is unconfirmed too15:21
Romsterwhat exactly is it affecting, just gnome? or anything that uses gtk?15:21
cptnany gtk app when not using gnome15:21
tilmanit's affecting gtk installations without a gnome theme15:21
tilman_if_ that's really our issue15:21
tilmanbut it could be... we got the latest release of the hicolor-icon-theme, the theme engines are building correctly etc, no idea what could be missing15:22
Romsterah i get ya15:23
paperI hate to bring up another distro in here but i think frugalware was having the same issue no clue what it was though15:23
paperlol i'm dumb :(15:24
paperhmm missing icons nvm then they have some issue where you need to scroll/highlight things to see them15:25
cptntilman: okay, I updated the patch, rebuilding now15:27
Romsterhicolor-icon-theme-0.9.tar.gz hrmm i have that and no problems here.15:27
cptnRomster: the directories have a folder icon?15:28
cptnnot a file icon?15:28
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep gnome-icon-theme15:28
tilmanjust a guess.15:28
Romsteryes they have a folder icon15:28
*** hackedhe1d has joined #crux15:28
Romsternope its not installed15:29
Romsteri got kde xfce4, wmaker, icewm but never had gnome15:30
tilmanoh well15:32
tilmanin cptn we trust15:32
cptnfolder icons15:33
Romsteri didn't have the problem so whats going on?15:33
* tilman checks the mailing lists15:33
cptnin case anyone wants to test15:35
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rehabdollwhy does åäö work when i ssh, but as soon as i end the ssh-session, it stops working?15:37
tilmantsk, nothing15:37
rehabdollfrom the same term..15:37
paperyay xorg installed properly i think15:39
Romsteris odd becasue i don't have that problem and i don't have the gnome theme installed15:39
*** hackedhead has quit IRC15:40
* Romster looked over the patch15:40
paperRomster: it's because you posses the ring15:40
*** paper has quit IRC15:40
cptnRomster: strange indeed15:41
Romstercptn, any test i can try to recreate the fault since i don't have that problem.15:41
cptnRomster: well, displaying any "file open" dialogs show it15:41
Romstermaybe it also depends on some other requirment b4 it does that15:42
cptnif you have gtk 2.10.1 and don't have the problem, that's strange15:42
*** koefz has joined #crux15:43
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paperHmm using nv driver crashes me as always, vesa starts to work but xorg crashes on me how do i get the error for xorg and put that in a file?15:44
paperso i can upload it15:44
Romsterah now i see it15:44
Romsteri never took much notice of that15:44
tilmanwe need a karma bot15:45
tilmanso i could decrement Romster15:45
cptndoesn't clb do that?15:45
tilmanpaper: /var/log/Xorg*!?15:45
Romsterok i'll try that patch15:45
tilman!karma Romster15:45
cptn@karma tilman15:45
clbcptn: Error: "karma" is not a valid command.15:45
tilman@karma Romster15:45
clbtilman: Error: "karma" is not a valid command.15:45
cptnmeet, clb, a KISS bot :-)15:45
Romsteroh nooo15:46
Romsternot another bot lol15:46
Romster@kiss clb15:46
clbRomster: Error: "kiss" is not a valid command.15:46
tilmandon't even bother with the vesa driver15:48
paperwell nv basically distorts the screen if that makes any sense i have to use the nvidia driver15:49
papertrying nvidia now15:50
Romsternv worked but i installd the nvidia driver recently15:51
papernv never ever works for me lol15:51
paperi have no clue why15:51
Romsterodd has awlays worked for me15:51
jaegernv distorts on my fx570015:51
*** Shiva64 has joined #crux15:51
jaegeronly that card, though15:51
cptntilman: in case you want to strace it15:52
* Shiva64 stabs tilman15:52
tilmancptn: will try the patch and everything tomorrow... i'm too tired15:52
cptntilman: okay, I'll add the test case to the port in a few minutes15:53
jaegeronly that card, though15:53
jaegeryeesh, lag15:53
* jaeger gets out and pushes his connection15:53
cptnjaeger: we (the non-gnome folks) have some problems with gtk 2.10 :-)15:54
paperlol gl-select nvidia, X11 isn't installed!15:54
cptnjaeger: the file chooser dialog has only file icons, even for directories15:54
paperthat's what its giving me :/15:54
* Shiva64 keeps stabbing tilman :P15:54
jaegercptn: odd15:54
tilmanare you retarded?15:54
Romsterlol look out Shiva64  is here lmao15:55
Shiva64nah not retarded15:55
cptnjaeger: there's an unconfirmed bug in gnome's bugzilla15:55
Shiva64<tilman> so i could decrement Romster <-- *stabs* leave my Romster alone :P15:55
rehabdollsweet, my filesystem-install was broken15:55
rehabdollcreating /var/tmp solved the "||" while non-root15:56
*** paper has quit IRC15:56
Romsterrofl i pasted that to her :)15:56
Romstertilman, is only joking around Shiva64  :)15:56
Shiva64i know.. but still :P15:56
Romstertilman, made xorg ports so we can't get rid of him :P15:56
jaegercptn: tested the patch yet?15:56
cptnjaeger: updated it for 2.1015:56
cptnand yes, it works15:57
Romstermines still building15:57
*** paper has joined #crux15:57
papernow I fail at nvidia driver lol15:57
*** kingruedi has quit IRC15:57
Romsteryeash dd you sue the xorg nvidia changer?15:57
paperthe gl-select nvidia thingie?15:58
Romsterthere is one for xorg and a xorg-nvidia driver too15:58
jaegerpaper: if you're using modular x the original gl-select won't work, there's a gl-select-x11r715:58
Romsterdon't use the ones for X116.915:58
paperoh lol15:58
Romsteryeah thats the name i forgot15:58
Shiva64typical of you.. always forgetting :P15:59
tilmanShiva64: oh, thought you had a question and were too stupid to communicate it in a fitting way15:59
RomsterShiva64, bored yet lol15:59
*** _ASK has quit IRC15:59
jaegerhey tilman15:59
tilmanmorning jaeger15:59
jaeger@karma tilman15:59
clbjaeger: Error: You need to have PySQLite installed to use Karma.  Download it at <>15:59
jaegerI'm gonna install that just for you :)15:59
tilmanno worries16:00
Romsterwhile that compile si'll make a coffee :P16:00
Shiva64coffee freak16:00
paperwhat repo is gl-select-x11r7 in?16:00
* Romster wants a crux coffee mug :P~16:00
cptncrux mugs rock16:01
Shiva64babe.. if crux was a female.. you'd be wanting more16:01
tilmanpaper: use the port database16:01
paperk thanks16:02
Romsterlol Shiva6416:03
* Romster sticks a crux teashirt on Shiva64 :P16:03
Shiva64how about i stay naked? :P16:03
*** clb has joined #crux16:04
Romstershh you don't want to arouse the whole channel now16:04
tilman@karma Romster16:04
clbtilman: Error: You need to have PySQLite installed to use Karma.  Download it at <>16:04
jaegerit doesn't seem to like my pysqlite16:04
Romsterhasn't pro got pysqlite?16:04
tilmanpicky little bastard16:04
Romsteri think i use that with pymills16:05
Romsterso glad i wasn't drinking cofee when i read that tilman16:05
Shiva64Romster.. i could do more than arouse the whole channel rofl16:07
*** paper has quit IRC16:08
Romsterlol i bet, and wont comment on that16:09
* Shiva64 slowly slinks off16:09
tilmanShiva64: all the porn-addicted crux users are in #crux-ot iirc16:09
Romsterlol watch out for prediterfreak :P16:09
Shiva64i never once mentioned anything about porn, thank you. just teasing my boyfriend.16:09
*** Shiva64 has quit IRC16:09
Romsteri'll give her teasing later16:10
cptnis she making fun of you in the quit msg?16:10
Romsteryeah, she had that there for ages now16:10
*** paper has joined #crux16:11
paperok so i installed nvidia driver, then i removed it then i installed nvidia-x11r7 driver and i think it wants the old one still lol :/16:11
Romsterpaper, your a disarter *hides*16:11
tilmannot sure the current nvidia driver works with the current xorg-server port16:11
jaegerit works... but there are font rendering issues16:12
Romsteronce you remove the old one install the xorg one then you use the program to select the nv driver?16:12
tilmanjaeger: maybe disabling renderaccel can help?16:12
Romsterhrmm i got 2 new files on gtk16:12
RomsterNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/printbackends/libprintbackend-cups.la16:12
RomsterNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/printbackends/libprintbackend-cups.so16:12
tilmanprobably not. xaa abi hasn't changed afaik.16:13
jaegerSomeone in here told me that helped, it made no difference for me16:13
tilmanRomster: because you got cups installed.......... obviously16:13
Romsteroh yeah lol16:14
Romsterhrmm, gtk update didn't do anything unless i have to also recomple everything that uses gtk16:14
cptnyou have to restart the app only16:15
Romsteror restart x16:15
tilmanplease, think before you type.16:15
tilmanthe x server isn't linked to gtk in any way16:15
tilmanrestarting x because you changed a client library doesn't make much sense ;)16:15
Romsterthunderbird, and bmpx both haven't changed from a file to a directory icon, apon restarting.16:16
jaeger@karma tilman16:16
clbjaeger: tilman has neutral karma.16:16
Romstertilman, its 7:17am and i've been up all nite16:16
tilmanweird aussies16:17
jaegersomehow I knew that was coming16:17
tilmanjaeger: yeah, he said something very silly some time ago. i guess you read it in the log :D16:17
jaegerI just guessed when you tried to query his karma earlier it was destined to go down16:17
Romsteri'm always saying things silly whats new16:18
Romstercptn, no change so i dunno, still seeing file icons on directorys.16:18
tilmani think it's safe to call the patch good if 9 out of 10 people confirm it's working for them16:19
Romstermaybe if i install that gone file it'll fix it, if so then that patch is not enougth16:19
tilman(the 10th guy being you :D)16:19
cptnare you _sure_ you installed it?16:19
tilmannight :p16:19
cptnthe package I mean, after the footprint missmatch16:19
Romster=======> Installing '/usr/ports/packages/gtk#2.10.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded16:19
Romsteryes i did16:20
Romsteri'm silly but not _that_ silly :)16:20
cptnand you used it from my repo and not opt?16:21
cptnI mean, if you look at the match, it's impossible that you get a file icon for a directory16:21
Romsteryes i copyed the Pkgfile and patch to /usr/ports/opt/ and did a local pkgmk -f16:21
paperso i need to use an older nvidia driveR?16:22
papersince i think it was xorg-server doesn't like the new one16:22
*** claw_ has joined #crux16:22
Romsteroh bah wget saved the name as Pkgfile.116:23
Romsterand didn't overwrite the existing file...16:23
* Romster curses at it then fixes it16:23
paperI'll just change the version number in the Pkgfile and stuff lol this way i use the older one16:24
Romsterokay i try again16:25
Romsterdamn wget16:25
Romsterhuman error16:26
paperwas it 90% of errors are between the user and the keyboard16:26
Romsteri'm still learning this system.16:26
cptnRomster: next time just use httpup16:26
cptnhttpup sync /tmp/gtk16:26
* Romster slaps myself for that16:27
paperdo you guys know if version 8756 works with xorg?16:27
cptnif you say xorg, you mean r7 right?16:28
RomsterVersion:      1.0-8762 works fine for me16:29
Romsterbut thats on a older geforce 4 mx420 card16:29
paperya it works for some16:30
paperI hope just changing the version number in the Pkgfile works lol16:30
Romsteri really wish nvidia would release it as opensource, liek they make there money on the hardware not the software.16:30
Romsterthat i don't get16:30
paperbut in the mean time i'm happy that they actually give us a driver that works great16:31
Romsteryeah unlike other video card companys16:31
Romsterlike ati16:31
cptnati has drivers for r716:32
cptnunlike nvidia16:32
RomsterO_o realy16:32
Romsteri didn't know that16:32
paperbut i hear ati'd driver are garbage?16:32
cptnati's historically slower to catch up16:32
cptni.e. to support current kernels16:33
paperneed to reboot16:33
*** paper has quit IRC16:33
Romsterand i thought i'd never hear that in linux :)16:33
*** paper has joined #crux16:36
paperAHHHHHHHHHHH xorg driving me crazy lol16:36
* maro haven't had any concerns about graphics since he bought a radeon 700016:36
marowhen you use open source drivers, *everything* just works16:36
papernow i'm getting xkb errors16:37
cptnmaro: that's a bit optimistic, but at least you can fix it yourself :-)16:37
marocptn: more importantly, anyone concerned can fix it16:38
Romsterpaper, make sure your not missing any needed modules16:38
marobut my point was that I haven't had any crashes or breakage and haven't had to wait for kernel upgrades16:39
Romsterlook at /var/log/Xorg.0.log too16:39
cptnI guess I have to take back what I said, ATI has no driver officially supporting 7.116:40
cptnthat was a claim of a gentoo dev16:40
cptni.e. the driver seems to work, but there's no xvideo16:40
cptnand similar problems16:40
cptntoo bad there are no pci-e radeon 7000's ;-)16:41
paperis it just me or does nvidia have way more pci-e then ati?16:42
marocptn: actually that's my main motivation for not buying new hardware :)16:43
Romstermy next board will have pci-e16:43
maroRomster: everyone's next board will have pci-e16:43
paperyour cpu will only have motherboards that have pcie16:43
Romsterstill gotta figure out what exactly i'm after and check for compatability16:43
Romstertheres still a few agp bards selling16:44
Romsterbut i won't touch anymore agp when pci-e is faster16:44
maroI'll just go for a nice laptop with intel graphics, I think16:44
cptnyeah, intel seems to be a good choice at the moment16:45
cptnlots of talented devs working ther16:45
maroyep, and caring16:45
maro(about open source)16:45
cptnprobably more important indeed, yes16:45
cptnit's not like the nvidia guys are newbies in general ;-)16:45
maronope, they're just unethical16:46
marolike their users16:46
cptnwell, it's not like using an ati card is more ethical16:47
cptnjust because some guys reverse engineered good drivers16:47
cptn(for the older models)16:47
maroyes it is16:47
marobecause you don't violate the GPL then16:48
paperwmaker warning: could not load any fonts. Make sure your font installation and locale settings are correct.16:48
maroATI did provide specs (under an NDA though) back then16:49
paperand fluxbox doesn't start either really thinking it's a r7 issue16:49
*** thrice` has joined #crux16:49
cptnpaper: so your font setup is flawed16:49
cptnwhat does 'fc-list' show you?16:49
paperso that means i have no fonts? lol16:50
cptnno lol16:51
cptnit means you didn't configure your system properly16:51
paperso my xorg.conf is messed up?16:51
cptnfc-list has nothing to do with xorg16:51
cptnfontconfig uses /etc/fonts/fonts.conf lol16:52
marorun fc-cache -s lol16:52
marowithout the lol of course16:52
paperi tried startx still no workie16:52
cptnso tell fontconfig where to look for the fonts you probably installed16:53
marocptn: I don't think it's fontconfig related16:53
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:53
maropaper: mkfontdir /usr/lib/X11/fonts/*16:53
cptnmaro: depends on the app I guess16:54
cptnprologic had a similar problem with wmaker this morning16:54
marocptn: yeah, wmaker uses fontconfig now16:54
marobut I don't think fluxbox does16:54
cptnand his fontconfig setup didn't includ /usr/lib/X11, just /usr/X11R6 or something16:54
marohaven't used any *box for a couple of years though :)16:55
paperwmaker warning: could not load font: Trebuchet MS,Luxi Sans:pixelsize=11.16:55
paperwmaker warning: could not load font: Trebuchet MS,Luxi Sans:weight=200:pixelsize=11.16:55
paperwmaker warning: could not load any fonts. Make sure your font installation and locale settings are correct.16:55
marocptn: that's also likely, it's automagically generated at compile time16:55
maropaper: remove the X11R6 part in your fonts.conf16:55
marothen run fc-cache -s16:55
papersame error16:56
cptnbut fc-list shows fonts now, right?16:57
cptndid you install any fonts in the location you tell fontconfig to look for fonts?16:57
paperi never manually install any fonts16:57
paperthis is all default stuff16:57
maroyay for crux-ng16:58
cptnmaro: you mean "wow, lol", right?16:58
paperas in I install it16:58
marocptn: yes, lol16:58
paperfrom Pkgfile16:58
paperi dont make sense16:58
cptnpaper: the default is x11 6.9 though16:58
Romstercptn, ah now folders work :)16:58
paperBUT as for me moving something to a folder i did nothing16:58
paperall the stuff i installed was stuff from prt-get16:58
Romsteri should of made that revision 216:58
paperRomster: lol16:58
cptnpaper: that's the port list of the x11r7 repo16:59
cptnyou may want to have a look how many font packages there are16:59
Romsterquite a few17:00
cptnI think it's somewhere > 5017:00
paperand which one am i supposed to install?17:00
cptnwhich ones do you want?17:00
paperwhatever lol17:00
Romstercptn, you gonna update that patch in opt?17:00
cptnRomster: we'll report it to the gtk guys first17:01
Romsterah k17:01
Romstersee if they include it first17:01
cptnalso, if the promise to add it for 2.10.2, we might add the patch right away17:01
Romsterthis is a side of linux i've not got my hands into yet other than port making17:01
paperok so i choose xorg-font-bh-ttf17:01
cptnadding patches which will never make it in the mainline source is the wrong approach17:02
cptnsince we'll diverge from the "general gtk experience"(tm)17:02
cptnalso, jaeger's looking after gtk, so it's his decision in the end since he has to maintain it :-)17:03
paperwhat happens now17:03
paperi installed that font17:03
cptnan assistant will pop up17:03
cptnand tell you that it found new fonts17:03
cptnand ask to connect to the internet to find a driver17:04
paperare you cereal?17:04
paperdude i'm still in cli, xorg wont start i'm still getting some kind of xkb error that i'm pretty sure i can ignore17:04
paperand i'm trying to use wmaker17:04
paperand it was giving me those errors17:04
paperso nothing is gonna pop up telling me17:05
paperto install driver lol17:05
Romsterinstall some fonts did you run the xorgconfig program too17:05
Romsterand also amke sure you install the fots with --install-scripts17:06
paperi have that auto enabled in my config17:06
Romsteri had some problems but not as many as paper  is having17:06
paperlol i'm starting to go crazy now anger issues :) lol17:07
Romsterstart again rebuild xorg, install some fonts use mkfontconfig in the font directories and run xorgconfig17:08
paperno thanks lol :)17:09
paperi'm done17:09
paperthanks everybody lol17:09
paperi give up17:09
papermaybe i'll work on it later or remove crux no clue lol but ya seriously thanks17:09
Romsterthen copy the xinitrc file to ~/.xinitrc and edit the last few lines to read just exec wmaker17:09
paperya i have my own .xinitrc17:09
paperexec wmaker17:09
paperonly thing in it17:09
Romsterpaper, it takes some patence if your really new to it17:09
paperya i've been working on this since last night patience is gone lol :)17:10
paperbut ya seriously thanks everybody for trying17:10
paperand i'm out17:10
cptnbye paper17:10
paperI"LL MISS YOU CPTN17:10
*** paper has quit IRC17:10
cptnno doubts there17:11
Romsteri guess crux isn't for everyone17:11
cptnalthough if he'd gone the easy way and with default x11, thing would have been different17:12
Romsteri got adventious and installed xorg, takes a bit of setting up but its not so bad, prologic said the exact thing when i had problems with xorg lol17:13
*** _ASK has joined #crux17:38
Romsterarg where do i download the jasper libeary?
cptnTo download version 1.701.0 of the JasPer software, click here.17:45
Romsterwhere did you find that i looked over and over the page17:50
cptnit's the first hit when you search for "download"17:51
Romsterlovely, why wasn't it easily accessable off that page..17:51
cptnI mean, the first hit in the text of the page17:52
Romsteroh crap so it is17:53
Romstermust make use of the /download search in firefox more oftern.17:53
Romsterthey could of put it on the top menu..17:53
cptnyou can enable "find as you type", then you don't have to hit /17:54
cptnPreferences -> Advanced -> tab "General"17:54
*** lasso has quit IRC17:55
*** tilman has quit IRC17:58
*** _ASK has quit IRC18:00
Romsteri should really go though firefox i genearly play with the settings but it has been awhile, and things change.18:27
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