IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-08-08

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l33t_h4x0ri kno more about computas than u all im da best hacker eva03:04
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rugekHan: your x11-font-termius/README points to the old fontdir03:06
rugek/usr/share/fonts/terminus-font -> /usr/share/fonts/x11-fonts-terminus03:06
Hanyup, fixed, thanks.03:08
Hanmaro, consider mksh instead of dash03:11
rugektilman: rxvt-unicode 7.9 is out03:14
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trielHan: i'm just curious - why mksh instead of dash? what makes it better?03:58
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tilmanrugek: yeah, i forgot to commit the change last night :(04:10
rugektilman: alright04:16
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prologicHow would I run an X app on a remote box but display it here ?05:30
prologicssh -X root@leo /usr/bin/mythtv-setup <-- from my desktop ?05:31
co|workssh -X should have exported the display05:32
cptn_if_ the ssh server is configured that way05:32
co|workexport DISPLAY=IP:Xport05:32
prologicok hang on05:32
co|workthen you just have to allow connections from your Xserver locally05:32
prologicdoes leo's sshd need to be configured to allow X11 forwarding ?05:33
co|workecho $DISPLAY should have set the values05:33
cptnprologic: yes05:33
cptnprologic: #X11Forwarding no05:33
prologicone at a time :)05:33
cptnthat's the default05:33
prologicta cptn05:33
prologicDISPLAY (on my desktop) is :0.005:34
cptnyou don't need to fiddle with DISPLAY or xhost if you're using ssh05:34
prologick good05:34
prologicok this is weird, I already have X11Forwarding enabled on leo05:35
prologicWarning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.05:35
prologicXlib: connection to "localhost:10.0" refused by server05:35
prologicXlib: Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key05:35
prologicmythtv-setup: cannot connect to X server localhost:10.005:35
co|workif you echo the DISPLAY variable05:36
cptnah, xauth05:36
prologicI thought it was as simple as this (obviously not)05:36
cptnprologic: are you ssh'ing with the same user who is logged in to X?05:37
prologicX isn't even running atm05:37
cptnso you're trying to run an X app without X?05:38
prologicseems silly huh :)05:38
* prologic walks downstairs05:38
cptnwell, it doesn't have to run on the server05:38
cptnbut on the client05:38
prologicwell I do have X running here obviously05:39
prologicdoesn't matter, I'll start X downstairs05:39
prologicit is a media box afterall, just tinkering with the remote the last few days05:40
prologicthink my ir reciever circuit is too simple for some remotes ;?05:40
cptnsony remote?05:41
prologicno hand built05:41
prologicbout 6 components05:41
prologicvery simple serial ir reciever05:41
co|worki did that yesterday ...05:43
cptnwell, it's probably just an rc5 decoder...05:44
cptnthe tsop's05:44
prologicI still can't get this app to display here but run on leo05:44
rxiprologic: building a htpc box?05:45
prologichtpc ?05:45
rxihome theatre pc05:45
prologicalready built, just fine-tuning a nice remote05:46
rxicool .. freevo or something else?05:46
prologicprolly need to get a better ir reciever05:46
prologicmythtv :)05:46
cptnprologic: there are two sides to the story:05:47
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rxiahh  .. i was considering that .. also thought about using a tablet pc  and vnc into into the box wirelessly for use as a remote05:48
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prologicrxi: mpd+gnump3d+mythtv+mythweb and lirc+nice remote :)05:50
prologicalso 6.1 speakers and to top it off, a projector05:50
rxinice .. ive only got a crappy sony 66cm widescreen crt tv05:51
prologicwe only have a crappy 34cm crt tv screen atm too05:51
prologicprojector to come :)05:51
rxinice .. im too poor for that atm :P05:51
cptnprologic: sorry, gotta go05:52
cptnprologic: ttyl05:52
rxibtw did you move to vic?05:52
prologicheh nps :)05:52
prologicme ?05:52
prologicno I'm still in brisbane05:52
co|workdid you solder the receiver or use an exisiting one ?05:56
co|worki am considering using crux for my epia experiment, too05:56
cptnprologic: the localhost:10.0 means that the ssh fake display is set up on the remote machine05:57
cptnand that it went through ssh05:57
prologicit was soldered together05:57
cptnbut you don't allow the user executing the ssh command to connect to your real X server05:57
co|workyep yu should have auth errors in your local logs05:57
prologicsomeone in #xorg said I might bave to xhost +leo /05:57
cptnI think more of xhost +localhost05:58
cptnsince ssh will move it from leo to localhost05:58
co|workxhost +05:58
co|workto make sure enable world05:58
prologicxhost +loclahost (here ?) or on leo ?05:58
cptnit's an Xauth issue though, which should be solvable05:58
prologicworks now :)05:58
prologicso simple huh!05:59
prologicxhost +localhost && ssh -X r2d2@leo /usr/bin/mythtv-setup05:59
prologicthanks for helping cptn :)06:00
cptnno problem :-)06:01
prologichmm wow06:01
prologicthink I locked up leo's sshd :)06:01
co|workyou are using your own port of mythtv i guess ?06:03
prologicI maintain it for contrib :)06:05
co|workthey look identicyl :)06:05
prologicjaeger used to, I took it over06:05
prologicof course they are :)06:05
co|workhaha, sorry06:05
prologicanything in my repo and synced to contrib are identical :)06:05
prologicI'd be worried if they weren't06:06
co|workdid you check out the mythplugins, especially mythbrowser on your tv set ?06:07
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co|worksure :P06:09
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prologichehe lovely06:20
prologicmythbackend downstairs on leo06:20
prologicwatching tv upstairs on my desktop (daisy)06:20
rxihehe so leo is driving ms daisy? :P06:21
prologicfunny :)06:21
prologicit was that time of month, so it got called leo (media box)06:21
prologicvirgo, leo, cancer06:21
prologicerr cancer first before leo06:21
rxiyes .. im a cancer :)06:22
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maroHan: why?09:59
maro(mksh > dash)09:59
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Hanbecause dash is a minimal as possible hack, and mksh is as correct as possible.10:04
HanI ran into lots of trouble with dash while mksh works splendid10:04
prologicanyone know what mime type rvfb is ?10:07
prologicrmvb rather10:07
maroprologic: real media video broadcasting or something?10:07
prologicahh yeah10:08
prologicand I want to add it to /etc/gnump3d/mime.types10:08
maroHan: uhm, dash is just a linux port of the netbsd ash10:08
prologicx-realvideo-broadcasting do ?10:08
maroshit I'm good10:09
cptnaccording to the first hit for "rmvb mime-type"10:09
prologicta cptn :)10:09
Hanmaro, you really convinced me. I'll reinstall dash again.10:09
maroI'm not trying to convince you of anything, just asking why you think mksh is a better /bin/sh than dash10:11
marosince dash is pretty damn posix-y10:12
Hanmaro, do whatever like, but don't ask me for advise and then tell me I'm wrong.10:12
maroyou mean "don't ask for a rationale"10:14
HanI know what I mean.10:15
HanAnyway, don't bother me again about dash.  You obviously want to run into trouble.10:16
Hansuit yourself10:16
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maroheh, idiot10:23
jjpkclash of the hot heads.10:25
rxifight! fight! fight!10:26
qidguys, here's what you do.  whip out your penises, take pictures, and exchange them.  then you can stop arguing about it :-p10:28
Roomsteryikes its getting windy here10:28
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Roomstersilence is golden, to me its, irtating *puts music on*10:32
* Roomster makes a coffee while i wait for this to compile10:33
prologic;1;13~ mean anything to anyone ?10:48
prologicmy xterm is being funny :)10:48
cptnyour prompt is probably broken10:49
cptnexport PS1="\$ "10:49
prologicI can't type on any terminal :/10:49
prologicevery character produces similar things10:50
cptnwithout any changes to that system?10:50
prologicI ran xscreensaver &10:50
prologicthen it started doing that to all my terminals :)10:50
prologicobviosuly other apps still work (just not xterm)10:51
prologicreally weird and I have no other terminals installed atm (I prefer xterm neways)10:51
prologiconly way to get it back to normal is to restart my x session10:52
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prologicreally weird10:53
prologicback to normal now10:53
Roomsteri had a weried event where if i run certain programs it'll make all my ascii text all mumbled up11:01
Roomsterex, looks like the old dos extended ascii chars thrown in random order with the keyboard map11:01
Roomsterand i exited xorg and even my bash prompy was garbled like that but i was able to type the shutdown command still, despite hardly able to read it11:02
Roomsteri dunno what causes it, but its strange11:03
Roomsterseems like a rot13 or some other ascii map transposistion11:03
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tilmanit's your x driver messing up the framebuffer11:06
tilmanor it's not switching to text mode correctly. or something like that.11:06
prologictilman, I believe I actually have the same problem and hardware as you regarding ctrl+alt+plus/minus not working to switch video modes under xorg11:08
prologicI have an ATI Radeon 9200 Pro here11:08
tilmani told you that's a xorg-server bug11:08
prologicahh you did ?11:08
tilmancheck your log for monday11:08
prologiccool must have missed it :)11:08
tilmansame time as now, -6 hours11:08
prologicactually it's Wed now :)11:09
prologicbut nevermind11:09
prologicI think I was still setting things up and using irssi11:09
tilmani didn't say it was tuesday today11:09
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prologicneway great job on the xorg ports11:09
prologiceasy to install (once you work around the default fontconfig not sourcing /usr/lib/X11/fonts/)11:10
tilmanprologic: care to document that in ?11:12
tilmanno idea whether i had that problem :p11:12
prologicoh yeah sure11:12
prologiccan someone give me access ? :)11:13
prologicI belive I have no access to the wiki11:13
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tilmanwhy sweet alsactl-on-modprobe setup stopped working11:32
tilmanprolly since the udev upgrade. doesn't make sense though, since it shouldn't be related to/dependent on udev o_O11:33
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seekwillUsually when I run crontab -e, and exit, it says that the cronjobs have been updated. But it doesn't do that anymore. Is that normal?11:34
prologicI never noticed it say that before11:35
prologicso must be :)11:35
seekwillHmm... It's just because I have a feeling my cronjobs aren't running... so trying to figure out why.11:36
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prologic[ ]   elicit (not found in ports tree)11:46
prologicmissing dep of e1711:46
tilmane17 doesn't depend on elicit11:47
tilmanwhoever made that up is a fool11:47
tilmanelicit is a screen magnifier that will work with any (or none ;D) window manager11:47
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prologiccvs [update aborted]: connect to failed: No route to host11:48
prologichmm :/11:48
prologicoh well looks like I ain't trying e17 :)11:49 or something11:49
tilmanit hasn't been on sf for months11:50
prologicone would think the ports be updated by now huh11:50
tilmangrep Packager /usr/ports/contrib/e17/Pkgfile11:51
tilmannot surprised11:51
rehabdollsomeone here gave me a link to some tips on getting fonts to look good on tft-screens.. whoever you were, care to repeat the url? :)11:52
rehabdolli kiss you!11:52
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tilmancopy to /etc/fonts/local.conf11:53
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prologicthis only enhance fonts on a tft screen ?11:54
prologicor in general11:54
rehabdollim seriously considering setting up a tilman-fansite11:55
tilmandidn't try it on a crt11:55
tilmanthough the options don't look tft-specific11:55
prologicwell I have an LCD here11:55
tilman(nothing about subpixel-blabla ;D)11:55
tilmanrehabdoll: i just put it together from various sources on the intarweb11:55
prologiccptn, can I have access to the wiki ? :)11:56
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seekwillMy cronjobs don't seem to be running. I can run "/usr/sbin/runjobs /etc/cron/daily" manually and it works. Just not at the time I set it at.15:30
seekwill00 10 * * *     /usr/sbin/runjobs /etc/cron/daily15:30
jaegercrond running?15:31
seekwillroot@mookweb64:/etc/cron/daily# ps -A |grep crond15:31
seekwill  959 ?        00:00:00 crond15:31
seekwillAfter I exit crontab -e, it doesn't say that the cron job was updated (like I thought it did before). Could that be a problem?15:31
seekwillExit with wq!15:31
jaegercould be15:34
seekwillDoesn't do it on a different machine either (crux2.2)15:34
jaegerhaven't seen that, myself, don't know what it might be15:34
seekwillHmm.. that message didn't come up in 1.3 either. Maybe it was from a different distro...15:36
seekwillOr maybe none of my crons work :)15:36
jaegerfunky permissions on /var/spool/cron or /tmp, something like that?15:37
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seekwillI've never messed with them. What should they be?15:38
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seekwillcrontab -e shows "/tmp/crontab.3380" on the bottom.15:38
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HanThat's because you are editing that file.15:51
Hantsss, it's not even using mkstemp()15:52
* Han sings `race me' to the tune of that famous Nirvana song.15:53
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Stwelinhackedhead: get off yer bum man. i need some advice.16:46
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brointhemix /qui18:54
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TRIBBanybody up at this hour ??19:41
thrice`yes, it's only 8 pm here :)19:42
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qidTRIBB: sure20:01
prologicyes it's only 11am here :)20:17
prologicwhy do yous all assume the EU timezones :)20:17
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