IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-08-09

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TRIBBqid / prologic: because we are in the EU timezones ? :)00:58
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brointhemixis your /udev dir owner/group/world readable+writable + sticky bit after updating to udev 069?07:29
brointhemixudev 096*07:29
cptnI have no /udev07:30
brointhemixrihjt, it's /dev07:30
cptnbut yeah, /dev is indeed07:30
brointhemixso i't ok then?07:31
brointhemixwith the permissions07:31
brointhemixthanks cptn07:32
cptnit doesn't look right to me07:32
cptnalthough it won't fail, users could potentially screw up their /dev07:32
cptnthey can only add dummy files there07:33
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cptnwhich isn't exactly nice, but doesn't hurt much either07:33
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cptnbrointhemix: let's wait for jaeger to comment on that07:33
brointhemixi just noticed the thing07:34
mike_koops, same thing here07:34
brointhemixmike_k: you too have udev 096?07:35
cptnbrointhemix: are you sure it was different before the 096 update?07:35
mike_kudev 096-107:35
brointhemixi have coloured ls and it wasn't like that before07:35
brointhemixi mean i noticed it thanks to coloured ls07:36
cptnhow are those two related?07:36
cptnah, you mean the color changed07:37
brointhemixyea yea :)07:37
mike_kcptn:  I am on the way installing CRUX to one more machine, and I'll check /dev permissions before and after udev update07:38
brointhemixcould you check your /dev permissions cptn?07:38
cptnmike_k: good07:38
cptnbrointhemix: again?07:38
brointhemixmike_k: 2.2's /dev in't world readable07:38
brointhemixcptn: ;)07:39
brointhemixcptn: which udev you have?07:39
brointhemixand your perms aren't like mine07:39
brointhemixer.. ours07:39
cptnbrointhemix: they are07:40
cptn(the same)07:40
brointhemixweird thing07:41
brointhemixhmmm, when i come to think of it...07:41
cptnit's a tmpfs thing:07:41
cptn# ls -ld /mnt/07:42
cptndrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 48 Jul 17 14:37 /mnt/07:42
cptn# /bin/mount -n -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt07:42
brointhemixi removed hoplug package yesterday evening and today i the morning i restarted my box07:42
cptn# ls -ld /mnt/07:42
cptndrwxrwxrwt 2 root root 40 Aug  9 14:43 /mnt/07:42
cptnso we might want to consider addint a mode= flag for that mount call07:42
brointhemixand only now i've noticed the change in /dev yet i often do ls /07:42
cptn(from start_udev)07:42
cptntesting now07:43
brointhemixwaiting for the results :)07:43
cptnyeah, it was different in 09107:44
cptn# ls -ld /dev/07:45
cptndrwxr-xr-x 8 root root 2580 Aug  9 13:50 /dev/07:45
cptnthere we go07:45
brointhemixwhat would you suggest then? leave it be or change it?07:46
cptnI'll tell jaeger once he shows up07:47
cptnand we'll then upgrade the udev port07:47
* brointhemix worships The Core Team07:50
cptnyou better should ;-)07:52
rxiyou better should?07:52
cptnworship the core team07:53
cptndon't you say it that way?07:53
rxinah .. you should .. or you better :)07:53
cptnanyway, I wanted to express "Indeed, this is a clever thing to do and it's a good idea to keep worshiping the core team ;-"07:54
rxi*shines his sheriff badge with his sleeve* .. just dont let it happen again :P07:54
cptnjust the other day, the CRUX police reformatted a user's harddisk and installed vista07:55
cptnat least that's what I'm told07:56
rxiwell the user in question was refused bail and sentenced to spend the rest of there life in pegertory (sp?)07:56
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brointhemix"<@cptn> you better should ;-)" <- i know :)07:59
brointhemixthat's whi i do it :)07:59
brointhemixyou're the men :)07:59
brointhemixrxi: team is many, right? :)08:01
brointhemixi know "you're the man" is a fixed expression but who said it can't be played with? :)08:02
cptnheh, thanks08:02
rxiyes but you you're means you are and are is for singular ..  you would say "you guys are the men"08:03
rxigeez if your gunna butcher the language do a proper job will you :P08:03
brointhemixait, will do :)08:03
brointhemixok, so, CRUX Core Team, you guys are the men :)08:04
rxihehe yes .. but you'd probably want to say bomb instead of men08:05
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brointhemixrxi: these days words like "bomb" are dangerous, you know "_08:07
brointhemix"_ = :)08:07
rxihehe .. unless your from iraq/syria/lebville or iran your pretty safe08:07
brointhemixnot so sure, the Big Bush is watching08:08
cptnprologic: to which part of the wiki?08:10
brointhemixi don't want CIA in my flat at 6 in the morning cuz they happened to see me saying the b word on IRC the other day ;)08:10
deus_exI just love when people send me windows specific files as attachment...08:12
deus_ex'you not using windows?omfg!'08:12
brointhemixdeus_ex like for example runme.exe ? ;)08:12
copworkerwineaboutit.exe :)08:12
brointhemixhehe :)08:13
deus_exNah, dancing_hamsters_in_3d.exe :)08:13
rxiits not steve balmer dressed in a hamster suit is it? :P08:14
deus_exThis time is more benign than that.It is foo.pps08:14
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deus_exWtf pps stands for?08:14
rxipower point shopw08:14
rxias in office powerpoint08:15
deus_exrxi: Any linux viewers for that?08:15
deus_exApart from OO.08:15
rxiyeah there is one .. cant remember the name tho08:15
deus_exIt's google time, then.08:15
rxii think theres a web based one08:15
deus_exbtw, steve balmer in hamster suit would be very interesting to see :)08:16
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rxihey jaeger08:27
brointhemixlol, this emot looks like a nazi :)08:28
brointhemixjaeger: could you look to the matter we've came up with the team while you were gone?08:34
brointhemixit's about udev 09608:34
jaegeralready looking at it08:34
brointhemixok, nevermind what i said then :)08:35
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deus_exJava viewer for powerpoint:
treach* intresseklubben noterar *09:08
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cptnbrointhemix: just for the record, jaeger updated udev already09:25
mike_kcptn: thanks, I am just to run sysup on a fresh box09:28
brointhemixcptn: than you :)09:33
mike_kthanks to all the crux gods09:36
rximike_k: place your offerings near the altar and back away slowly09:37
mike_kbtw, what to rebuild to get gtk2 file-open dialog display proper icons after gtk/glib update?09:37
mike_krxi: show me the altar's location09:38
* rxi points to his wallet .. money would be the prefered offering :P09:38
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brointhemixmike_k: better put your offerings into jaeger's :)09:39
cptnmike_k: the new gtk should do that09:39
mike_krxi: Money, get back. Im all right jack keep your hands off of my stack.09:39
mike_kwhat a lucky day09:43
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* nipuL jumps into the mirror debate11:17
tilmanlife's too short to waste more than 5 minutes on the goddamn mirror non-issue11:18
tilman1. Many crux users have the problem when downloading sources, it is11:19
tilmanendless discussion on irc. I11:19
cptnI haven't heard a single complaint since we've introduced the source checking11:20
nipuLi think crux should be rebranded as a "framework" rather than a distribution11:20
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cptntilman: but maybe he refers to another IRC channel11:20
tilmanthey got a russian channel on some rogue ukraine network, right?11:21
cptnthe funny thing is, _we_ list a pkgutils port in portdb which does this11:21
cptnso the feature is just a pkgmk -u away11:21
aontilman: what if it's a ukrainian channel? :)11:22
tilmansame same11:22
* treach notes that crux is a ".NET Distribution" :)11:28
jaegerHan: noted11:35
guaquawhat does udevd actually do? :)11:36
Hanread the manpage11:37
Hanrather important to start it at boottime I'd say.11:38
jaegerit does get started at boot time, just not by an rc script at the moment11:39
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treachhmm "The old hotplug helper /sbin/hotplug should be disabled on bootup," - that doesn't sound like "hotplug isn't needed anymore."11:41
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treachit sounds like "you shouldn't use hotplug anymore".11:41
treachOr am I misunderstanding?11:41
Hanhotplug loads modules IIRC, udevd creates devices.11:42
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HanBut since I got a static kernel it's really not necessary to run hotplug11:42
brointhemixwhat's the meaning o IIRC?11:43
treachIntensive IRC.11:43
tilmanignorant IRC11:43
treachah, right.11:43
brointhemixwhat does it refer to? a person? a thing?11:43
treachgoogle, without doubt.11:44
Hanbrointhemix, seen that docu I pasted?11:45
tilmanbrointhemix: IIRC means "if i remember correctly"11:45
brointhemixHan: no11:45
cptntreach: udev handles module loading for usb and pci hotplug events11:45
brointhemixthanx tilman11:45
HanToo afraid to be called nut? ;-)11:45
brointhemixi had problems to get working11:45
brointhemixmy connection is veery busy atm :)11:45
cptntreach: so with recent kernel versions (> 2.6.14), hotplug is optional11:45
brointhemixHan: me? no. i hear it all the time ;P11:46
treachok, I can see a third interpretation. :)11:46
HanAh right, you can download the file as well from the same location.11:46
cptntreach: you can control the hotplug handler via /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug11:46
cptntreach: contains the details :-)11:47
treachok, I'll have a look at that. :)11:47
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Hanwraaaa documentation!!!!11:51
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bd2"<cptn> the funny thing is, _we_ list a pkgutils port in portdb which does this", yep I know it. I'm really waiting for public wiki, to write something like "hacks around crux", maybe that way users who need depots will use it without asking at mailinglist.13:04
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tilmannipuL: pwned :D13:54
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blizzhm, i tried to install a kde theme via source (made a port for polyester 0.9.3) but i can't find it in the kcontrol theme manager14:07
blizzany ideas?14:07
tilmanother than "kde sucks, deal with it"?14:07
jaegerdon't know KDE, myself14:08
blizzi need it for amarok :-P14:08
blizzgot openbox as windomanager14:08
blizzunderlying compiz soon14:08
blizzyeah, kde sucks atm..14:08
blizzi fully agree14:08
blizzbut i want to make it suck less by adding a bit eye candy *lol*14:08
tilmanopenbox ftw14:09
blizzwith pypanel14:10
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cptnbd2: why is this a "hack around crux"?16:24
cptnbd2: it's installing one other port16:24
cptnbd2: how much can you expect from a distro with crux' target audience?16:24
cptnit's rather that crux easily offers this functionality16:24
cptnit's there, no one's keeping your from doing it, so why don't you just enjoy it?16:25
marore the graphics discussion we had last night: :)16:27
cptntoo bad they're not making agp/pcie cards...16:28
maroif that means I'll have to get a intel cpu/mobo as well, then be it16:28
maromy next box is probably going to be a laptop anyway16:28
marowe sold 6 hp laptops for $800 each last week, hard to resist :)16:29
marothey went in 5 minutes16:30
maropeople were standing outside the store when we opened ;)16:30
cptnI had an HP once16:31
cptnunfortunately, its components were rather weakly supported under linux16:31
cptnplus it was a p4m model, noisy as hell16:32
marothese babies were intel16:32
maro(p-m and graphics)16:32
maroand the nic obviously16:32
marocptn: yeah, those suck :)16:33
maroespecially on battery ;)16:33
cptnheh, literally16:33
marohave to get some sleep - sleep nicely when you hit that point too16:34
cptnthanks, good night16:34
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rxicptn: should try a hp pa-risc then :P17:31
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nipuLhmm, perhaps i should subscribe to -devel18:56
thrice`there are rumors that since AMD is in charge of ATI, they will open source their drivers19:04
HanYup. Interesting times ahead.19:08
nipuLif only intel sold pciex16 cards19:17
prologiccptn, *shrugs* all ? :)19:21
prologicactually specifically the X11R7 page19:21
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