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cptnclare: the portdb should now be fixed to produce only valid repository files09:43
cptnclare: thanks for the report09:43
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prologiccptn, I might add that my repo is available via rsync in case you wanted to know :)09:43
cptnheh, okay09:45
cptnit's currently not possible to configure one repository to have two transports09:46
prologicjust letting ya know :)09:46
prologicI've configured all my other machines to sync against one via rsync09:46
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bidikhi im trying to install crux on vmware workstation i cant write changes.. to my virtual disk. it says me unable to write /dev/hdc10:43
bidikcan i solve this problem,  did you ever live this problem10:44
cptn/dev/hdc is usually the cd-rom10:44
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cptnin a standard setup10:44
jordinmmm friends10:44
jordini need package openssl10:44
jordinalguien habla castellano?10:45
jordinpor favooooorrrr10:45
jordinfor dcc10:45
jordinyour cache10:45
jordinpackage openssl10:45
tilmanit's there i think10:46
tilmandon't by lazy and actually have a look10:46
jordinmy friends10:46
jordinpackage openssl for dcc10:46
jordinwget break10:46
tilmanhang on10:47
tilmanrequest sent...10:47
cptnbidik: what does "fdisk -l|grep" Disk say?10:47
jordinnow now10:48
tilmanjordin: ?10:49
tilmani offered the file10:49
* treach looks around and wonders if he accidentally entered #madhouse..10:49
jordinnow now10:49
tilmantreach: for 5 minutes i'm thinking "the internet is a damn mad house"10:49
jordinrepeat tilman10:49
tilmantreach: good to see i'm not he only one10:49
bidiki solved it s about vmware scsi option.10:49
tilmanoffered again10:50
jordinyes yes10:50
tilmanno workie?10:51
jordinsend now10:51
jordini not password in server10:51
jordinnow yes10:51
jordinsend again10:51
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tilmando you have a ftp client?10:51
jordintilman: send again10:51
tilmanyou needed to register with nickserv, yes10:52
jordini'm registered10:52
tilmanit obviously doesn't work10:53
treachand firewalled, most probably. just use ftp, dammit..10:53
tilmanyou have neither a working browser nor a working ftp client?10:53
treachso we won't have to witness this charade..10:53
jordinlook in cd10:54
cptnthe cd also has openssl BTW10:54
cptnone that works with the wget binary on the ISO10:54
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bidikiam trying to make filesystems, i created a linux partition with fdisk. now i want to create swap fs 512 MB how can i do that?10:55
jordinin cd10:56
tilmanbidik: use fdisk, too10:56
cptnbidik: have a look at the handbook10:56
tilmanand set the partition type to "linux swap"10:56
* tilman shuts up10:56
cptnoh wait :-)10:56
bidikyes cptn iam on handbook and im asking too10:56
treachbidik: are you sure you fit in the "experienced linux users" category?10:56
jordinin /crux/core10:56
jordinvery thanks tilman10:56
tilmanjordin: yes :-)10:56
tilmanyou're welcome10:57
bidiktreach i ll be .. im trying to learn10:57
bidikwhy do ask?10:57
treachbidik: I suggest you break your teeth on some other distribution.10:57
treachyou are only setting your self up for a lot of frustration this way.10:58
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treach(It has already begun, if you hadn't noticed, and you haven't even got the thing installed yet.)10:59
* jordin prt-get sysup in new crux instalation10:59
bidiktreach iam not new linux user..11:00
bidiki ll install it and i ll use it11:00
bidiki ll get experience.. about it  ok.11:00
treachas you wish. it's your time.11:01
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tilmanmorlenxus: i'll post-pone the enthrall-patch-reviewing until the weekend, i won't make it earlier. sorry11:11
morlenxusnp, thanks for the info. :)11:12
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tilmansure, i know that it sucks to wait for people to review your patches ;)11:13
morlenxusNp, i can wait, i just wasn't sure if i should ask another time and bother again or wait longer. ;)11:15
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bidiki like crux11:19
bidiki loved it11:19
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bd2I have recivied strange email From:, To:, Subject: cron: /usr/bin/php /home/sip/tlcacher.php > /dev/null, Body: PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: rev in /home/sip/tlcacher.php on line 168 and few more lines.12:49
tilmanignore it12:49
tilmancptn prolly already fixed it12:50
bd2nice to know.12:50
bd2it's sad that I have never received any prize by mistake, only erroneous emails... heh12:54
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TRIBBanybody here friendly with pure-ftpd ??14:14
copworki am using it14:19
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TRIBBcopwork: well i have been using it before too15:10
copworkso what do you want to do to my friend15:10
TRIBBcopwork: then lately i had a system crash and had to reinstall everyting - and now only the root account can login15:10
TRIBBeverything else gets rejected15:11
TRIBBand by god i cant figure out why ...15:11
copworkdid you use the pam authentification or use virtual users from a file or ldap ?15:12
TRIBBcompiled it with --with-everyting15:12
copworkand your other normal system accounts cant login15:13
TRIBBaccording to the docs on it that way you get everything incl shadow authentification15:13
TRIBBnope normal accounts gets authentication failed15:13
TRIBBbut it must read shadow for root access15:13
copworkdid you try to verbose debug and check the logs ?15:14
copworkthe messages are sent to syslog15:15
copworkPAMAuthentication yes15:17
copworkUnixAuthentication yes15:17
copworkin pure-ftpd.conf15:17
TRIBBnot using the conf shit15:19
TRIBBim running on commandline arguments15:19
TRIBBnot much verbose debug info im getting15:23
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TRIBBcopwork: all im getting is: [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [tribb]15:24
copworkif you duplicate -d you should get the answers too15:25
copworki dont know if you can verbose it anymore15:25
TRIBBnope double -d doesnt give anymore15:30
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TRIBBai fuck :)15:41
TRIBBi got it :)15:41
copworkyou cant keep quiet now15:44
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TRIBBpretty easy really16:00
TRIBBusers was added to passwd with out /bin/bash as argument ...16:00
TRIBBit wont work without ...16:01
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copworksounds good16:10
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prologicfor some reason I keep loosing my ssh/X session to my media box18:18
prologicit dies with the above message18:18
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thrice`what package does mkfontdir come in?20:12
qidgrep mkfontdir /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint20:13
prologic$ prt-get fsearch mkfontdir20:15
prologicprt-get: using cache20:15
prologicFound in /usr/ports/prologic/x11:20:15
prologicFound in /usr/ports/x11r7/xorg-mkfontdir:20:15
thrice`thank you20:16
prologicinstalling x11r7 ?20:16
thrice`no, a buddy needed help, and i'm at work.  I didn't know if it was fontconfig or x11 :)20:18
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prologicCan I install firefox-flash-plugin without firefox ? (for use with Opera)20:57
thrice`it just creates a dir manually and installs the plugin, right?20:57
prologicthink so20:58
thrice`I don't see why not20:58
prologicgood :)20:58
thrice`can't hurt to try :)20:58
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Romsterhrmm if thats the case maybe it should be renamed to browser-plugin-flash ?21:59
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RomsterTRIBB, heh users can't login without a shell :)22:02
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