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HanA shell doesn't have to be that much...00:37
Hanfor example I got a user whos shell is cplay =)00:37
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nope^hi there .. i need a user to be added into a group .. but i want it in /etc/group instead of /etc/passwd .. can't find any commands fo that .. plz help04:01
co|workjust add ":username"04:06
co|workto the corresponding line in /etc/group04:06
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Romsteri cant get to :(04:38
prologicjust pipe facc to lame04:41
prologicflac -d ... | lame ...04:42
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benehi, what versoin of postgresql is included in centos 4.3?07:54
cptnI think you're in the wrong channel07:54
koefzWhy would you think about joining this channel to ask that question?07:54
beneyes sorry :)07:54
benehave crux on my homemachine... cya07:55
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william_hi, i have just installed a fresh copy of crux 2.2 and am trying to install gnome... i know i should probably ask this in #crux-gnome but there is no one there. anyway i've followed the instructions on the website and it fails on libgnomeui but i'm not sure why10:56
william_there are a couple of errors like this:10:57
william_gtkfilesystemgnomevfs.c:394: error: 'struct _GtkFileSystemIface' has no member named 'volume_render_icon'10:57
william_any hints would be appreciated10:58
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cptnwilliam_: do you have the latest gtk?11:18
william_let me check11:23
cptnno idea then11:26
cptnnot a gnome user myself...11:26
william_i'm trying recompiling gnome-vfs11:27
william_yea, i used to use blackbox11:27
william_but i feel like a change11:27
william_so i'm not exactly used to installing gnome11:27
rehabdolluse fluxbox :)11:28
william_i've tried it11:29
cptnwilliam_: apparently, our libgnome version is incompatible with gtk 2.1011:29
william_ah ok11:29
william_thanks a lot for finding that11:30
william_yea that's the exact error i get11:30
Romsterthis maybe simple to someone here but i can't for the life of me sed out the numbers from this string "filename-r97937.tar.bz2"11:32
cptnit looks like a one line fix...11:32
Romsteryeah i was reading sed off
Romsterbut its puzeling me11:33
cptnRomster: all numbers, or do you want to keep the final 2? ;-)11:33
Romsterlol just the r89739. bit11:33
Romsterbut either just 8894 or r87330 will work for me11:34
Romsteri've managed to use | sed 's/\name: \(.*\)/\1/'`11:34
Romsterbefore but i can't figure out how to alter it todo this new task :/11:34
william_one line fix? i was just going to switch to libgnomeui 2.15.something   is that what you mean?11:34
Romsteri really need to learn regular expressions11:35
cptnwilliam_: search for "Line 456"11:35
cptniface->volume_render_icon -> iface->volume_get_icon_name11:35
william_that's it?11:36
cptnwell, it's what they changed :-)11:36
cptnand what gtk 2.10's _GtkFileSystemIface has11:36
cptnI didn't test it myself though11:36
william_how do i change the source and still use crux's package system11:37
cptnwell, you have two choices:11:37
cptneither create a patch11:37
cptnor add a sed call to the Pkgfile11:37
Romsterone line i use sed11:37
Romsterthat i manage well :)11:37
william_i think i'll do the sed call... i don't know how to make a patch11:37
Romsterbut not what i'm trying todo now :/11:38
cptnRomster: so what do you want to get out?11:38
Romsterthe reverse the number out of it yes11:38
Romsterextract the r* out of filename-.tar.bz211:39
Romsteri was trying to match on -r[0-9]*.11:39
Romsterbut i'm doing something wrong11:39
cptnwhy would you want to do that anyway?11:39
cptnwhen the result's always the same?11:39
Romsterso i can use it in a script :)11:39
cptnbut you _know_ the result11:40
Romsterno but i get the file name from a find and then sort11:40
Romsteri just gave you a fixed filename but i'm piping it from another command int eh script :)11:40
cptnsed -e 's|r[^.]*||'11:40
cptnsed -e 's|r[0-9]*||' would work too11:41
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Romsterhmm not geting any result.11:43
cptnworks fine here11:43
cptn echo filename-r97937.tar.bz2|sed -e 's|r[0-9]*||'11:43
cptn-> filename-.tar.bz211:43
Romsterhmm i was using printf11:44
cptn printf filename-r97937.tar.bz2|sed -e 's|r[0-9]*||'11:44
cptn-> filename-.tar.bz2(no newline)11:44
Romsterright now i get ya printf adds a newline11:45
cptnno, printf doesn't11:45
Romsterok that works but i'm after the reverse of that :)11:45
Romsteroh it dosn't but echo does11:45
cptnah, the number?11:45
Romsterthink i need a coffee11:45
Romsteryep thats the one cptn11:45
Romsterhmm that works without the -e even.11:46
cptnecho filename-r97937.tar.bz2|sed -e 's|.*r\([0-9]*\).tar.bz2|\1|'11:46
Romsterthats the one :D11:47
Romsterah so everything in the brackets gets removed and shown, i was working along those lines but the excaping \( bits got me confused on sed and egrep as they both do it diferently i think.11:49
cptnecho filename-r97937.tar.bz2|tr -d a-z.-|head -c -211:49
Romster\1 on the end is to repeat part of the expression but i haven't gotten that far yet11:50
cptnalthough that doesn't work if there are other special characters11:50
cptnwilliam_: please let me know how it goes, I'll let jaeger know (our gnome guy)11:50
Romsterheh thats a sneaky one11:50
Romsterhrmm i gotta let him know about some ports that need updating i've built bmpx :) and it works :P11:51
Romsterbut i haven't submitted the ports in yet11:51
Romsterbmpx is still alpha/beta but the ports i had to alter out of gnome could benefet from my versions i've made.11:51
Romsteryay that works perfectly, thanks11:53
william_cptn, sure i'm compiling it now11:54
william_still failed, but i may have done it wrong11:54
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cptnRomster: echo filename-r97937.tar.bz2|perl -ne 'print $1 if /(\d{2,})/'11:55
cptnRomster: would be slightly nicer11:55
william_i installed libgnomeui 2.15.2 for now12:00
Romsterwell perl is a core port so yeah could be done12:04
Romstercptn, i was thinking of a timed compile of ports and everyone then has a rougth guide ont eh amout of time they expect to wait, depending on system specs that is. interesting maybe, but to have it implamented prolly is just a novelity, but its a thought.12:05
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cptnRomster: I fear it's rather hard to give those numbers a real meaning12:17
cptnsince it depends on more factors than just the CPU12:18
cptnmemory size, memory bandwidth, I/O bandwidth of the work dir...12:18
Romstermemory, hdd, heaps of factors12:18
cptnI guess if you'd compile everything one one machine12:18
qiddistcc would render those numbers totally useless12:19
cptnyou could at least get an idea of the dimension though12:19
Romstereven diferent motherboards i would expect diferent latency12:19
Romsterthat was the genel idea a rougth timeline12:19
* Romster eats some peanut butter sandwiches12:20
Romsteri forgot how hungery i'em thats how much i've been on the pc this nite12:20
Romsteri was thinking of a hardware list and each person that has compiled that port sends it to the main server for listing, on a page and also pkgutils could tell the user that this will take awhile etc so they can go i'll do that b4 i goto bed etc.12:22
* mike_k remember SBU, used in LFS12:22
cptnI don't think it'll work out if you don't use one build host12:22
cptnah, I guess you can use one package as benchmark base12:24
cptnsort of a baseline package12:25
Romsterhmm there needs to be a refereance to use as a guid, of course all figures will be approximations12:27
tilmanmaro: i have a feeling your "yaml" port is very misnamed12:31
tilmanit's like having a "xml" port o___O12:31
Romstermike_k, i like that SBU idea12:34
Romsterthe system its being built on after knowing the first base port can approximate the time it takes to build the rest.12:34
mike_knot very precious, but good enough12:36
Romsterjust a rougth guide is all i was expecting12:36
Romsterlike ya might go lets install foo, then later find out its goona take all nite to build, but the unsuspecting user wont know this.12:37
Romsteror they might think bar will take a hour wher eits like 10 minutes12:37
cptnit's not like they're really our target audience :-)12:37
mike_kI've missed the start... Do you want a table of aproximate build time for every port?12:37
Romsterthats the idea12:38
Romsterdunno how well it'll work accross diferent pc setups though, i'd imagine a standared ratio from a known port,pc specs, and the rest could gauge off that or each system builds there own time from the first port they install.12:41
Romsterbut that dosn't account for upgrades or changes either, for later ports, i recken some self averaging system would work better12:42
Romsteri got some bugs to squash :/12:42
mike_kRomster: so much efforts...12:44
Romsterthing it it only needs to be done once :)12:45
Romsterdunno if it has much practictal value or more novelity value, but its a thought i've thought of.12:46
mike_k"just for fun"12:46
mike_kthat is enough12:46
Romstermaybe most of my ideas go agenst the KISS principal :/12:47
* Romster shrugs12:47
cptnprologic: ncmpc has NLS support, including translation files12:53
Romsterhrmm want them out?12:54
* Romster looks at port12:54
cptnyeah, --disable-nls should do12:55
Romsteryeah just adding that :)12:55
Romster--disable-nls: command not found, yay looks deeper if i have to i'll rm -fr the nls stuff12:59
cptnit works12:59
cptnwell, here it did13:00
cptnyou have to pass that as argument to ./configure13:00
Romsterdoh i didn't escape the new line my fault lol13:00
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Romsterdone it'll be changed when pro updates it, or he may have added it to cron now, hopefully13:02
Romsterits in svn anyways13:02
RomsterI like to help where i can :)13:03
Romsterthis is the best linux distro ever :)13:03
tilmanyeah, if only it had the BASICS13:04
Romsteri just have to relearn out of old ms habbits i used to have/still do13:04
Romsterits got the basics?13:04
Romsteri recken xorg should be in the next cd release too.13:05
Romsteras a menu option to install13:05
Romstertilman, what are we missing still?13:06
Romsterthats the ovious one, isn't that addressed or being addressed for 2.3?13:10
tilmancheck the roadmap13:10
tilmanit's all in the wiki13:10
Romsterafter i debug this code i'm working on13:11
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Romsterthink i solved it14:02
* Romster gets a coffee14:02
jjpkCheers, having my coffee as well.14:04
tilmancheers, having coffeine in a more geeky form14:05
Romsterheh jolt or some other extra caffeine drink :P14:06
tilmanCoca Cola, by the awesome Coca Cola Compay[tm]14:06
jjpkI'm a coffee person, so I rarely take caffeine in another drink form.14:07
Romsteryou call that geekie, i'd of thought a can of like 10x caffeine would of been geeky :P14:08
Romsterjjpk, same14:08
Romsteronly time i drink heaps of coke is with scotch :P14:08
tilmanwhiskey-cola is disgusting14:08
tilmanhow the fuck can anyone enjoy that. or whiskey alone ;)14:09
Romsteri can drink it straight but it goes smoother with a little coke :)14:09
jjpkCoke and rum is a favorite of mine.14:09
jjpkNice and simple drink.14:09
Romstertilman, just hasn't got the stomack or taste for it14:09
tilmanjjpk: okay, rum is an entirely different matter ;D14:09
HanIf you want to gain weight.14:10
jjpktilman: well, that is true.14:10
Romsteroh no Han is in da house :P14:10
tilmanRomster: did it ever occur to you that you have no fucking clue about english spelling? :>14:10
jjpkThe few times I drink whiskey, I drink it neat.14:10
Romsteryes i make 100 errors in one sentace soem i typed wrong others i jsut haven't bothered to learn the proper spelling.14:11
Romstersome* < that was a typing error14:11
Romsteri tend to type out of order, i think its a bad habbit i've gotten into14:12
tilmani meant fuck ups such as "stomack". lol.14:12
Hanand sentace?14:12
Romsterbut i tend to use a k dunno why14:12
tilman"would of" vs "would have"14:12
Romsterwise guy :P14:12
tilmanyeah, sorry14:13
tilmani usually don't tell people about it14:13
Romsterits ok, i should learn better :)14:13
tilmanbut i couldn't help it here, cause it's so extreme :>14:13
Romsteri know of my downfalls14:13
Romsteri'll give you extream *gets leet text out*14:13
Romsteror should i say 733t, i had a script but not ported to xhcat oh well14:14
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Romsterok anther problem to sort out14:16
Romsteranother* sheesh sometiems i think i also need a better keyboard14:16
tilmanor connect your brain to the motherboard somehow ;p14:17
Romsterbtw anyone remembers the url to that keyboard that had all the coloured screens on every key i'dso much love to see that keyboard in shops14:17
Romsterhell if there was a thought process interface i'd be set :P14:17
Romsterbut i recek i'd crash any pc with my thoughts lol14:18
Romsteri mix my vowels up to..14:19
Romsteri've never liked english heh, i wonder why i'm so bad.14:19
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Romsterthink that got it finally.14:37
Romsterand its almsot daylight14:39
treachanother lesson in "approximate spelling"?14:40
Romsteralmost, it was a typo.14:40
Romsteri arn't that bad, yeash14:40
treachjust schizofrenic, apparently. ;)14:41
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Romsterdamn it another bug to squash least i know what it is14:47
Romsterworse when its obscure14:47
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* treach reads and laughs..
jjpkMust be great knowing that you can not publicly demonstrate a working product.15:53
jjpkVery microsoftish.15:53
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treachbah, they are just waiting for the beta version of the rootkit.15:54
cptnsweet, my root partition died :-/15:55
jjpkSorry to hear that. :/15:55
cptnI guess I'm going to spend the weekend making backups of the other partitions...15:56
treachincredible though that they let this kind of thing happen after all the hype around "blue-ray", and in the end all they have to offer is "despite not being able to play commercial content, the drive is still useful as a 'storage device'".15:56
treachcptn: been there done that. Sucks. :/15:57
qidexcept for $1000 a drive you could buy a pile of hard drives with way more space15:57
treachtoo bad you'll have to waste a lot of space with mirroring. ;)15:57
treachharddrives aren't made like they used to be, IMO.15:58
* cptn eyes the 3.9GB SCSI drive that lies on his desk15:58
cptnmaybe I should use that one ;-)15:59
treachheh, only if you can afford the controller. :p15:59
treachscsi -> total robbery.15:59
cptnheh, it says "SEP 98"15:59
cptnone of the "good ones" ;-)16:00
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RomsterHan, new version of libevent 1.1b, please update, thanks.16:14
HanI also added a port for youtube16:18
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Romsterthem 15K 300GB seagate hdds look cool :)16:27
treachah, yes. Imagine the loss of 300GB data. What an oppertunity.16:27
Romsteryou recken there not reliable?16:28
treachI bet they aren't.16:28
Hanreckon they're16:28
treachNO disks seem to be reliable these days.16:28
treachso I've taken up the practice to mirror all important partitions.16:29
Romsterreckon sheesh16:29
* Romster slaps han :P16:29
treachreckless spelling, part XXIV16:30
Romsterhollyhell thats worse than my spelling!16:30
Romstertreach, that is a good move16:31
Romster < wtf16:31
treachwhat, you mean you don't need spell-chechz?16:31
Romstererm didn't copy bah16:31
Romsterpkgadd: could not remove /usr/var/: Not a directory16:32
Romsteris weird16:32
Romsterbtw what is the difereance with using mkdir -p and install -d ?16:32
treachI m sr yo kan find that i manl16:33
Romsterall i can see is install can remove directories when the port is removed, but mkdir wont.16:33
Romsterdosn't give alot of info i have already looked16:34
Romsterdamn its daylight and i've not gone to bed yet.16:36
treachalmost entirely correct.16:37
treachYES! :)16:37
* treach postphones further mobbing. 16:38
RomsterSee if I wasn't so lazy I can type better.16:38
treachwell, that's just half the problem. :p16:38
RomsterYes the other half is being lazy to look up the correct spelling of words I do not know or use very oftern.16:39
treachs problem/symptoms16:39
treachnah. the other half would be the grammatical errors.16:39
treachbut, thankfully, this isn't #applied_english16:40
RomsterAnd even using the wrong terms too.16:40
Romstersyntatical errors?16:40
RomsterYeah I even got that word incorrectly.16:41
treachbut I'd call using "can" instead of "would" a grammatic error, but hey, I'm not a linguist. :)16:41
Romsternext you gonna be hiting me with nouns, verbs and adjectives16:42
treachDon't worry. If you get too annoying there is other means to deal with it.16:42
Romsterlike ignore16:42
tilmanor bombing australia16:43
treachHey, at least I'm not going to present you to some old exam from school. :p16:43
Romsteras if you'd do that16:43
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treachtilman: careful, carnivore is listening. ;)16:44
RomsterHrm that is a valid point you make there16:44
* treach awaits tilman getting extradited.16:44
Romsterhow about more bold16:44
Romstercapitals isn't the only way of SHOULTING16:45
treachI don't think being bold means what you think.16:45
treachand shouldn't that be SHOUTING?16:45
Romsterno l?16:46
Romstersee i can't spell simple words...16:46
treachSo we have noticed.16:46
RomsterBut I make up for in other areas.16:47
treachYes. Verbosity, for instance.16:47
* treach retracts claws.16:49
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HanThat's an avi documentary17:33
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treach food for thought, coming from mainstream media.18:20
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DaViruzI'm getting that exact error trying to build xorg 6.9 from opt21:31
DaViruzand from what i can tell the "likely solution" also posted is already in the port21:32
DaViruzanyone got any ideas or solutions?21:32
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screehope it isn't too ot, but does anyone know how to burn an iso on windows?21:58
screeI've only done it on linux21:58
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qidscree: nero22:02
qidor alcohol, I think it's called22:02
screeI was hoping to do it with native utilities22:03
screeif at all possible22:03
qidI don't think any such thing exists22:04
qidI think you can burn CDs using just windows XP itself, but it does a horrible, horrible job, and I doubt it supports images22:05
screeonce again, I expect too much of Windows. It's like working with a retarded kid, I swear22:05
screeand yeah, you can do music with wma and data with explorer.22:05
screebut I haven't found anything for iso's22:05
HanI tried to tell it once not to use the dial in connection, but the _working_ wlan...22:05
qidunfortunately, windows is an OS and a distro at the same time, and the two can't be separated, and neither of them are particularly good22:06
HanIt just didn't get it.22:06
qidif it wasn't for the apps, I'd ditch windows on my desktop for linux in a heartbeat22:06
screeeven if windows was open source, no one would be able to do a thing with the monstrosity the code must be by now.22:06
screeand who would want to+22:07
HanThat's what you get when all employees code their perticular own piece of code but never ever get to see what their neighbour does.22:08
screedilbert probably works at microsoft22:09
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