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prologicRomster, why do we have a newer version of ffmpeg ? Isn't the one in opt good enough :) ?02:24
prologicneway, thanks for updating some ports :)02:24
Romsteri wated a customised version i'm still toying with it, then i'll ask the person that maintains it to update hes if hes willing to. so far i've had no reply from the person regarding other ports.02:32
Romsterone in opt is way out of date.02:32
Romsteri'm getting that invalid certificate thing every time my thunderbird checks for emial...02:33
Romsteri'm currently removing some crud out of some ports as what portverify has found.02:33
prologicare you getting "invalid cert" because of a hostname mismatch ?02:49
Romsteryes02:52 and cancer.voyager02:53
* treach hugs sylpheed.03:05
Romsteri've always used firefox and thunderbird.03:09
treachNot to be harsh, but "we've *always* done things like this" is probably *the* worst excuse to continue doing something. Ever. :-)03:10
Romstertrue i've switched from one program to another on some stuff i went to thunderbird for cross OS compatability, i used to use incredimail!!!03:11
treachI haven't tried it, but sylpheed exists for windows as well.03:12
Romsterdidn't know at the time03:12
treachand it's a *much* smaller compile..03:13
Romsteri'd imagine03:13
treachyeah. :)03:13
treach2.5MB source vs 33 or so.03:13
Romsterbut can it do everythng i want/need :) i'd have to try it out, i've been with thunderbird for a few years now. its like breaking a old habbit.03:14
treachthat's a much better argument. "overwinning the inertia".03:16
Romsteri do try other products, like just recently i've switched to another password manager03:16
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bd2"All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less." (c) author of mutt ;-)03:20
treachwell. If you are using multiple smtp servers, setting up mutt definitely sucks.03:22
bd2this can be used for multiple smtp accounts03:24
treachhm. I read a ton of stuff on the topic, never managed to get any of it working, for some reason.03:24
treachso, after spending an insane amount of time on trying to make it work, I settled for sylpheed, and had a working setup in a few minutes.03:26
aonwhy do you need multiple smtp servers? :)03:44
treachdifferent accounts for different purposes.03:44
mike_kwork/home/spam accounts03:56
jjpkI have multipled accounts as well, but it still works with one smtp server.04:07
jjpkWhatever is supported by the current network you are on.04:07
treachI've no idea what the problem really was, I just remember getting some extremely obscure error-message whenever msmtp tried to send the message.04:09
jjpkReally strange indeed. Things have been swell with qmail.04:12
jjpkJust need to change the external smtp address if I am elsewhere than home.04:12
jjpkThen it just forwards where ever mail needs to go.04:12
treachwell. I like mutt, but sylpheed works better for me.04:13
jjpkmutt is something I can not live without anymore.04:13
jjpkIt took a very long time to configure it properly to fit my needs, but now it's there.04:14
treachI can't justify the time needed to figure out why things doesn't work for me. So sylpheed wins hands down for me. Only drawback is that you can't access it via ssh. (at least it isn't particulary  nice.)04:15
jjpkI don't export my mail outside my personal computers.04:16
jjpktrue about that. What I found out with mutt was that many problems were external.04:16
jjpkAs in because mutt is just an interface and not all inclusive, you have to dig for the problems elsewhere.04:17
treach"elsewheres" :-/04:18
jjpkThe usual problem is either the method used to send the mail out, so you look up on whatever you are using.04:19
treachmmmh, and when you can't send anything at all?04:20
jjpkGrep and tail the logs, see what is going on.04:20
treachmm. right.04:21
treachI tried that one as well. Nothing there, except that damned message that probably only made sense to the author.04:21
jjpkqmail has had surprisingly clear error logs imho.04:23
tilmanare you using an mta?04:24
jjpkIn the beginning I thought it would be very difficult, but it has proven otherwise.04:24
treachtilman: who?04:25
tilmantreach: you04:25
tilmanor are you using msmtp/esmtp/nullsmtp/etc04:25
tilmanthe latter is maybe easier to set up.04:26
jjpkesmtp worked fine for me when I used it.04:27
treachI tried with esmtp/msmtp, no dice.04:27
jjpkSame with msmtp, never gave me trouble.04:27
treachjust got some funky error message.04:27
treach(which I btw don't remember, since I gave up and just set up sylpheed instead.)04:30
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tilmanhotplug is deprecated?07:13
tilman 40 - The old hotplug helper /sbin/hotplug should be disabled on bootup, before07:13
tilman41 actions like loading kernel modules are taken, which may cause a lot of07:13
tilman42 events.07:13
brointhemixyea :)07:14
brointhemixthat's what i've read here, at least07:14
tilman /sbin/start_udev disables the hotplug thingy07:15
tilmanmmh well07:18
tilmanso udev now also loads modules for hardware that's present at boot?07:18
tilman(like, my soundcard. this might explain why my modprobe.conf rule for emu10k1 doesn't work anymore :)07:18
brointhemixyea, i've noticed that too07:19
brointhemixmod-autoload :)07:19
jjpkstatic kernels <307:20
tilmani wonder how many entries i can delete from /etc/rc.modules07:20
brointhemixtry all :)07:21
jjpkProbably depends on how many actions you have defined there.07:21
brointhemixjjpk: true, but still i like to have my ethernet drivers built as modules to tell the system which ones to load first07:22
tilmani have an "install" rule for this module in modprobe.conf07:26
tilmanand it's not getting called07:26
tilmanso it seems udev maybe uses an alias to load the module07:26
tilmancan i log modprobe calls somehow?07:26
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prologictilman, not sure :/07:55
mike_khmm, thats why I've got module for eth card loaded without my willing yesterday08:14
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TRIBBanybody here ?10:57
TRIBBwell perhaps is enough to answer me on a weird error im getting while trying på pkgmk php ? ...11:00
thrice`sure, paste the error11:01
thrice`to a pastebin11:01
TRIBBpastebin ??11:01
thrice`yes, like
TRIBBwell im getting a build complete - then i get a tar: *: cannot stat: No such File or directory11:02
TRIBBthrice` ?11:07
TRIBBthrice`: or @
thrice`what errors does the build give you prior to that?11:09
TRIBBthats what puzzles me11:12
thrice`it builds the package perfectly ?11:13
TRIBBit builds ... has no visible errors and then it gives a build complete11:14
TRIBBand then the error in the txt file ...11:14
TRIBBnothing else11:14
tilmanthat error means pkgmk couldn't find any files in the working direcotry11:14
tilmannormally it tars up the working directory11:14
tilmanand renames the tar to "blabla.pkg.tar.gz" ;)11:14
tilmanwell, not the working direcotry11:15
tilmanbut the one where the port installed the files to11:15
thrice`what you set to it to11:15
TRIBBdidnt do anything to the port11:18
TRIBBits the standart port in ports/opt ...11:18
thrice`well, it seems to me that if the port built absolutely perfect, then tar will have no problem packaging the work directory11:19
TRIBBshouldnt have11:20
TRIBBjust deleted everything and redownloaded everything incl the port11:21
TRIBBwill retry the build¨11:21
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cohani need guesses... i restored a rsync-backup of a crux2.0 (2.4 kernel, udev) to another computer (exactly same hardware)12:26
cohanwith a little bit different mountpoint layouts - chrooting into the new system works fine. i added the very same kernel to grub and altered the recovered systems /etc/fstab12:27
cohanbut regardsless of my efforts, boot hangs quite late:12:27
cohanMounted devfs on /dev12:27
cohanFreeing unused kernel memory: 184k freed12:27
cohanAdding Swap: 1903692k swap-space (priority -1)12:27
cohanso init is executed (as far as my spare knowledge can tell), but then something tilts12:29
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mike_kcohan: might be udev's minimal kernel version requirement13:26
mike_kI am not sure13:26
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Romsterafaik you need atleast for udev14:02
tilman2.6.15 at the very least14:03
Romsterwhy use such a old 2.4 kernel? and if ya gonna keep to that you'd better patch it if its possable or go back to devfs14:03
Romster2.6.15 ah i was close14:04
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Romsterhas anyone seen Younes Hafri's recently i've emailed him but no reply yet.14:10
Romsterand that was a few days ago now14:10
tilmani don't think he's on irc14:10
Romster2006-07-10 was the last time i seen any ports updated, on hes site he says he keeps the all upto date, *cough* i see a few that need updating.14:12
tilmanemail him again threatening him :D14:12
Romsteri've basickly hacked he's ports to be upto date as i need to use a few.14:12
Romsterhes got a nice ports list, he should sync some to contrib if hes gonna maintain them.14:13
mike_kRomster: go and force him to sync =)14:16
Romsterwell if hes not gonna i got working ports of some stuff already i'll add.14:18
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Romsterbut i wanted to ask first14:18
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blizzhmm.. samplerate/bitrate converter for wavs somewhere in the ports?17:11
blizzapart from audactiy maybe17:11
blizzlol, there is also sndfile-resample..17:11
blizztoo obvious ;-)17:11
blizzthanks tilman17:13
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cohanoh, sorry, i just read my post from before...17:37
cohan...of course this old kernel uses devfs! sorry for mixing this up17:37
cohanand i now got the error as well: nothing "hung", just an interactive question in /etc/rc - which was not redirected to serial console17:38
cohanbecause of an spelling error in the kernel options which was hard to see17:38
cohanthx for the hints! i am very glad the system seems up'n'running again17:39
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blizzaand.. is there a gif editing program in the ports? ;-)18:29
blizzsure, can it edit animations, too?18:30
blizzwell, create them, that is ;-)18:30
tilmannot sure about write support18:30
tilmanview yes :D18:30
tilmanno idea what you'd use to edit animations18:30
blizzit can18:30
blizzgif can only handle layers as animatino frames18:31
blizzthanks again for telling me the obvious, lol..18:33
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tilmananyone on gcc 4.1 yet?19:37
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predatorfreaktilman: I'm using 4.1.1 here.20:22
predatorfreakRuns beautifully.20:22
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Plazmaanyone in here use cedega or wine on crux?21:29
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nipuLi have in the past, on an amd64 no less21:50
nipuLthere are even some cedega ports out there21:50
Plazmahow well does it run on crux?21:51
Plazmaive used crux-ppc in the past and loved it.. never tried it on x8621:51
Plazmavmwaring a test install now to see how well i can get a few small things configured21:51
Plazmaim sick of ubuntu21:51
nipuLruns just fine21:51
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nipuL:[ when will people learn that linux is linux, and distributions do not determine how well software will run21:53
Plazmaheh thats true..21:54
Plazmai guess what i meant to say was how difficult would it be to setup on crux21:54
Plazmabut you said theirs ports out their for it so21:55
Plazmathat makes life much easier21:55
Plazmabut as for ubuntu.. its just not what i want.. although i greatly respect the dev's and what the distrobution is21:58
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prologicWhat the hell is suidperl and why does neomail need it ? :)23:19
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