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prologicQ: shoduln't /dev/dri/card0 by root:video ?00:40
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Romsterprologic_, crw-rw---- 1 root video 81, 0 Aug 11 19:04 /dev/video001:59
Romsteri don't see no card0 on my pc.02:00
Romsteri should get my composite video out working sometime too02:00
Romstersh: /usr/bin/mkdvd: cannot execute binary file < wtf?02:10
rxichmod +x /usr/bin/mkdvd02:10
Romsterbut it is02:11
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 43836 Jul 24 14:40 /usr/bin/mkdvd02:11
rxiis it a bash script?02:12
Romsterhmm no binary i don't see no elf but i see mkdvd.pike02:14
Romsteron the top line02:14
Romsterok is this odd, prt-get fsearch mkdvd, returns nothing02:15
rxiprt-cache fsearch?02:16
Romsternothing either02:18
rxifind / -iname mkdvd02:18
Romstermust be leftover from a port i don't have anymore02:18
Romsteryou know what port mkdvd comes from?02:18
rxior pkginfo -o mkdvd02:18
rxino idea sorry02:18
Romsterah its one of my local ports i haven't stuck in the repo02:20
Romsterah ow i rememebr it uses pike02:22
Romsterprolyl don't have pike02:22
Romsternope how silly of me02:23
Romsterwell that was silly of me02:26
Romsterheres one thing i've been trying to figure out how do i get make or configure to output all the dependancys?02:33
Romsterwould be much easier to make sure the depends line is right if i could list them.02:33
rxiumm .. ../configure --help?02:33
Romsternot all ports have a make depend target02:34
Romsteri've looked at that02:34
rxiyeah unfortunatly some developers dont do it02:35
rxiyou could rip off a gentoo ebuild :P02:35
Romstereven if i have to make a bash script todo it.02:36
Romsteronly other option is to setup a virtual crux system with only core, and add stuff tot he virtual system when make borks.02:36
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Romsterhmm maybe i can grep the build logs for checking for lines02:43
rxii dont have a linux box to play with but what about the configure script itself? or configure.in02:45
Romsterhmm for the ones that have it, i'll look at that02:45
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spockerjjpk: hey03:50
spockeryou around?03:50
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* Romster shrugs04:08
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Romsterguess i can use ldd after i've managed to get a program to install ;/04:31
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prologicAnyone have any idea of the performance of a SanDisk 2G micro flash drive ?05:12
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tilmani should have searched the port db for "gcc" :P08:22
tilmanaround ~5 gcc4.1 ports ;)08:22
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bd2speaking of gcc, can anyone explain why gcc in core have objc compiler? anyone know core/opt package depending on objc?08:43
tilmanwow, i wasn't aware that it does08:44
tilmanseems a bit funky indeed08:44
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qidI thought only apple was crazy enough to use objc08:47
bd2maybe it's needed for window maker, as a part of GNUstep?08:48
bd2Objective-C today is often used in ... such as OpenStep/Cocoa/GNUstep. (c) wikipedia08:49
bd2unfortunately windowmaker site is down. " Apache/2.0.55 (GNU_OpenSolaris) Server at Port 80" - they would better use Linux ;-)08:52
bd2anyway, window maker requires only ANSI C compiler08:52
prologicyou can get the sources from my archive if you like08:55
aoni don't think that wmaker does09:00
aonah, as said before :)09:01
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Romstertheres gcc in prologic's that i've thrown in.09:36
tilmanall of them seem more or less the same09:40
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mike_kand if someone will need obj-c - he'll be forced to rebuild gcc...09:53
mike_kdoes it heart too much(having obj-c in core)?09:53
tilmanhow many crux users of 100 will need obj-c support?09:54
tilmanbd2: did you search the mailing list archives?09:55
tilmani guess this discussion has been brought up before09:55
mike_kof 100?09:57
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tilmanis it safe to only update gcc to 4.1 and not re-build glibc, binutils etc?09:59
mike_kthat's the question I hate to ask myself10:00
bd2tilman, no, I'm not10:08
bd2tilman, it's safe unless gcc version is the same (or no ABI changes made from old version).10:09
bd2 not much discussions10:11
Romsterupdating gcc is fine, but if you update glibc aswell then its the full tool chain rebuild10:12
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HanBetter rebuild binutils as well if you update gcc11:21
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Romstergrr power went out for 2 seconds and it took ages to fsck a 200GB sata hdd... using ext311:39
Romsterthought ext3 was ment to be fast since its a journed filesystem11:39
Romsteri need to get a ups11:39
HanWhy do you have such a big partition with data that is required at boot?11:39
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HanThose last two numbers of /etc/fstab have a meaning you know :-)11:40
Romsteri got 2 partitions11:50
Romsterswap and root11:50
Romsteri didn't devide it any smaller11:50
Romsteri got sick of the guess work then finding out later one partition is too big and another is too small11:50
Romsteri origionally wanted to setup LVM but gave up on the complexity11:51
Romsteri got another hdd in ntfs i should add to ext3 too.11:51
Romsterdump and pass11:51
Romsteryeah i've seen thema nd left them at there default settings11:52
mike_k1 ~200GB partition for root?11:52
Romsterno not quite11:52
Romster8gb swap the rest is root :)11:52
Romsterwhich has home and var and the rest on it11:53
tilmanyou sure 8gb is enough for a swap partition?11:53
Romsterprolly too much but i'm allowing for future expansion11:53
Romster2X ram and i plan to have 4Gb of ram later11:53
Romsteri do alot of data processiong11:54
tilmanthe "2x ram" rule hasn't been valid for years11:54
mike_kby that time you'll repertiotion it11:54
Romsterbut i'm not gonna miss 8gb out of 20011:55
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Romsterman 8 dump, isn't in the man pages....12:00
Romsterfsck is though12:00
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Romsteri proberly could repartition into more smaller peaces, but that can wait till the next time i redo everything12:03
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marohahaha :D14:35
marothat has to be the fastest 3 years in my life14:37
aon...and the lightest hard work ever seen14:41
aon...and 60,000 seems a bit high14:41
maroaon: I downloaded it IIRC14:42
marojust to see what he changed14:42
maroI think it was limited to replacing all occurances of "CRUX" with "NETWORSIX"14:42
tilmanit's a crux fork14:43
marotilman: it _was_14:43
aonthat engarde secure linux thing he went to work isn't a crux fork14:43
marodon't you remember NETWORSIX?14:43
aonit's a debian fork instead!114:43
treach"hard work" hehe14:43
tilmandon't think so14:43
aoni wonder if someone actually _hired_ him for his rebadging skillz or if that "company" is just some curtain of his :)14:43
marotilman: he posted screenshots on that crapsite... osnews I think14:44
maroaon: I heard of that engarde distro half a year ago or so14:44
treach"downloaded by more than 60,000" oh, yeah. Right.14:44
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aonsleep ->14:45
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maronighty :)14:46
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clarehi treach,  just a little note - elsewhere is a plural word meaning everywhere except here and there, makes no sense to add "s"15:22
treachI know, I was sort of joking.15:23
claregood, I do enjoy your comments15:23
treachthus the surrounding doubleqoutes"15:23
treachthanks. I hope people don't think I'm too offencive. :-)15:24
tilmanit's the romster virus15:24
treachI guess I'll have to cut down my sentences to smaller "peaces". :)15:25
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Romsteroh ic15:30
Romsterrottern gnome i have to install it to get this program t work, meh15:30
* Romster takes the plunge15:30
Romsterif ya wanna learn bad english i'm da man rofl15:30
Romsterhave you noticed that han and yhafri, are fighting on who should have 'sox' in contrib?15:43
Romsterthey both have .sync files and since the 'other' person removed he's port, only them 2 are left to fight it out.15:44
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Romsteri'm guessing the program dosn't like 2 .sync files for the same port name.15:45
tilmani was just looking for sox myself15:46
tilmanand wondered why it wasn't in contrib15:46
tilmaneven though there are two sync files :P15:46
Romsteri was gonna add my version but looked and thought there both wanna get it in contrib15:47
Romsteri'm not gonna compound it and make 3 sync files :P15:48
Romsteri'm just wondering why kde dosn't have its own repo like gnome has?15:48
Romsterthen again the future is all going to be merged into contrib15:50
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Romsterxorg must be cooking some stuff up, there've slowed down on new versions.15:56
tilman7.2 will be branched off next month15:56
Romsterthought something was cooking up nicely :)15:57
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zethrielJust a quick question. Is there anything different in CRUX for user creation? Some network daemons are confused and cannot locate users, even though /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/group are set to standard linux specs..20:55
marozethriel: "some daemons" being what daemons?21:22
maroand how did you add the users?21:22
Hanuser adding daemons?21:27
zethrieli used useradd -d21:37
Hanzethriel, you are really not specific21:38
zethrielI used useradd -d to add the intial user and directory and set the groups for that user in /etc/groups, made the /home/user directory and applied the permisions.21:40
zethrielim haveing user problems with apache when accessing user dirs i get permision denied, even though I edited the httpd.conf restarted apache and made sure the permissions for public_html are ok. The other is vsftpd i cannot login as a user even thought its been set in the config file and deamon restarted.21:42
HanIt does not work...21:49
zethrielAnd that being?21:51
qidzethriel: I've used user dirs in apache just fine, you must have something configured wrong21:55
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zethrielI'm not thinking so, one user works but not another. Both users were setup one after another in the same manner, all permissions are the same.. For apache that is.22:01
zethrielI'll try and re-do my users thanks for the help22:01
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prologichmm 4237 songs and counting22:59
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maroare anybody working on pkgutils in C?23:52
nipuLi am..sort of23:54
nipuLbalso implemting attribute based packages23:55

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