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Romsterhan a sugestion that you change depends on from x11 to xorg?00:28
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tilmanHan: no it doesn't02:05
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nipuLsweet, my voip account started working :D03:21
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Romstercan anyone get to ?06:04
cptnyes, works fine06:06
cptnwell, it's slow06:06
Romsterwont even load for me damn it06:07
Romster70 seconds and counting to even load the page06:08
rxi_works here06:08
Romsterah now it works must of been a temp problem06:09
Romstertook like 100 seconds on the second attempt to even get the page to load06:09
Romsterinsanely slow, well was06:09
rxi_who is your isp?06:10
Romsterits fine now but it was timing out06:13
Romsterjust that site afaik06:13
Romsterya know how the net is like :)06:13
rxi_hehe indeed06:14
Romsterbest quote: But it was working a minute ago. :D06:14
Romstergah i can't download transcode :(06:29
* Romster trys the bittorrent instead06:30
Romsterstill stalled damn06:32
Romsterah found a mirror06:38
Romstertorrent isn't even downloading O_o06:38
HanRomster, heh, yes06:42
Romsterwell is now but mighty slow, and i already gotit from another site.06:47
Handuh... I should build ports with my sleepy head! =)07:06
bd2Han, hey. What is your prefered ftp client? I guess it's yafc, or your are only maintaining it?07:09
mike_kmaro: can we force you somehow to maintain kde staff?07:21
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Hanbd2, yes...07:24
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rxi_hmm whats the best way to set a background picture?08:07
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nipuLre: dell inspiron recall,
nipuL...those photos are a few months old08:09
rxi_where did you get those from?08:10
hackedheadrxi_: prt-get info feh08:10
nipuLi took them with my camera phone08:11
rxi_hackedhead: ta08:11
hackedhead=] feh + == happy root window08:13
_mavrick61Hi all... I'm back from my lon vacation..08:35
nipuLyou were gone?08:38
maromike_k: I don't use kde :/09:35
marothanks for the thumbs up though :)09:35
marobd2: try contrib/tnftp09:36
maroit's ftp with tab-completion but without the bloat ;)09:36
maroit's netbsd's ftp, formerly known as lukemftp09:37
Hanyafc is even smaller =)09:39
bd2maro, thanks, will try. Indeed, I'm searching less bloated ftp client than lftp. Yafc seems good09:39
qidhackedhead: eh, that site sucks for themes, try or deviantart09:42
hackedheadthemes, yes, wallpapers no09:42
marotnftp doesn't need a config ;-)09:42
hackedheadno one writes themes for my wm anyway =P09:43
Hantnftp can't be customized?09:44
qid861 wallpapers vs. custo's 10707, I think custo wins09:44
maroHan: it can use .netrc, but that's about it09:44
bd2Han, yep, thanks. I'm made similar config by yafc -D :-)09:45
mike_kmaro: me neither, I thought you loved it09:45
Hanbd2, that's what mine comes from, but I made a lot of changes.09:46
bd2the only problem I have with yafc is that it do not try to login anonymously by default. I'm solved that by alias yafc="yafc -a", though09:47
hackedheadqid: on quantity, sure,a dn devart dwarfs both no doubt, but i find i like the ones on interfacelift more, i dont have the hunt through the chaff as much... suit yourself09:48
Hanbd2, there is a config option for that.09:48
bd2Han, which one? I have autologin on09:49
HanI though autologin indeed, anyway it doesn't request a pass when I login to which is not in my bookmarks.09:51
cptn# set password used for anonymous logins09:52
cptnanon_password ""09:52
cptnmaybe because of that?09:52
bd2that is strange. I'm testing on ftp.gnu.org09:52
bd2I have uncommented09:52
HanYeah I get anonymous login automatically at ftp.gnu.org09:52
bd2ah.. great, thanks!09:54
Hangoogle rocks ;-)09:54
bd2I just don't wanted to bother google, because of minor problem :-))09:55
Hanfinaly I got rid of that stupid buzzing fly!09:55
mike_kHan: tasty one?09:56
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Handunno, but it was buzzing around my living room for hours.09:56
jjpkMesh on windows <309:58
jjpkKeeps them out more or less. :p09:58
predatorfreakjjpk: Personally I prefer mesh on my Windows OS, sadly it doesn't do the same thing as mesh on real windows :(10:00
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predatorfreakNow then, time for some games.10:02
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j^2hey all11:11
jjpkhi j^211:11
roowieDoes anyone have a mirror for pkgutils-5.20.tar.gz since is down?11:24
cptnthe domain was renamed11:24
roowieah, thank you11:24
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_mavrick61I mitght be better to have those ports on the crux server too...12:09
tilmandon't even THINK that ;)12:09
tilmanthat will get us into the mirror debate again ;)12:09
sipwell,having at least pkgutils makes sense12:10
* bd2 warming-up :-))12:10
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tilmansip: yes12:11
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brointhemixmy rtorrent seems to die too often13:03
brointhemixnot sure when it starder but i suppose it was somewhere around my last curl update13:04
brointhemixnos sure though13:04
brointhemixdon't you experience similar things?13:06
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Hancptn, /usr/bin/svn: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:07
HanThose messages are broadcast on the crux@ mailinglist14:08
cptnyes, I got them too14:08
cptnwe're working on this :-)14:08
Hanjust making sure ;-)14:08
jjpkFive of them already. o_O14:09
treachheh, one of the more public errors. :)14:09
cptnthe problem is that mail for user crux is routed to crux@lists.crux.nu14:09
cptnor was, rather14:09
cptnyou got a couple of them already14:09
cptnwell, handful maybe14:09
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j^2how many of yall have set up a jabber server?14:49
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HanI've only set up a bitlbee server =)15:01
cptntilman: glucose sounds interesting15:03
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jjpkj^2: shouldn't be too hard.15:29
jjpkHan: same here, piece of cake to get bitlbee going. :]15:29
jjpkGives most people headaches because they try to keep sending whatever over msn... :D15:30
jjpk+ files.15:30
j^2yeah i didnt think os15:30
treachjjpk: I guess you'll wise up with age ;)15:31
treach(Don't *ever* say "shouldn't be too hard" until you've actually tried it. :P )15:31
jjpkTrue, I just browsed jabberd's documentation.15:33
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* treach laughs.. this > has to be one of the most stupid things I've ever read.. (reaction on the US poor score on the question "Did human beings, as we know them develop from earlier speices of animals?")15:57
hackedheadmeh. it'll bother me more when there's solid proof for macro-evolution16:02
treachhackedhead: the point wasn't the topic itself.16:03
treachJust the amazingly stupid reaction..16:04
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Plazmaanyone here?20:40
Plazmabasically im an intermediat linux user.. been testing many distrso off an on for years.. found a few i liked, but also like getting other users opinions.. and i was wonder why any of you all chose crux as your main distro? If your going to respond preferable more than one reason, but doesn't have to be a fillabuster either20:53
Plazmai have used crux and i do enjoy it.. just curious as to why others enjoy it20:53
blizzit's frickin simple as hell20:53
Plazmablizz , i agree, being a fan of BSD's ports system, i like the fact it doesn't go out of its way to make a specialized "binary" type package.. it uses ap ackage system, but their the same packages everyone knows and loves/hates20:54
blizzwe got really lots of ports right now. and nice new rsync repos. very fast now20:55
Plazmarsync is great20:55
Plazmai was a fan of gentoo because of portage, but i dont like waiting for a day for my full system to be ready to use20:55
blizzlol. well you can do the same with crux, altough the base ports arent as much as a default gentoo system20:56
Plazmayea.. i am not much for ubuntu or debian .deb's20:57
Plazmathough ill admit their the onlye binary based packages in linux that don't have too much dependeancy hell20:57
Plazmai used to use slackware for a year or better.. i loved the speed myself, lacked package management at the time.. now has slapt-get but i hear its not the best20:58
blizzyeah. prt-get pretty much rocks the house. :-P20:58
Plazmaill drink to that one20:58
Plazmai do like the fact the init scripts are standard and simple20:59
Plazmaand the whole distro is "bsd" style to the point one may think it is BSD21:00
Plazmawhich if i werent a gamer or a linux gamer i would be on BSD in a heartbeat but21:00
Plazmalinux has much better gaming support21:00
blizzwell, crux made me think twice21:00
blizzi would choose netbsd, but it's *rather* complex21:00
blizzi think i will be a linux fanboy for ever. ;-)21:01
Plazmanetbsd is nice to tniker with.. openbsd is great for routers..21:01
Plazmafreebsd is good for workstations and servers21:01
Plazmahell their all good21:01
Plazmacept mandriva21:01
Plazmaand red hack21:01
Hanopinions are boring21:01
Plazmaim feeling inquisitve today i guess21:02
Plazmamaybe its the beer talking21:03
prologicCRUX website a bit slow ?21:04
prologicoh wait21:05
prologic <-- not working :/21:05
Plazmablizz , i thank you much for your opinion21:07
blizznevermind, it's boring anyway *scnr*21:07
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blizznevermind ;-)21:09
Plazmawell anyway blizz i thank ye21:09
Plazmaill buy you a virtual beer and email it to you21:09
prologichmm I love being ignored :)21:10
prologichi blizz, Plazma21:10
blizzsorry prologic :-)21:10
Plazmahey prologic21:10
Plazmaprologic , read wht i posted above, give me your insight.. itll keep ya from being bored21:10
blizzhum, works fine for me. isnt the server out of order for a long time by now?21:10
prologicPlazma, I've since cleared my screen, wasn't following :/21:11
prologicsummary ? :)21:11
prologicblizz, perhaps so, but the logos, art and anything else on it would need to be moved over21:11
prologicI was trying to show my flatemate some of the other logos21:11
Plazmaprologic , long story short, why do you like crux as your main distro? more than one reason, but not a big fillabuster21:11
prologicbecause it's simple and easy to use and very flexible. Getting under the hood isn't a steep learning curve unlike many other complex distros.21:12
prologicAlso is does everything I need (including desktop env, and servers)21:12
Plazmaprologic , yea i agree.. blizz and i had a great convo about ports21:13
prologicoh ic21:13
prologicwell I love the ports system :)21:13
Plazmaprologic , i love bsd and so forth.. but it lacks a lot of features for gaming etc.. which linux now has21:13
Plazmaoh yea.. me too21:13
Plazmai was a gentoo guy souly because of portage, but waiting a day for my systme to be ready is annoying21:13
Plazmathen to find your install failed and you have to start all over again21:14
prologicI usually get desktop systems up in under 15mins21:14
Plazmaheh.. i like the init scripts at startup.. i can just edit it to suit my needs and its like magic21:14
Plazmait pay sto know some bash i guess21:14
blizzare they bin/sh by now in default 2.2?21:15
Plazmathats right.. sh21:15
Plazmakorn shell baby w00t21:15
blizzi think i remember a sh replacement for init scripts in your repository21:15
Hanthats not a korn shell derative21:16
Plazmaany of you guys do any gaming on crux?21:16
Hana survey?21:16
blizzmost likely21:16
blizzyes, i do. and there are lot's of game ports ;-)21:16
Plazmablizz , games like ut2k4?21:17
* Plazma would love to do some q3 linux21:17
blizzPlazma, exactly that game21:17
blizzbut NO port for that one21:17
Plazmahehe i wonder why21:17
Plazmaso how does it run? it ran great on other distros ive tried21:17
prologicyeah I do gaminig21:17
Plazmamy current video card blows.. i need a nice nvidia agp card21:17
prologicbut not heavy high-end games21:17
blizzi think it doesnt matter which distro you have when it comes to specific tasks like gaming21:18
Plazmaanyone got any to sell21:18
Plazmablizz , yea thats true..21:18
prologicnope :)21:18
Plazmai overcompliate everything all the time21:18
prologicunless you wanna buy copies of freely available oss games :)21:18
blizzit's usually a binary vendor driver + maybe custom libsdl ;-)21:18
Plazmanot games.. video cards21:18
Plazmaneed a nvidia agp card.. 5200 or above21:18
prologichmm I have an ATI Rage 128M here21:19
prologicoh don't have any of those21:19
Plazmai have a 9200se.. i dislike ati21:19
Plazmai had a 9800 pro.. but i think the fan died21:20
Plazmaso it artifacted terribly21:20
Plazmathough was interesting in bf1942 i was able to see through walls due to glitches in the card21:20
blizzi had a 6600gt, but cracked the gpu21:20
blizzwhile installing an.. incompatible.. cooler21:20
Plazmahow on earth did you do that21:20
Plazmai was going to bid on a 6600 gt.. but i lost21:21
Plazmai eventually want to build a new system.. intel core 2 duo system or an opteron venus system21:21
blizz6600gt sucks. design flaw.21:21
blizzwth is opteron venus?21:22
Plazma144 i think21:22
Plazmamaybe 14621:22
Plazmaget that with an asus delux 939 board21:22
blizzjust another stupid codename.21:22
blizzasus boards suck. i prefer DFI by now21:22
Plazmaim not a big DFI fan.. i prefer ABIT21:22
blizzcheap, nforce 4 ultra chipset (im also an nvidia fanboy!)21:22
Plazmayea.. im nvidia all the way21:22
blizzthe worst board i ever had was MSI21:22
PlazmaMSI used to be good.. til they sold their soul to hp21:23
Plazmamost HP's/compaq's ive worked on at the shop have had msi boards21:23
Plazmaive had great luck with asus and abit21:23
Plazmawell its past my beditme.. i gotta work tomorrow at hell21:24
Plazmathanks everyone for your input.. blizz , prologic21:24
Plazmatake care now21:25
blizz+t :-P stupid language ;-)21:25
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prologic__Hey guys, I have a NetGear WG311v3 wifi card in my desktop as well as a C-Media sound card (my onboard don't work)22:44
prologic__I now get really bad static through my speakers when playing any sound/audio22:44
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