IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-08-17

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MukundaHan: are you awake?00:58
MukundaWell could anyway tell me what is wrong here... It's a very basic script, I'm doing something dumb.
MukundaIt says: =======> ERROR: Function 'build' not specified in Pkgfile.00:59
Han  EOF01:00
Hanremove the leading whitespace01:00
MukundaOh. :-)01:01
HanAnd don't put quotes around the EOF01:01
MukundaThank you.01:01
HanAnd the packagename is rather a misnamiour.01:02
MukundaIt's a silly package, not really needed.01:03
MukundaBeen a while since I've done these, forgetting basics like mkdir $PKG/etc type stuff.01:04
Hanodd, `misnamiour' is not an english word. It's not even in google01:04
HanBetter use install -d01:05
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MukundaYeah, I was wondering what the difference was... guess I'll need to take a look at the info pages.01:05
Haninstall -d doesn't give an error if the dir already exists.01:06
MukundaAh okay.01:06
MukundaDamn, can't wait to get my laptop tomorrow.01:08
MukundaWonder if I can manage to get a Windows refund.01:08
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* mike_k should try to get refund too01:10
Mukundamike_k: what country are you in?01:17
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Mukundamike_k: fun story about getting one.
mike_kMukunda: Ukraine01:18
MukundaAhh okay. I'm in New Zealand... I get my laptop tomorrow, was thinking of just going physically to the HP offices and asking for my refund and not leaving till it's sorted.01:19
MukundaActually I'll just print off the EULA now while I'm at work.01:19
mike_kMukunda: I'd like to hear the results01:22
MukundaYeah, hopefully they are positive.01:25
MukundaMaybe I should email Nandor our anarchist free-software using member of parliment.01:25
MukundaOkay, with Crux is it $startdir like it is with arch/pacman ?01:25
cptnwhat's $startdir?01:27
cptnso probably not01:27
Mukundawell if I have a patch that needs to be applied do I go patch -Np1 -i ../blah.patch ?01:31
MukundaI would expect it to be $startdir/blah.patch in arch01:31
cptnhave you had at some other Pkgfiles?01:32
cptnmany have patches01:32
MukundaGood idea. :-)01:33
MukundaHmm work break.... I need dinner but I just don't feel like going to get anything...01:34
MukundaWell maybe I could go get chinese.01:34
MukundaAhh $SRC :-)01:35
MukundaBah, I will go get dinner now.01:36
pitill0hi good morning, when configuration files are needed by a port, must be put in /usr/etc or /etc? Thinking in first but prefer to ask to be sure.01:38
cptn/etc/ -> Configuration files for system software (daemons, etc)01:39
cptn/usr/etc/<prog>/ -> Configuration files01:39
cptnso you'll have to decide whether the app qualifies as "system software"01:40
pitill0nice... there are some ports that uses directly /usr/etc without <prog> dir. Thinking in add all in etc, for daemon and client.01:41
pitill0both are system related and may be a good idea to put them together.01:42
pitillousing the conf option provided, put them in /usr/etc without <prog> dir. Need to make it by hand I think.01:47
cptnyeah, probably01:52
pitillobit a bit... First I need to setup the permissions by udev rule. Only root can run daemon and client monitor. (But it works at end :)01:53
cptnah, that's a good start01:55
Mukundahaha cool, went to get dinner and some guy was in there, he started talking to me and at first I thought he was some homeless guy, then he asked where I work (an ISP) and he went on then about how he had just set up a quad sli machine for some guy and how he had written a bunch of code and documentation for SCO and never got paid for it and that they are complete arseholes.01:59
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Hansmart. Saves lots of money.02:20
HanNo wisdom though...02:21
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cptnlooks like the next debian kernel will support slightly fewer devices than vanilla kernels...02:28
pitillosorry :)02:30
predatorfreakcptn: Wow...... what in the hell where the thinking o.O02:39
mike_kcptn: on the one hand - it will affect owners of such devices, on the other - such people can force vendors to change their policy02:39
predatorfreakcptn: It's like their trying to turn the Linux kernel in OpenBSD...... only OpenBSD aren't THAT strict about firmware.02:40
predatorfreak-in +into02:40
mike_kmore on that topic from Theo de Raadt:
predatorfreakmike_k: He more campaigns against completely binary device drivers.02:42
predatorfreakor thinks which require a blob to operate.02:42
predatorfreakFirmware he seems to be more flexible with, so long as they can redistribute it freely.02:43
cptnmike_k: well, you see how well this works for ati and nvidia...02:43
cptnI mean, forcing them to release their drivers02:43
mike_kAMD/ATI alliance might change things a bit02:43
predatorfreakmike_k: Old news.02:44
predatorfreakThey publicly stated they aren't releasing their drivers.02:44
predatorfreakcptn: I'm supporting the NVIDIA reverse engineering project that got started.02:45
predatorfreakI'd like to see some decent open source 3D drivers for NVIDIA cards.02:45
mike_koh man, is it possible at all02:45
cptnpredatorfreak: so why aren't you in #nouveau then? ;-)02:45
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predatorfreakcptn: They have a channel? :)02:46
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cptnlooks like it02:46
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predatorfreakcptn: Learn something new every day.02:47
cptnI'd love to see that project succeed too02:48
predatorfreakIt would be great, waiting on NVIDIA annoys me more than anything and I hate inserting random blobs into my system XD02:49
cptnthe only drawback of good open source drivers is that people keep buying the hardware02:51
cptnand therefore sees no reason to publish specs...02:51
predatorfreakcptn: Yeah but sooner or later you get the devote nutjobs who demand an open source driver so they start reverse engineering stuff ;)02:52
predatorfreakcptn: Although, I need to get my ports repository removed from the sync list, since I'm not really maintaining it worth crap anymore.02:55
cptndo you want to send out a note so people can pick up dependencies?02:56
cptn(if there are any, that is)02:56
predatorfreakcptn: I provided all the things in my tree and I don't think anyone wrote anything that depended on my stuff.02:57
cptnokay, removed it03:00
cptnplease let me know if you want to join again :-)03:00
cptnor whoever will look after it at that point in time03:00
predatorfreakcptn: Well, that depends on me not being a lazy bastard :P03:01
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MukundaThis script continually fails to untar... What is wrong with this line?03:42
Mukundatar -xf $SRC/glibc-libidn-2.3.6.tar.bz203:42
MukundaThis is driving me nuts, it's so simple... must be something really dumb.03:42
MukundaIt keeps saying the file doesn't exist but the filename is correct, I've checked so many times.03:42
prologictry -jxvf03:43
rxiyou need -j to extract bzip203:44
rxibut 'man tar' would tell you this03:44
cptnit works without it03:44
cptnif you avoid z or j, it'll detect that03:44
cptnMukunda: you're not trying to do that in a Pkgfile, are you?03:45
rxiahh ive never tried .. always used -j or -z03:45
cptnit's a rather recent addition I think03:45
Mukundacptn: yeah, I am trying to do it in the Pkgfile.03:45
MukundaTwo tar.bz2's that need to be extracted.03:46
cptnadd them to the source array and done03:46
MukundaI have..03:46
prologicwell then that's why it doesn't exist03:46
MukundaShall I put the entire thing up somewhere, I bet it's an obvious fault.03:46
prologicit's already extracted them03:46
rxipkgmk -d -kw ?03:47
Mukundaprologic: yeah, I suspected it had..03:49
prologicwow I get great static interference through my speakers03:49
prologicdamn this netgear wifi card ;/03:49
MukundaBut I'm not sure where it has extracted them too.03:49
prologicto $SRC/ of which the pkgmk environment is already in by default03:50
cptnmmmh, no03:50
prologicjust cd ... and your compile commands03:50
cptnit's extacted to $WORK, right?03:50
prologicno ? :)03:50
prologicoh yeah I mean that03:50
cptn$SRC only contains the sources03:50
cptnor input03:50
MukundaWhere are the tar's kept?03:50
cptnin $SRC03:50
MukundaHow can I access them during install?03:51
cptnwell, not kept03:51
cptnyou don't have to03:51
prologicyou shoudln't need to03:51
cptnif you have to, you're doing something wrong03:51
MukundaOkay, well here is what I'm trying to do in a Pkgfile.03:51
MukundaIt will have untar'd glibc-2.3.6 first, and then from in that directory I want to untar glibc-libidn03:52
MukundaAnd have it untar inside the glibc dir.03:52
prologicand why don't you just use crux's glic port ?03:52
predatorfreakMukunda: Have ports untar it and just do cp -r03:52
predatorfreakor mv.03:52
predatorfreakEither works.03:52
MukundaHmm will try that.03:54
predatorfreakAlthough I do wonder why you need to package your own glibc.03:54
cptnthirded :-)03:55
predatorfreakI just bumped and fucked with what was in core :)03:55
MukundaOkay, that worked better.03:55
predatorfreakMukunda: Now we agree on something.03:58
* predatorfreak heads off to bed.03:58
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MukundaI can't wait to get my laptop. Weeeeeeeee.04:06
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treach...."Sony's patent agent[In the UK], Dr Jonathan DeVile"... A joke, or just an incredible coincidence..?04:14
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cptntreach: probably an alias, his real first name is "Imthe"04:15
cptnI'm the Devil04:15
treachI bet he lives in port 29A as well.04:16
jjpkdevil or vile, they both get my vote. :D04:49
cptnnot to mention Dr evil04:50
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treachIt feels like a joke, but considering british standards wrt names there is no telling..04:54
RyoSdoes somebody have a download link for libebook sources?04:58
cptn$ prt-get info libebook04:59
cptnPackage 'libebook' not found04:59
RyoSi know04:59
RyoSi will have to make a port for it as ekiga 'needs' it04:59
RyoSthough i cant find it oO04:59
cptnfrom the first hit on google, I'd expect it's in evolution-data-server05:00
RyoSmh ok05:00
cptnsupports that05:01
RyoSalright, thanks :)05:01
treachthing:~% dpkg -l | grep libebook05:01
treachii  libebook1.2-5  1.6.3-1  Client library for evolution address books05:01
treach  :)05:01
RyoSyou use debian?05:02
treachatm, yes05:02
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bombo13how big is crux?05:10
RyoShey moo05:10
treach~230 MB05:10
copwork> 19 inches05:16
RyoS> 0,1 kg05:18
treachthat's mass, not size.05:19
RyoShe could mean that by asking how big it is too.. ._.05:19
treachreally? Does the weight of any object have any bearing on wether it will fit in your suitcase?05:20
treachNo, it doesn't. It only matters in the context of wether you'll be able to lift the suitcase or not.05:23
RyoSi am beaten05:23
RyoSoh and, ekiga still wants scrollkeeper.. will have to enable it..05:24
RyoSchecking for PWLib version... configure: error: Sorry but the recommended PWLib version is 1.10.105:25
RyoS=======> ERROR: Building '/root/ports/ekiga/ekiga#2.0.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.05:25
RyoSbo:ekiga# prt-get current pwlib05:25
treachwell. It's right there.05:26
cptnmaybe you have to install the pwlib-devel package ;-)05:27
RyoSi actually installed exactly the package they offer to download @ ekiga.org05:27
RyoSthats what i thought...05:28
RyoSone moment05:28
cptnwhy not gnome/pwlib?05:28
RyoSits an outdated version05:29
RyoSand configure says it wants 1.10.105:29
RyoSi will try 1.11.105:30
cptnthe one from gnome symlinks pt-config to /usr/bin05:32
cptnln -s /usr/share/$name/make/ptlib-config $PKG/usr/bin/ptlib-config05:32
cptnchances are the configure script uses ptlib-config to obtain the version05:32
cptndo you have ptlib-config in path?05:32
RyoSi will try it out, but the one from the gnome-port didnt build for me yesterday as i tried it05:32
RyoSlet me check05:33
cptneither way, you should run pkgmk -kw, and have a look at config.log05:33
cptnit'll say what the problem was05:33
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RyoSediting the Pkgfile from pwlib which is in the gnome group, ekiga will eat it, nothing else..06:27
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ulughbeghi miss you friends and non-friends07:44
ulughbeghwhats up?07:45
* copwork cries overflowing tears of joy07:45
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warpedby0hello, i wanted to download the crux ppc iso but the link is down?07:53
rxiwhich version?07:53
cptnwhich site?07:53
cptnchange that to
cptnor that, probably has newer ones :-)07:54
cptnlol @ rxi07:54
cptnthey have point to the site07:55
rxithere is a 2.1 iso about07:55
guaquawas just thinking...07:55
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guaquaif i bought a x86_64 system, would i benefit from compiling the whole system and making a special iso for that?07:56
pitillo here there are some07:57
warpedby0ok thanks07:57
pitillosearch the file directly next time :)07:57
cptnwarpedby0: the domain name changed from to bsnet.se07:58
cptnso the server's still online07:58
cptnbut the download page was outdated07:58
warpedby0cptn: are you the maintainer of the ppc port?07:58
cptnwarpedby0: no :-)07:59
cptnI meant you were using
cptnand I'm partly in charge of that wiki07:59
rxiwarpedby0: you'll get more info out of the forum than this channel for ppc related stuff07:59
cptnguaqua: if you want more tha 4 GB RAM then yes08:01
cptnguaqua: otherwise it depends on the app, really08:01
guaquaso basically running the normal 686 system and apps compiled for x86_64 would be enough?08:01
rxiif they work08:02
cptndepends what you mean by "compiled for x86_64"08:02
cptnbut running the regular i686 crux on a 64-bit CPU will work fine08:03
cptnwell, on an x86_64 cpu, not any 64-bit :-)08:03
guaquayeah :)08:03
guaquai really don't know much about the linux 64 bit implementation nor the 64 bit processors at the moment so that's why the questions might sound a little weird :)08:04
cptnit's more a practical issue currently08:05
cptncertain apps won't compile since they're programmed with 32-bit in mind08:05
cptnor closed source apps like acroread or flash08:05
cptnor some of the games08:05
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cptnthat article actually claims that 64-bit linux would be faster08:10
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treachIIRC AMD64 cpus get more registers available when run in 64 bit mode, that might speed up things a bit.08:11
treachwill it make ooo go any faster? Doubtful.08:11
qidthe registers could be larger but I doubt there would be any more of them08:12
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qidand the benchmarks I've seen suggest that for doing desktop work, 64-bit doesn't buy so much, but for server workloads it does08:13
j^2@seen jaeger08:13
clbj^2: jaeger was last seen in #crux 1 week, 0 days, 18 hours, 5 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <jaeger> don't know KDE, myself08:13
j^2aww...i'm miss jaeger08:13
j^2morining all08:14
cptnhey j^208:14
rxihey j^208:14
jjpkhi j^208:14
treachjaeger aka "Harry  Homeowner" :p08:14
guaquathanks cptn08:15
guaquai'll have to look at it08:15
treachqid:  "However, on AMD64, 32 bit x86 applications may still benefit from a 64-bit recompile, due to the additional registers in 64-bit code, which a high-level compiler can use for optimization. " ->Wikipedia08:15
guaquai might be considering a server running amd6408:15
qidthat's pretty strange08:15
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l33t_h4x0ri kno more about computas than u all im da best hacker eva08:18
rxioh yay your back again08:18
RyoSw00t :D08:18
RyoShe knows how to use the underline!! :O08:19
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jjpkwtf was that?08:23
RyoSleet hax0rs attack08:23
rxino idea .. some tard08:23
RyoSi got hacked :(08:23
j^2who the frak is l33t_h4x0r?08:24
rxii dont think anyone knows08:24
jjpkj^2: who/what rxi said it was. :p08:25
jjpkSome *random* tard. :D08:25
warpedby0like it matters who he is :D08:26
rxilol theres a libsexy08:27
treachmeh. ISP's should be forced to keep the more retarded part of their customers on a special net. :-/08:27
cptnthe kindergardennet08:27
j^2"special internet(s)" -- for all those flash games and myspacers08:28
treachto use one of those wonderful american euphemisms..08:28
jjpkSounds good. It would be easier to filter them out then.08:28
treach"A special Internet for special persons".08:29
rxilol .. dont want to block the entire north american continent tho :P08:29
j^2ohhh cold08:29
treachrxi: quite tempting..08:29
rxitreach: it wouldnt do me any good cos 80% of australia's bandwidth goes through the usa at some stage :(08:30
treachwell, get it higher up in the stack then.08:31
* treach would like to see the system that had the processing power to do that..08:31
cptnand then, imagine a beowulf cluster... oh, nevermind08:33
guaquaanyone here experimented with a cluster btw? :)08:33
tilmanjust with software-related so called "cluster fucks"08:34
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j^2query, has anyone every started up/used ZoneCD?08:56
rxicant say ive even heard of it09:00
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treach"A transparent proxy sends all "Public" requests from NoCat through a content filter (Dansguardian) to block porn, hacker sites, extreme violence, illegal drugs, and other obscene and explicit Web sites."09:04
treachwhat's then the point with internet access? Duh.09:04
rxii find that idea obscene so does that mean it has to block itself :P09:05
treach"also blocks files extensions to protect your network from viruses, and restricts file sizes to save bandwidth." -> absolutely  useless then. :p09:05
guaquai wonder how many of my favorites would be on the blocklist :F09:13
guaquareading the "experiences" page on dansguardian is freaky09:24
guaqua"it is easy to block websites i don't want my family to see"09:24
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rehabdollany tips on how to easily build the svn-client, without the other crap?12:05
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tilmanrehabdoll: did you see the README?12:09
maro :)12:10
rehabdolloh, oops12:11
tilmangood read12:14
tilmani'll grab a badger corpse when i see one on the way to work tomorrow12:14
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jjpklinux on dead bagers. :o12:41
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hackedheadso i just did a fresh install of 2.2, did a ports -u, then realized i hadn't enabled contrib, changed that file in /etc/ports to remove .inactive, did another ports -u,. but prt-get still doesn't "see" the ports in contrib13:49
cptn-> prt-get.conf13:49
hackedheadless ... ah yeah, i always forget that   _doh_13:50
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* treach gets sync errors on flite and mod_python, checks maintainer, and stops being surprised.17:21
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prologictreach, wtf ?17:37
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treachprologic: right back at ya..17:46
treachprologic: rsync: send_files failed to open  "/flite/.md5sum" (in crux contrib): Permission denied (13)17:48
treachprologic: same for "/mod_python/Pkgfile"17:49
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prologicthat shouldn't be18:12
prologicI'll check the web server :)18:12
prologicthey're fine, they open perfectly18:13
treachprologic: I've no idea what that was about, I did a new sync just a few minutes ago, and it seems like someone sorted it out.18:13
prologicbag me for nothing :/18:14
treachcom on.. it wasn't like I invented that error message, and it wouldn't be the first time you screwed up. :p18:15
treachthat's hardly "nothing".18:15
* treach takes prologic out of the bag.18:15
prologicgee thanks! :/18:15
* prologic runs away sulking18:16
HanIf it wasn't prologic I would have suggested that merely mentioning you get sync-errors would suffice ;-)18:16
treachprologic seems to have something of a black thumb with his ports now and then. :p18:17
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thrice`er, no jaeger21:21
thrice`anyone else use daapd?21:22
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