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onowhats up, any good 64bit repos for danm's Crux-2.2-64bit edition.?00:37
onoand also some tips for compiling my kernel for 2 Xeon 3.4Ghz EMT's with HT00:37
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prologiccyas all01:12
prologicoff to world nationals, won't be back till the 12th Sep01:12
prologichave fun :)01:12
cptngood luck!01:13
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cptnhere's the next step of debian's firmware battle:01:38
cptna bug report requesting to remove the free 'nv' (nvidia) driver from xorg01:38
cptnsince it's obfuscated01:38
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predatorfreakcptn: God what are they smoking.01:46
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predatorfreakAlthough on that note, I need to sleep.01:47
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mike_kcptn: it's nice, crux is almost free of such ideas01:58
mike_k"virtual insanity" is the term that coms to mind02:06
cptnalthough to be fair, it's a lot harder for them since they ship binaries02:16
cptnso the developers are fully responsible for anything02:17
cptnwe just place the kernel source in /usr/src ;-)02:17
mike_kI can't believe that debian users rely on prebuilt kernels so much02:18
cptnand I guess with the number of devs debian has, there's always one who sees another problem...02:18
cptncertainly not if they patch out drivers02:19
cptnor functionality02:19
mike_khardly their policy will stop people who do need the working device02:19
cptnOTOH, for servers it's probably the best choice02:19
cptn(as long as you're running debian)02:19
mike_koh, that way...02:20
cptnyeah, that was kinda ambiguous :-)02:20
mike_kbut, for example, they list 'tg3' which is an extremly good Gbit-NIC... Many good server grade MoBos have it onboard02:21
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cptntg3 and e100 will definitely cause problems when crippled02:21
mike_ks/NIC/driver for NIC/02:21
mike_kor 'if crippled'02:22
cptnI wonder whether they ship the kernel source on their isos02:22
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cptnotherwise, you couldn't even go online...02:22
mike_klong time ago there was a source02:22
cptnunless you go fetch one of your spare rtl8139 ;-)02:22
mike_kbut that source might be already patched02:23
cptnokay; well, it looks like not everyone from debian agrees with it either02:24
mike_kcptn: was there an irc-meeting of devs, already?02:24
cptnso I guess we'll see :-)02:24
mike_kwe'll see02:24
cptnnot lately; jue's on holidays02:24
cptn@seen vektori02:25
clbcptn: vektori was last seen in #crux 1 week, 4 days, 13 hours, 58 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: * vektori hires Romster.02:25
cptnvektori too hopefully :-)02:25
mike_kI wonder what can make Jue playing with crux along with working in dbaudio company02:26
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mike_ksuch examples positively affect my mind though =)02:26
cptnyeah, indeed02:26
cptnI'd guess that he wanted a nice linux distribution initially02:27
cptnand has been helping ever since he started02:27
mike_kand found a time and willing for both hobbie-work and pure-hobbie02:28
mike_kor hobby xD02:28
cptnso what do you do when you're not here?02:37
mike_kI do it when I'm here too... Work for a little ISP02:37
cptnah, nice02:38
mike_kso crux is a handy thing at work02:39
cptngood to hear02:39
cptnnot everyone is that lucky and gets to choose the distro of his choice at work02:40
mike_kIf I were audio-engeneer (with a good workplace)... doubtfully I were helping some distro so much as jue does02:42
mike_kI've only started to replace those crap with crux a t work... looks nice so far02:43
mike_kcptn: and you? Who are you working at? And if crux fits there?03:32
cptnsorry, was kept busy :-)03:39
cptnI'm working at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich03:39
cptnwhich is basically a university03:40
cptnI'm just an employee there, not studying anymore03:40
cptnany I can use crux for my personal machine03:41
cptnluckily :-)03:41
Romsterswitchihng to init 1 gives me no bash prompt :(03:41
Romsterinit1 is ment to be single user mode right?03:41
* Romster takes a shower, and will read when i get back.03:43
mike_kRomster: man 5 inittab03:45
mike_kcptn: at least on personal machine... Sounds like an interesting place to work.03:46
cptnyeah, I like it a lot03:46
mike_ksome kind of secret technology?03:47
cptnhehe, no03:47
cptnthat's the platform I'm working on03:48
cptnI basically do the non-research software work03:48
cptni.e. bootloader & kernel maintenance, root filesystems etc.03:48
mike_kthat's in research or production ready state?03:49
* mike_k looks impolite asking too much questions03:50
cptnhehe, no no03:50
cptnit's maybe a bit off topic here, but I guess it's okay just once :-)03:50
cptnit's just a research thing03:50
cptnthere are a couple of projects with industry involvement03:51
cptnbut no mass production so far03:51
cptnit's beyond what we can do since we don't have the ressources03:51
cptnerr, resources03:51
mike_kI see... that weareble computing industry looks like never get to mass03:52
cptnyeah, as long as it disturbs you, people won't buy it03:53
mike_kunfotrunately military interest is nearby (03:55
cptnyeah :-/03:57
cptnalthough that's true for many technologies03:57
mike_kyes, that's natural03:58
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Romstermike_k, rs:S1:wait:/etc/rc.single is in inittab and i'm using current versions, my guess is maybe i got to add a line in rc.single?04:20
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mike_kRomster: I have no crux by hand which I can send in single user mode...04:25
mike_kis it the same if you "vmlinuz root=/foo/bar -s"04:26
Romsternever tryed hmm i'm gathering its this comment out line in inittab, #s1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 ttyS0 vt10004:35
Romsternot sure if vt100 is right or its ment to be linux, i'll try it out later i feel too tired to be messing with it now.04:36
mike_kthat line is to enable serial console port04:37
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Romsteroh then i'll have to add my own line then.04:40
Romsterk added c1:1:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux, probbally do the job.04:42
Romsterok i think i'll try it now then i can do other compiling stuff while i'm out then.04:46
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rxi_anyone tried bmpx?04:54
*** MrX has joined #crux04:54
Romsteryep :)04:55
Romsterworks ok but not alot of features but plays fine.04:55
Romsternot much of the UI works.04:56
rxi_yeah it barely runs on my box .. going to fuck it off04:56
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Romsteri keep it with bmp04:58
Romsterit should be good when its got more features done.04:58
rxi_ill probably go back to rhythmbox if it compiles04:58
Romsterit runs fine on my pc. as in plays all audio formats04:59
Romster1.4GHz pc.04:59
rxi_it runs but gui is a bit screwy04:59
rxi_hp c3700 750mhz/512/18gb05:00
Romsterhmm odd05:09
Romsternot all the gui is working yet.05:09
Romsterbut i'm looking foward to when it does :)05:09
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Romsterok that worked got it fixed. had to add "c0:1:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux" to /etc/inittab05:21
rxi_yeah that would help05:21
Romsterwhy its not in there in the first place is beyound me..05:21
rxi_yeah it should be by default unless its a weird console installation05:22
Romsterlike its password protected anyways.05:22
Romsterstandered crux 2.2,but its a upgrade from 2.1 so maybe.05:23
rxi_yeah something went wrong there05:23
Romsterhrmm no, my desktop is a fresh crux 2.2 setup and it dosn't have that line either.05:23
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rxi_you got c1?05:24
Romsteryes i got c105:25
Romsterupto c605:25
rxi_yeah thats fine then .. aslong as you have atleast c* :)05:25
Romsterbut theres no line in there for single user mode..05:25
rxi_c1 is single05:26
Romsterhrmm no don't work unless you add a new line with the :2: set to :1:05:26
rxi_you have c{1,6}?05:27
Romsteryes i have c1-605:27
Romsterc0:1:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux05:27
Romsterc1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux05:27
Romsteri had to add the top one to get run level 1 to have a tty05:28
rxi_ahh true sorry05:28
Romsterfor once i'm right and i'm still learning lol.05:28
Romsterits ok05:28
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Romsterhrmm core port rc needs that added :)05:29
Romsterworks nicely now :) added it to my desktop pc to incase i want to use run level 105:31
Romsterwell its got a root password on it so i see no reason why its not in there.05:31
Romsterpress ctrl-D or give root pass.05:31
Romsterso to me it seems safe05:32
Romstergranted not everyone will use it but i think it should be in there.05:32
Romsteranyways its in my setups, thats all i needed :)05:33
rxi_there is obviously a reason its not included05:33
Romsterbut i don't know that reason :) or they forgot to add it, i'd have it in there and commented out atleast.05:34
Romsterwith a quick description saying "init 1 console"05:34
rxi_hmm .. im sure cptn can make up a decent excuse :P05:34
Romstermost likely :D05:35
Romsteri'm crazy compiling gcc 4.1.1 on a 233MHz pc lol05:35
Romsterlast time it took 8:15 to compile.05:35
rxi_lol .. ive given away better machines that that05:36
Romsteris my gateway/firewall.05:36
treach233MHz -> don't use a source dist...05:36
Romsteri'll wanna snatch a 1GHz pc later for a firewall so i can do heaps of processing.05:36
Romsterit works fine.05:37
Romsterjust the tool chain is madness to recompile on it :D05:37
rxi_why would you want to touch it05:37
treachyou need a 1GHz cpu for your firewall?05:37
Romsterwhat it works jsut takes a longer time.05:37
* Romster shrugs05:38
Romsteryeah so i can use l7-filter and other stuff its also doing dns and squid too05:38
rxi_i think the processor in  my netgear router is faster :P05:38
Romsterand soon it'll be doing fax/voice modem too05:38
treachyeah. You could catch a nasty coffeine addiction that way though. :p05:38
Romsterconsidering a modem is a outside connection i thin it be best on fire, also will server as a backup if my dsl goes down.05:39
Romsternar i just start it and leave it05:39
Romsterwake up the next day and a few hours later and its done lol05:39
Romsterthats why i said i was crazy todo that ;P05:40
treachI think I'd go for debian in that setting though. :-)05:40
treachpersonal pref, of course.05:40
Romsterdebian nar i like crux better05:40
treachsure, but for a system where compiling is a pain..05:40
rxi_id use crux but use the packages from the boot cd05:40
Romsterwell its only the tool chain and kernel really05:41
rxi_my fileserver is still running the default packages from 2.005:41
Romsterand them 2 i don't do much, well first tool chain upgrade ever.05:41
Romsteri did from the start.05:41
treachrxi_: too bad you can't do that forever.. if you are running it as a firewall it feels kind of essential to be on top of the updates..05:41
rxi_treach: i dont really care about security too much05:42
treachok, it's your funeral. I guess it depends a bit on your connection as well how attractive you are.05:43
rxi_adsl 1500/256 *shugs*05:43
rxi_its just my home dsl .. if it was enterprise or smb sure id do it05:44
treachmh. I'm on 10Mbit up and 100 down. I get absolutely hammered from time to time by all kinds of crap. :-/05:44
rxi_i guss thats one benefit of having a shit connection05:45
Romsteryeah thats the reason why i'm updating glibc/gcc05:45
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copworkhow attractive are you :)06:40
cptnrxi_: what exactly is the problem?07:08
rxi_eh? problem?07:09
cptnfor which I should make up an excuse07:09
cptnI just saw one more of Romster's "X needs ..." lines ...07:09
rxi_oh that07:10
rxi_apparently he couldnt access single user mode by default07:10
rxi_ive never tried07:10
cptnI can try, just a second07:10
cptnboth '1' and 'S' runlevels work fine here...07:12
rxi_i seen them in the inittab but dont know how to actually use them07:13
cptnthere's a warning about my kernel not supporting inotify issued by udevd07:13
cptnwell, you have two possibilities:07:13
cptnfrom the bootloader, that's <kernel image name> S07:13
cptnor 1, doesn't matter07:13
cptnor from a root shell, issue 'init S'07:13
cptnor 'init 1'07:14
rxi_yeah i knew the last 207:14
cptndo your single user thing, and run 'init 2' to go back to multi user07:14
rxi_yeah ive used <kernel image name> single back in old rh7 days but havent needed it since07:15
cptnapparently, one should rather call 'telinit' which will call init07:16
cptnalthough I can't see any difference :-)07:17
cptnah, I think I understand now:07:17
cptnif you boot into a system, the first process (pid 1) is init07:18
cptnso telinit probably communcates with this one07:18
cptnrunning 'init 1' would be another init process07:18
jjpkThe last time I used a different run level was back in my slackware days doing a version upgrade.08:00
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Romstertelinit dosn't give a console unless you add c0:1:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux08:48
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Romsterand i' off to bed gotta work later.08:48
cptnit does here08:50
cptnwell, it just asks for the password08:50
cptnlike you'd expect it in single user mode08:50
ulughbeghsee ya08:51
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jjpkThree minute tours, lovely.08:52
cptnit looks like he found a new distro08:52
cptn'paldo' :-)08:52
Romstertelinit 1, wouldn't even do that untill i added that line. so i dunno wtf is going on then, if it works without a simaler line on your system..08:52
tilmancrux lost its biggest fan08:53
tilmanor maybe not08:53
cptntilman: heh08:53
Romsteranyway off to bed gotta work later.08:53
cptntilman: what do you think about paldo?08:54
tilmanthe name sounds like it's a distro for kids08:54
tilman"paldo" could be the name of the mascott of a distro :>08:55
jjpktilman: very fitting for the person in question.08:55
tilmanSince paldo is task oriented we also have only one desktop environment, the GNOME desktop environment.08:55
tilmanwhy does "task oriented" imply "only one desktop"?08:55
tilmanxml package files sounds like a pain :D08:56
cptnyeah, they're ugly!08:56
aon"Even though it builds packages like a source distribution it provides binary packages."08:57
aonwhat the hell does that mean?08:57
aondo they think that binary packages drop from the heaven for other distros? :)08:57
tilman"ahead of the times"08:58
tilmanmarketing speech :D08:58
jjpkaon: of course! only the divine powers of $DEITY can bless such gifts. ;)08:58
tilmani mean, corporate speech ;)08:58
jjpk(ye shall not question it, ye shall burn in the fire pits as a result!)08:59
jjpktilman: marketing people wrote it most likely.09:00
jjpkDistorting facts and bullshitting is everything in that field. ;)09:00
aonwell, it doesn't seem commercial in any way09:01
tilmanmaybe the asked a friend of them who studies marketing something to think of a kewl name and slogan09:02
tilmanand this is what they got09:02
tilmancause the marketing something friend isn't that good09:02
tilmanjust a theory though :]09:02
aonsomeone who made it through the "buzzwords 101" course but failed in "making sense" (most of them do)09:03
mike_ksome apps install their own usr/share/mimelnk/*.desktop09:07
mike_kwhich one is right?09:08
jjpkIn many ways, marketing is nothing more than hustling wrapped into an academic curriculum and big words. :>09:11
mike_kgoddamn mime's09:24
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j^2hey all10:18
jjpkhi j^210:22
aonhey jjpk10:26
aonand j^2 too10:26
jjpkThe latest post to the crux ML seems suspiciously like spam.10:33
jjpkAlthough it does have some substance to it.10:35
tilmanoh my10:36
tilmanenrico is haunting/annoying the xorg ml, too10:36
tilmani think it's pretty anti-social to post this crap to the crux ml10:37
jjpkJust annoying, especially because it is trying to sell something so-to-speak.10:43
Hanjjpk, didn't even arrive over here :-)10:51
tilmanawesome han. tell reader's digest.10:52
Hanjjpk, my isp has a pretty powerfull mailscanner which filters out 95% of all spam.10:53
*** tilman has quit IRC10:53
HanI bet it never made it through there.10:54
cptn"I vote we kick Enrico off the list. [...]"10:59
HanYou have my vote...11:02
jjpkRepeat offender, even.11:03
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brointhemixdo you happen to be using rtorrent?12:20
brointhemixis it good?12:21
aongood enough12:21
brointhemixthis transmission thing12:21
brointhemixX only?12:21
aonno, there's a cli interface but i've never used it12:22
aonregarding the mail, X-Spam-Status: No, score=1.4 required=5.0 :(12:22
rehabdolli use rtorrent12:25
brointhemixrehabdoll: nice12:28
brointhemixdon't you have a problem with segmentation fault?12:29
rehabdollyeah, recently12:29
brointhemixit showed up again recently after I updated curl, i think12:29
rehabdolldunno what happened12:29
rehabdollah, related to curl12:29
rehabdolldidnt notice it right away12:29
brointhemixi remember i was doing sysup that involved curl and 2 other progs and rtorrent's been crashing ever since12:30
brointhemixthe others two were sendmail and something else, both unrelated to rtorrent12:30
brointhemixaon: building transm. now :)12:30
brointhemixrehabdoll: have you tried to revert to an older curl?12:34
rehabdollnah, dont have the energy to bother12:35
brointhemixaon: nah, transmission is not a cli client12:44
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brointhemixrehabdoll: i reverted to curl something.something.4 and it seems stable now15:26
brointhemixit = rtorrent15:26
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AidennMhello :)19:05
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hackedheadsuddenly i'm getting clients rejected by my x server when i try to startx23:07
hackedheadi was using an xorg.conf from 2.1 after upgrading to 2.2 and it worked fine once, but now it fails23:09
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hackedhead... ah, nvm.... .Xauth.... new hostname.... interesting23:19

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