IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-08-19

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mike_kbug #100, congrats!02:23
Hanbrointhemix_, 0.6.1 has been released.02:26
HanOh my, I need to update :-)02:26
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brointhemix_Han: i just wonder whether this version is curl-7.15.5-crash-free03:23
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HanIt is, I have inside info ;-)03:29
Hanraksasha has a shell on my OpenBSD host, for test-building. And he downloaded 7.15.5 and build 0.6.1 against it.03:30
RyoShan, would you maybe like to port ekiga? i fail at it...03:46
RyoSbo:~$ ekiga03:46
RyoSekiga: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:46
RyoSthats where i am stuck at and having no idea what to do..03:47
RyoSor i cant find libpt download link..03:55
RyoSmh ok..04:09
RyoSwait ._.04:09
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tilmani just realized crux doesn't have inetd04:16
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treachSince when? I used to start a bunch of stuff via it not that long ago..04:22
tilmansince forever, i guess04:23
tilmani don't remember any discussion about inetd removal. so i guess it hasn't been in since i started using it04:23
Romstersh-3.1$ prt-get fsearch libpt_linux_x86_r.so04:24
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/gnome/pwlib:04:24
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treachtilman: damned funny... My old etc backup here has an inetd.conf, and I'm pretty sure it did it's job..04:26
treach(it's form the computer that now runs debian, used to be crux)04:26
treachs form/from04:26
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treachtilman: found it. it's part of netkit-base04:44
tilmanwhy the FUCK didn't i see the stuff?04:45
treachbecause you didn't use good old "fsearch"? :)04:45
mike_ktilman: as netkit-base gonna be reorganized... might it be the time to create a separate inetd port?04:53
tilmandunno. i don't care really04:54
tilmanafter thinking about for 30 seconds04:55
tilmanmike_k: yes, a separate port would probably make sense :)04:56
mike_kif a core team member does not care... who should? =)04:57
treachcptn, of course. Everything nobody else cares about seem to land in his lap in some mysterious way.04:58
treachor of course, there is always the distinct possibility that nothing at all happens.04:58
mike_knot so mysterious really04:59
mike_ktreach: offtopic: sounds much like Twin Peaks monolog... I've started to watch it again a few days ago.05:01
treachI wouldn't know, I don't watch much tv, and I'm too busy goofing around here to watch some goofy tv-serie.05:02
tilmanmike_k: i don't think i have to care about everything in core :] and i stated my opinion afterwards ;)05:03
tilmanbesides, i just volunteered for core rw access to wreak havoc05:03
tilmanadd backdoors05:03
tilmanand stuff05:03
mike_ktilman: sure05:03
* treach thought "core" was like some monastary order, with port-making sessions instead of prayers. :p05:04
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jjpktilman: what do you mean there is no inetd? I'm using it as we speak.05:12
tilmanwe solved the riddle05:13
tilmani'm a retard, that's all05:13
tilmani managed to neither find /etc/inetd.conf nor /etc/rc.d/inetd05:13
jjpkOh nevermind, I saw what confused it.05:13
tilmanmaybe i mistyped it everytime, who knows ;)05:13
jjpkhehe, things happen all the time.05:13
jjpkSome are good, some are bad. :p05:13
brointhemixHan: thanks for the inside info :)05:15
brointhemixsry for my long response time - I was away doing illegal business05:15
HanIt's very rare you get info like that ;-)05:15
brointhemix"you" meaning the general public or me in particular? :)05:16
HanNo, it was sheer coincidence05:17
brointhemixEnglish is soo ambiguous :)05:18
brointhemixwe should change the international language05:18
tilmanto ghetto slang?05:18
jjpk:D :D05:18
HanI mean, what is the chance I would have noticed this? What is the chance that guy has a shell on my machine?05:18
brointhemixHan: oh, now i get it :)05:19
tilman100%, cause you're the most badass warez monkey in europe05:19
brointhemixheheheh :)05:19
brointhemixthat's a good one05:19
HanI usually don't look through other peoples files. I just happened to be looking for big files to save space05:19
brointhemixHan: you're from NL?05:20
brointhemixno, really05:21
brointhemixi'm thinking of moving there in the future05:21
HanYou're from Poland and you are not away.05:21
brointhemixi'm tired of living in Poland05:21
brointhemixnot geographically05:22
HanYes there are lots of polish trying to make a living elsewhere. And they get exploited because they don't have to be payed decent wages05:22
brointhemixbut if we look at it from economical or social point of view....05:22
brointhemixtrue, true05:22
brointhemixthey wash dishes, build things, etc.05:23
brointhemixbut it's far more that you get here, you know05:23
HanRight, and that for half the price of a dutchman.05:23
treachah, but the dutchman flies.05:23
HanYes but the problem is that it's costing us jobs. :-(05:23
* treach takes cover05:23
treachsame everywere, almost.05:24
brointhemixHan: arm yourselves, hunt some Poles down :)05:24
HanNo no, I mean this system sucks. Polish should get payed just as much as anybody else.05:24
treachwe don't have that problem yet, since everyone here are legally entitled to the same wage as a swedish person would.05:24
treachergo, there is no economical benefit from getting people from abroad to work here.. :-)05:25
HanExactly, that's the solution.05:25
brointhemixtell that to the govt of Poland05:25
HanIn the US the mexicans are getting underpayed.05:25
HanAnd the government imports them and then tells everyone the mexicans are taking their jobs.05:26
treachbrointhemix: well, their employment rates are *their* problem05:26
tilmantreach: haha, the dutchman flies :D05:26
HanI mean... That's twisted! That's evil!05:26
HanAnyway, I need a nap.05:26
jjpkIndeed. Everyday you keep hearing about equality and respecting human rights.05:27
jjpkEmpty words.05:27
brointhemixtreach: yup05:27
HanThe words are not empty.05:27
treachthey just aren't uttered sincerely.05:28
jjpkEither that, or excuses by your beloved crooks in power.05:28
HanBush is not the President of the US, he is the minister of denial.05:28
jjpkSee what happens when you mix religion and government? :D05:29
treachwell, the USD seems to mean United States of Denial these days..05:29
jjpkWhite has connotations of purity, therefore everyone non white is seen as evil.05:29
jjpkThat is my viewpoint on the scum known as government.05:29
treachHow can you buy into some automatic vote-telling machine where the manufacturer CEO not only is a fundraiser for one of the candidates, but also semi officially has vowed to "bring in the votes" for him?05:30
treach /o\05:30
tilmani heard bush shot kennedy, too05:31
jjpkSimple, keep your population ignorant, then you can get away with anything. :D05:31
Hantreach, go watch more fox news you commie traitor!05:31
treachtilman: I have no idea wether that's true or not, but the story about the diebold CEO is true..05:31
jjpkal-Qaeda lovers!05:31
tilmantreach: i won't deny it (though i haven't heard about it before). just felt like joking ;)05:32
treachoh, I see. That story feels like a joke as well. Too bad it's one that makes you feel sick.05:32
treachbut people just don't care these days. :S No matter what fucking sick illegal shit those bastards commit or propose, next time it's time for election the people just line up and vote for them again.05:34
jjpkThat is the thing, Republicans care only about the rich, and corporate america.05:34
jjpkProfit profit profit, did I mention profit yet?05:34
tilmantreach: yeah.. re-election of bush is the strangest thing ever o_O05:34
jjpktreach: exactly, scare them to death, then you get them coming back because you supposively protect them.05:35
treachtilman: sadly you don't even have to go abroad to see that crap behaviour.05:35
jjpkEspecially if you mix this in with religion and make it official sounding.05:35
jjpkIe, you are taught that religion is infallible, therefore it is the perfect mask.05:36
treachjjpk: sadly enough, the only religion we have here is to vote for the social democratic party.05:36
tilmanwhat's even stranger: one of the e developers, a very smart, black guy voted for him (both times, i think) :>05:36
jjpkSame thing in Finland.05:36
treachwhich seems to have been kidnapped by a bunch of neocon lovers atm, just lik all the other parties..05:36
tilmanthough he felt bush appealing because of religion perhaps...05:37
treachI guess he's not that smart after all then.05:37
HanAmazing how they keep fooling 48% of the people they are doing it for them!05:37
tilmantreach: maybe he's just good at natural science stuff :D05:38
HanNow I really really need a nap.05:38
treachmaybe, but if he voted for bush for religous causes, he's got to be as stupid as a brick..05:38
treachsince all religion is to bush is a mean to get more votes.05:39
jjpkIt's either religion or business reasons.05:42
jjpkI am under the impression that anything "left" of republicans causes shockwaves because they are seen as commie scum.05:42
jjpkOMG they will increase taxes and cut my profits05:43
jjpk-type of response.05:43
treachmmh. And you won't die because you can't pay for health-care.05:43
jjpkcourse not, that's why you get yet another loan and dig your debt hole even deeper.05:44
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rehabdollbrointhemix: those old curl-version are sure to have security issues06:46
rehabdollthanks for the update though06:46
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brointhemixrehabdoll: i'd rather choose s few holes in curl than i turn off my box because i can't download a thing ;)07:28
brointhemixrehabdoll: besides, who'd like to hack a poor little box downloading torrents? ;)07:30
treachsomeone who wants another spam drone?07:30
rehabdollyeah, or an anonymous springboard07:30
treachor ddos participant07:31
rehabdollquite a long list actually :(07:31
treachdepressingly so.07:31
brointhemixthat's a point07:31
rxidammit i missed a good political arguement :P07:31
rehabdollim trying libtorrent 0.10.1 to see if there's been any improvement07:32
rehabdoll0.10.0 showed none07:32
brointhemixstill, i mess with my box so often i'd probably find out there's something not right with it07:32
brointhemixrxi: yup ;)07:32
brointhemixdamn, nobody created any jabber transports07:35
brointhemixeee, ports of jabber transports07:35
brointhemixi'll have to make them myself07:35
brointhemixsooo much work07:36
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rehabdollhey brointhemix, just tried the latest unstable.. seems fixed07:46
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brointhemixrehabdoll: you mean rtorrent? yea, i installed the new wersion from ports and it seems to work just fine07:48
brointhemixHan said that rtorrent 0.6.1 has been built against curl 7.15.5 and it should be fine now07:49
brointhemixhad been*07:49
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ulughbeghhey jdolan aon10:07
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ulughbeghi want to upgrade only revised ports, any idea?10:18
ulughbeghhi thrice`10:18
thrice`what do you mean by revised?10:18
ulughbegh1.1.2-1 1.1.2-210:18
aon1) look at ports -d, 2) update10:19
thrice`i'd prt-get diff and find them by hand10:19
thrice`you mean, the ones that have the same version number, but have a rev level bumped up?10:20
ulughbeghyes thrice`10:20
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ulughbeghsee ya than10:34
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tilmanbye ulughbegh10:36
surrounderlittle question: if I insert my mp3player no device node is made, udev is running and I can't seem to figure out why it doesn't work, any ideas ?10:36
tilmanthere's an example for auto-mounting thumb drives10:37
surrounderlets see10:37
tilmanmaybe you can adapt it to your mp3 player :)10:37
surrounderwell, it doesnt need to automount, it needs to get a device node first ;)10:37
tilmanmake sure you got a recent kernel + the latest udev :)10:37
tilmanyes, of course10:37
surrounder2.6.15.6 and udev 09610:38
Hansounds like your kernel config is missing hotplug10:39
Hanhmmm. works fine over here.10:40
Hanchecked dmesg?10:40
surroundernew full speed usb device using uhci_hcd and adress 210:40
surrounderproblem is udev I guess10:41
Hanare you running udevd?10:42
surrounderno hotplug though, is that necessary ?10:43
Han/sbin/udevd --daemon10:43
surrounderyeah udevd is running10:43
HanIt sounds like that's what's missing, so that's why I nag on about it.10:45
surrounderwell, it is running10:45
Hanshrug... dunno then.10:46
surrounderhmm let's see if I reboot with the thing plugged in10:46
thrice`that won't fix things10:47
thrice`do you have usb stuff in your kernel?10:47
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jjpkthrice`: I doubt the kernel would say anything if usb drivers were not compiled in.10:52
jjpkAlthough I do not know, because all of my computers have usb and actively use it.10:52
surrounderhmmm I rebooted with a newer udev and it complained about inotify in the kernel, can take a look at that10:55
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tilmaneler <313:57
ulughbeghhey tilman14:02
tilmanhello ulughbegh14:02
ulughbeghhow are you doing14:03
tilmanokayish, i guess :D14:03
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aonlol @ eler :)14:08
ulughbeghaon how is going on ?14:09
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aonenjoying my eight bottles of beer14:10
tilmanon top of the bottle of absolut you had earlier?14:10
aonbut sadly no14:11
jjpkJust warming up.14:11
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jjpkI think someone is really not getting the point of irc.14:12
aonidling for hundreds of days?14:12
tilmanidling all day?14:12
aonyeah, he certainly isn't14:12
tilmanmeh aon14:12
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tilmanjjpk: absolutely insane drumming on soul collector o_o15:40
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jjpktilman: yeah, it is quite the album.15:45
tilmansummer's broken german is annoying a bit15:46
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jjpkHehe, good thing they decided to not use them on the new one as they said they would.15:47
marommm... compiz on aiglx :)15:47
maronow I can both have wobbly windows and play tuxracer and neverball simultanously15:48
tilmanjjpk: well. at least part of the songs on soul collector are german soldiers' songs o_O15:48
tilmani doubt he could write german lyrics himself. :D15:49
tilmanit's a fucking medley ;>15:52
tilmanthey better not do that shit again ._o15:53
jjpkHehe, hopefully not. They should stick to what they do better.15:54
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Haneyecandy is boring and annoying after an hour.16:27
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nipuLe17's yet to annoy me21:25
HanYou can't really edit the keybinds yet.21:26
HanWell you can, but it's kinda hard.21:27
thrice`i only played with it briefly...editing menus was sort of a pain21:29
nipuLsure there are a few gotchas, but it still in development21:29
Hanyup, but progress is steady atm, and impressive :-)21:29
HanThrey're finishing up slowly. I bet I'll be using e17 as my main wm in a year.21:30
* Han runs his e17 rebuild script21:32
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brointhemixit's goddamn 6 in the mornin` yo22:55
brointhemixand my parents wake me up to go and search for `shrooms :/22:56
brointhemixi can't even write proper English so early22:57
brointhemixmy box is showin 0355h22:57
brointhemixhotta change that real soon22:58
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