IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-08-20

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onoanyone here running Crux 2.2 64bit (danm)'s release ?01:06
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Hana survey?01:10
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marodo anyone know of a port that uses the fact that $source is an array?01:33
HanI used it for adding comments...01:40
HanNot really important of course.01:40
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brointhemixback from `shroom picking04:40
brointhemixdoes anyone of you use your linux as a NAT gateway?04:40
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brointhemixhi vektori :)04:42
vektoriHey brointhemix. :)04:42
jjpkbrointhemix: yeah I have one running.04:42
brointhemixhave you been to Finland Rally?04:42
vektoriNah, I'm not interested in rally.04:42
brointhemixvektori: :(04:42
vektoriEven though they're doing it only a few kilometers from here.04:43
brointhemixjppk: do you get the same feeling that when there are about 100 active connections on your NAT box you can't access the internet from the boxes behind the NAT box anymore?04:44
brointhemixjppk: you can't ping a thing, you can't open a web site etc.04:44
brointhemixall because there are too many connections being handled by your NAT box04:44
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jjpkI have not had that problem, it usually just means that your bandwidth is being used.04:45
brointhemixvektori: how fat do you live from that town/city whete the rally was held (i don't remember the name of it, it's so... difficult :))?04:45
jjpkYou must be talking about Jyväskylä.04:46
brointhemixjjpk: that's not the case with my NAT :(04:46
brointhemixjppK; exactly :)04:46
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brointhemixjppk: for example - i have an rtorrent workingo on my NAT box and it's doing, let's say, 5Kb/5Kb and it spawns about 80 connections04:47
brointhemixmy total bw is 32Kb/16Kb04:48
vektoriAbout 150 km to Jyväskylä from where I live (Tampere), but I'm currently visiting my parents who live 40-50 km from Jyväskylä. But I think there's some rally stuff going on in Jämsä right now, which is only 5 km from here.04:48
brointhemixand in such situation i can't ping a thing from the "big" box behind the NAT box - i usually have to repear pinging, webbrowsing (refresh button) etc.04:49
jjpkI don't know what to tell you about that because it has never happened to me, especially if there all of my bandwidth is not used.04:50
brointhemixthe same thing happens with the NAT box as well, repeated pinging and things04:50
brointhemixi just damn don;t know04:50
brointhemixthe CPU is cel 533 and t's almost 100% idle while working so i think it's software04:51
brointhemixvektori: today's the last day of the rally04:51
vektoriYeah. Hopefully I can still get a train ticket home...04:52
brointhemixvektori: and it seems Markus Gronholm is going to win it :)04:52
brointhemixjjpk: i think maybe my problem is kernel-related, like i've compiled too many concerning routing into my kernel or something...04:54
brointhemixvektori: hehe, a patriotic approach :)04:54
brointhemixjjpk: you stil there?05:00
jjpkYeah I'm still around.05:02
brointhemixcould I see the TCP/IP part of your curren NAT kernel .config ?05:03
brointhemixthank you :)05:09
brointhemixlooks pretty similar to mine :/05:12
brointhemixi guess i'll have to fine-tune /prc/sys/net/ipv405:12
brointhemixthanks for help jjpk05:12
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xraideri frequently get segmentation faults when calculating sth like a*b in bc. is this normal behaviour in crux?05:24
rehabdollyes, random segfaults is one of crux's most celebrated features05:25
xraidernext to the funny community05:26
xraidermy version is 2.205:26
xraidercome-on. google is of no help for me....05:27
xraiderwhat should i ask05:27
RyoSi only got segfaults when i did overload my machine05:27
RyoSlike trying to compile 3 things at the same time or similiar dumb bs..05:27
vektoriI think there was something related to bc segfaults on the mailing list...05:27
rehabdollRyoS: overclocked hardware?05:28
vektori"Oh, okay; The bc version on the CD is known to have problems when called05:28
vektoriin --mathlib mode. You can update to 1.06-3 from the ports tree, and05:28
vektorithose issues should go away.05:28
RyoSnah :P05:28
RyoSjust dumb behavior of mine ;)05:28
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rehabdollthe wine-port seems to be a bit out of date05:44
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rxihey cptn05:47
vektoriHey cptn. :)05:47
cptnhey vektori05:48
cptnlong time no see05:48
vektoriHehe, a week or something? :)05:48
cptnprobably :-)05:48
vektoriI was just about to mail you about the PHP thing.05:49
vektoriAlthough it looks like that patch has been invalidated now that 5.1.5 is out.05:49
cptnah, didn't see that yet05:49
vektoriBut in general it seems to be a good idea to keep an eye on that page in case they discover further vulnerabilities. :)05:50
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jjpktor ftw.06:29
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mike_ktilman: regarding man path... For example, sylpheed-claws developer suggested me to patch and rerun autoconf temporary and promised to add a "--with-mandir" option to "configure" on the next release (which is already done).07:46
tilmanthat's stupid07:47
tilmanthere's --mandir07:47
tilmanwhy add another configure switch?07:47
mike_kwait a minute...07:47
mike_kso, the most ./configure's list --mandir?07:49
tilmani think so07:50
tilmanshouldn't be a problem:07:50
tilmanif the default mandir seems to be /usr/share/man, just add --mandir=/usr/man07:50
mike_kIMHO, not all of them have --mandir07:51
tilman(14:50) <@   tilman> shouldn't be a problem:07:51
tilman(14:50) <@   tilman> if the default mandir seems to be /usr/share/man, just add  --mandir=/usr/man07:51
mike_kok, I'll stay away for a while07:53
treachhm, anyone who knows if you need "Input device drivers" if you are using event interfaces + usb keyb/mouse? (it's not needed if you use the "normal" stuff, usb-hid suffices.)07:54
tilmanmike_k: if mandir isn't available, you won't need it!07:58
mike_ktilman: if mandir isn't available there is a chance it will fall in /usr/share/man, isn't it?07:58
mike_kit happend at least once to me08:01
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brointhemixjjpk: i fixed the problem with packets that couldn't squeeze through my busy NAT09:25
brointhemixthe /proc/sys/net/ stuff needed tuning :)09:27
RyoS omg :D09:27
brointhemixthat's one crazy dog09:28
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jjpkbrointhemix: \o/10:35
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brointhemixjjpk: or that's whai i thought...11:59
brointhemixhell, i don't get this gatewaying stuff12:00
brointhemixastill, it looks better than it was before12:00
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blizzwasnt there a port which included software capable of converting mdf/mds files to an iso?12:35
blizzmhm, not a port, but thats it:
blizzFile too large.. that sucks :-P12:39
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treachhm, anyone familiar enough with evdev to know why the editing keys + a few others would go MIA if you changed driver from "kbd" to "evdev"?14:35
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marotilman: now that sten is leaving, perhaps you could take over mesa3d (if you didn't already...) and rename it to mesa? ;)16:08
tilmansince i cannot test opt/mesa3d myself, i'd rather give it to jue (he's maintaining opt/x11 atm)16:10
tilmanwith the option of getting it under my filthy fingers once x11r7 is merged16:10
tilmanif ever16:10
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otargood night everyone19:57
otari have a small questions and was hoping to get helphere19:57
otari installed kde but i can`t start it19:58
thrice`do you have an error ?19:58
otarno, i type startx kde and the default window opens (with the bash w)19:59
thrice`echo startkde > ~/.xinitrc20:01
thrice`then startx20:02
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otarthis is strange20:10
otari installed the software with "prt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase"20:10
otarbut kdebase is not installed20:10
otarno wonder it does not start20:10
thrice`did it error?20:11
thrice`did it build a package in /usr/pots/opt/kdebase ?20:12
otarit did downloaded the port and is building now because i started it20:12
otari think it downloaded but didn`t built it20:13
otarstrange because i checked the dependencies before and they are installed20:14
otarthat input worked with everyone? (prt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase)20:15
thrice`dunno, I don't use kde...but there's no reason it shoudln't :)20:16
otarmaybe i did something wrong20:16
otaralso there is no kdm port?...20:17
thrice`it's included in one of the packs - prt-get fsearch kdm  might tell you20:17
thrice`as you may know, there are alot of kde packs other than kdebase20:18
otaryes, i thought it was an independent one like xdm or gdm20:21
otarbut i guess it is included in one of them20:21
otarwell i got to wait the config and install, and i will see if kdebase and kde work20:22
otarjust testing with vmware before i run a permanent install :-)20:23
otarthanks for your help20:23
thrice`ah...sure thing20:25
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