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pitillohi good morning, Im looking at to a maintainer guide of a port, but didn?t find nothing at documentation at least. Can anyone give me a link to read a bit? Are the contrib rules the info about this?01:19
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cptnpitillo: some sort of package guideline?02:31
pitillocptn, some guideline about how to maintain a port.02:31
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rxinymacro: the  c3700 is charging along :)03:07
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Romstergood evening.04:56
otari got an error building kdebase05:34
cptncan you upload the error somewhere?05:35
otaris there a log file i can check?05:38
cptnprobably not if you ask this way05:39
cptndid you use prt-get or pkgmk?05:39
cptnif you use pkgmk, just run 'pkgmk  &> log'05:40
cptnprt-get has a --log option05:41
pitilloummm a build can be setup to put a log file in /var/log/pkgbuild by changing /etc/prt-get.conf (think it is a lot usefull but not sure if in this case, didn?t give a try to kde)05:42
cptnyou don't have to change anything in prt-get.conf unless you want to log everything05:42
cptnthe --log switch will enable it05:43
otarthen i dont have the log file cause i didnt change05:43
pitillolike cptn said, it isn?t needed by default. Check the log option and sorry if I confuse with my answer.05:44
cptnotar: you can always just run the command again, appending --log05:45
cptnor you can just copy the error message from the terminal05:45
otarok i will try again05:47
pitillocptn, did you read the answer about maintain a port? where can I know how to do it, the mechanism used or some info related... Sorry for repeat it again.05:50
cptnpitillo: I have to admit I don't really understand, but it's basically the following:05:51
cptn1. pick up a port05:51
cptn2. put it in a repository05:51
cptn3. check for updates from upstream, update the port, test it, and upload it to the repository05:51
cptnthat's about it05:51
pitilloummm understood it. But what is the mechanism to sync them? Is the .sync file located at maintained ports?05:52
cptnwell, that's contrib specific05:52
pitilloI mean, if it?s in contrib for example, use this mechanism?05:52
cptnusually, you don't need those05:53
pitilloonly for contrib? core for example, you need to sync all when updates appears05:53
cptnfor contrib, the maintainer places them in his repo05:53
cptncore is maintained in subversion05:54
cptnso whatever a maintainer commits is exported via the ports tree05:54
pitilloummm nice... another method then. Need to read about them.05:54
Romsterhow can i add + into a sed i tryed to escape it with \+ but that dosn't work either.05:55
pitillowhat a nice job... yes , I was reading this morning a bit05:55
cptnnote that only crux developers can commit05:55
pitillosure. But only want to know how are you working. :) And didnt understand or was confusing some terms. Thanks :)05:56
cptnactually, there is a sync step05:57
cptnsince subversion is synced to rsync every five minutes05:57
cptnsince rsync is a lot faster05:57
cptnRomster: you should really start to try a bit harder05:57
Romsteri think i got a grasp on the simpler regulaer expressions, but the + char is like anoying i can't escape it like with other chars.05:59
cptnecho "+"|sed -e 's|+|Karma--|g'05:59
Romsterpattern contains regex metacharacters (such as '*' or perhaps '+' or '?'), remember to quote them with backslashes. < and i tryed that.06:01
Romstersed -e 's|\([a-zA-z0-9_-\+]*\).*|\1|g'06:02
Romsterdamn thing thats it i'm looking up a tutorial. i'm oviously missing something06:04
Romsterman pages arn't helping06:05
cptndo you get an error if you run my command from above?06:05
cptnand if no, does it replace the '+' character?06:06
Romsterno it dosn't even alter the 'Karma--' string.06:09
Romsteroh it does it replaces + with that06:09
Romsterok i had some sucess doing [a-zA-Z0-9_-]*[+]* but it dosn't catch it al now.06:10
Romsteri don't get it inside [] metachars loose thre specal meaning..06:10
Romsterif i put the + in the first [] set it complains06:11
Romsterah fixed it i put it as [+a-zA-Z0-9_-]06:11
Romstersomehow it must of been trying to match it as a range.06:12
RomsterOne of them gotcha's i just learned about.06:13
Romstersorry for wasting ya time..06:13
Romsteroh i should of realised that \ also loses its meaning in squrare brackets too *slaps myself*06:15
Romsteri have alot to learn :/06:15
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pitilloand here there is a lot of knowledge...06:25
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maromy boost build dir is 780 megs and growing...07:41
cptnwhat a great lib :-)07:42
treachor at least big. :-)07:42
marorunning out of tmpfs space soon :)07:42
marotreach: haven't your mother learned you that big == great? ;)07:43
treachI go for "less is more", which is why keep going back to kde I guess. :p07:45
vektoriYou're wrong!07:45
vektori[jheino@luutarha ~]$ cmp /usr/bin/less /bin/more07:45
vektori/usr/bin/less /bin/more differ: char 26, line 107:45
maro900 MB ...07:46
maromax'ed at 92007:47
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maro(now I'm waiting for pkgmk to stop running "file" 3 times on each file in the package...07:48
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cptnvektori: :-)07:53
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j^2hey all08:17
cptnhey there08:18
vektoriHey j^2.08:18
j^2how ya'll doing?08:22
vektoriPretty fine, started studying in a new place. You?08:23
cptnquite sleepy, it appears :-)08:38
treach"Batteries insufficently charged, going back to sleep mode."08:39
rxitreach: its not a dell is it? :P08:40
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treachNo idea, but I hope not. IIRC the dell model went out of fashion during the 18th century.08:40
j^2vektori: just go to work, going to have to revamp a network08:45
j^2aww good ol' dell, the main campus is onely 20 minutes away from me08:46
otarhello again09:17
otari got the error message from buiding kde09:18
cptndo you have some webspace to upload it to?09:19
otaron a .txt?09:19
cptnyeah, sounds good09:19
jjpkEnrico is back in action on the mailinglists.09:29
aoni wonder if gmail blocked it :O09:30
jjpkNo, this is on crux-devel.09:30
aonah, ok09:30
jjpkAlthough with that kind of signature used, I would not be surprised if it were blocked.09:31
aonhehe :)09:31
jjpkSubtle does not belong in his vocabulary. ;)09:33
cptnthat's an interesting contribution from him :-)09:36
treachhmm, a tinyurl candidate? :p09:37
treachthanks. :)09:37
treachyay, ronny in disguise? :P09:38
jjpkProbably not, but probably from the same tree.09:38
mike_kcptn: I wonder what is the crux way... In case of package which requires so-called drivers (lirc, network ups tools) if contrib port should have them all enabled or only one of them?09:39
treachComforting isn't it? As long as there is an Internet, there will always be a twit on a ML near you.09:40
treachOh, wait, it isn't...09:40
jjpkDepends how you see the situation. Perfect candidate to start a flame war with, but that is not very "cruxy". ;)09:41
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jjpkIt has been a few months since the last post by Ronny.09:43
j^2i prefer the emacs vs vim flame09:43
jjpktreach: wonder what happened to the mr. point-n-click phpd student :D09:44
jjpker phd*.09:44
aonPHPd :D09:45
treachhehe, hopefully he lost interest. :-)09:45
jjpkaon: :D09:45
jjpktypos ftw! <309:46
cptnmike_k: good question09:46
cptnmike_k: in case of lirc, it seems best (to me) to have all enabled, also in the footprint09:47
cptnmike_k: but to allow everrid09:47
cptnoverriding it like in alsa-driver09:47
aonjjpk: but that could be some new degree to meet the demand of the dynamic web industry, "doctorate of PHP"09:47
treach"PHPd, hacking away at a server near you." :-)09:48
aon"You have been PHP'd"09:48
mike_kcptn: ok, I've used such triks, but sounds to gentooish (although I never used it)09:49
cptnyeah, I agree09:49
cptnit's better than building just one specific driver though09:50
jjpkaon: hehe, you might as well contact a few universities about that then. ;)09:50
otarcptn >>> (complete log)09:52
cptnotar: that's a simple footprint missmatch...09:52
cptnit means that in the package (which was created just fine), there are four additional files09:53
otarbut i can`t start kde09:53
cptnit didn't _install_ the package09:53
jjpkThe package is not installed otar.09:53
otar=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/kdebase/kdebase#3.5.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed09:53
cptnthere are two ways to install it:09:53
jjpkpkgadd it manually.09:53
cptnpkgadd /usr/ports/opt/kdebase/kdebase#3.5.3-1.pkg.tar.gz09:53
cptnor prt-get install kdebase -uf09:54
otarbut what does that error mean? and why wasn`t the package installed?09:54
cptn[16:53] <cptn> it means that in the package (which was created just fine),  there are four additional files09:54
treachMh, maybe that errormessage should be changed. The buildprocess didn't *fail* exactly, it just didn't provide the expected results..09:55
cptnevery port has a .foootprint file09:55
cptnerr, .footprint09:55
cptnwhich is the expected build result09:55
cptnif you have additional dependencies the packager didn't have installed while building, you sometimes have more files09:55
cptnor less09:55
cptnin your case kdebase was probably build without openldap being installed09:56
cptnto pkgmk (via prt-get) tells you that there's been a missmatch09:56
otarhumm i see09:56
cptnand you can then decide whether it's a harmless missmatch09:56
cptnor not09:56
cptnin general, if there are only "NEW" files, it's usually harmless09:56
otarso, when this happens the tar.gz is not installed?09:58
cptnit was build09:58
cptnbut not installed09:58
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cptnyou can disable them globally in pkgmk.conf, or per command using -if switches09:59
cptnbut it's not recommended, since it hides information09:59
otarwell i was mislead but that message (build failled)10:00
otarby that message10:00
otarok i ve installed it manually but now i get an error with starkde10:01
* treach gets crystal ball.10:02
cptnthe actual error message would help immensly10:02
cptntreach: ;-)10:02
otarxsetroot unable to open display10:02
otarkpersonalizer: cannot connect to X server10:02
cptndid you configure X?10:02
otari tried with xorgconfig but with no sucess10:03
otarstartx blackbox works...10:03
cptnthat's a sign ;-)10:03
otarhow do i configure ?10:03
treachX -configure10:04
treachedit the config file to match your keyboard etc.10:04
otarok, but why doesn`t xorgconfig work?10:04
treach*shrugs* I dunno, I didn't write it and I don't use it..10:05
cptnI thought we didn't even include xorgconfig...10:05
cptnoh yes, we did10:05
cptndon't you have to add startkde to .xinitrc10:06
otari configured it but after i did startx the x was broken so i had to remove xorg.conf10:06
cptnand run startx?10:06
cptnI don't know a lot about KDE anymore10:06
otaralready did that10:06
cptn"exec startkde" probably10:06
otarX -configure resulted in black screen10:06
treachGraphics adapter not supported?10:07
cptnwell, blackbox apparently works10:07
treachthat doesn't add up.10:08
otari am running it with vmware dont even now the graphics adapter it uses or not10:09
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treachvmware uses it's own drivers iirc.10:09
otarblackbox does not work anymore10:09
otari now it does10:10
treach"Now you see me, and now you don't." <- afk10:10
otaryes :D10:10
otari will try with my hard drive install..10:12
otarthat X -configure tip is nice10:12
otari thought crux had no such thing10:12
pitillootar, take a look to the configuration file and try to understand the differents sections in it and review the servers logs to find problems.10:18
otarwhat file is that, since it isn`t xorg.conf (or at least i haven`t found it10:19
pitillootar, /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:20
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otarhow do i find out were my mouse is? (/dev/???)11:41
vektoriIt's usually by your right hand.11:41
RyoSwhereis mouse11:41
vektori/dev/psaux and /dev/input/mice are usually good choices.11:41
RyoSif she doesnt call, lay out cheese to catch her11:41
otarvery funny vectori11:42
rehabdoll#crux humor is top notch11:44
tilmanonly on mondays though11:45
otar/dev/input/mice it is --- thanks vektori11:45
otari have always used /dev/mouse but it is different with crux11:45
treachno it isn't11:46
otarit is because is doesn`t work11:46
treachit's all about how *you* set stuff up, as oposed to how some distibuton maintainer does.11:46
otarif i setup xorg with /dev/mouse it wont work11:47
treachyes? And whos fault is that?11:47
treachA) Crux B) vektori or C) You own.11:48
treachs You/your11:48
otarwhat i meant is that i normally setup xorg with /dev/mouse and it works11:48
cptndefine normally11:48
cptnit's a normal udev we run11:48
treachyes. And that *still* doesn't have anything with crux to do.11:48
tilmanmy /dev/mouse links to /dev/input/mice, btw11:49
tilman(i run crux)11:50
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treach"Crux no workie, help"11:58
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tilmanlol, new fglrx drivers still don't support xorg 7.112:04
tilmanwonder how they managed NOT to make that work ._o12:04
treachYou need to ask how *ATI* managed to fuck things up?12:05
tilmanafaik NO video driver needed serious api updates for 7.112:06
tilmanrecompile against new headers, done.12:06
treachATI, can't be underestimated.12:06
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* deus_ex puts contact lenses12:34
deus_exThat's better.Hi, all, it's been a while.12:34
treachwearing glasses in #crux  -> bad idea. :p12:35
deus_extreach: Glasses I should be wearing are too thick, hence contact lenses.12:36
deus_extilman: Hi.12:36
treachdeus_ex: pff. I heard gumshields are about to be required soon. :-)12:37
deus_extreach: When #crux became that violent?12:41
treachWell. When people grow tired of the same old stupid questions/attitudes, I guess. :-)12:43
deus_exThat's normal, I think.When answer to most questions is google away, it quickly becomes12:46
deus_exrather tiring to hear them over and over again.12:47
deus_ex should be mandatory reading.12:48
deus_exI wish someone implements IBSP already...12:54
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otarok i got kde working12:54
otarbut i first have to startx and then startkde12:55
cptnI'm tempted to say "told you so" :-)12:55
otarblackbox starts with startx blackbox but startx kde won`t work12:56
otarwhat to change to get kde running with startx?12:56
treachotar: why not just put "exec startkde" in .xinitrc12:56
treachthat should be ~/.xinitrc12:57
otari dont have that file as a normal user12:59
treachso? Use your magic touch.12:59
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cptnmaybe he's just restarting X :-)13:01
treachwell see.13:01
treacherr. *We'll*13:01
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treachPraise the Lord.13:04
otarone more do i enable kdm at system start?13:04
treachAnd pass the ammunition.13:04
treachit's right there.13:07
otarwhat do i change?13:08
treachsee "6.1.3.  Configuration Variables in /etc/rc.conf" about SERVICES. Then apply  some brain-power.13:09
otarok i didnt know a kdm script was installed13:11
treachno, that's why I told you where to look.13:12
otaryou are the man13:12
otaris there anyone that would be kind enough to build a port for opendchub?13:14
treachhave you checked the portdb?13:14
treachIf it's not there, you'll have to apply some more brain-power and create one yourself.13:14
otari knew you were going to say that13:15
treachwell. Crux is all about doing things *your* way, and it's entirely run by volonteers.13:15
otarmaybe tomorrow13:17
treachsure, nobody's going to set a deadline for ya..13:18
otaranyone who has noip installed?13:27
treach :-)13:29
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rehabdolli do14:08
rehabdolloh, he left14:09
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lordalbertis there gnome in crux?15:13
* treach looks around for gnomes in the system15:13
tilmanlordalbert: -> documentation -> gnome guide15:13
treachsry, can't find any.15:13
lordalbertin distrowatch i saw that there isn't gnome... :(15:14
treachheard of ubuntu? I recon there are lots of gnome in it.15:14
tilmantreach: don't mock him just because his enlish sucks15:15
treachtilman: you're misunderstanding.15:15
tilmanorly? :D15:15
treachAt least I wasn't trying. :D15:16
treachI just don't really get the point with putting gnome on crux.. jaeger's excuse is that he just can't help himself I guess, but for the rest of the punters.. Why bother when ubuntu is actually making a much better job of it?15:24
tilmanare you saying the same about kde and, say, suse?15:26
treachnot really..15:26
tilmans/saying/thinking/ perhaps15:26
tilmanwhy not?15:26
treachSUSE is a buch of bloat.15:26
treachit doesn't compare to ubuntu.15:26
treachs buch/bunch15:27
tilmanmmh. okay.15:27
tilmandidn't have a close look at ubuntu yet (and prolly won't ;D)15:27
cptnI have to admit I fail to see a relation between crux with gnome and ubuntu15:28
jjpkToo much of an adjustment because it does too much on your behalf.15:28
cptnthose are completely different systems15:28
treachvektori:  mmh, that's more like it, but kubuntu has some customizations and it also doesn't have nearly as much polish as the other distros15:28
jjpkEspecially when you are accustomed to crux.15:28
vektoritreach: Oh, okay. I'm not very familiar with it.15:28
treachcptn: the relation is as follows...15:28
j^2sooo tired15:29
treachcptn: If you set up a gnome system, I'd say it's fair game to assume you are interested in a system that is as integrated and polished as possible, right?15:29
cptnbut if you wanted, ubuntu would certainly be better suited15:30
treachok. If you feel like that way, I can't help you. :)15:30
treachif you don't want polish and integration, wtf would you want an DE?15:30
treachIntegration is kind of the POINT with it..15:31
cptnyeah, agreed15:31
cptnbut you get that on crux as well, right?15:31
treachwith gnome?15:31
cptnyeah, or KDE15:31
cptnwell, I guess there's no need to reach an agreement here anyway :-)15:32
treachHonestly, matt is doing a great job, but he can't possibly get things as smooth as the bigger distros do.15:32
cptnI don't think that someone who want gnome necessarily wants ubuntu's init, packages in general, or custimizations beyond upstream15:32
cptnso it's a compromise either way15:32
treachwell, there is always debian then. :p15:32
treachbut IMO, it's probably easier to clean up ubuntu/debian than it is to put enough shine on gnome to approach the bigger distros.15:34
cptnit'll be very hard to replace dpkg15:35
cptnwell, I haven't tried...15:35
treachheh, I said "clean up" not "make a cardial transplant". :p15:35
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* treach rereads conversation and realizes the difference between looking top-down or bottom-up on stuff. ;-)15:50
cptnI'd make an analogy with cars, but they never work out right :-)15:51
treachjjpk: I'm not sure we were discussing what you are thinking about. ;-)15:58
jjpkI wouldn't know. My attention span is close to 0 right now.16:00
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deus_exSounds familiar?
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DeformativeWhat is the difference between crux and archlinux?22:01
thrice`source vs. binary, to start22:04
Deformativecrux doesn' use pacman?22:04
thrice`no, ports22:04
MukundaHow would I do something like ln -sfv ../../lib/ /usr/lib/ in a Pkgfile?22:08
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Hanln -sv ../../lib/ $PKG/usr/lib/blah.so22:18
HanThough I don't see the point. /lib is in the librarypath22:20
MukundaHan: that was the first thing I tried, didn't work, my friend said something about cd'ing deeping in to the package to make the link relative or something....22:21
MukundaJust checking his scripts, he said he had one that did it.22:22
HanYou should try to understand what is really happening, instead of C&P'ing a workaround.22:22
Hanread man ldconfig22:22
MukundaOkay, thanks.22:24
Mukundainfo ldconfig :-p *runs away*22:24
MukundaOh it's just the man page anyway.22:25
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