IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-08-23

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rugeko_O mutt 1.5.13 is in ports but no announcement on mutt.org01:45
cptnthe same mistake two days in a row ;-)01:47
cptnit's been already nine days...01:48
cptnnot sure who's in charge of their website01:48
rugekalright, I was just a litte confused :)01:49
HanOdd, same date as .1201:49
Hanhmm hmmm hmmm prt-get works great on OpenBSD hmm hmmm :-)01:49
mike_kHan: bash rewrite or the binary?01:50
Hanprt-get binary; pkgutils _sh_ rewrite01:51
cptnHan: nice :-)01:51
Hancptn, you already knew that. :-)01:51
mike_kcptn: you cheat!01:52
HanI'm just glad it simply works, even with the changes I threw in. :o)01:52
HanNow if _only_ I could find out why pax (OpenBSD tar implementation) would properly work with fakeroot I could port it back Linux.01:53
Hanmy sh-based pkgutils are twice as fast as the c++ implemenation for some odd reason.01:54
cptnprobably because of the "db" layout?01:56
mike_kHan: is it possible to use parts of them in other scripts? As if it was a library...01:56
Hanmike_k, eh no.01:57
Hancptn, various reason. It's just clever code without time-consuming loops etc.01:57
mike_kgot an url?01:58
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mike_kHan: missing 'x' character on the first line of PORTING03:09
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Hanmike_k, cheers, commited.04:27
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copworkHaha, I just finished my first own port05:26
copworknow i have to test if it works :)05:26
sumwhich architecture?05:36
copworkjust a crux port05:45
copwork"just" being devirportized here05:45
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copworkwe have some mipsel platform from philips based on the pnx855005:50
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rxi_Han: can you add cvs to the depends= on the eet port in contrib08:29
rxi_well not depends= but you get the idea08:31
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j^2hey all08:50
rxi_hey j^208:50
* j^2 waves08:50
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j^2how is everyone?08:58
rxi_tired, you?08:58
j^2where's jaeger i havent seen him around lately?08:58
j^2exhusted too08:58
j^2but i'm back on irc08:58
rxi_!seen jaegar08:59
-MelOne- rxi_, you must introduce me to jaegar one day, must be a great person!08:59
j^2that's odd :-P08:59
rxi_@seen jaegar08:59
clbrxi_: I have not seen jaegar.08:59
rxi_lol we are in trouble if clb hasnt seen him :P08:59
rxi_@seen jaeger08:59
clbrxi_: jaeger was last seen in #crux 1 week, 6 days, 18 hours, 51 minutes, and 53 seconds ago: <jaeger> don't know KDE, myself08:59
j^2 but clb...he's your master!08:59
rxi_damn typo09:00
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j^2busy room today eh?09:44
rxi_heh well us aussies are just going to sleep, you guys are waking up anf the europeans are still asleep :P09:45
j^2yeah it's vaction time in europe right now, the whole area is at the beach!09:46
aonit is? ;o09:46
rxi_they have beaches in europe? :P09:46
aonah yeah, i'm not in europe09:46
aon(but nevertheless, our vacation time has mostly ended :))09:47
j^2you're always at the beach in my mind...wait that doesnt make rockstar hasnt kicked in yet09:47
j^2we dont take vacations here in the us, well the people that do get fired :P09:47
aoni know09:47
aoni've heard that some factory workers have to wear diapers because going to toilet eats up production time09:48
j^2i work now at a factory, and does smell odd09:49
j^2ibm let me go :(09:49
rxi_aww :(09:49
jjpkManagement always gets crazy ideas it seems.09:49
aonlet you go?09:49
jjpk"how do I cut costs and raise a bit of hell?! muhaha"09:49
aonthey didn't actually want you to? :)09:49
j^2yep, lay off 87 out of 120 person dept gone09:49
j^2but with in 4 hours i got this job09:50
j^2where i'm the second coming of christ!09:50
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aoni was working at one company and part of it was sold to an investment firm a bit earlier09:51
aonwhat did they do with their purchase? sack all research and development ppl09:51
aon"we'll do great this year... don't know about the next one though"09:51
rxithey invested in their future wisely09:52
rehabdollwow, you US ppl really need to form some unions09:52
rehabdollworking conditions over there sounds like shit09:53
aoni'm not US ppl09:53
aon(dunno if that was clear)09:53
j^2rehabdoll.... we arent allowed to unionize.09:53
j^2i've actually signed a black list09:53
j^2multiple times09:53
jjpkrehabdoll: not going to happen, unions are considered commie scum. :D09:53
aonhaha, Land of the Free09:53
j^2and the unions that do exist still...well are blue collar low wage jobs09:54
j^2white collar tech/proffentional jobs...never unionize09:54
rxiyeah theres no it union in au either that i know abnout09:54
j^2it's mercienaries, go where the money is09:55
rehabdollhere in sweden you actually _HAVE_ to be a member of your professions union to be allowed to work09:55
rehabdollin some professions that is09:55
* j^2 looks puzzled...09:55
aonhere you don't09:55
aonbut unions still negotiate the contracts09:55
aon(like you get some kind of a minimum wage even if you aren't in one)09:55
* j^2 runs away from your "commie" concepts!09:56
rehabdollif an employer employs a non-union worker, that company will get in to some serious problems and get boycotted etc09:56
aonyeah, going to work during a strike is different09:56
rxii hate unions anyway09:57
rehabdollheh, well it works.. no need to work a second job and a couple of paid weeks vacation every year09:57
rxiall they do is bitch and moan09:57
aonrehabdoll: yeah09:57
rehabdoll= about a month09:57
aonat least the metal worker's union seems rather intense here :)09:58
j^2i litterally have 4 jobs, go to school full time too, and volunteer09:58
j^2and one job is a full time, the one i'm at now09:58
j^2i'm always hoped up on caffiene and after 5 beer :-P09:58
rxiyour not a single mum too? :P09:59
j^2maybe one day!09:59
j^2i wouldnt be on irc then :P, women dont know how to "use" computers09:59
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aonat least you wouldn't be on #cru10:00
rxilucky theres no women in here :P10:00
aonexactly my point10:00
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aon"mom, i need food!1" "shut up, i'm tuning my init!"10:01
rxitheres a few chicks that use gentoo10:01
rxii think one of them is a developer too10:03
aonisn't dmwaters a gentoo dev?10:03
rxidunno i was thinking of christel i think her name is10:03
j^2well we have clare from that land down under10:03
rxiyeah almost forgot about her10:04
j^2yeah...she's an idler sometimes10:04
rxihehe yeah must be all that desert :P10:04
j^2so i have to admit10:25
j^2i'm becoming more and more impressed with Ubuntu10:25
aonhow come?10:25
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j^2it's extremely well built for corporate use10:32
j^2it's clean and work out of the box with every ppc, x86, and sparc i've tried10:32
rehabdollive noticed that too.. until you change something10:34
j^2i havent gotten there yet ;)10:35
rehabdollits the same with all "user-friendly" distros ive come across10:35
j^2ah, well ideally i want to set it up and just let it run10:35
j^2as soon as i set it up i never want to touch it10:35
aonfor example rhel can take a lot of modification10:37
j^2i'm a pureist IT guy10:37
aonif it's of the "install everything to /opt and don't touch anything else" type10:37
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copworkwhat is the minimum ports that i need for sound output in X12:09
jjpkWell, first of all sound is independent of X.12:11
jjpkalsa-utils + dependencies should be enough.12:11
jjpkNot to mention proper driver selected in the kernel. :)12:11
copworkdid that i guess12:14
copworki come from mostly SuSE systems12:14
copworkso i sometimes am lost which daemon to choose12:14
copworkALSA device list:12:15
copwork  #0: VIA 8235 with VT1616i at 0xc000, irq 612:15
copworki am trying to build a surfing streaming tv-out on a via epia12:19
copworkbut i still have to strip things down12:20
copworkwith all the experimenting my crux install is now 1.3 GB12:20
copworkand the biggest ide flash disk i have is 1 gb12:20
copworkokay, spaghetti time :P12:21
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mike_kcopwork: a full-featured router (without X of coarse), with deleted /usr/{include,src}, *.a, *.la files based on crux is far less than 250 MB. Without any tricks.12:34
HanBut I'd use OpenBSD for such a machine.12:35
* Auge^ would use NetBSD :)12:35
mike_kHan: I'm sure you did =)12:35
mike_kand that will costs you about 16-32 MB CF card12:36
Auge^monowall is nice for that case12:36
mike_kHan: but I still want to strip down _crux_ to fit on at least 64MB, and without prt-* stuff, it should still be crux12:39
bd2mike_k, I've stripped crux to 12 mb :-)12:41
bd2and I'm not using busybox/uclibc12:42
mike_kdoes it smells like real crux?12:42
mike_kbd2: I'd like to see that12:42
bd2mike_k, yeah. but it's X11-less yet.12:42
mike_knot a tragedy12:42
bd2mike_k, it's CRUX ARM, for the handhelds (hp ipaq hx4700 for now)12:43
bd2if you want, I can prepare .tar.bz2 of the ports dir and pkgdiet utility12:43
mike_kbd2: it would be very nice of you (though, I cant get an ARM now)12:44
mike_k!seen Farcaller12:44
-MelOne- mike_k, hmmm... Farcaller, this name is not unknown to me, but I don't know, sorry.12:44
bd2okay, will do it in few days. I was planning to announce that project far later...12:45
mike_kbd2: he wanted to port crux on modern palm handhelds12:45
mike_kno need to hurry, announce as you'll be ready12:46
bd2btw, pkgdiet is an attempt to use libarchive, instead of libtar, maybe cptn will interested in it12:46
bd2mike_k, yeah. I saw his project, but he is using scratchbox, and I use fully bootstrap-able setup from sources.12:47
mike_kI think your attempt can be adopted for x86, can't it?12:48
bd2of course12:49
bd2but it's just one small utility. not whole pkgutils..12:50
bd2anyway, I thing libarchive is cool enough to adept it to whole pkgutils (when C-rewrite will start) :-)12:51
bd2adopt. my spelling suck12:51
mike_kso, follow your timeline. I'll take a look when you'll be ready.12:51
bd2okay. anyway it took much more time that I expected12:53
tilmanbd2: i'll get back to you re. that libarchive patch12:53
bd2and porting X11 stuff will took much more time than base ports12:53
bd2tilman, can you please rephrase your sentence to little more simple, as I can't understand that :-/   :-)12:55
tilman"get back to someone" ~= "contact someone (in the future)"12:55
tilman"re." = "regarding"12:56
bd2ah. Now I got it. thanks12:56
bd2tilman, do you know status of the C-rewrite?12:57
tilmannot started yet12:57
tilmanthere's a chance i'll spend some time on it in the next few months12:57
tilmanbut i don't promise anything :P12:57
bd2tilman, I thing it's good idea just create pkgutils-ng branch on svn, and put there some drafts. And wait for the patches :-)12:58
bd2damn it. -thing+think.12:58
tilmanwe need to decide on basic design issues first12:58
blizzwould it be possible to.. tar cvjf a fresh, untouched windows xp installation for later use?13:22
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mike_kblizz: expect at least some bootloader troubles. try to cat /dev/zero > /dev/xp_part, install it, compress the whole partition with bz2 and burn it.13:27
blizzyep, thanks13:31
blizzill zero it first13:31
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copworkback. yeah, mike_k13:36
copworki was just lazy and trying to get everything working together now13:36
copworkalthough i need X right now, because i havent dealt with firefox and gtk/fb yet13:37
mike_klong spagetti journey13:37
copworkyeah, my father is lazy too13:37
copworki will start stripping when i hear the first sound13:37
copworkand lirc is working as it should13:37
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copworki am about to put my first linux on a workstation, too13:38
copworkand it will be crux because i came to like it13:39
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copworkaplay plays yay for alsamixer :)14:47
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marocptn: did you consider submitting your dvb handling to the lfs guys?15:11
cptnmaro: no15:11
cptnit's taken from Documentation/dvb/udev.txt though15:12
cptnso the LFS guys probably saw this already15:12
cptnnot sure if this would be included in udev itself...15:15
cptnI only recently started to follow the mailing list15:16
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richiefrichi was wondering what i need to pass on boot for it to load my scsi15:58
richiefrichI have all sata drived15:59
richiefrichi tried -scsi15:59
richiefrichand  root=/dev/sda15:59
qidroot is a partition, not a device15:59
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richiefrichi did boot it16:04
richiefrichthats not the issue  it boots great,...  sees not hdd's16:04
richiefrichill rebuild kerenl16:04
marowhat controller do you have?16:04
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richiefrich00:1f.2 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801EB (ICH5) SATA Controller (rev 02)16:05
richiefrichit works great on gentoo and arch and slack16:05
richiefrichi just need to build a new kernel now16:05
cptnwhat does that page say qid linked?16:06
cptn"Driver(s) included in bootkernel": Intel PIIX/ICH16:06
richiefrichdoesnt load :P16:06
cptnit's compiled in16:07
richiefrichi know16:07
cptnyou don't have to "load" it16:07
richiefrichbut still16:07
qidrichiefrich: wtf, you just said you had SCSI drives16:07
richiefrichi do16:07
cptnbut it's a sata controller...16:07
qidthat's a SATA controller16:07
qidnot a SCSI controller16:07
richiefrichthats scsi16:07
marohave crux been announced on distrowatch once again?16:08
richiefrichthat the way the linux kernel reads it16:08
qidhow wide are the cables that plug into your hard drives?16:08
richiefrichso u are saying sata is not scsi in linux?16:08
richiefrichi beg to differ16:08
qidsata is not scsi in anywhere16:08
qidsata is sata, scsi is scsi16:09
maroand sas is...?16:09
richiefrichin the kernel it's under --> low level scsi16:09
richiefrichsata it16:09
richiefrichu need me to past it16:09
richiefrichfrom the menuconfig ?16:09
Auge^.oO( mh, a second download-source in Pkgfile would be a nice thing... )16:09
maroomg u r so sweet cptn16:10
cptnI'm sure l33th4X0r will join anytime now16:10
maroI should get used to writing this way, it's like working with fdisk all the time16:11
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marohm, shouldn't cyrus-sasl use /var/run/sasl instead of /var/sasl?16:13
Auge^mh... what should i do if pkgmk says "ERROR: Footprint mismatch found"? and the build result differs from the one pkgmk expected?16:22
bd2Auge^, this is vvvfaq, and the answer is here
Auge^ok. thx.16:29
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Auge^fine. windowmaker configured :)17:05
clarequestion - just curious, re scsi and sata, Note says Please keep in mind that SATA harddisks are usually detected as SCSI devices.17:26
claremaybe that is cause of confusion?17:26
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* treach renames "kingruedi" to "kang-roodi".18:36
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