IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-08-25

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HanLook at the Pkgfiles, they are obviously a derative00:20
tilmanqid: no00:38
* Han now runs xorg-r7.1 =)01:36
Hanworks great, I just can't get the mousecursors working.01:36
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richi_authi, I got a question: if i configure my wireless lan card using iwconfig, do I then automatically get an ipaddress, if there's a dhcp server in the network?02:52
richi_autor do i have to use dhcpcd after configuring the interface using iwconfig02:53
rehabdolli would suppose so, never used wireless networking though :)02:54
rehabdoll= you need dhcpcd02:54
richi_autahh. then i should write:02:56
richi_autiwconfig eth0 essid <id> key <key>02:56
richi_autdhcpcd eth002:56
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rehabdollif eth0 is your wireless nic, yes i would suppose so02:57
richi_autok, thanks.02:58
rehabdollbut are wireless nic's really named ethX?02:58
richi_auton my ubuntu box (this one) it is eth002:58
rehabdolloh, ok02:59
cptnit depends on the driver02:59
cptnif any of you slashdot readers is interested in the xara vector graphics tool, I made a port03:22
clbcptn: Error: "" is not a valid command.03:22
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bigmattHey anybody know where I can get a copy of ports?04:00
bigmattthe site is back up that has it :/04:01
bigmattwas down earlier04:01
cptnor maybe the domain name changed04:01
pitillostrace what a nice command ... Made a new port, and uploading to my server....04:01
pitillooh no... new to make the proper deps04:04
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tilmanthe existing strace port isn't cool enough?04:08
cptnwhy use core ports if you can create your own? ;-)04:19
marowhere's that irc log page? :)04:25
maronow you make sense :)04:27
pitillotilman, no new strace port, sorry. I refer to another port that segfaults and strace helps to solve a little problem :)04:35
bigmattI like tacos with crux04:36
rxiim a burritto man myself04:36
bigmattcptn, the way i see it lol why create your own if you can use core :)04:37
rxicos core is for n00bs .. real hax0rs write there own04:39
pitilloumm a little Q. How do you check the real deps of a port? Documentation of a port says it... but is better to have a little machine with a fresh install to check the real deps? (sorry, it?s hard to explain in english some Q)04:39
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pitillohow do you do it? Add deps in documentation or test in a fresh install to make a better port?04:40
rxiprt-get depends04:40
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pitillorxi, thats for a existing port, I?m creating a new one. (Don?t know if I explain it well)04:41
rxioh  ./configure --help?04:42
rxior read the website04:42
pitillowell, true and documentation provided by source. But not sure if that is enougth. That is the reason to create a fresh install and create ports there.04:43
rxithat will be enough04:45
pitillo(Thinking in make a little part in my system with a basic CRUX installation and chrooting there to create ports) May be I?m a bit crazy but in this way I?m sure cthat reated ports works perfectly.04:46
pitilloneed time to think a bit in this. Thanks :)04:46
rxiwhat port?04:47
pitilloIm trying to make recordmydesktop port.04:48
rxiok i wouldnt worry about the chroot env04:49
pitilloand see at documentation some deps (alsadevs, libogg, ... ) and think in the question04:49
pitilloforgeting or adding deps is a reason to mark a port like bad IMO.04:50
rxilol .. wtf dude .. ist just a port if it works then it works04:50
pitillowell, dont think that04:51
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rxiare you a contrib/core dev?04:51
pitilloit can work in my machine that has a lot of stuff installed. But I want it works in your machine for example04:51
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pitillorxi, no man, but I prefer to make things well. Doing it only for me... It?s a bit avaricious IMO04:52
rxiwell aslong as you resolve the deps from the website then you should be good .. you'll get an email if it dont work04:52
pitillowell you are in tue. I hope I?ll don?t get anyone :)04:53
* rxi blinks loudly rightio04:54
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rxibetter than green pussy i spose05:12
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giulivowith the latest05:13
giulivoupgrade of the udev package05:13
giulivomy cdrom device is no more owned by the disk group, but by root05:13
giulivodisks device are ok05:13
giulivooptical drives not05:14
rxigiulivo: how goes rc1 btw?05:14
giulivoyou're speaking about ppc?05:14
rxiyeah sorry05:14
giulivonowdays i'm a user, no more development for me05:15
rxiback seat driving is much more fun :P05:15
giulivoand bout the optical device permissions?05:19
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giulivosomeone else has the same problem?05:20
rxisorry no ideea05:20
pinkpussygiulivo, you have to edit /etc/udev/*.rules05:22
giulivoseems that file 81-cdrom.rules05:22
giulivosets the group for optical devices to "cdrom"05:23
giulivoinstead of "disk"05:23
giulivoand as i know the "cdrom" group on crux does not exist05:23
giulivoneither the dialup group exist05:24
giulivoand tape and floppy05:24
giulivowhy jaeger has leave untouched that rules if the groups does not exists?05:25
pitillomay be putting a readme telling about the "cdrom" group creation can be a good solution? or updating the rule to setup to "disk" group?05:28
giulivoit's the same also for floppy and dialout groups05:31
pitilloIt?s a hard task to check all deps to make a port. Add a dep and need to check deps of that.... The best way to learn. Bit a bit05:31
giulivoand tape also05:32
giulivofoundamentally i'm according to the "many groups" policy05:32
giulivoso a solution can be also adding such groups to the filesystem port05:32
pitilloIMO that info may be added to README and it?s the decision of user to create the groups he needs. Why I need the group dialout if I haven?t a modem for example. (only a opinion)05:34
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jue05:40
marocptn: any idea why gtk-doc can't locate the docbook dtd?05:44
cptnmaybe some problem with the catalog05:46
cptncould you try rerunning docbook-xml-dtd's post-install?05:47
bigmattwhich package includes pkgmk or mkpkg whatever it was called hehe05:47
bigmattit is lol05:48
bigmatti think05:48
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pitillothe port needs the redefinition of X protocol headers... may be it isn?t a good idea to make it05:53
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marocptn: I did06:04
cptndoes it use autoconf?06:06
cptnif yes, can you upload config.log?06:06
maroI *might* have figured out what's wrong06:08
maroconfigure: error: could not find DocBook XML DTD V4.1.2 in XML catalog06:08
maroV4.1.2... :)06:08
* treach gets reminded about some stupid util yesterday that *insisted* on "autoconf 2.52, 2.53 or 2.54"06:09
marocheck the log06:10
maro2005-10-02 17:06:13 in particular06:11
bigmattdoes anybody know the exact deps of pkgutils, plzz dont say core lol :)06:11
marowonder if 4.4 is backwards compatible too06:12
marobigmatt: bash and gcc06:12
bigmattthanks maro06:12
maroyou can even do without gcc at runtime06:13
treachit's not quite that simple..06:13
marosince it's statically compiled (and C++, so fucking huge)06:13
maroand you only need bash for pkgmk and rejmerge06:14
maroobviously things such as coreutils have to be there too06:14
bigmatthehe yep :)06:14
treachif gcc and bash is all that is needed, why doesn't pkgutils build on *bsd :p06:14
treachbecause it needs a lot of nasty gnu stuff. ;)06:15
marocan't you run it with linux emulation? :P06:16
treachmaybe, I haven't tried. You don't think that would be a bit pathetic btw? :D06:16
bigmattya building pkgutils on lfs doesnt work for me :/06:17
bigmattI use crux on my tiny machine :) and i wanted to see if i could make binaries06:17
maroof course it would, but using it on bsd is pathetic anyway :P06:17
bigmattwith lfs and shizzle06:17
bigmattand using pkg-get06:17
cptnbigmatt: why don't you show us the error?06:17
treachmaro: if you could get it working it'd beat the crap out of the alternatives..06:18
marocptn: EDOESNTWORK06:18 error: zlib.h: No such file or directory06:18
bigmattall you get one line :)06:18
bigmattwell ther'es alot of lines :/06:18
cptnzlib is a build dependency06:18
bigmattzlib is installed :)06:18
bigmattmaybe not properly though06:18
cptnbut not the header06:18
bigmattand how do i do that?l ol06:18
bigmattWhere do i find your so called header :)06:19
cptnare you sure lfs is a good idea lol06:19
marobigmatt: you cut the library into chunks and rename the first one to zlib.h06:19
bigmattits a little project im working on cause i'm dumb :)06:19
marothat's why it's called a "header"06:19
treachyou know, the proper way to end a sentence is with a period (sp "." ). Not lol. lol06:19
bigmatthehe treach funny guy :)06:19
cptnbigmatt: on crux, install the zlib port06:19
cptneverywhere else, ask in the appropriate channel06:20
cptnfor rpm systems, there's usually a -dev package06:20
cptnbut the names and suffixes depend on the packager06:20
maroon debian, install something that starts with libz and ends with something that looks like a cryptographic hash06:20
cptnand if you get errors like "zlib.h: No such file or directory"06:20
cptnjust try to find which package that file provides06:21
treachheh, the other way around, probably. :p06:21
cptnerr, yeah06:21
cptnand use xmodmap to disable the 'lol' key06:21
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bigmattnew plan which i should have done in the first place lol06:25
bigmattjust use pkg-get hehe06:25
bigmattand crux ports ;)06:25
bigmattand not be dumb06:25
bigmattand stop typing lol06:25
bigmattwell prt-get here, and pkg-get for my little box :)06:26
treachgrow up first06:29
bigmattnever :(06:29
treachthen stay ignored.06:29
bigmattEvil man you are :/06:29
rxitreach: how can you grow up if you live on nevrerland ranch :P06:29
treachrxi: good question.06:30
bigmattCome on life is about having fun06:30
bigmattand in IRC channel after a long day06:30
rxiand reading the fucking manual06:30
bigmattis a good time to have fun06:30
bigmattlinux/work/and girls is my life06:30
treachbigmatt: no, I'm not "evil". I might be pretty hard on people from time to time, but I'm assuredly not "evil".06:30
bigmattgood to know :) so i wont take it personally hehe06:31
rxitreach: we only have your word for that :P06:31
treachright, you should still take it to heart.06:31
treachrxi: Now you are hurting my feelings.06:32
* rxi hands treach a tissue .. sorry love06:32
treachHave I ever tricked a noob into "rm -rf /" for instance?06:32
rxiive tried many a time but no one falls for that anymore :(06:32
bigmattmy first distro was gentoo and i borked my system, so my actual first distro was suse loong ago06:33
bigmattand i had that trick pulled on me :(06:33
treachrxi: there are lots of other things you can trick people with. But I'd be that low. If someone is a PITA better just ignore them.06:34
treach"I'd *never* be"06:34
rxisurree :P06:35
treachrxi: I'm *mean*, not spiteful.06:35
rxi*giggles* im playin06:36
bigmattalright well i'm off guys, I have much work to do!06:36
bigmattlook i just made a sentence without lol06:36
bigmattI feel excited06:36
bigmattbye grumpy :)06:36
bigmattbye rxi06:36
* treach gives bigmatt a cookie06:36
bigmattYES COOKIE06:36
bigmattbye once again and i'll save the cookie for later <306:37
*** bigmatt has quit IRC06:37
rxione down, about a dozen to go06:37
rxiyeah alcohol does strange things to people :(06:38
treachdon't start crying in your beer now, just to prove me wrong. ;-)06:38
rxiits orange plus vodka not beer .. shut up nipuL :P06:39
jjpkA lifetime supporter of lol to infinity, lol06:40
rxi*giggles* well its what you can type when your drunk06:40
treachyou still type better than romster..06:40
rxiwell romster is from queensland .. what do you expect :P06:41
treach"Nothing"? I'm not familiar with the intiguing facts of life down under. :p06:42
jjpkBah, location is no excuse for that. :D06:42
rxilolin au yes it is :)06:43
treachql doesn't have schools? Or they only sell broken keyboards?06:43
jjpktreach: they must sell too much alcohol in combination with those two ou mention.06:44
rxithey have a beer called xxxx06:45
rxiactually au's alcohol consumption has come down in recent years :(06:45
treachheh, that feels a bit Pattchett-like doesn't it?06:45
* rxi looks at treach blankly06:46
treach"Continent XXXX"06:46
pitillohow can I see if a port has a cicle in dependencies? I don?t remember that.06:46
rxitreach: no they just cant spell beer :P06:46
treachwhere the ecksians come from. ;-)06:46
treachrxi: you never read about "Discworld"?06:46
rxii guess not06:47
treachThat would explain it.06:47
rxisounds like a dodgy cheap and nasty computer shop chain06:48
treachNo, it's an alternative universe created by the pretty sucessful author Terry Pratchett.06:49
rxioh .. you mean sci-fi?06:49
treachA fictional, alternative universe. and no, not really sci-fi, more just like "fi" :p06:49
rxilol .. cos im a fantasy guy and fantasy and sci-fi dont mix06:50
treachwell, maybe you should take a look at him then.06:50
treachbut it's not quite "normal" monsters, magic and swords fantasy.06:51
rxilol .. no way jose06:51
treach(even if those stories sports all those attributes)06:51
treachwell, it's your loss.06:52
rxii have enough trouble staying the real world as it is :P06:52
pitillowell, made it without overwriting X headers. If anyone can take a look it?s here
pitillotesting it...07:06
pitillowell, think has problems. I?m not at home to see the capture but seems to be broken. The X headers must be overwrited I think.07:08
pitillogoing back to xvidcap I suppose, while working on this07:10
tilmanbd2: "if TH_ISREG(t) tar_skip_regfile(t)" seems to work :)07:38
treachbtw tilman, do you know if there are any known issues with "AGPFastWrite" for the xorg radeon driver?07:39
tilmanfastwrite's are known to cause instability07:40
tilmanplaying with agp settings doesn't help performance much anyway07:40
treachok, I suspected that. Google turned up some people with problems, but no warnings about using it, oddly.07:40
treachwell, it certainly did help me a bit, even if the only agp setting I played with was the AGPMode one.07:41
tilmanman 4 radeon has it07:41
treachbah. that's what you get from reading manpages at 2.30 in the morning..07:42
treachstill a bit surprising (to me) that it doesn't work on such an old card as an 9000.07:43
treachwhile "EXA" works flawlessly. :p07:44
tilmanit doesn't have anything to do with the age of the card07:44
treachno, not per se.07:44
pitillotreach, fastwrite is enabled at bios?07:44
tilmanapparently agp issues are a bitch to track down07:44
treachpitillo: no, xorg.conf07:44
treachpitillo: be careful if you decide to try it.07:45
pitillotreach, I understand it, but must be enabled at bios to use it.07:45
treachIIRC anything related to agp is enabled in my bios.07:46
treachanyway I bet it won't make any major difference.07:46
rxitreach: wish i could say the same about ter nissan exa07:47
treachyou should have gotten a toyota instead :)07:47
tilmantreach: exa just uses the 3d rendering engine as any dri client does, btw07:47
tilmanfor radeon, at least07:48
rxitreach: lol i own a lancer07:48
tilmanon older cards with a accelerated 2d engine, that one is used for the basic stuff ;)07:48
treachtilman:  well, it made some difference here. (playing with translucensy, shadows etc in kde. :p )07:48
tilmanis that a r200 or an r300 card?07:49
tilmanr200 i guess?07:49
treach2xx :)07:50
tilmansame same07:50
tilmanin terms of drivers, there's only r100, r200 and r300 ;)07:50
treachI read that, somewhere, about the same time I scanned the radeon man page. :-)07:51
*** roowie has quit IRC07:51
rxishould buy a real card :P07:52
treachno way jose.07:52
rxi*giggles* thats my saying!07:52
treachit's the best I can get, without getting forced upgrades on the bargain.07:52
treachI know.07:53
rxinvidia is the same price :)07:53
treachplease reread what I said above07:53
* rxi looks puzzled07:53
treach"forced upgrades"07:54
rxinvidia isnt the russian mafia07:54
treachThere was absolutely nothing wrong with my gf2.07:54
treachbut it's no longer supported by nvidia.07:55
rxithats what you say when she isnt arounfd :P07:55
treachand the free driver sucks, no 3d etc.07:55
treachthis card still has enough omph to play et with the free drivers, wich is enough for me.07:55
treachWhich means I have absolutely no need to waste good money on new hardware.07:56
rxithats just crazy talk :P07:56
treachSure. "We are Nvidia, all your money belong to us".07:57
treachOh, wait, that was SCO I think.07:57
treachwell, you get the point.07:57
rxibetter than vista and its enforcment of 64bit intel, etc07:57
rxiactualkly sco are branching into mobile07:57
treachah, they are *talking* about it.07:58
treachtoo late, too useless.07:58
rxiwell they bought some company iirc07:58
tilmanblah blah blah07:58
treachNobody will touch them with a 10' pole.07:58
rxionly dumb cunts with buy shit from them anyway07:58
treachtilman: absolutely right, he's drunk though, so we blame it on that. ;-)08:00
tilmanthat explains the typo and the swearing08:00
rxitreach: no i wont sleep with you for $20!08:00
rxii charge $30 for a night08:01
*** sen has quit IRC08:09
rxiwoah conversation killer08:10
blizzis there any reason why i do not get any output to the console between the lilo boot message and the login?08:12
cptnyou did configure lilo to do so08:12
blizzseems like rc scripts dont output anything08:12
rxiconsole or video is defined?>08:12
blizzcptn, nope, not the quiet option08:12
blizzit's really *nothing*08:13
cptnmmmh, okay08:13
blizzrxi, console08:13
blizzno framebuffer08:13
rxiblizz: i meant serial08:13
blizzwell, video then08:13
blizzi updated sysvinit, rc, util-linux08:13
blizzi get a warning though:08:14
blizzin dmes08:14
blizzFreeing unused kernel memory: 172k freed08:14
blizzWarning: unable to open an initial console.08:14
cptnyou have no /dev/console08:14
blizzi do08:14
blizzchecked it08:14
cptnthat message says that you have no /dev/console08:15
blizzudev creates it later08:15
blizzbut it must be there before udev08:15
cptnyes, you need it in /dev before tmpfs is mounted08:15
blizzcrw--w--w- 1 root tty 5, 1 Aug 24 21:22 /dev/console08:15
blizzhow can i create it again afterwards? i think that was done in the UdevHint page, too08:15
blizzbut it doesn't exist anymore08:15
blizzmhh, --bind?08:17
cptnmount your root partition to /mnt08:17
cptnmount /dev/hdaX /mnt08:17
blizzahh, right08:17
blizzc 4 0 i think08:18
cptn5 108:18
cptnyou posted it before...08:18
cptn[15:15] <blizz> crw--w--w- 1 root tty 5, 108:18
blizzi looked into the manpage08:19
cptnalthough you still should see the kernel messages...08:19
tilmanINSTALL rule stuff committed to pkgutils.08:20
tilmantesting appreciated08:20
bd2tilman, will try it08:20
blizzcptn, kernel is quiet08:21
blizzcptn, that's it.. mount -o bind / /mnt; mknod /mnt/dev/console c 5 1 :-) rebooting..08:25
marotilman: there's a new radeon driver :P08:27
maro(lazy bum)08:27
marotilman: you forgot pkgadd.8 :(08:31
cptnmaro: ??08:31
cptn"documentation needs to be updated."08:31
tilmani wanted to paste that >:08:32
marooh, sorry, didn't real the mail again08:32
cptnsorry, tilman08:32
tilmanmaro: don't make me hurt you08:32
marotilman: you always do08:32
tilmanyou KNOW i read xorg-announce and all that crap08:33
tilmanso just be patient08:33
maroit was meant as a "works for me"08:33
maro(running it for a day, but it gets pretty stressed since I'm running aiglx)08:34
tilmanoh, that's actually useful information08:37
tilmani ran almost-HEAD lately, but i don't have the radeon card in the box atm08:37
j^2hey guys08:37
tilmanmaro: you're more than welcome to help with a patch08:38
marowith my language skills it'd only do harm08:39
pitillogood weekend for all08:45
*** pitillo has quit IRC08:45
tilmani think every port that install info files will need a post-install script08:47
tilmanto regenerate /usr/share/info/dir08:47
*** sen has joined #crux08:48
j^2my company just got approved for google's beta of gmail for domains!08:57
j^2alas i dont think anyone at my company wants it though08:58
tilmangmail for domains?08:58
brointhemixhave you noticed this "nice" fonction of winXP installer, that when you reinstall XP it erases all the data about linux partitions from the disk's MBR?09:05
brointhemixcool, isn't it?09:05
rxicos it puts ntloader on the mbr09:05
rxi*shrugs* lilo does the same if you telkl it ot09:06
brointhemixis there any way to bypass this brilliant behaviour of it?09:06
treachjust boot up on the cd and rerun lilo09:06
brointhemixah, no no no09:06
treachand tell it about the windows stuff ;-)09:06
brointhemixi'm talking about a different thing09:06
brointhemixnot about rerunning lilo after reinstalling win, no no09:06
brointhemixthat's trivial09:06
brointhemixi had to reinstall my XP the other day09:07
treachwhy make a big problem of a small one?09:07
rxintloader has to go on the mbr09:07
brointhemixand when i wanted to boot CRUX from CD and run cfdisk i found my old reiserfs and swap partitions changed to "unallocated space"09:08
brointhemixthe data on the martitions was intact but the partitions themselves weren't there09:08
brointhemixthat's what i'm talking about09:08
brointhemixthat this stupidass windows installer fucks up every partition that isn't vfat/ntfs09:10
brointhemixfor sure09:10
rxii havent dual booted xp09:10
brointhemixi did, once09:10
brointhemixand that's how it ended up09:10
cptnI installed xp a while ago, after linux09:11
cptnand it left the partition table alone09:11
cptnjust had to rewrite the mbr09:11
brointhemixweird thing09:12
cptnbut maybe I unchecked the "screw my other partitions" checkbox :-)09:12
brointhemixi got (and still have) dem partitions changed to unallocated space09:12
brointhemixcptn: ;)09:12
brointhemixso what did I do wrong? :/09:14
cptnhard to say09:15
cptndid you chose the right disk labels in fdisk?09:15
cptnbefore installing linux09:15
cptnbefore installing xp, of course09:15
brointhemixyes :)09:15
brointhemixthe thing is that the data remained there, just the partition data from the MBR was gone09:16
brointhemixcrazy thing, crazy thing09:16
brointhemixbut, what the hell09:16
brointhemixi'll just have to reinstall CRUX, rebuild the kernel i want to, rerun prt-get sysup and reinstall x11r709:17
brointhemixbut that's all right, i have all day for that09:17
cptnif you start with the "crux-latest" iso, you can save yourself the sysup step09:17
brointhemixis there such thing?09:18
brointhemixnow er're talking09:18
brointhemixthank you cptn09:21
* brointhemix worships cptn09:21
brointhemixo// cptn09:22
brointhemixand jaeger too, of course ;)09:22
cptnit's jaeger you should worship, he creates those09:22
brointhemixo// jaeger09:22
rxilol rrm3 is still alive09:23
cptnrxi: did you hear from him?09:24
tilmanis he still hiking? ;)09:24
rxilol no i just seen the link on jaegers website to his live journal09:25
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > grep "rxi> lol" irclogs/freenode/#crux.log |wc -l09:26
rxiwhat can i say . im a jolly kinda guy :P09:26
rxialcohol has nothing to do with it really09:29
*** Brzi has joined #crux09:30
rxiwhat are you trying to suggest :P09:30
cptnthat's you're a jolly kinda guy :-)09:31
tilmanyou're even the jolliest kinda guy around #crux09:31
tilmanno one's as jolly as you!09:31
cptnalthough Galisus is a jolly one too09:31
cptnconsidering that he wasn't around that long09:31
cptnalthough it felt like years09:31
rxiyeah i see sifuh is there too09:31
rxitime for this jolly green giant to get some sleep09:33
rxinight all09:34
cptnnight rxi09:34
cptnjolly dreams!09:34
rxilol ... *runs of laughing*09:34
*** copworker has quit IRC10:14
*** nope^ has joined #crux10:27
*** copwork has joined #crux10:28
_mavrick61Why dose some pkg remove all old settings when I use prt-get update...? Really strange.... And stupid...10:33
rehabdollwhat programs, and where do these programs store their settings?10:34
_mavrick61All my very complex config in dhcpd.conf are gone...10:35
_mavrick61Using that to remot boot diskless linux machine10:35
_mavrick61Setting in /etc10:36
rehabdollthat sounds strange10:37
pink_pussyfrom /etc/pkgadd.conf > UPGRADE ^etc/.*$  NO10:37
_mavrick61Normally we have backup for this.. But I just moved over all to anew machine becuse the disk crached... I then managed to get over everything, now there is nothing left.. Ofcurse  I have to blame my self.. But anyway.. NEVER remove configs...10:37
pink_pussyyou maby change that setting10:37
*** nope^ has quit IRC10:38
_mavrick61I'll check who is author for that PKG...10:38
*** nope^ has joined #crux10:38
rehabdollby the way, root's crontab should be added to that list10:39
tilmanit's a symlink10:39
tilmanthat's why the catch-all NO for /etc doesn't help for /etc/crontab10:40
rehabdoll^var/spool/cron/crontabs/root$ ?10:40
tilman^var/spool/cron/crontabs/.*$ maybe10:47
*** giulivo has quit IRC10:55
_mavrick61The files was missing after update..  Only default files was left... /var/state/dhcp/dhcpd.leases database was deleted... ???10:58
* maro wonders how safe it would be to do config auto-merging11:09
tilmanugh NO11:09
maroi.e. keep a verbatim copy of config files, diff to installed one on pre-upgrade, patch on post-upgrade11:10
qidmaro: obviously some user oversight would be required, that would be dangerous if it was all automatic11:14
marowhen the patching fails, the rejected changes would be handled by rejmerge11:15
*** Brzi has quit IRC11:18
mike_ktill it's a sane amount of services(configs)/machines - it's enough simple to manage that with diff/patch by hand11:22
*** ajacoutot has joined #crux11:37
cptnhowever, if one really wants this, rejmerge's merge command can be overridden12:01
cptnin /etc/rejmerge.conf12:01
cptnand I think the example from the man page using sdiff tries to auto-merge12:02
mike_khow good, that someone saw that at designe time )12:03
mike_kcptn: is that first line in  /etc/udev/rules.d/26-modprobe.rules causes modules for existing hardware to autoload at startup?12:04
blizzbd2, are you there?12:09
cptnmike_k: yeah12:12
cptnat least for those devices providing modalias12:13
mike_kcptn: thanks12:13
marocptn: how can it know about the previous original config file?12:14
cptnwell, it's just a two way merge12:15
cptnso it doesn't need an ancestor, although you're right that the result is probably not as good as it would12:16
cptnerr, could be12:16
maroanyway, I'm just dreaming, there are far more important issues in pkgutils which don't require adding features :)12:17
* maro considers switching to dpkg 2.0 when it's more than just vaporware12:18
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux12:18
maro - pretty sweet ideas12:19
treachah, new ati port. let's see if it works, or if tilman should find some safe hide-out. ;-)12:26
*** treach has left #crux12:26
tilmanmaybe i should have told him that i didn't test it myself12:27
*** treach has joined #crux12:27
tilmantreach: btw, you can try to set the AccelDFS option to true/on/1 for another performance boost (for render, ie on the desktop, not with games)12:28
treachok, thanks, I'll have a look at that. :-)12:29
tilmanit might cause instabilities though12:29
tilman(that's why it's off by default ;)12:30
treachheh, what couldn't..?12:30
treachYou never know until you've tried. Or at least not in most cases. :p12:31
* treach fires up sshd, and restarts x..12:33
*** treach has left #crux12:33
tilmanif it crashes, it will fsck the card up BADLY i think12:34
tilmanie ssh will be useless12:34
*** treach has joined #crux12:35
treachWell, hasn't hung up yet. :-)12:36
treachI guess that must mean it's rock-stable. :P12:36
marohm, new m4 :)12:42
bd2blizz, hi. now I'm here.13:17
treach"Honey! I'm home!13:18
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC13:33
*** ajacoutot has quit IRC13:34
*** nope^ has quit IRC13:39
*** koefz has quit IRC13:59
j^2hey all14:08
aonhey j^214:11
blizzbd2, i want to create a very small crux version too and i've read that yours was 12M?14:15
mike_kblizz: he's likely to release some files... and I hope some docs14:16
mike_kmore than cool, and I hope that will give a good start to create custom (and fast made) strippabble crux installations14:18
blizzi want to create a *fast* boot cd14:26
blizzor boot medium generally14:26
RyoSbd2: where can i get your boot cd?14:29
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC14:31
bd2RyoS, I can upload it to some filesharing service, but it's for the ARM platform (JFFS2 image).14:41
RyoSoh, i see14:41
RyoSno its not needed then :) thanks anyway :)14:41
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux14:43
*** nope^ has joined #crux14:55
*** ningo has joined #crux14:59
*** FlyPe2 has joined #crux15:06
FlyPe2is there a package system like apt oder emerge in crux?15:07
FlyPe2is there a package system like apt or emerge in crux?15:07
bd2did you read handbook?15:08
FlyPe2ill have a look15:09
RyoSmh... ^^'15:15
FlyPe2prt-get search -v mysql very nice15:15
*** nope^ has quit IRC15:16
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:21
*** FlyPe2 is now known as FlyPe15:27
*** FlyPe is now known as FlyPe`15:28
*** pink_pussy has quit IRC15:29
*** pink_pussy has joined #crux15:29
j^2fraking n00bs15:33
marowhat apps use the c++ -> g++ symlink?15:36
cptnthose not developed with gcc15:37
cptnI've seen a couple on project using sun's c++ compiler15:37
cptnusing c++15:37
cptn*couple of projects15:38
*** FlyPe` is now known as FlyPe`away15:40
FlyPe`awayits only a test15:42
*** FlyPe`away is now known as FlyPe`15:42
copworktest successful15:46
FlyPe`i tried to set my `away `off `gone `sleep `brb nicks15:48
FlyPe`how big is a standart installation of crux?15:48
cptnwell, there's no "standard installation" really15:51
cptnyou just get a package selection15:51
cptnand usually, you'll install more packages from ports15:51
cptnon the ISO, there's only window maker for example15:51
cptnthat said, my /bin /boot /etc /lib /opt /sbin /usr /var are currently 3887 MB15:52
qidmy servers use in the neighborhood of 1200MB, probably half of which is a couple versions of kernel source15:55
marocptn: any running on crux? :)15:55
FlyPe`is there a possibility to install deb packages?15:58
cptnwell, sure15:58
cptnbut why would you want to?15:58
cptnit would break both debian's and crux' dependency tracking15:58
FlyPe`i have cedega as a deb package15:58
cptnbe potentially binary incompatible15:58
cptnwe have cedega as port15:58
tilmanwine is awesome these days, btw15:59
FlyPe`and a vm clone15:59
FlyPe`vm ware16:00
cptnwhat clone would that be?16:00
cptndon't tell me it's qemu...16:00
maroI have some suggestions for the gcc port16:02
tilmanreplace it with icc?16:02
cptnmaro: use the .deb?16:02
FlyPe`do you have eclipse?16:02
tilmanFlyPe`: check the ports database (topic)16:02
maroin order to minimize storage requirements (and build directory size) wouldn't it be an idea to use the split source tarballs?16:02
cptntilman: :-)16:02
cptnmaro: split tarballs?16:03
cptnsounds reasonable16:03
cptnare they available from the same location?16:03
maroalso, there's an empty /usr/share16:03
cptntilman: should we drop objc at the same time? ;-)16:03
tilmancptn: just wanted to mention that16:03
tilmani want to bring it up on crux-devel16:03
marocptn: you're INSANE16:03
maroGNUstep uses it!16:04
marowell, objc is tiny compared to c and c++16:04
marojust look at the size of the tarballs16:04
tilmantrue, it didn't make that big a difference16:04
tilmanbut no sane person would build without c++ support16:04
maroand it's extremely difficult to build additional frontends16:04
tilman(apart from people who are after a minimal package ;D)16:05
cptnmaro: it is? acrux had a fortran port for some time IIRC16:05
cptnwe can always introduce it again if there are some complaints16:05
marocptn: difficult, not impossible16:05
maroyou have to keep them in sync, etc.16:06
marothe gains are minimal16:07
maroit would make more sense to split out c++ :P16:07
tilmanyou're INSANE! you'll need c++ for blackbox!16:07
cptnand prt-get... ;-)16:07
* maro was just about to say "tons of bloatware"16:08
marocptn: regarding the seperate sources, the only change needed is to change $source16:09
marothey extract to the same directory, etc.16:09
cptnokay, great16:09
cptnI'm already downloading16:09
FlyPe`does anybody use xgl?16:10
tilmanyes, lots of people use xgl16:10
tilman90% of them are gentooers i think :))16:10
cptncountless reports all over the 'net16:10
cptnmaro: nice, that's a 44% save...16:11
cptn(for gcc 4.0.3)16:11
maroI know, I rock :)16:13
marothe /lib/cpp and /usr/bin/c++ symlinks aren't needed anymore16:34
marothey're created by make install16:35
maro(in 4.1.1)16:35
cptnwhat about $PKG/usr/bin/cc ?16:35
marothat one still needs to be made16:36
marogenerally I'd discourage the use of "-f" for every command that supports it, since it reveals things like this16:36
cptnunless the install symlink is wrong16:37
cptnin which case overwriting it builds a proper package...16:37
cptnbut I agree that it should be a reaction to a problem, not the default :-)16:37
maroexactly :)16:37
maroi.e. only use when required16:37
* maro wonders if it'd be rude to remove man7 from the gcc port ;)16:39
bd2"<maro> gcc-{core,g++,objc}-$version" - It was mine idea! You stole it! I'll sue you someday. remember that day16:40
maroyou need to announce your ideas if you want anybody to consider them :P16:41
marocptn: here's another one, stolen from LFS16:42
marosed -i 's@\./fixinc\.sh@-c true@' gcc-$version/gcc/Makefile.in16:43
maroit prevents it from trying to "fix" headers on the system16:43
cptnthat's what we currently patch out, right?16:43
maroon my system those headers are compiler.h and edid.h from xorg, and ncompat.h from firefox16:44
maromy fault, I use an unpatched version :)16:44
marosorry about that16:44
cptnno worries16:44
cptnI think we dropped it too a while back16:45
cptnand started to get firefox related files in gcc :-)16:45
maroyeah, all patches were dropped when switching to 4.x16:45
marocptn: have you used sandbox with crux?17:07
cptnare you refering to a software package?17:08
cptnor sandbox as a concept?17:08
maroyeah, the one that does sandboxing ;)17:08
maro(LD_PRELOAD hack)17:08
cptnno, not yet17:08
cptnheh, it's a gentoo thing?17:10
cptnthe one I found in their cvs has colors hard coded :-)17:10
cptnthe result looks somewhat different17:11
marohm :/17:12
marowhat version is that?17:12
maroI'm still waiting for the build to finish17:13
maro(the other two failed due to not using -f)17:14
cptnanyway, time to get some sleep17:15
cptngood night17:15
maroccache isn't much help in this case :)17:15
maroyeah. sleep tight17:15
*** FlyPe` has quit IRC17:37
*** Husio has joined #crux17:54
Husiowhere can I set up flags for compilation from ports?17:54
brointhemixnie ma sprawy :)17:56
Husiomozna po polsku?17:57
brointhemixpóki nikt siê nie wkurza to czemu nie? ;)17:57
brointhemixa to raczej dosæ pó¼na pora17:57
Husiois there some search stuff for crux handbook? ?17:57
brointhemixa sry, bez pl znakow17:57
Husiozalezy gdzie kto mieszka ;)17:57
brointhemixee tam :017:57
brointhemix:) = :)17:57
Husiojest jakis search do handbooka ?17:58
brointhemixa search to przegladarkowy17:58
brointhemixnie bardzo17:58
brointhemixhandbook to jedna strona17:58
brointhemixz przegladarki szukaj17:58
Husiono tak17:58
Husioale nie wszystko jest w handbook17:58
Husionie mam nicka zarejestrowanego.. lepieej juz tu po ang ;)17:59
treach"tut, pip, polski slut."18:01
brointhemixok ok, no more Polish on the main chat18:02
treach(slut meaning "end")18:02
brointhemixsorry treach :*18:02
treachWhat can I say, we're all sinners. :D18:02
brointhemixtrue, true18:03
*** treach is now known as grumpy18:04
brointhemixhehe :)18:04
brointhemixtreach going Garflied? ;)18:04
grumpynah, I just got nicknamed that today, and I realized it's probably more true than I'd like to admit.18:05
brointhemixi didn't notice that in you ;)18:05
grumpys more true/more truth to that18:06
brointhemixmore true, I think18:07
grumpySometimes I feel like I'm thousands of years old. :-(18:07
grumpyYou teenagere probably think it as well. :(18:08
brointhemixi'm 21, going 22 in october and i too feel old :(18:08
brointhemixhow old are you then?18:09
grumpy22? One fine day, you'll look back on that day, and you'll say "man, I was so young back then."18:09
grumpyI'll probably look back at this day as well in time, and say the same though. :D18:10
brointhemixyes, i'll probably do just that18:10
brointhemixbut it's always relative18:10
grumpyso? Someone made a picture of what he/she thought was the truth?18:12
marohm, shouldn't it be linked to lfs?18:13
ningogrumpy: obviously18:13
* grumpy starts on a picture to prove that ningo used to be dating dame Edna.18:13
grumpyscary as it is though, apparently screendumps is regarded as evidence against filesharerers here.. at least nobody had a smart enoguh lawyer to put an end to it yet.18:15
brointhemixgrupmy: how can one get a fancy host like you have when you're treach?18:15
brointhemixi mean this unaffiliated/treach thing18:15
grumpyyou ask for a cloak18:15
grumpyit's in the readme fro freenode.18:16
*** grumpy is now known as treach18:16
marosince when are you supposed to read those?18:16
brointhemixtreach: thanks18:17
*** treach_ has joined #crux18:17
treachsince when you want things to happen, I guess.18:17
*** treach_ has left #crux18:17
marogcc bootstrapping :/18:17
tilmanstaring at code trying to find the bug :/18:21
treachtilman: go to sleep, staring rarely helps. :)18:23
tilmanthis is unknown code for unknown hardware, not sure whether sleep helps a lot :D18:23
*** Husio has quit IRC18:24
treachyay, some puzzle to spend the night with. :)18:24
tilmandunno, i think i'll prolly just give up ;)18:34
treachwell. When nothing is known it's kind of hard. :p18:40
treach"Look at that bit, doesn't it look like an ARM bit" "No, you fool, it's plain as day to everyone it's a peice of the Sun."18:41
tilmanjust had an idea though18:41
tilmanit's really cool that all these registers and stuff have different names in the xorg driver and in the mesa dri driver18:43
tilmanand i really don't get why the drivers are so badly documented18:44
tilmanwhen even the "official" documentation for the chip sucks18:44
treachlegacy from XFree?18:44
brointhemixok, time to bed18:44
tilmantreach: no18:44
brointhemixcya all18:44
tilman/* author: stephen crowley, */18:44
treachcya brointhemix18:44
tilmani blame debian18:44
tilmannight brointhemix18:44
treachhe should be fired.18:44
treachhe didn't document properly.18:45
treachApprently there was no "Women Documentation Subproject for documentation" :p18:45
tilmanthe mesa flags are in mgareg_flags.h of the xorg driver18:45
tilmanwhat the hell18:46
treachwell. flags in flags.h. It makes at least some sense.18:46
treachbut mesa flags in mgareg...?18:47
treachthat's a bit more hairy, I guess. :p18:47
tilmanprolly just for reference, i don't think it's #include'd anywhere18:47
treachhe should have used vim 7. :D18:47
treach(sourcefiles in tabs, headers in splits.)18:48
tilmani should prolly try out tabs again18:48
treachyeah. At least I find it very convinient to have the code in the main window and just keep the headerfile in a vsplit above. :-)18:50
treachEven for my very modest needs. ;-)18:50
tilmanthat new omnicomplete is pretty nice, too18:51
treachThat sounds like something I haven't got around to check yet.18:52
marohm, pkginfo -f doesn't print hard links :(18:53
maroat least not the same way as tar18:53
tilmanzzz, night18:59
*** treach has left #crux19:06
_mavrick61Is everyone sleeping?19:20
*** NegativePlazma has joined #crux19:28
*** NegativePlazma has left #crux19:29
Hantilman, you forgot to run mkfont* in xorg-font-bitstream-vera19:45
*** pink_pussy has quit IRC19:47
*** thrice` has joined #crux20:16
*** MrX has joined #crux21:53
*** mrks_ has joined #crux22:23
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux22:30
*** mrks has quit IRC22:37
*** laod has quit IRC22:41
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05

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