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steven_Hey is anyone in here02:05
steven_Anyone at all i need help with brug02:06
copworkif its simple and in the manuals i could help02:13
copworkso whats your problem ?02:13
steven_well i am not useing crux02:16
steven_i am useing ubuntu02:16
steven_and yeah i need to get back in to windows02:16
steven_i have been looking aon the net and i get find what  i am looking for02:17
steven_can you help me02:22
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steven_so anyone help me with grub02:26
cptnthere's a grub readme in the crux port02:28
cptnwhich explain how to use it02:28
steven_well i am useing grub02:30
steven_sorry ubuntu*02:31
cptnokay, if it's either a grub or ubuntu specific problem, then it's offtopic here02:32
cptnthis channes is about the crux linux distribution02:32
steven_yeah i know.......i play wow with a guy that helps with crux a lot i run it crux on a box i just thought this would be a good place to look02:35
steven_and i dont know how to set up my grub file thats all02:35
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TRIBBmorning people02:35
cptnthat's the sample which comes with crux02:36
steven_i have windows on one02:36
cptnand those are the installation notes02:36
TRIBBim wondering02:36
cptnsteven_: there's a commented entry for windows02:36
TRIBBin rc.conf i have timezone set to GMT+102:36
cptnthird last block02:36
steven_i know for crux there is02:36
TRIBBbut date says time is UTC ...02:36
cptnsteven_: it's in the file I posted above02:37
steven_ok ty02:37
TRIBBanybody have any idea why the timesettings fuck up ?02:38
steven_in the brub-menu.lst file there is not a lot in it02:38
cptnTRIBB: GMT+1 is not a valid timezone02:38
cptnTRIBB: /usr/share/zoneinfo/02:39
cptnTRIBB: whatever's in there can be used as timezone in rc.conf02:39
TRIBBwas sure i used to use GTM+102:40
TRIBBreboot needed to get it right?02:41
TRIBBor ??02:41
cptnno, it's enought to run /bin/ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TIMEZONE /etc/localtime02:41
cptnwhere $TIMEZONE is the timezone of your choice02:42
cptni.e. /bin/ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Copenhagen /etc/localtime02:42
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TRIBBthanks cptn03:03
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tilmanHan: mkfont* don't applies to ttf files04:45
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tilmanall these fonts should prolly moved to /usr/share/fonts04:52
treachtilman: Would you prefer to go naked outside in -30C, or would you prefer to wear jeans and t-shirt? ;-)04:58
treachrxi: I asked what he prefered, not what you'd prefer him to do..04:58
rxitreach: shh! that was his suprise for later tongiht04:59
tilmantreach: what about two pairs of trousers and a fluffy pelt jacket?05:01
tilmanwhat are you hinting at/referring to? %)05:01
treachNot an option, sorry.05:01
treach<tilman> if it crashes, it will fsck the card up BADLY i think <tilman> ie ssh will be useless05:02
tilman:D :D05:02
tilmanyou didn't ask!05:02
treachwhy should I?05:02
tilmanfor a feeling of safety maybe05:03
treachI *knew* ssh was likely to be useless, but it just might save me. Maybe. Like your jeans and t-shirt.05:03
treachAnd at worst it could still tell me the system was quite crashed. :P05:04
tilmani've not quite woken up ;)05:04
tilmanand didn't finish my coffee05:04
treachok, get your coffe then. :-)05:04
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brointhemixi can see something's changed i core/gcc06:59
brointhemixshould I rebuild my gcc?06:59
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aonbrointhemix: no07:07
aonjw: gcc: use split tarballs, reduces download size by 43.8 % (suggested by Mark Rosenstand)07:07
brointhemixnice reduction07:12
brointhemixthanks aon07:13
maroaon: the build dir size and extraction time was more important to me :)07:33
maro(since gcc is one of the biggest packages in that regard - hopefully more people can use a tmpfs for builddir now :))07:35
aonthe hard-drive liberation front strikes again!107:35
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maroaon: and they just keep adding complexity08:46
maroamazing how confident they are08:46
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aonmaro: hehe08:50
nipuLmy, that was quite a large commit, hope no one's on dialup08:50
maronipuL: yeah09:05
rehabdollperl updates on :)09:08
rehabdollAn error occured09:08
rehabdollCan't locate auto/Apache2/Request/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/linux /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/linux /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl . /usr) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/SVN/Web/ line 22809:08
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cptnrehabdoll: works09:32
cptnsip is looking into a "real" solution09:33
qidaon: all that dependency crap is exactly the reason I switched a server from debian to crux, and all of the servers I run use crux now09:46
aoni'd reconsider putting it again on that server09:46
qide.g. try to install vim and debian wants to install the entire X server09:47
aonalthough i dunno what would be better since bsd or crux aren't possible09:47
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Husiowhere can I fing some binary packages for crux?15:37
fakebitchHusio->  nowhere15:38
Husiohmm.. not god15:39
rehabdollon the cd15:44 ._o15:44
tilmanjaeger has a few binaries, too15:44
HusioI've old laptop with 64ram and dont whant to compile gcc and probably xorg15:45
fakebitchHusio:  use your workstation to compile the pks15:46
Husiohmm, that might be a good idea ;)15:46
tilmanyou shouldn't have to compile gcc anyway15:46
tilmani recommend to not touch gcc, glibc, binutils15:47
Husioit's on cd ?15:47
tilmanof course15:47
fakebitchalso xorg15:47
Husioo, nice :)15:47
tilmanboring old xorg 6.8 is on the cd15:47
Husioold, but working15:48
Husiothe ports system are exactly the same as in freebsd ?15:49
qidI wouldn't say exactly the same, but similar15:49
tilmandefinitely NOT "exactly the same"15:50
fakebitchjust read
Husiook, hope crux would be good choice for my machine15:51
Husioyea, I've read all handbook :|15:51
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warpedby0i am cruxppc livecd, i wanted to compile a kernel (64) for some reason the livecd has no network support so i cannot grab my saved .config file, so i used one on the livecd, but upon make all it says integer constant is too large for "unsigned long" type..17:26
warpedby0nevermind it's fixxed17:29
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nipuLwe need more users like warpedby018:04
nipuL"i have a problem with X"18:04
nipuL"i fixed it myself"18:04
treachwell. We don't learn much from them. :)18:07
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treachyou failed to change your real username.18:24
treach"Can the Mac Counter Windows Vista?" Yup. MS/Vista is apparently sinking and sending out distress signals.18:28
sematiki have changed my settings to use coldplug @ services @ rc.conf but how does that affect udev?18:29
sematiki dont really understand how udev works because it doesnt load any modules18:31
treachtried asking google?18:32
sematikwell i though this would be a better place18:33
treachNo. There are no place better than google.18:33
treachGoogle always replies, no matter how stupid or ignorant your questions are.18:34
treachGoogle never abuses you, or makes fun of you.18:34
treachGoogle *IS* your friend.18:34
* treach stops his oracle personification.18:34
treachtilman: you think I could get a job at marketing whith them? :P18:36
tilmanmaybe if you practice some more18:36
treachI'm beginning to feel I should at least get some provision. :D18:36
tilmanmmh, yeah18:36
tilmanmaybe you can cut a deal :)18:36
treachsematik: btw, there is an udev-FAQ. I suppose it holds most of the answears you're looking for.18:42
sematikhow come it is not making /dev/mixer?18:45
sematikthat is my main question18:45
treachyou aren't loading the appropriate driver?18:46
tilmanyou don't need coldplug for that18:46
tilmanit should work w/o it18:46
sematikwithout coldplug no module is loaded...18:46
treachso? Make it load then.18:47
treachthat's why you have rc.modules iirc...18:48
sematikthat is my point i still have to put all the necessary modules @ rc.modules?18:49
treachNo. You can put them in rc.local instead, if you prefer that.18:49
sematikok i think i get it now18:50
sematikbtw anyone uses EDE?18:50
sematikgcc v 4 cant build efltk so maybe the port should have that note18:53
treachif a port doesn't build, and you're sure it's not your fault, the maintainer should be contacted.18:56
sematikit build but with gcc 3 series18:57
treachany patches?18:58
sematiki had to mk the port using gcc-3.4.418:59
sematiki am trying to consigure xawtv19:06
sematikanyone recogzines this message:19:06
sematik"couldn`t find framebuffer base address"19:06
treachdid you ask your best friend? I bet he's got heaps of suggestions.19:08
sematikhe is talking to me right now19:10
sematiktv sound is totally broken with this kernel...19:15
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warpedby0i've just installed crux/ppc, but whenever i do ports -u, i get: runtime error: Segmentation violation - possible attempt to dereference NIL pc = 0xff86328020:02
warpedby0i search the forums but could find an solution20:02
warpedby0hmmm maybe im missing some packags20:12
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qidwarpedby0: you have rsync installed?20:49
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hackedheadfinal fantasyaaad22:18
hackedhead... stupid screen22:19
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