IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-08-27

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Husioin handbook there's some phrase "Since CRUX is a Linux distribution", CRUX was developed on other kernel too ?03:37
tilmanHusio: "since" means "because" in this case ;)03:39
Husioalso, yes :)03:39
brointhemixs'up ppl03:42
tilmanstaring at code again ;)03:42
brointhemixhow long is it now? 3 days?03:43
tilmanbut i had some success03:43
brointhemixnice :) what did you find?03:43
tilmani'm working on exa support for the mga driver. turned out the code that waited until the hw is idle was wrong03:44
tilmanit waited for idle state on the dma engine, but the dma engine wasn't even used ;)03:44
brointhemixthat's magic to me, i must say03:46
tilmanyeah, same here.03:46
brointhemixi was thinkging of taking up coding the other day but i decided i don't want end up staring at the code all my future life :)03:47
brointhemixi prefer playing with networks - at first you work hard but then all you have to do is watch it prosper ;)03:48
tilmanand when stuff breaks, you need to bash in the walls to get to the cables again :P03:49
brointhemixhmm... that's a point03:49
brointhemixthat's why i like the cables being ON walls and not INSIDE them :)03:49
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treachhm, is there any recommendations regarding what to do with xyz.desktop files?06:28
fakebitchdelete that crap :/06:30
rxiarent they required?06:30
treachpeople who run a DE will enjoy them, for everyone else they are useless.06:33
nipuLinstall hooks will fix all that :)06:34
fakebitchthey also useless if you running something like evilwm or blackbox06:34
treachfakebitch: since when is evilwm or blackbox a DE?06:34
cptntreach: currently, it's not strictly defined06:35
tilmantreach: check out pkgutils from svn and use INSTALL :D06:35
tilmani need a brave tester anyway06:36
treachcptn: ok.06:36
cptnstarting with crux 2.3, it'll be a rule to install them06:36
treachtilman: heh, you've got to find a norwegian for that ;-)06:36
tilmanwhy a norwegian?06:36
cptnsince they're braver than swedes? ;-)06:36
treachtilman: you've never heard about norwegian mine-clearing?06:37
tilmandon't think so06:37
treach(a guy who squeezes his eyes shut, claps his hands over his ears and randomly steps in front of himself with one foot.)06:38
treachone of those jokes, sprung from the rivality between the brother-peoples. ;)06:39
tilmanthat INSTALL stuff is safe imo06:39
nipuLtreach: we have a similar rivalry with new zealand06:41
nipuLoften revolving around one nation claiming the other has sex with sheep06:41
treachnipuL: Oh, I thought your deal was with the poms. :p06:41
rxihehe i was about to say the same thing06:41
nipuLyeah, poms too06:41
nipuLand yanks06:41
nipuLand norwegians06:42
rxilol i couldnt even point out norway on the map06:43
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nipuLaussies are better than everyone at everything and once the rest of you losers realise that the world will be a better place06:44
fakebitchalso for sheeps06:44
treachnipuL: well. Norwegians claims the swedish are arrogant assholes, swedes claims that norwegians are local patriotic idiots, and so on.06:45
tilmanrxi: that's SAD omg06:45
rxitilman: well do you know all the small asian countries without looking at names on the map?06:45
treachlow intensity feuds going on with all our neighbours, usually all in good spirit though. :)06:45
rxibecause norway is pretty much the other side of the globe to me06:46
tilmannorway is easy though06:46
cptnwow, nvidia apparently has drivers with 7.1 support...06:46
nipuLhehe is it considered nerdy to have a map on your wall?06:47
rxitilman: pfft they all look the same to me :P06:47
treachrxi: well, define $small_asian_country06:47
rxinipuL: depends on what map it is :P06:47
nipuLof tasmania!06:47
rxinipuL: yes!06:47
warpedby0could anyone explain to howto enable contrib ? i have a .cvs file /etc/ports/clc.cvs what should i do to use it?06:48
rxitreach: ok myanmar06:48
treachheh, nipuL better keep track of where *not* to go. :)06:48
nipuLi have a movie from norwegia06:48
nipuLit's hella funny06:48
treachmyamar? that would be burma right?06:48
cptnwarpedby0: the CLC project is history...06:48
tilmanNE of india \o/06:48
tilmani hope ;}06:48
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rxihehe no SE asia :)06:48
cptnwarpedby0: since november 200506:48
warpedby0cptn: apparantly it is the contrib repository on ppc06:48
rxinear vietnam06:48
nipuLnext door to vietnam06:48
treachtilman: I just realized a small problem.. a lot of places has changed name since I left school. :(06:49
tilmani was close :)06:49
nipuLtilman: never get a job as a navigator06:49
cptnwarpedby0: on a rather old release then I guess06:49
tilmani WAS close06:49
rxionly off by like 20,000 kms06:50
warpedby0cptn: well what should i do to enable contrib in ports? no information is to be find on the ppc website06:50
cptnwarpedby0: yeah, the PPC guys don't provide contrib themselves06:50
tilmaneither you're stupid or my map is wrong06:50
tilmani think you're stupid ;)06:50
cptnIIRC they always shipped the x86 one06:50
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cptnwarpedby0: if you want the x86 one, you can use the .rsync file from
rxitilman: typical european attitude to convicts :P06:51
nipuLyeah, SW and NE are so easy to get confused06:51
treachbah, it's just mostly water anyway. ;)06:51
cptnwarpedby0: however those ports are made for x86 2.2 which probably has never gcc, glibc, perl etc.06:51
nipuLsee i told you it was easy to get confused06:51
tilmannot that much north, okay06:52
rxicptn: ppc does provide contrib ports but not parallel to x8606:52
cptnrxi: ?06:52
nipuLrxi: it's called kampuchea now anyway06:52
cptnrxi: warpedby0 just said that there's clc.cvs06:52
warpedby0well i have no clue what to do next then06:52
treachI knew it had another name..06:52
rxinipuL: meh .. im not going there so i dont give a shit what they call themselves :)06:52
cptnwarpedby0: there's a prerelease for a newer ppc ISO06:53
cptnwarpedby0: which is probably more up to date06:53
nipuLi'm sure they dont care about you either06:53
cptnwarpedby0: you should find it in the forum06:53
nipuLeverything is as it should be06:53
rxicptn: yeah there is a 2.2 alpha06:53
warpedby0cptn: i am using 2.1rc2 2.2 wouldn't even boot06:53
cptnwarpedby0: can't really comment about it's stability, I have no PPC machine06:53
* treach sends rix on a goose chase for rodhesia.06:53
nipuLi have a ppc/7200 :D06:54
warpedby0cptn: 2.2rc2 works sofar, but i want to use some software.. so i need contrib but there are no docs that explain howto enable contrib06:54
treachs rix/rxi06:54
nipuLit wont run crux though06:54
rxitreach: lol .. i get called rix by people irl;06:54
cptnwarpedby0: well, enabling contrib is no different than enabling any ports repo06:54
rxinipuL: netbsd + pkgutils :P06:54
rxiwarpedby0: the "contrib" is pretty old and still on cvs atm iirc06:55
warpedby0cptn: i read the offcial handbook which states howto enable contrib it referes to files which arent located in my /etc/ports06:55
cptnwarpedby0: yes, that's why I posted the link before06:55
rxiwarpedby0: what "offical" handbook?06:55
cptn[13:52] <cptn> warpedby0: if you want the x86 one, you can use the .rsync file  from also read the ppc ones06:55
rxiwarpedby0: they arent up to date at all06:56
warpedby0won't i run into major while using the x86 repo's06:56
warpedby0aargh well crux is not for me then06:56
* rxi shrugs06:56
rximaybe not06:56
cptnI heard mac os x is pretty good for PPC06:57
rxiwhen you install the 2.2 it does mention that the docs are out of date and not support is provided06:57
tilmancptn: i hear that all the time too... getting sick of it06:57
warpedby0i am just trying out some different distro's cptn06:57
tilmansilly mac os fanboys ;)06:57
rxitilman: shhh .. trying to get rid if him06:57
warpedby0cptn: well if your into propiertary software, then mac os x is perfect for oyu06:57
treachNah. I bet he'd prefer solaris then. ;)06:58
cptnor if you want a system which just works06:58
tilmantreach: so opensolaris is the perfect choice?06:58
tilmanthat means you can even run schilly software!06:58
treachI never said that.06:58
tilmanand schilly will love you etc06:58
treachbut solaris hardware support sucks.06:59
rxitreach: works fine on sparc :)06:59
treachI sure hope..06:59
rxisolaris x86 probably works better than windows xp on x86 :P07:00
treachSolaris IMO, since you ask, tilman, is pretty nice, but a tad slow.07:00
treachHw support sucks, but I'd still take it any day, if the alternative was $random_other_proprietary_OS.07:01
tilmanyeah, the performance problem on x86 is quoted often i think07:01
tilmani never tried07:01
rxiyou think solaris is bad .. should try hp-ux07:01
treach"Hockey-Pucks"? :)07:01
rxibout as useful as hp-ux07:02
treachone good thing about solaris is that it seems to be equally slow all the time. :p07:03
tilmancptn: heh, when i told treach about INSTALL, i wondered whether i should provide an up-to-date pkgutils port :)07:04
rxihehe consistancy is good :P07:04
cptntilman: in my experience, it helps to get feedback :-)07:05
treachtilman: you should feed that into Han, or some other demon-porter. (Even if the wisdom of feeding him unstable stuff is questionable..) I don't make enough ports to really be of any use as a tester.07:07
tilmanit's not about making ports07:07
tilmanit's about re-installing packages07:08
tilmanINSTALL ^usr/share/.*\.desktop$ NO07:08
tilmanprt-get install -f some_port_that_has_evil_desktop_files07:08
tilmanprt-get update -f maybe :)07:08
treachok. I'll have a look at that once I've sorted out my ports, which I haven't touched for months..07:09
tilmancptn: do you mind updating the pkgutils-trunk port?07:14
cptncertainly not :-)07:14
cptnheh, sweet07:15
cptnr1780 is online07:18
cptnthank you :-)07:18
cptnI really should have had a look myself first...07:18
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tilmancat <<EOF>> crux-port-rules07:25
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tilmandesktop files go in /usr/share/applications, kthx07:25
tilmanapplnk, wtf07:26
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* treach tries to remember what caused pkg-config to fail find installed libs..08:13
treachok. Any tips on how to fix that?08:14
tilmanthe default should work :(08:14
tilmandid you set that variable to something strange?08:14
tilmanie, if it's unset, everything should be okay08:14
treachI haven't touched it08:14
tilmanthen i'd strace it08:15
tilmanmaybe the pc files aren't readable? %)08:15
treachI'm trying to configure the "new" libgphoto2, and it warns about not finding libexif this way. :-/08:15
cptnmaybe there's some more info in config.log08:16
tilmando you have libexif.pc?08:16
tilmanor just exif.pc :)08:16
treachyeah.  "/usr/lib/pkgconfig/libexif.pc"08:17
tilmanthen do what cptn suggested, maybe it's using the wrong name08:18
tilmanif configure/pkg-config checks for "libexif", it should work08:19
treachMh, I'm cheching right now, but it doesn't make much sense right now. :/08:19
cptncare to upload it?08:19
cptn.oO(curl -F "code=</path/to/config.log" -F poster=treach
treachheh, I think I'll first make some more checks before I proceed to make an ass of myself. :P08:20
tilmani hate obvious fucking errors that you just don't see08:20
* tilman bites desk08:20
treachnow, that's a codewarrior going berzerk...08:21
tilmanjust a bit08:21
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nipuLman it doesnt get better than this, spending sunday night converting horse trotting races from vhs to dvd08:31
treachfunky. Apparently, it gives you a warning during configure and says it won't look for it again, and yet, if you let it run it finds it anyway..08:31
rxinipuL: lol .. sounds like fun08:32
nipuLi was supposed to have it done last week, i just told the guy i couldnt find the dvd08:32
treachgreat! library.c: In function 'camera_summary':08:33
treachlibrary.c:97: error: 'String' undeclared (first use in this function)08:33
treachand from there it only gets better..08:33
tilmanthat -DHAVE_EXIF_0_5_4 looks suspicious08:33
tilman(looking at opt/gphoto2 2.1.6-2)08:33
treachtilman: I scratched that and started over with a new port08:34
treach"targets in passing argument 3 of 'sonix_read_pic ture_data' differ in signedness", a whole bunch of those.08:34
tilmanthe latter doesn't matter08:34
tilmanjust a warning:)08:34
treachhehe, I guess not everyone uses -pedantic. ;)08:35
tilmangcc4 has that signedness-warning in -Wall08:35
tilmangcc3 didn't08:35
treachyeah. a lot more warnings with gcc4. I suppose wether you think that is good or bad depends on how sloppy/anal you are. :)08:36
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* treach kicks patch violently in the crouch09:44
treachit's right there, you blind bastard!09:44
treachok. Anyone whith an idea why "cd $name-$version" "patch -p1 < ../fuckinglib.patch" wouldn't work?09:50
treachthe damned patch *is* there..09:51
cptnwhat's the error?09:51
treach"No such file or directory"09:51
treachfrom patch09:51
cptnif you -kw and do it manually, it'll work?09:52
treachdammit this is strange..09:53
blizzdid sourceforge change it's download policies or is my dns not working correctly?09:53
treachI wonder what I fucked up this time..09:53
cptnblizz: you mean it works?09:53
blizzit doesn't :-(09:53
blizzbut that's for several months now i think09:54
blizzi'm just a bit late ;-)09:54
blizzis there a workaround? or do i have to get the sources from somewhere manually (other distro's mirrors for example=09:54
cptncore and opt sources are verified against
treachcptn: right, I just remembered my builddir is relocated (/var/build). could that be the reason? And is there a way around it?09:55
blizzi'll add that to hosts, thanks09:55
cptntreach: I use $SRC/patch09:55
cptninstead of ../patch09:55
treachok. I was peeking at sip's xpdf port. :)09:56
treachchanged that to "patch -p1 < $SRC/libgphoto2.patch" still no workie.09:57
treachsame error09:57
cptnmaybe you cann add 'ls $SRC' above the patch call, just to see what that gives you?09:58
treachwell. it's partially a new error.. Pkgfile: line 14: /var/build/170441/src/libgphoto2.patch: No such ...09:59
cptnis it in source=()?09:59
cptnjust to be sure09:59
treachok, that seems to have done the trick.10:00
treachIt's been so long since I messed with these things, that I've forgotten all those small details..10:01
treachcptn: Victory! :-)10:04
treachAt least I remembered how to create a patch. :)10:04
treachThanks for the help.10:04
cptnno problem10:05
cptnone of the ugly things if that if you don't use a non-default WORK dir, you can even use ../../patch without including it in source10:06
cptnbut this will of course break on systems where WORK is somewhere else10:06
treachyeah. :/10:06
Romstererror compiling wvdial10:15
Romster./include/wvstring.h:396: error: extra qualification 'WvString::' on member 'construct'10:15
Romsterno matter what i try i can't get around it.10:15
Romsterah yes i was thinking of that and thought nar it couldn't be stoping it10:16
Romsterany specal arg i have to pass to compile?10:16
cptnno, patch the source10:16
cptn- WvString::contruct10:16
cptn+ construct10:16
Romstertypical, i've had limited expeareance with c/c++10:17
cptnthe first google hit has a patch10:18
Romsteri never googled for a patch10:18
Romsteri was trying the configure options10:18
cptnI googled for the error message10:18
Romsteri must remember that one...10:23
treachah, updated versions of gphoto2/libghoto2 put online :-)10:30
cptncool... would be cool to have those in contrib10:32
cptnso let me know when you're ready10:32
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treachheh, you can take them if you want them. I haven't had the time to test them yet though.10:32
treachI still prefer to remain Mr X ;)10:33
cptnwell, there's no ID check for contrib10:33
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treachOk, but I still don't feel comfortable about it since I can't make any promises regarding maintainence.10:34
cptnsure, no problem10:35
treachI haven't touched my own ports for months because of health issues among other things.10:35
cptnoh, I'm sorry to hear that10:35
cptnI would pick it up, but since I have a card reader I'm not really using gphoto anymore10:36
cptnit's kinda more convenient for me10:36
treachI see.10:37
treachWell, they stay where they are, should someone feel like adopting them they are more than welcome to.10:37
tilmansten maintained gphoto2, no?10:38
treach..maybe they should test if they work right first though. ;)10:38
tilmandidn't that french dude want to take over his ports?10:38
tilmanaka yhafri10:38
cptnhe only maintained libgphoto2 IIRC10:39
treachmm. Iirc only libgphoto was maintained by sten.10:39
treacheither I'm blind, or there is no port for gphoto2 currently.10:40
cptnthere's none in core/opt/contrib10:40
cptnI see two in the portdb, although at 2.1.x10:40
treachif anyone is interested -> URL=
treachno dir browsing though10:42
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marocptn: hmm, any chance you could wrap the xmlcatalog commands in an additional loop for versions 4.1.2 4.2 4.3?11:21
cptnin docbook-xml-dtd?11:23
maroyep :)11:23
cptnI'll have a look11:24
marothanks :)11:24
cptnI never used that catalog stuff myself, I've only taken over that port from the former gnome maintainer11:24
cptnso I can't give any guarantee there :-)11:24
marogtk-doc needs 4.1.211:24
maroif anyone, I expect the lfs people to be pretty familiar with docbook ;)11:27
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blizzgnah.. i was just updating a box via ssh. the connection dropped between openssl and openssh :-P11:39
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blizznext time: update openssl and openssh first and restart sshd ;-)11:40
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juejust in case someone is interessted, I've a new version of portverify, called prtverify now, available as an CRUX package at
jueonline man-page here:
marospeaking of QA, it'd be really cool with some utility to build in a clean chroot12:12
marothat way you'd always detect missing dependencies, and only list a minimal set of dependencies12:13
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jueyeah, but that's another point, the main purpose of prtverify is to chack ports for common errors12:15
jue... and our ports have a lot of errors ;-)12:17
maroanother thing it'd be extremely useful for is cross-compiling12:23
Romsterhrmm i'm onto them 2 things now actually, cross compiling and a way to pick dependancys that a port needs12:29
tilmanreading, understanding it, transforming thoughts into Depends on lines?12:30
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Romsteryeah i just recently been looking over makefile.ac12:32
marowith my idea you'd start with no dependencies (the chroot has only core) and when the compile fails because some dependency isn't meat, you add it and try again12:32
maroand loop until it works :)12:32
Romstermy origional idea was to parse output of ldd and then prt-get fsearch for what port the lib belongs to12:32
Romstermaro, that was another idea i had too.12:32
maroRomster: I already have a tool for that12:33
maroalthough it parses the pkg db instead of using prt-get12:33
Romsterbut thinking ldd might be able to do it without the chroot.12:33
RomsterO_o really i'd like to try it out12:33
Romsterah that could be a way, so why the chroot if you do that now?12:34
maroit isn't ready to be published, I only just put it online12:34
maroin contrast to finddeps from prtutils, it doesn't list redundant dependencies12:35
Romsterah nice i understand i'm toying with ideas too12:35
Romsterinteresting approch.12:39
Romsteri'm getting sick of some programs ignoring DESTDIR a chroot would help in this regard too.12:40
marothat isn't really a problem if you use fakeroot12:41
Romsteroh i had a nasty bug, pkg-utils segfaulted once when i was online but the isp stoped my connection so i was on but on a 192.168.. ip, and all the httpup repos disapeared, litearly, httpup deleated all the ports, i was left with only the rsync ports.12:42
Romsterwhen i did a ports -u12:42
maroports -u segfaulted?12:43
maroports is a shell script...12:44
Romsteractaully looking at chrootsafe it does dynamicly linked12:45
Romsteryeah line 22 it said which is the httpup command that actually segfaulted12:45
Romsterbut i was suprised it deeated all http ports out of /usr/ports/* and was only left with rsync ones.12:46
Romsterbugered if i know how it managed todo that12:46
Romsteroh and it left 3 jumbled files behind in each /usr/ports/httpreponame/12:47
Romsteri tryed to fidn the dump but arn't sure where it would dump it too wasn't in /var/log/messages12:47
Romsterthis happed tink 2 days ago.12:48
Romsteryay for early morning without sleep, sorry for bad typing.12:49
tilmanit's monday already in your crappy timezone? :)12:50
Romster3:53am monday12:50
Romstercrappy timezone, heh your the one thats behind :P12:51
treachRomster: you haven't heard it's not popular being too early? ;)12:51
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Auge^is there a package with avisynth.dll?16:46
treachif prt-get doesn't help, there is the portdb.16:48
treachand if that doesn't help, the answear is, to the best of our knowledge "only google knows".16:49
Auge^prt-get doesn't help... so... i will try to build a port myself :)16:51
treachwhat are you trying to archive?16:51
Auge^its just the file avisynth.dll for /usr/lib/win32/ from (
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treachmmh. iirc that will only lead to further files needed, ending with a complete windows installation.16:56
treachor something.16:56
Auge^if you google you will see that this is a common mplayer problem... i guess the win32 binaries on should be updated to solve this problem.16:57
treachhals und beinbruch then.16:58
Auge^danke ;)16:58
Auge^mh, my mplayer just works with oss. xmms instead can use alsa... should i rebuild mplayer?!17:03
*** koefz has joined #crux17:04
treachuh, I'm not using mplayer, but afaik it uses alsa.. try ao:alsa or somthing17:04
Auge^yeah... -ao alsa -> "no sound device", -ao oss -> "works" (oss-layer of alsa then)... seems like mplayer isn't linked against alsa :/17:05
treachand why do peopel bother with old gtk1 apps..?17:05
Auge^gtk1? where?17:05
treachAre you sure you've loaded all the appropriate drivers?17:06
Auge^mh. xmms is fine. all i need. why using another player? ok... there are amarok and so on... but... i dunno. i like xmms :)17:07
treachit's old and afaik unmaintained.17:07
Auge^treach: yeah. my kernel has full alsa sb-live support built-in17:07
treachall deps for mplayer satisfied?17:08
DaViruztreach: what do you propose then?17:08
Auge^but old doesn't mean "out-of-date"... see ping ;)17:08
treachDaViruz: I'm quite happy with amarok... :D But if I'd replace xmms I'd use audacity.17:08
treachsome people complain about it, but it has worked pretty well for me.17:09
DaViruzokay :)17:09
cnuketreach: audacious17:10
treachcnuke: right.17:10
DaViruzi was expecting to hear bmp (since gtk1 seemed to be the concern)17:10
treachI'm getting tired.17:10
treachbmp is dead.17:10
cnukeDaViruz: audacious is another gtk2 xmms clone17:11
treachbmpx is the new game in that town.17:11
DaViruzwell i wont miss it17:11
treachheh, bmp > crash media player.. ;)17:12
Auge^bmpx, audacious, amarok - some tools to test =)17:12
treachamarok is a different game.17:13
Auge^ah, in which way?17:13
treachit's all kde, and quite heavy. On the other hand it does a lot more as well.17:13
Auge^kde is a "killer" word in my eyes...17:14
treachoh, another "kde is bloat" gnome fanboy?17:15
Auge^i don't like the big desktop-environments... i want to use firefox and some nice tools and want to work, not wait =) (i have an athlon 700 here...)17:16
treachwell. KDE runs fine on that.17:16
treachCompiling it on the other hand.... :p17:17
Auge^maybe. i am just not a fan of it. and crux comes with wmaker... so... crux gets the point and the install =)17:17
Auge^and of course... crux is nice for a bsd-fan like me =)17:17
treachyeah. I'm finding my self in the process of dumping kde again. I seem to have some kind of hate/love relationship with it. :/17:18
Auge^kde vs. gnome - decide or be an outsider.17:20
treachwell, I've decided wrt gnome.17:20
Auge^or don't think about it and be free and happy =)17:21
treachThat DE is just a waste of resouces.17:21
*** Brzi has joined #crux17:21
*** Brzi has quit IRC17:34
*** sen_ has joined #crux17:38
Auge^ah, recompiling mplayer. alsa works.17:45
* treach gives Auge^ a cookie.17:45
Auge^ah, ac3 works too :)17:45
Auge^*njam* thx ;)17:45
treachyou're welcome. :)17:46
*** lasso has quit IRC17:49
*** insomni has quit IRC17:52
*** nope^ has quit IRC17:53
*** kingruedi has quit IRC17:55
*** kingruedi has joined #crux18:00
Auge^hm... Couldn't open DVD device: /dev/dvdrw... /dev/dvdrw -> hdd... brw-rw---- 1 root disk 22, 64 Aug 28 00:05 /dev/hdd... groups=0(root),6(disk),10(wheel),100(users) -> any ideas why i can't open this device?18:01
treachyep.. it's right there.18:02
treachbecause you pasted it.18:03
Auge^sorry. i can't follow...18:03
treachlook. Who is allowed to do anything at all with that device?18:04
Auge^root: all, group disk: rw..., so. i have read-access in group disk. or do i missed something?18:05
treachdoes it work? Apparently no. Did you miss something, yes, apparently.18:06
treachFor how long have you been sporting a membership in the "disk" group?18:07
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC18:08
Auge^chmod -G -> logout user, login user -> membership ok.18:09
treachnow we're getting somewhere.18:09
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux18:12
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC18:13
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux18:13
Auge^treach: mh?18:13
treachwell, as long as you are a proper member of the disk group it should work.18:14
Auge^of course... that's the reason i ask =) a reboot shouldn't be a solution...18:14
treachmaybe you should try the universal windows medicine. ;)18:14
Auge^haha =)18:14
* treach notes that Auge^ and treach seems to be going to the same party. :)18:15
Auge^the reboot-party is coming...18:15
treachone thing though. Did you change the permissions for the device?18:16
treachit used to be root:disk here as well, but I see now it's root:root here.18:16
Auge^nope. i changed the permissions of my user.18:16
Auge^change permissions in /dev is ugly...18:17
treachBut I've no clue of what kind of noob you are, so afaik anything might go as far as you're concerned.. :p18:18
treachyou've no idea what kind of designs some come up with..18:18
Auge^i don't think i am a noob. i am just new to crux...but most of my experiences are some years in the past. i am not a "freak", i'd say.18:22
treachactually this is pretty funny.. why have *my* "disk" hda decided to be root:root all of a sudden..?18:22
treachAuge^: I don't think you're a noob. Just a figure of speach.18:22
Auge^i c... my english isn't as well as i can catch this information between lines.18:23
Auge^"4 gewinnt"18:23
treachIt's not linguistically related. It's just that you're new here, and thus a bit of an unknown entity18:24
Auge^of course. i misread something, i guess ;)18:25
treachand after a while you begin to get weary of anyone who's new and asks questions :p18:25
Auge^i just ask question to get you awake ;P18:25
treachI should sleep!18:26
* Auge^ too18:26
*** kingruedi has quit IRC18:26
treachI've just gotten my second filling of official complaints from the cat.18:26
Auge^cat /dev/zero > /dev/null18:27
treachinteresting, isn't it?18:28
Auge^yeah. testing memory :)18:28
Auge^(or just kernel and cpu registers?)18:29
treachmemtest is on the iso, if you need that.18:30
Auge^i know. and i don't need it. my old box works fine.18:30
treachI wonder what's up with the ide devices..18:33
Auge^its your karma, i guess ;)18:34
treachls -l /dev/sda -> brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 0 Aug 28 00:08 /dev/sda18:34
treachls -l /dev/hda -> brw-rw---- 1 root root 3, 0 Aug 28 00:08 /dev/hda18:35
Auge^looks strange.18:35
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC18:35
Auge^brw-rw---- 1 root disk for all sd* and hd* devices.18:36
Auge^and for loop*18:36
treachyeah, it's just hda that is confused. :/18:37
Auge^oh... not for loop*18:37
treachit is here..18:38
Auge^loop has root:root18:38
*** thrice` has joined #crux18:38
treach@seen jaeger18:39
clbtreach: jaeger was last seen in #crux 2 weeks, 4 days, 4 hours, 31 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <jaeger> don't know KDE, myself18:39
treachright. "Harry Homeowner" himself.18:39
Auge^works... i inserted the dvd in the wrong slot...18:40
Auge^waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! it is time for bed, i guess18:40
*** mjeq has quit IRC18:40
qidI would say so18:40
treacheverything indicates that. :)18:41
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux18:41
treachIn fact you might say there are hughe flashing metaphorical red lights that tells the story. :)18:41
Auge^red lights? no! they are ultraviolet... and they sounds like helicopters...18:42
treachblack ones, it's the sleep police!18:43
Auge^so... good night!18:45
treachyou too.18:45
Auge^U2! =)18:45
Auge^it's a miracle drug... sleep. n8! :)18:46
treachNo 1337 p133z ;)18:46
Auge^no... U2! not leet speech...18:46
Auge^find the song and listen to =)18:47
treachnot my taste, but sleep well anyway. :)18:47
*** treach has quit IRC18:47
*** lucifer4u has quit IRC18:54
*** Romster has quit IRC18:57
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